Skyrim: Hidden Secret Shalidors Maze (Secret Boss)

Uncovering the Secret unique Treasures of Shalidor's Maze a unique location missed by many people in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. With a EPIC BOSS BATTLE MWHAHAHAHHA

Cannibal Cook Build Guide:
The Diadem of the Savant (other location):

Puzzle Dungeon one:
Puzzle Dungeon two:

Summoning Daedric Armor:
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  • Gensolink

    Middle of the day>A group of vampire attacksSKYRIM LOGIC

  • bobe1233

    I was attacked by cultists, vampires, bandits, and a dragon at the same time. also the mail guy came to deliver something.

  • Justo T.Baggins

    10:07 Random falling ribcage! XD

  • EccentricJoe

    I feel so terrible, I've put probably like 500 hours into this game and never knew this area existed. smh

  • Pedro Sá

    It's awesome that in 2015 there are still a lot of people who play this awesome game.

  • Domi Reil

    Dremora Valkynaz is not a name. If you've played the previous Elder Scroll game, Oblivion, you will have come across Dremora a lot more than in Skyrim.They have a sort of rank system in place, with the rank being displayed as their "name".In Oblivion, there were, for example, the ranks of "Dremora Scourge", "Caitiff", "Kynreeve", "Kynmarcher", "Markynaz" and "Valkynaz" I think in that order. So Valkynaz are the highest ranking of the Dremora, nothing else

  • Brian Sanders

    I shall name that troll Achilles.

  • Barrett Cortellesi

    You found the Troll's Achilles Heel

  • RetnoGaming

    Did anyone else see a ribcage fall from the sky just as he said "centre of the maze" roughly at the 10 minute mark?

  • Trans Deserve To Die

    I'm 100% sure that Labrynthian is the most underrated and unexplored place in all of Skyrim.

  • Albert Fitzgerald

    I find your lack of a pack rat instinct disturbing. You not grabbing those gems in the maze is driving me crazy.

  • Toriko

    You're actually using a Fork and Knife to fight? I've never seen something so ridiculous.

  • Amel Hadžić

    When I first started playing skyrim I saw this place, but I got scared of the trolls and I never came back.

  • Jack Stibbsy

    That arrow to the foot. I used to be a cave troll, then I took an arrow to the foot. XD

  • Christopher Teale

    It would have been so much cooler if it was an actual maze. That is the biggest problem I have with this game. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but the puzzles are always so lame

  • Jamie Parsons

    Equips Knife and Fork well I guess he's gonna eat them now

  • Helen Gomes

    I had a draugr dodge my arrows like 4 times in a row so I bashed it's head in with an ebony battle axe

  • Celeste A

    No one expects the Vampish Inquisition!

  • lazersify

    Not sure if anyone explained it, but that Dremora's name was just his rank, not his actual name.

  • Ekatman

    Epic snow troll kill. Looks like you hit his Achilles heel.

  • Sylvester Savage

    that 2nd troll invested his skills into payday 2 dodge build xD

  • Zack

    "doesn't that look amazing" do you even realize the pun you just made?

  • Jan Iedema

    Its seems that trolls name was Achilles for obvious reasons

  • Adam Thompson

    Still watching this in 2018 you scallywag WREEEKT :)

  • Jake O'Shea

    I havent played this game for a couple years and accidentally stumbled across this channel but I love it, so interesting and the commentary is hilarious! 'Ohh you just got butchered' haha, love your channel mate

  • Kossolax the Foresworn

    5 years and I never stumbled over this.

  • *Ghost*

    Valkynaz is not a named boss. There r several others like him, he us just a leveled Daedra

  • TheLastVoodooMan

    Are you sure Daedric armor cannot be found? I found Daedric boots just recently

  • Adam Kelly

    Anyone else notice the ribs of a skeleton fall in front of him at 10:09

  • A guy with an extremely and ridiculously long name

    if it's just one big lane it's called a labyrinth, not a maze. please don't hate me.

  • tawk1215

    Such powerful boss, great magic, great conjuration, small iron dagger?

  • derrickemjaeee

    DAMN arrow to achilles heel 4:20 hahahah

  • Uxur

    Been playing Skyrim for 4 years and i've never heard of this dungeon XD 0_0

  • Yo Mama

    I wonder if the Gaybeards send you to the maze if you ask them for a word

  • Calum beresford

    It’s frost troll not cave troll

  • Jayce The Great

    The key to these games is to not buy it the moment it comes out. You wait for people to discover easter eggs and these little glitches then purchase it and not have to work hard to play hard.

  • synysterxdave

    the videos are cool but argh, the pronunciation. The PRONUNCIATION!

  • SmokeyMira

    I played this game for like 2 years and I never found this, this is why I'm excited for the the remaster

  • Lord Jub-Jub

    "Oh my God it's a cave troll."

  • MrFluffyribs

    Vampires always ruining a party

  • Isaac Pembes

    i am sorry but pls stop saying atronochs, it a-tro-nacks

  • MasterBroda 78

    This is very a"maze"ing

  • David Rusher

    I used to be a frost troll like you,until I a arrow to the foot

  • ScarMafia Gaming

    wtf!? played skyrim for 800-1200 hours and have never seen this

  • Vforfettuccine

    i used to be housing troll then i took an arrow to the footrumor has it the bastard looted my body

  • Gavin Downes

    just finished this labyrinth but wasnt sure if i got everything

  • MajorMoron

    >500 hours in the game and never once found this. WTF is wrong with me???????????

  • Maz zax

    You missed a chest here. When you're on the walkway around the top of the maze, at 19:05, on your left is an alcove with a chest.

  • Jamieson Shelton

    the diadem of the savant can't be a unique item? i haven't come across this place and i have the diadem

  • Slave Owner Stephen Thompson

    I've been through this maze like 6 times now and it takes forever. The portal never spawns in and it's really annoying. I don't know what I'm doing wrong it's just an endless fucking circle of annoyance that tests my sanity and patience.

  • Vaiski25

    that troll was Achilles

  • Nolan N.O.

    I think Valkynaz is a rank or class, not a name.

  • Kurumi Tokisaki

    Was that troll Achillies?

  • Dark Pit

    Dang that troll was Achilles confirmed

  • Jason Genova

    The video is unnecessary long

  • shune84

    the devs constructed the labyrinth

  • Malik

    I used to be a troll, until i took an arrow to the knee.

  • PhrontDoor

    I know I'm late to finding this, but it was fantastic. Loved the mortal shot to the heel on the troll - very Achilles-ish.

  • Morasain

    Came here to see a labyrinth. Learned how to make invisibility potions. Worth it!

  • James McComb

    so many scrubs in the comments, so many.

  • Wendy W

    I got attacked by 17 trolls before entering

  • Kains Legacy

    you know for asl long as i have played skyrim and as often as i visited the labyrinth i never actually been in the maze i just always assumed the main dungeon where you fight the skeletal dragon and get the staff of magnus was the maze so i never bothered to investigate further guess i was wrong

  • Lucas Durdin

    The head a with the coin in its mouth is a reference to Ancient Greek culture, in witch someone would put a coin in a dead persons mouth to pay the toll to Charon to get across the River Styx

  • The Lonely Penguin

    Trying to aim a bow through that much fire

  • unicorn world

    I accidentally killed him inside the blue things and now I can't go back there and get the crown lmfao

  • Layla Jed

    Lightning mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Dustin Burr

    Fun fact, a maze is a single continuous winding path and a labarinth is what most consider a maze with multiple paths and dead ends.

  • Ryan Rodriguez

    Forget arrow to the knee the New Meme arrow to the foot.

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