Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 2)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game rich with activities to participate in, places to visit and quests to complete, it’s no secret that there’s plenty to do is Skyrim. However, with so much keeping us busy, even after six years there may be a few odd activities or decisions that evaded some of us. So today we’ll be taking another look at five things you (probably) didn’t know
  • Cainyoyo

    Cabbages can be thrown at an enemy using the interact button to do a small bit of damage.EDIT: Can't believe how many people liked this.

  • Jeff King

    once i accidentally killed my dog in battle. later was attacked by highered thugs sent by my dead dog

  • Ikcatcher

    There needs to be a mod where I can just watch Nate’s video in Skyrim

  • Vtel 'Zolam

    9:05 "You stop that! I will not be violated by some... half-Septim magician!" Is this a mod?

  • Fryihl xen

    Dear AssEater88.We regret to inform you of Horker's death. Here's a note of inherentance to a small rock island off the coast of Winter hold.From~Some Jarl that won't ever bring up this topic in conversation.

  • Ronan Van Kessel

    'Shoot the dragonborn used a calm spell on me. Let me quickly write my will in case I die'

  • Azizguy101

    Only Nate can be sick and sound normal at the same time.

  • Anders Andersson

    I once got a letter of inheritance from a wolf! He left me 1 gold! I laughed my arse off! :DGreat video as always Nate! Keep them coming!

  • SEAL

    Raw?, don't be a savage Nate, I take my hawk feathers medium rare

  • S T Ξ Λ L T H

    1:20 omg, that’s why the silver hand always always carries hawk feathers and vampire dust, they kill vampires and eat hawkfeathers if they get infected.

  • Stewart Bates

    Pity you can't calm a dragon - imagine the inheritance letter that would get you LOL

  • Tom Lees

    I used the Calm spell on the skeletal dragon in Labyrinthian (yes, it does work) and then killed it. Guess who I got an inheritance letter from some time later...

  • Reyxus

    this thing about murdering TO DEATH needs to stop. i prefer when people get murdered without death

  • Ed Fagan

    Blackreach is coded that way because the dragon has to be able to fly around in there.

  • Khajiit

    Khajiit is addicted to your videos,Nate is like Skooma!

  • M Burch

    "-it is with great regret that we inform you of Bandit Plunderer's death. The deceased has bequeathed unto you a measure of inheritance in the amount of 0 gold pieces."Sweet, thanks.

  • Ahsan Zaman

    An easier way to get hawk feathers is to use the Kyne's Peace or Animal Allegiance shout. Of course, in the presence of the hawks. And it kills them. See, I have a tiny detail as well.

  • Are109

    I barely even play this game anymore, yet I'm interested in every damn video you upload.

  • Sniperviper

    I got my reichling follower to pick up the giants club and I called him the ultimate Smurf

  • The Universe Arch

    If you pay some beggars a single coin, then kill them, you will be given 100GP in inheritance.Easy money.

  • Amazing Place Called Universe

    There are caves IRL that are so large they have their own weather ( no thunder or lightning but clouds and mist and fog) so blackreach might be able to have clouds and whatnot inside it

  • Black Templar

    Skyrim’s giant space program has sent more people to the moon than nasa, and they don’t even know how indoor plumbing works.

  • NFITC1

    I had that last one happen to me in a recent session. I was training my Illusion on some forsworn and back-stabbed a Briarheart that had been Pacified. I got an inheritance letter less than 5 minutes later. Nice of him to write the Dragonborn into his legal will (apparently notarized by a government he is actively opposing) during the three seconds he wasn't trying to kill me. :D

  • KorilD

    I'm glad you use that "probably" in the title -- most people don't do that, and it annoys me!About weather in Blackreach, if a cave is large enough in real life, it CAN have weather, clouds and everything! So, maybe Blackreach is just THAT BIG..! So accident or not, it's REALLY cool!

  • Nostradamus141899

    Year 2095,Nate - 5 things you didn't know about grass in Skyrim xD

  • MrBerns42

    Can you do an episode about locked doors which can only be opened with console commands? I.e. the bookshelves in the Arcaneum at The College of Winterhold

  • Euler's Identity Crisis

    Once while I was leaving Serana at her castle (after you first meet her) I stole a bunch of stuff from the side rooms while she was talking to her dad. A little bit later I got attacked by an assassin. When I read the letter the assassin was sent by one of the death hounds in the castle. lol

  • James Horsey Walsh

    You can shout hawks from the sky quite easily using unrelenting force shout.

  • Spas Delev

    Blackreach was supposed to be like 1/4th of Skyrim's size and that's why it is supposed to be exterior but the problem is that Bethesda just shrunk it. It could have been the underground Skyrim filled with all kinds of ancient artifacts, books explaining the lore and quests such as liberation of thoose enslaved guys but they just turned it into a kinda cool but really empty and small version of itself with no quests except for the annoying crimson root quest. The same is with the forgotten vale(darkfall cave too) and the soul cairn. Thoose were supposed to be the legendary places in Skyrim but they were shrunk. Also did you know that Skyrim itself is one of the smaller provinces of Tamriel and it was also shrinked by 30%.

  • Henriko Magnifico

    Use Calm on Miraak lol

  • Mark Butcher

    Imagine killing Alduin after charming him and getting a letter of inheritance from him

  • Jason H

    So, would charming people before killing them with the Ebony Blade count to the friends it wants you to kill?

  • Daniel Stormlord

    That Draugr Deathlord was my Grandpa ;_;

  • Edgy Nightmeme

    Hey Nate, I’m not sure if you’ve covered this in your Tiny Details series yet, but there’s an abandoned house out in the plains by Whiterun, more towards Solitude. Just follow the road and you’ll see it.There’s pretty much nothing there unless you look underneath the slim hole in the floorboards. There should be a chest there with a small amount of gold in it.

  • Farr4_Moon

    i can get a letter from m'aiq the lair??? Sick!

  • Vorname Eckstein

    It's 3018 Nate still finds tiny details we may still have miss..... wait, wrong video


    Can I murder people to death?


    If the calm spell makes an enemy your friend, does that mean you can use it to upgrade the ebony blade?

  • Uncle SweetSucc

    No homo but I wanna ride you

  • John Henderson

    The Shatter-Shields had Muiri exiled from Windhelm and undercut the Argonian dock workers. I knew what they had suffered but I killed the daughter none the less.

  • Heimeri Klein

    I have got a letter of inheritance from somebody that actually wasn't dead it was kind of amusing.


    Love your content Nate!

  • Michael Delgado

    uses Calm spell on Alduin "we regret to inform you of the passing of Alduin" 😂😂😂

  • Hengebobs

    Doesn't "defy weather" at all. Any sufficiently large space has what's usually referred to as a "micro climate" since "weather" is just a function of dispersed gas (air mass), particulates, humidity and energy (temperature of the air and water vapor).So, if you have a large enough space for there to be temperature gradients of significant enough difference between the air masses within you can get rain, snow, wind and other "weather" effects.

  • James Oreo

    "How much do really value Lydia?" Sacrifices must be made!

  • Antoniv Vasili

    I pickpocketed the heart off of a briarheart. And somehow he sent thugs after me.

  • ChaosWolf1982

    The thing about Blackreach and weather isn't QUITE as strange or glitched as it seems.It is entirely possible, if a cavernous area is massive enough, for it to have its own weather system. This is provable in real life, even. The caves of Er Wang Dong in China are so massive they actually have their own internal weather system wholly distinct from that outside the caves.

  • Crazyrzy Q8

    "The possibilities are ALMOST infinite."And that's where you are wrong buddy...

  • KamoGaming

    Could it be that Bethesda made Blackreach "outdoors" so that the dragon can spawn?

  • Basilisk HD

    Hmm i know you probably won't see this but the giants club is very much attainable in vanila skyrim. I got i due to a quest called A Night To Remember a deadric quest that involves you meeting the deadric prince sanguine in a bar and can only be found at level 14 and only level 14. he will be posing as a mage who challenges you to a drinking contest only for you to fall unconscious and do crazy shit while your out. At one point in the quest you will be tasked with getting back a goat that you stole and sold to a giant (had a name but i forgot, started with a N i think) an when you loot his body he will have a club that does 90 base damage. (Don't quote me on the damage i assume it base due to the fact my two handed is 15 and no perks tacked on)

  • Kaylee Downey

    I tried to give the giants club to Vilkis, but he refused to use it and had trouble walking. He was also my husband and after I gave it to him he would sleep for over 36 hours at a time.

  • Ideal NOOB

    I really feel bad for the Shattershield mom, But the father is 24-7 drunk, And I killed him as well.

  • Master of Light Power

    Dear player, I am sorry to inform that Skeleton has died. Here’s some money.-could not help but to make the joke

  • Chris Assassin

    I don't know how you got the hawk but that was an impressive shot

  • God in Reverse

    LOL diseases, spoken like someone who isn't a werewolf or vampire

  • CrumpetsRGood4U

    So you're saying I can "befriend" a random bandit, murder him to death, and get some money? I know what my next mission will be for my mage! Thanks, Nate (and hope you feel better soon)! :D

  • Night Howl

    7:35Fun fact: When using Fear's Embrace (Better Vampire's mod) on an NPC, like Severio Pelagia (Like I did, funny enough), you get a letter of inheritance (after killing/draining him). I also got some thugs sent after me for stealing lots of stuff from his house, even though he was dead.I then proceeded to claim his house (setownership), muwhahahahaI also got

  • My Hentai Girl

    My vampire hunter eat nothing but garlic bread. His breath was so deadly that he kill vampires just by talking to them

  • Someone You Don't Know

    The easiest way i found to get hawk feathers was do the companions quests

  • The Night Mother

    "defies everything we know about weather"you can literally shoot fire from your hands in this game lol

  • Jayz grouse

    Huh, I know what I'm testing out tomorrow, I wanna get a will from a draugr XD

  • Lauren Moss

    I literally only just discovered that if you cast magelight at an npc it will stick to them as they move the same way candlelight works for the player. I've been playing Skyrim since release and I discovered this an hour ago.

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Has anyone had it snow in wightrun I did one time it was hilarious the children were running around but I used clear skies and braith the mean one came by and said i hate you 10 seconds later she was hit with a fus ro dah

  • No one

    Dear player, we regret to inform u of Ancient Dragon’s death

  • foodchain

    “So such shouts shouldn’t...” wow how long did it take you to say that cleanly?

  • Zuros Corksin

    Frostbite Spider will be missed, he has left you 500 gold, his cave, and has asked you to take care of his unhatched children

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