14 Minutes of Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

EA gives us a look at Battlefield 1 gameplay for the first time.

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  • Graenolf

    It looks like BF1 will be the victor in shooters to finally go back in time, and I'm bloody happy about it.

  • Rian O'Canain

    "WW1 would be a terrible idea for a game" Is it really?

  • Bugeye0704

    To all the people complaining, you could always just pick up a copy of infinite warfare instead.

  • Fluffycowcheese

    Snoop Dogg smoking weed while playing killed me.

  • Danilo Stankovic

    Why are there sooooooo many semi and fully automatic weapons? This is WWI, bolt action rifles should be prevalent...


    It looks really freakin sick. The gun models, animations and art in general looks amazing. I can't wait to get into the game and play it. The greatest thing about a Battlefield game is sprinting/driving/flying to a capture point that you just know the enemy is headed for too, or already waiting at. The excitement and suspense is terrific

  • Jason

    Sweet macaroni, so many people are arguing over WW1 facts and the game. So will anyone join me in saying that this game looks good? Without mentioning WW1? No?Anyone?God. I'm so alone.

  • shooq

    AWESOME GAME but I think the voice that tells about the capture points kind of ruins the experience hearing the futuristic sound of it

  • Starbucks

    Where is the trench warfare? WW1 battle tactics are nothing like they are today. Soldiers were in trenches most of the time.

  • Jonathan Capichano

    So funny how they tried really hard to promote and say using ww1 weapons will be fun. Then everyone is moving to machine guns or using pistols. Lol.

  • Tristan

    Everyone was questioning a ww1 theme, saying it would be boring/lack content. Now that DICE use slightly historically inaccurate weapons and vehicle mechanics to make the game more fun and add content, the Internet gets upset and demands a ww1 simulator.

  • Edward Kenway

    the plane physics seem to be unfinished, but knowing EA the game will be released with planes colliding into the ground and towers with nothing happening

  • Ethan Fisher-Perez


  • Raph K

    That calm lady voice over doesn't fit the game.

  • Hello Hello

    IGN 8.5 Battlefield 1, IGN 9.5 CoD IW... I swear if they'd give CoD a higher score than BF1 I would start laughing😂

  • Andrew Tickel

    Snoop Dog playing with Stone Mountain? More like Stoned Mountain

  • Leroy Roberts

    6:55 Announcer: " Yep see snoop telling his players what to do "Dude: Get up there snoop!Snoop: How do you jump?

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    you allowed to smoke there O_O ?

  • Zarcon

    i mean it looks cool. but it doesnt really have a ww1 feel. more like a ww2 game with ww1 skins. i was hopping for a new twist on the gameplay. maybe something involving trenches.

  • Nerdy Fox

    am I the only one hype because of the destruction and the airship falling down just YYYYYEEEEESSSS

  • Sieras Dosk.

    where is French and Russian fraction? will not spend my 60 euro without them.

  • TheIronTyrant

    So WWI battlefield 4 reskin? Any real changes?

  • Father Dildo

    will there be a game mode where there isn't all that stupid UI on the screen? the blue and red squares on the players looks pretty dumb and seems like it would make it feel a lot less immersive

  • The Pigerians

    Is Snoop smoking weed while playing Battlefield? Lol

  • Muhammad Afif

    I got a leak on what the French Army will be using!! -A white flag

  • SirBalageG

    I've preordered my last game 10 years ago, now I feel the time has come again, bless you DICE! <3 :)

  • Wod9

    0:40 Wiz Khalifa playing Battlefield??

  • MrKlay

    If an 11 year old made a WWI game... Nothing is sacred to you EA.

  • xXJustSaiyanXx

    I like how the mini map (radar) has this like compass design to it lol

  • David Aguero

    Stupid no scope COD players.This is Battlefield 1 !

  • David Ekstrom

    lol, it's so stupid how they call it Battlefield 1, that's just to get more people to find it, cuz alot of people probably still look for the original Battlefield game, and then end up finding this, just a stupid marketing strategy. Microsoft did it with Xbox ONE too, lol

  • Hello Hi

    Wiz Khalifa was probably high lmfao

  • Jake Deane

    This is what happens when Americans make a ww1 game, hardly very realistic, and tanks weren't that fast

  • Dan Bain

    i think the game looks good but im kinda sad it looks more like ww2 then ww1 to me what do you guys think?

  • Hello Hello

    But just to remind that World War One was not just trenches by trenches. There was city lock downs, ambushes, this game is set in 1917 or 1918. Everyone is looking at a typical view of WW1 trust me guys please guys study it! Year by year in WW1 the technology would become more advanced and slightly upgraded. It's called 20th century technology and 19th century tactics.

  • Tarzan

    WW1 Cod?! no thanks. At least Red orchestra Vietnam is released soon.

  • antaresdraco

    guys dont forget, this is multiplayer! it has to be fast and exciting and entertaining! here the historical accuracy does not matter. in single player, it does matter! i believe its gonna be more faithful to history in singleplayer. but i dont care about historical stuff and anything when it comes to multiplayer. i wanna get mad and crazy when i play multyplayer!

  • Umayr

    Someone already disliked in the first few seconds when the video is 14+ minutes long

  • Snibm S

    was hoping for epic trench warfare with semi auto/ bolt rifles with the occasional slow moving tank that is really hard to kill and epic aerial battles and horses. instead we got re skinned battlefield 4. and everyone is talking about how cod is unimaginative.

  • Agent smith

    The thing about WW1 was that it was really drawn out and quite honestly, boring for a lot of the soldiers. I would play a game where it takes 6 months to advance 1 mile but i doubt it would sell

  • Damien Adriaanse

    Why do people compare cod to bf they are both different types of games COD:Fun arcady kinda world at war shooter which cares more about gameplay than graphics and single player than multiplayer BF:Realistic world at war battles which cares more about graphics than gameplay and more about multiplayer than single player

  • Hans Schuster

    Why the hell is the Sten sub machine gun in the game? The first prototype was built in 1940. They should be using Lee Enfield bolt actions.

  • Harryhas26

    Too many automatic weapons, games can still be fun with bolt action rifles, I don't want COD players running round with MP-18's

  • Jose Bendito

    10:46 Adios Willyrex hahahaha

  • Zac Khan

    did you know that Germany was called Prussia but the country stop existing after world war 1.

  • TheAtomicGoliath

    Can I turn off the Female AI voice in my Helmet?

  • Narwhal Pilot

    Just go play warthunder for free, its the same thing....

  • TruculentRuminavi

    gotta admit im kinda dissapointed (still buying it tho)was expecting something different but it looks like it plays like a WW2 shooter.

  • Fabricio Garcia

    now only lack the EA put an affordable price in BF1 in Brazil

  • Talapino Productions

    Who cares if it looks like WW2 or WW1, As long as their is no Lasers, robots, space, AI, im game,

  • Paul A

    I was watching the stream, most of the players were high asf. Wiz, Snoop, Efron, Jamie Fox.  You even saw Snoop playing with a blunt in his mouth LMAOO

  • Killua Zoldyck

    Lets be honest bf1 will be no better then infinite warfare they are both trash

  • Mobeek

    Mac screen capture sound at 13:02

  • Briggs

    this is bad company 3))))

  • Nj Apostol

    This looks like cod! It's so fast and unrealistic

  • SegalEyE

    i really like the look and the tone, cant wait to see single player, hopfully they break the streak of bad single player in bf

  • Tried Gore861

    Am I the only one that was surprised that seananners was there?

  • zach m

    Lmao is snoop really smokin a blunt in there 😂😂😂

  • Prometheus XV

    Celebrity Kill-Death ScoreWiz Khalifa 2-11 7056Richard Sherman 9-11 6892The Game 4-7 6117Snoop Dogg 0-4 5811Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb 3-12 5763Zedd 4-9 3029Tyrese Gibson 1-11 2737Zac Efron 2-11 2650Marshawn Lynch 1-15 2292Jamie Foxx 1-9 1142Lupe Fiasco 0-7 945Terry Crews 0-8 585Emily Ratajkowski 1-10 324

  • Martin Smyth

    Snoop dogs kills is the lowest in the room but he is the highest in the room!

  • Bernabé Hernández


  • Brett

    Hello Battlefield 1, move on over COD!

  • MTAR 21 Master race

    Guys they leaked what weapons the French will use!A white flag

  • Faisal Roufa

    this is WW1 right? isn't that tank moves too fast?

  • Cbullet51

    Jamie Foxx SING THAT SONG !!!

  • Johnny English

    You should be able to hide in the trees.

  • Absenix

    I'd laugh till my eyeballs fell out of my sockets if Battlefield 1 had supply drops. XDXDXDXD

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