14 Minutes of Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

EA gives us a look at Battlefield 1 gameplay for the first time.

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  • The Pigerians

    Is Snoop smoking weed while playing Battlefield? Lol

  • Fluffycowcheese

    Snoop Dogg smoking weed while playing killed me.

  • Rian O'Canain

    "WW1 would be a terrible idea for a game" Is it really?

  • Jason

    Sweet macaroni, so many people are arguing over WW1 facts and the game. So will anyone join me in saying that this game looks good? Without mentioning WW1? No?Anyone?God. I'm so alone.

  • TheAtomicGoliath

    Can I turn off the Female AI voice in my Helmet?

  • Ethan Fisher-Perez


  • Bugeye0704

    To all the people complaining, you could always just pick up a copy of infinite warfare instead.

  • Leroy Roberts

    6:55 Announcer: " Yep see snoop telling his players what to do "Dude: Get up there snoop!Snoop: How do you jump?

  • Raph K

    That calm lady voice over doesn't fit the game.

  • When There Were Wonders

    i really like the look and the tone, cant wait to see single player, hopfully they break the streak of bad single player in bf

  • SirBalageG

    I've preordered my last game 10 years ago, now I feel the time has come again, bless you DICE! <3 :)

  • Danilo Stankovic

    Why are there sooooooo many semi and fully automatic weapons? This is WWI, bolt action rifles should be prevalent...

  • shooq

    AWESOME GAME but I think the voice that tells about the capture points kind of ruins the experience hearing the futuristic sound of it

  • Hello Hello

    IGN 8.5 Battlefield 1, IGN 9.5 CoD IW... I swear if they'd give CoD a higher score than BF1 I would start laughing😂

  • xXJustSaiyanXx

    I like how the mini map (radar) has this like compass design to it lol

  • Edward Kenway

    the plane physics seem to be unfinished, but knowing EA the game will be released with planes colliding into the ground and towers with nothing happening

  • Clorox Bleach

    Lmao is snoop really smokin a blunt in there 😂😂😂

  • MTAR 21 Master race

    Guys they leaked what weapons the French will use!A white flag

  • Amoneuu

    0:40 Wiz Khalifa playing Battlefield??

  • Cbullet51

    Jamie Foxx SING THAT SONG !!!

  • Zac Khan

    did you know that Germany was called Prussia but the country stop existing after world war 1.

  • David A

    Stupid no scope COD players.This is Battlefield 1 !

  • Axel

    Ahahah Snoop Dogg VS Terry Crews =D and the winner is....Snoooop!!!Rispondi

  • Jason M

    hopefully they add a trench based map to cut down flanking

  • Fabricio Garcia

    now only lack the EA put an affordable price in BF1 in Brazil

  • DREAD -新-


  • CookieMurderer123

    Unnecessary INFO on Computer screen make it feel artificial -- should be optional ( on/Off ) button

  • Cuttle Fish

    This is exactly what I wanted! XD Can't wait for it to come out.

  • Zarcon

    i mean it looks cool. but it doesnt really have a ww1 feel. more like a ww2 game with ww1 skins. i was hopping for a new twist on the gameplay. maybe something involving trenches.

  • Alex Silva

    Stonemountain is in there?! THE Stonemountain?!DON'T CHA DIE ON ME SOLDIER!!!!

  • Pine Enthusiast

    Where is the trench warfare? WW1 battle tactics are nothing like they are today. Soldiers were in trenches most of the time.

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    you allowed to smoke there O_O ?

  • Suicude IsBadass

    1:57He just sniped PBGPBG doesn't know he was on IGNPBG featured that moment in his latest vidI feel bad for PBG

  • Prometheus XV

    Celebrity Kill-Death ScoreWiz Khalifa 2-11 7056Richard Sherman 9-11 6892The Game 4-7 6117Snoop Dogg 0-4 5811Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb 3-12 5763Zedd 4-9 3029Tyrese Gibson 1-11 2737Zac Efron 2-11 2650Marshawn Lynch 1-15 2292Jamie Foxx 1-9 1142Lupe Fiasco 0-7 945Terry Crews 0-8 585Emily Ratajkowski 1-10 324

  • Psycho696

    DooM49's K-D ratio is insane! :D

  • Damien Adriaanse

    Why do people compare cod to bf they are both different types of games COD:Fun arcady kinda world at war shooter which cares more about gameplay than graphics and single player than multiplayer BF:Realistic world at war battles which cares more about graphics than gameplay and more about multiplayer than single player

  • Colonel Burton

    20 years into this series and they still can't get aircraft collision right.

  • FriendzoneGod

    Ww1 = no IRNV Scopes.Thank GOD

  • Graenolf

    It looks like BF1 will be the victor in shooters to finally go back in time, and I'm bloody happy about it.

  • hAk

    you've got Denuvo now, so can we finally get back LAN support?!

  • uncertainreminder

    LMAO Terry Crews VS Jamie Fox VS Snoop HAHA my life is complete with this game

  • Nate Johnson

    Snoop smokin a b while playin battlefield 👌🏼👌🏼

  • Muhammad Afif

    I got a leak on what the French Army will be using!! -A white flag

  • Josh _

    Snoop Dog had a blunt in his mouth I'm dead💀💀

  • Gerdronex

    Players move way too fast, it breaks the inmersion.

  • GuardianStriker

    I sure hope they'll do a remaster/remake of Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam after this masterpiece.Already I'm hyped, but I'm not going to get too suckered in however. Still need to keep in mind they tend to release their games buggy from first day of release.

  • Legenda

    Just a question:Can we still troll people in BF1?

  • NaaaThE

    "If I´m correct, I believe that was the German Empire who came out on top of that victory" ... As it should have been!

  • Andrew Tickel

    Snoop Dog playing with Stone Mountain? More like Stoned Mountain

  • Dave Adam

    Snoop is smoking a blunt. Best way to enjoy the scene. 8)

  • Nerdy Fox

    am I the only one hype because of the destruction and the airship falling down just YYYYYEEEEESSSS

  • Antares

    gotta love these keyboard warrior pseudo historians in the comments

  • TkrakenT

    Levelcap video has a lot better recording quality

  • Golden Stacked Warriors

    So this is the supposed "COD killer"? A BF4 WWI expansion pack?lol

  • Grzegorz Wodziński

    In Flandries Gustaw Haig versus Berthold von Demling good game

  • MarkDaddy

    In WW1 soldiers weren't equipped with SMGs. In fact, nearly all of the soldiers had a bolt action rifle.

  • 5280Gaming

    Can't wait to put my Gtx 1080 to work and play this in 4K

  • RJJR

    Absolutely incredible. A few glitches here and there but nothing that wont be fixed i'm sure. The graphics, the destruction, the game play... bravo amigos

  • Fat F

    Di-did that plane just hit the ground? And nothing happened?! Realism my nuts!

  • Boi

    Someone already disliked in the first few seconds when the video is 14+ minutes long

  • Angel Of Misericordia

    One Cheesy Mofo is there lol. he's a good BF player.

  • Static Saiyan

    bruh Ive seen wiz khalifa, snoop dogg, terry cruz, and Jamie foxx lol

  • Absenix

    I'd laugh till my eyeballs fell out of my sockets if Battlefield 1 had supply drops. XDXDXDXD

  • Odracir Zeravla

    they should replace that woman AI voice with some old time 1920's radio style news guys.


    It looks really freakin sick. The gun models, animations and art in general looks amazing. I can't wait to get into the game and play it. The greatest thing about a Battlefield game is sprinting/driving/flying to a capture point that you just know the enemy is headed for too, or already waiting at. The excitement and suspense is terrific

  • Brandon Sum

    cod and battlefield players:"where are the assault rifles? "Game developers : "oh, there are none. this is World War 1, the supposed real gameplay. "

  • ChapterEight

    You know what's missing?VR...

  • Keith Fife

    It seems that Battlefield 1 is glorifying the most tragic conflict in all of human history, and that is truly deplorable.

  • Jacob Fryangle

    This game will be so good, this is gunna ruin COD More than it already has been.

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