Skyrim: Top 10 Bows (Best Damage)

The Top 10 Best bows in Skyrim.

Based on Damage and Usefulness.

Crossbow VS Bow:

All Bow Locations (No Smithing needed)!
- Conjured Bow:
- Dragon Bow:
- Daedric Bow:
- Stalhrim Bow:
- Best Dwarven Crossbow:
- Black Bow of Fate:
- Glass Bow of the Stag Prince:
- Zephyr:
- Nightingale Bow:
- Auriel's Bow:

TOP 10 Swords:

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  • ogoatgod

    The worst thing a Skyrim player can do: use a bow in thirdperson

  • RandomName

    If time is money, is an ATM a time machine?

  • CamSK

    They should remaster Skyrim for next gen... Think about dem graphics

  • Garrus

    Lol, " we are disregarding enchantments for this video." 75% of the video is about weapon enchantments :P

  • titobandito

    The long bow is The best bow

  • Ike Wasweissich

    Slow time shout + Zephyr = Sexy Time.

  • Tanyami

    Lol 7:47 he said Ezreal's Bow :D

  • H y p o c h o n d r i a c

    I'm sorry for being such a noob, but why is his damage higher than the base damage on all these weapons?

  • ZippedCupid09

    I don't like the crossbow they just dont feel the same

  • Lucas Adams

    Fun fact: Zephyr is the greek god of the East Wind.

  • bobamatfetbud

    Ezreal's bow? It's Auriels bow lol

  • Dragonborn

    Archers, use the conjured bow if possible at low levels and even higher because it has the base damage of a deadric bow.

  • MidnightInferno

    I'm not hating, but I really wish you would slow down and actually read the names of the bows properly, because it bugs me in some of your videos when some of the things are easy to pronounce, but you still manage to botch their names.

  • Nate Landherr

    In addition, the Nightingale bow's shock damage will keep dragon's from using breath attacks

  • Nazeem \/

    2:27This is shows footage of the bow with no enchantment 2:38 Paralyzes spriggon earth mother

  • Epix Cole

    No offence smike. But i really disagree with your list. You never really thought about duribility of the enchantment, or if you arent a stealth archer.

  • oscratcat

    What's "Esriel's" bow😂

  • TheCrimsonFuckr

    7:48 I didn't know that Ezreal uses bows :P


    FOR ANYONE WANTING A GOOD BOW FOR ENCHANTING:If anyone is looking for a good bow they can enchant and/or smith, then look no further than the Stalhrim Bow.The great thing about it is that its 25% bonus frost magic enchantment works in conjunction with Chaos damage.Chaos damage, for the uninformed, is a rare enchantment that is available to those who have the Dragonborn DLC and is a rare enchantment that can only be found on NORDIC or STALHRIM weapons. It has a 50% chance to deal frost, shock, or fire damage for every strike, and it is possible to basically deal damage with all elements at once.  The interesting thing, however, is the way that Chaos damage is programmed into the game causes it to treat any boost to a single type of elemental damage rather as a boost to all elemental damages it can cause.This means that in the destruction and enchanting skill tree, you can boost the effective damage of all elemental damages of your enchantments and the Chaos damage will rise to ridiculous amounts.And since the Stalhrim weapons' boost is multiplicative, you can reach around 300+ damage (i believe) with any of those 3 elements, and sometimes with all of them at the same time.This works also with all other Stalhrim weapons, so yeah, they have the potential to be legitimately the best weapons in the game.

  • Punchline Gaming

    Thanks ESO your a great youtuber , keep up the good work 😃

  • Potato:3

    5:26ahhhhh i see what you did there

  • dan fischer

    I made a build that was a conjuration/sneak vampire archer. It was honestly one of the most fun and one of the best builds I have ever tried. The conjured bow with the damage boost from mystic binding and it's incredibly fast fire rate, due to it weight nothing, makes it by far the best bow in the game. Of course I added quiet casting for sneaking and the necromage perk which made the bound bow last for an extremely long time. It's also very versatile. If you feel like sneaking you can, if you feel like running around and going all Robin Hood on their ass you can do that too.

  • mando viking

    Do a top ten exploits in skyrim

  • facts about ur mum

    Zephyr is my favorite but my #2 is.... The forsworn bow.I know, I know, I'm insane and bad at skyrim. But hear me out...The forsworn bow has a fast draw and seems to have a really flat arc. ._.

  • Maks Kry

    How does Auriel's Bow sound like Ezriel's Bow?????

  • MLG Silent

    Eso thank you so much because u have helped me so much

  • Tom Cureton

    Nope, enhanced dwarven crossbow is better ;)

  • Naveen Jolly

    Hi guys, I started playing skyrim 2 days ago ( currently lvl 5). Why does he say dragonebone bow does base damage of 19 but on the screen it shows 213 damage.he does that for all the bows. Sorry if im being stupid just figuring out how to play this game and sorry for bad english

  • juande lynch

    8:17 Phil Swift would be proud

  • kelpo

    The Glass Bow of the Stag Prince isn't worth it at all. It actually doesn't increase the damage for every 20 animals killed, it increases health and stamina by 5 points for every 20 animals killed, up to a maximum of 25. So after going through the trouble of getting the bow THEN killing 100 animals, all you get is 25 more points in health and stamina and a bow with only decent damage.

  • Andrew Dearing

    The Zephyr is fun to use

  • Syed Nafis Faiz

    He said Asrial not Auriel.

  • CactusToast

    Hmm... Time to think of a pun with BOWth in it...

  • Ward Productions

    ESO, I like your videos, but I think you should tell us which now you think is best at the end.

  • David Romine

    It's (St-all-rim) Stahlrim you nerd.

  • Anon X

    They Should have a Mod that causes hostile enemy's to because non-hostile and run to the closest city and become a guard if shot in the knee.

  • mrb 1996

    +ESO i have to admit you got me wanting to play skyrim again I have been playing fallout 3 for the past few weeks now already finished two story endings as well its a really good and fun game I will admit to that it only takes a long time to get a good set of power armour. And I honestly perfer the bow since I have the dragon bone bow and its silent as well so I don't have to be like an iron giant and just stomp my way through a dungeon. I still love the crossbow as well since it ignores armour and its just a beast when it comes to damage.

  • Metro.Boomin

    I feel like the biggest noob ever! I accidentally sold the nightangle bow! 😓

  • Roman Vlad

    What armor is that at 5:10 ?

  • Rafito Guerrero

    are you using bow mod....i n otice it much slimmer than my original skyrim...

  • Spunge . San

    did anyone else notice that the Bandit Leader in the beginning is actually Storn or The Skaal leader in Solthsiem (Dragonborn DLC)

  • Marin Hrabrić

    do you have or can you make top 10 arrows? and top ten shields to go with your top ten sword so i can make combinations sword/shield

  • Youngerhampster

    I just love the visual effect for blacking out the sun.

  • Razorhunter

    I love it that still somebody does Skyrim Videos :)

  • Montie Huntley

    Use chaos damage on #1 bow and then you have the black bow of fate but way stronger!

  • R Diav

    I think stalhrim's bow is better than enhanced dwarwen crossbow. Not in base damage but if you enchant them both with frost dmg and chaos dmg the stalhrim's bow will end up doing far more damage thanks to its +30% frost damage, that's probably better than %50 armor pen.

  • sumochop360

    I've been playing nothing but Dragon Age Inquisition(great game) seeing this makes me miss Skyrim. Wish they would release a version for the PS4 and Xbox one.

  • Thumprsbro

    A few things:1. The dragonbone bow actually has a faster draw speed than the daedric bow (the same as a dwarven bow) despite its weight.2.  The glass bow of the stag prince does not increase damage.  Only health and stamina and only up to 25.3.  The bound bow, without smithing or enchanting or even mystic binding, has the highest dps of any bow in the game.  It has the fastest draw speed because of it's 0 weight, and it has the base damage of a daedric bow with daedric arrows.  It can also be "enchanted" with soul trap and banish, along with a 50% increase to base damage.

  • Freddy Krueger

    I'm glad you make these, but you really need to relearn how to pronounce the stuff in game

  • Adam Holland

    ESO - there's a section in the video where you character is given the chance to rip someone's heart out - how? My guess is vampiric or lycanthropy ( werewolf )

  • Cheesy Username



    Did your parents name you Eso? Or is it short for Eddie Samuel Orlando?

  • Mark the Gamer

    Would you do Best Followers

  • Patrik Jularić

    What's the armor set that you used in the video? :)PS: Love the top 10s

  • EXOtic Seventeen

    Where it starts at 5:08, how do you get that awesome-looking, sexy lady armor? Is it a mod or do you get those glass armor(where it only covers the chest area) from a quest. I really want to know how you get those armor. Please someone, if you know, tell me!!!

  • Darrion Alvarado

    absorbing magicka isnt optimal for a archer but your still absorbing there magicka so you could maybe cripple a mage

  • Hailey Allen

    This guy sounds like a dark elf 😱

  • SonOfMyths73

    Now, interesting question commincing: What's the best bow asthetically with the Blackguard Armor? Damage doesn't matter, I'm just wondering because the Blackguard Armor is my favorite light armor in the game.

  • Miraak

    Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow will always be one of the strongest and most powerful bows in the game. It does more base damage than even the Dragonbone bow's base damage and when upgraded to legendary, it still tops the DB Bow by a good margin. And with the perk that allows faster drawing, the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow reloads faster than you can draw any bow in the game other than Zephyr. It can be enchanted with any enchantment available for weapons including absorb health and stamina, and also the elemental damages, soul trap, etc. It's the strongest, fastest (with the perk), and most powerful ranged weapon in the game, as well as being the most versatile due to ignoring 50% of the target's armor rating and that NOT counting as the enchantment. Only the Enhanced version ignore armor, but they are without a doubt the best ranged weapons you can get your hands on. And as soon as you hit level 10, you'll be invited to the Dawnguard's fort, where if you side with them, they will ALWAYS have crossbows laying around. Once you have Sorine Jorard, you'll be able to go retrieve Schematics from various locations which will let you buy or build the crossbow and bolts. Enhanced Dwarven bow is the last Schematic you'll be getting for her, but is well worth the effort.

  • Tariq Simmons

    You are a really awesome youtuber keep up the good work :D

  • Silent_Assassin

    does zephry stack with the quick draw

  • Magnetic

    Auriel's Bow or Dragonbone bow? Which should i choose + he did not make a number 9 look after Auriel's Bow 7:44

  • MixinThe Bisquic

    entirely false all weapons and armors can attain the same level of damage and armor rating i havehide armor with same longbow i got at helgen the longbow deals 4035 damage with 10 second soul trap amd 130 points of shock damage plus armor rating of 4368522146 on hide armor so no in the world of skyrim its purely vanity\ how you want to look in the gameworld im on x360 btw level 93 orc i have 5 bows of diffrent apearances and they all are capped at 4035 damage and all peform the same xD

  • Ekko Vaan

    hey for any modders there could you make a mod for chanching the apearence of weapons and armor (if there is a mod or other way to do this please tell me) sorry for bad english

  • Barry Allen

    How are your bows so powerful

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