Skyrim: Top 10 Bows (Best Damage)

The Top 10 Best bows in Skyrim.

Based on Damage and Usefulness.

Crossbow VS Bow:

All Bow Locations (No Smithing needed)!
- Conjured Bow:
- Dragon Bow:
- Daedric Bow:
- Stalhrim Bow:
- Best Dwarven Crossbow:
- Black Bow of Fate:
- Glass Bow of the Stag Prince:
- Zephyr:
- Nightingale Bow:
- Auriel's Bow:

TOP 10 Swords:

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  • ogoatgod

    The worst thing a Skyrim player can do: use a bow in thirdperson

  • RandomName

    If time is money, is an ATM a time machine?

  • Ike Wasweissich

    Slow time shout + Zephyr = Sexy Time.

  • CamSK

    They should remaster Skyrim for next gen... Think about dem graphics

  • Garrus

    Lol, " we are disregarding enchantments for this video." 75% of the video is about weapon enchantments :P

  • Tanyami

    Lol 7:47 he said Ezreal's Bow :D

  • titobandito

    The long bow is The best bow

  • Kodlaken

    "Damage isn't everything" Proceeds to show a bow that he then calls shit because of how little damage it does LOGIC AT ITS FINEST.

  • H y p o c h o n d r i a c

    I'm sorry for being such a noob, but why is his damage higher than the base damage on all these weapons?

  • ZippedCupid09

    I don't like the crossbow they just dont feel the same

  • TheCrimsonFuckr

    7:48 I didn't know that Ezreal uses bows :P


    FOR ANYONE WANTING A GOOD BOW FOR ENCHANTING:If anyone is looking for a good bow they can enchant and/or smith, then look no further than the Stalhrim Bow.The great thing about it is that its 25% bonus frost magic enchantment works in conjunction with Chaos damage.Chaos damage, for the uninformed, is a rare enchantment that is available to those who have the Dragonborn DLC and is a rare enchantment that can only be found on NORDIC or STALHRIM weapons. It has a 50% chance to deal frost, shock, or fire damage for every strike, and it is possible to basically deal damage with all elements at once.  The interesting thing, however, is the way that Chaos damage is programmed into the game causes it to treat any boost to a single type of elemental damage rather as a boost to all elemental damages it can cause.This means that in the destruction and enchanting skill tree, you can boost the effective damage of all elemental damages of your enchantments and the Chaos damage will rise to ridiculous amounts.And since the Stalhrim weapons' boost is multiplicative, you can reach around 300+ damage (i believe) with any of those 3 elements, and sometimes with all of them at the same time.This works also with all other Stalhrim weapons, so yeah, they have the potential to be legitimately the best weapons in the game.

  • bobamatfetbud

    Ezreal's bow? It's Auriels bow lol

  • Lucas Adams

    Fun fact: Zephyr is the greek god of the East Wind.

  • Dragonborn

    Archers, use the conjured bow if possible at low levels and even higher because it has the base damage of a deadric bow.

  • oscratcat

    What's "Esriel's" bow😂

  • Punchline Gaming

    Thanks ESO your a great youtuber , keep up the good work 😃

  • Nate Landherr

    In addition, the Nightingale bow's shock damage will keep dragon's from using breath attacks

  • Maks Kry

    How does Auriel's Bow sound like Ezriel's Bow?????

  • mando viking

    Do a top ten exploits in skyrim

  • iStayNoided

    You seem to be forgetting that the enchantment on the dwarven black bow of fate is ABSORB so as well as gaining the health/stamina/magika you also take it away from the enemy. This means that the absorb magika perk maybe useful even if you yourself don't cast spells, as it can reduce the amount of magika the enemy has; reducing the spells that they can cast. The same goes for the health and stamina. So if the absorb health comes into play you will do 20 points more damage 

  • Super whatever gamin'

    Fun Stahlrim tip!Chaos Damage counts too, due to partial frost damage.This also affects the Chaos Fire and Chaos Shock to boot.

  • MidnightInferno

    I'm not hating, but I really wish you would slow down and actually read the names of the bows properly, because it bugs me in some of your videos when some of the things are easy to pronounce, but you still manage to botch their names.

  • Andrew Dearing

    The Zephyr is fun to use

  • bacd 1990

    Stalhirm bow with Chaos damage, and paralyze effect is number one in my opinion.

  • Razorhunter

    I love it that still somebody does Skyrim Videos :)

  • Youngerhampster

    I just love the visual effect for blacking out the sun.

  • facts about ur mum

    Zephyr is my favorite but my #2 is.... The forsworn bow.I know, I know, I'm insane and bad at skyrim. But hear me out...The forsworn bow has a fast draw and seems to have a really flat arc. ._.

  • Montie Huntley

    Use chaos damage on #1 bow and then you have the black bow of fate but way stronger!

  • Ward Productions

    ESO, I like your videos, but I think you should tell us which now you think is best at the end.

  • With_2Gs

    Great videos ESO. Keep up the great work. Also ppl tend to love top 10s (i know I do). Could you do a top 10 two handed weapons?

  • Mark the Gamer

    Would you do Best Followers

  • Potato:3

    5:26ahhhhh i see what you did there

  • Ryan Englander

    The Dragonbone Bow actually fires as fast as a Dwarven bow (0.75 atcks/s)

  • Alabaster_4.0

    If I'm not mistaking.. Auriel's Bow has the extra 30% firing speed like Zephyr.

  • Nightwing

    seems like nightingale weapons are arguably the best in game, the sword is extremely powerful, and the bow is OP. especially if you enchant your armor for 25% reduced destruction cast for 100% reduced casting aka infinite enchant

  • Thebluedestructor

    Wait a second what happened to number 9wait 8 bit 7 and 9 ran away OMG

  • Marin Hrabrić

    do you have or can you make top 10 arrows? and top ten shields to go with your top ten sword so i can make combinations sword/shield

  • Jacob I

    Cool videos man I watched alot of your skyrim videos and they helped me a lot with gear, weapons, etc. Good job keep it up

  • Coltin Koerner

    Can you explain how you got your dragonbone bow to do 213 damage?

  • Tariq Simmons

    You are a really awesome youtuber keep up the good work :D

  • J

    Lol he said "Ezreal's Bow"u play league, too?

  • MLG Silent

    Eso thank you so much because u have helped me so much

  • Parker Foor

    top 10 bows: #8 Auriels bow... #10 Dwarven crossbow. click bait title


    If your character is a mage Bound Bow is the best :-)

  • Gamin' Reasons

    Um why did you put the Dwarven crossbow on the list instead of the enhanced Dwarven crossbow?

  • Night _Owl

    +ESO I personally like the nightingale bow

  • Null.

    Elder Scrolls Offline.

  • Sparklez Guy

    I prefer the dragonbone bow and the enhanced dwarven crossbow, both with chaos damage. I strongly recommend using chaos damage on every weapon


    1:01 Dragonbow legendaryOMG THAT DAMAGE!!!

  • Alexsandro Rodrigues

    I think, you should lower the Intro audio...

  • Smoke_Blunts23

    Eso you make the best skyrim guides keep them coming my dude

  • KANYEda WESTaro

    can u make secret boss reaper walkthrought?

  • Kalem Sdao

    I love your videos but a crossbow that bat a bow

  • Noam Kimchi

    You haven't put a link to firiniels end

  • ThatBroUKnow

    Wait what quest was that where you rip that girls heart out

  • Ioane Kordzadze

    killing stormcloak soldier with conjured bow.... adds 40 bounty to whiterun

  • VusDahGaming LKH

    Could u do a video on how to get atherial crown and shield at the same time

  • Allan Futtrup Brink

    Auriel's bow is clearly the best if you use sunhallowed elven arrows!

  • Patrik Jularić

    What's the armor set that you used in the video? :)PS: Love the top 10s

  • Bryan McFarlane

    Hey, great vid! But due to how small of a soul gem was used for Ariel's bow you will constantly have to recharge it so I think it should have been lower on the top 10

  • Anton Lindberg

    7:47 Ezreal's bow? ESO Is a LoL player? c:

  • Evan Perrault

    Good video, but it would have been helpful to mention that since Zephyr is 30% faster, you could add that with the extra 305 faster archery perk, which makes it 60% faster

  • Eric Sheffer

    Auriel's bow does fire 30% faster as well that its definetaly op lol. its the first bow i get in the game lol.

  • N E 0 N

    why do you say the damage and then on screen its like 200 or 400 damage? great vid btw

  • Zodiac011

    Couldn't you disenchant the zephyr bow and put the enchantment on a dragon bow?

  • Aidan Lalime

    DUDE!!!!!! where do you get so many deadric arrows!!! please tell

  • Skyman Ftw

    LOL Ezreals bow. I think you meant auriels bow

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