Parents React To Mortal Kombat 11 (Fatalities, Brutalities, Gameplay)

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Mortal Kombat 11 Reacted to by Parents. Original links below.
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Parents React To Mortal Kombat 11 (Fatalities, Brutalities, Gameplay).
Watch to see their reactions.
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Official Announce Trailer
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All Fatalities and Fatal Blows

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Parents React To Mortal Kombat 11 (Fatalities, Brutalities, Gameplay)
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  • Tomas Benitez

    Canibalism? Baraka for me does not look like a human

  • King Aero

    They act as if kids are the only ones who are gonna buy this.

  • clay

    “Do parents know their kids are playing these games!?” Well, they should. Considering they’re the ones buying it.

  • Shane Brannon

    "Does a body have that much blood in it?"Skarlet says hello.

  • PogsRcool

    i would let my kids play mortal kombat over fortnite any dayNO BRAINER

  • Inevitable End

    It’s rated M for a reason parents 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jason Williams

    My parents allowed me to play games like this and I turned out to be a very nice person. It's not like your kid is going to turn into Dexter.

  • Theo

    The games is not targeted for underage players.

  • Dutch Van der linde

    90’s: can’t see blood through the pixels “ oh my god that’s gruesome my kid ain’t playing this “Now: pulls brain out of head “ OMG....that’s some nice graphics “

  • First Name Last Name

    Older generations still against Mortal Kombat. Not much changed, I see.

  • A somewhat decent Channel

    Shaggy's fatality: "let's see who's under the mask" [rips head off]

  • Magic Mac

    A lot of them say it’s unnecessary, but imagine spending an hour losing, and losing, over and over, and when you finally beat him, you get to see there spleen getting ripped out

  • Danz McNabb

    I grew up playing Mortal Kombat and as a 27 year old man so far I think I'll keep playing.

  • Papi Is Daquavis

    It’s not canabalism if most of the people in the game aren’t human 😂

  • metro thoomin

    Game violence doesn't equate to real life violence.

  • Mr Loko

    It’s just a damn game, a game.

  • Laddy

    Shiiiet I’ll tell my kids to hand over the control and show them what’s up


    “That’s so unnecessary”Well if it wasn’t there, Mortal Kombat would be just another generic fighting game. Plus unnecessary things are great, like clothes, or blankets, or a happy life where people love you.

  • James Hinkle

    Smh video games aren't going to change someone. I thought we were over this kind of stuff 5 years ago.

  • Darkhamknight 3

    My dad play MK 10 with me

  • Inferno

    As a kid who's first game was MK: Shaolin Monks (I started playing video games when I was 7), I can safely say that your kid won't turn into some phychopath just for playing violent games. Its how you raise your child that really effects how they turn out as an adult. My father let me play these games, hell, even let me play GTA but, he taught me to never do anything I see on screen. Honestly I believe sheltering your child from these kinds of things will make them more rebellious if anything. It's usually how it goes with strict parenting.

  • Suicideinsilence

    I played mortal kombat once, the next day in school i ripped my teacher's spine out

  • Eric • エリック

    Jen is too much of a white mom, Jesus.

  • IM_ NETO

    This vid should be called parent over react about a videogame.

  • Chris H

    It's an M rated game, morons. You literally need to be there to buy the game for your kids.

  • Magne Toftanes

    I like how the women are like "Oh My god it is so brutal!" and the men are "eeeeeyyy"

  • Travis Hightwer

    I grew up on Beavis and Butthead and Mortal Kombat. no one sees me out in the streets with a bong in one hand and my neighbors rib cage in the other.

  • Alexander Avila

    Oh man. Oh no. This is-no. Now way. This isn’t how I’m gonna be like when I’m like 30-40 years old right?


    6:34 nah cause he's not human

  • Augusto Henrique

    Oh please ... it's not a game that will turn your kid into a some kinda psycho. IIt's how you raise a kid and how close you as a ´parent can become to be a friend of your kid. I was playing MK3 when I was 4,5 and they were amazing as today - after 22 years. You can try to close your child from the world, hide things from - but thats not a way out. The best you can do is sit with your 9 years old and play with him any kinda game - so that way he wont go play somewhere else, hinding and lying from you.

  • 95onimusha

    People always forget that there are age ratings for games

  • RodCaster Gaming

    i wouldnt mind if younger kids played violent videogames, just dont give them microphones when theyre playing online.

  • That one guy

    Parents:O Mah GOd!! Mortal combat:FatalityMe:Yes...

  • Ken Guidry

    "it's comedic now" ... exactly this! Some people get too riled up over this like it actually can happen lol

  • Geoff Roach

    If you don't want your kids to play it, make sure you check the rating system, it's there for a reason, and if it's rated M, it's not for kids. Come on, it's been that way for decades now, where you parents grew up in that era.

  • Jon-John Pinckney

    For all the kids out there: This game franchise has the notoriety of starting the ESRB rating system.

  • k

    6:28 Baraka is not a human😤

  • LetsGoToMarsMan

    If he was 15 or 16 you wouldn’t let him play it? Wow.You must not know what’s going on at that age lol

  • Connor Bryant

    "I mean do parents know there kids are playing these games?" This is why it's the parents job to watch what there kid is doing. Most likely you're the one who bought it for them. Stop blaming the game and blame yourself. They have warnings on them

  • Sir Lancenot

    Believe me or not but i grew up knowing Mortal Kombat, and my mom actually likes it. She plays Katana which is her favorite.

  • Some One

    This game is not for Kids,it never was.

  • keyshawn AFRO DRAGON KING morrison

    Who's gonna play this?Me: Raises hand

  • Anthony Ioapo

    "If i was a kid i would be like, mom u gotta get this, U GOTTA GET THIS GAME!!!" My fav part fasho lmao

  • David Arias

    Why does the title say "brutalities" if there's no brutalities

  • 1v1 Me Midgets

    My dad and I will enjoy this immensely

  • Raiden29o9

    "I mean do parents know there kids are playing these games?" I have worked in a Movie/game rental store and in a Normal retail store, Do parents know.. Yes i do tend to explain to all parents about the content of games and about the ESRB rating system... Do They care... About only 10%.. the rest will let little Timmy Buy games like this or the Guy game and only complain after the fact and try to blame us for not warning them while we do

  • Logical Juan

    It's not really canabalism if they are two completely different beings. Even if they are both humanoid.

  • King Klefki

    They're all like 'what parents are gunna let their kids play this' THIS GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS.

  • Pinhead Larry

    I’m legit not sure what some of these people’s issues are. Like that one lady who was like “no if my cold was 15 or 16, not under my roof, nuh-uh, no way.” I’m 16. And The two things my father are most looking forward to this year are Avengers 4 and MK11. These parents just aren’t willing to admit that violence is amazing to watch when it’s not actually happening!

  • Vince Gabriel Rubii

    I wouldnt like my mom to be that woman in the black and white stripes

  • Filip Golubovic

    Baraka is a tarkatan which means that eating a human for him is not canibalism.

  • Dairn core

    If I was a parent I will let my kids play Mortal Kombat instead of Grand Theft Auto TBH

  • Richard Loya

    They act like these are the only type of video games that exists

  • The One Freeman

    6:39. I love this guy.

  • Arnav Dhage

    hopefully i get good grades so my parents dont pull a fatality on me

  • Golden Protoman

    “Do parents know their kids are playing this game?!”I mean, my dad showed me Mortal Kombat when i was growing up, so he knows damn well I’m going to be playing the hell out of it 😂😂

  • Luis Gasp

    7:58 damn, that's gold 😅

  • Brayden Callister

    The guy said his mom would probably get him duck tales😂

  • athi jinx

    4:16 i swear he almost said "chicken" 😂 "chic... Duck tales" 😂

  • Brandon Frost

    All the dad so happy most moms shocked lol

  • Manuel Saldana

    “How did he go through the body and the spine still intact?”Me: Scorpion, that’s how...

  • MarC

    Close ur eyes and listen 5:45 😂

  • its kingz

    My dad seen and wants to pre order because the 4k

  • Chris Buttonshaw

    "they buying it for 9-10 yr olds" dude they buying them for SIX yr olds.

  • Cameron Singletary

    lol i knew the dads would know immediately

  • rene martinez

    Mortal kombat 11Shows Mortal Kombat X scorpion

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