Skyrim BUT I attempt to Romance Lydia with Mods!

Skyrim Mods - Lydia Romance With Followers Mod!
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    If you guys want to see another episode… let me know =S

  • big peen eugene

    one handed increased to 100

  • acvieluf

    Oh boy. Whoever wrote this is... Well they obviously haven't talked to many women.

  • Val

    What the hell is this, dear god.Skyrim just became a freakin' dating simulator.

  • Andy Nagle

    “My husband is interested in men” goes and talks to husband

  • ryarod

    Recently, I've been feeling insecure about my writing skills.Reading/Hearing this dialogue, I suddenly realize I could be a hell of a lot worse. Thank you for this.

  • Brett Glasco

    Temptation? For my furry Khajit balls???Yes, Thane. LOL!

  • LunarNightShift

    "I find the concept of sleeping with you morally unsettling"REKT

  • Dragon born

    "Belive, Belive the Dragonborn Cum's - Lydia 2018 lol

  • Evan O'Connell

    "Dammit, being rejected in a video game aswell??? alright housecarl"god that made me laugh so much. the tone. the genuine rejection. aw it was so funny. love this video

  • Ben Warren

    Wait all the guards are married?

  • Logan Ricard

    This is a giant cringe fest episode

  • LordzDominator

    1:39 I thought someone was in ESO's room 😂😂😂

  • Red

    this is definitely the rapiest thing i have ever seen

  • VoVillia Corp.

    I like how everyone in Solitude was so interested in your conversation with Lydia XD

  • ABDR4

    That was amusingly traumatizing. Not sure if in a good way or bad way. I’d love to see walkthrough of the Dragonborn DLC. I’m back to playing Syrim myself after taking a little break to play Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • Blessed by the wolves

    13:06 HAS SIRI TAKEN OVER LYDIA😱😱If you listen closely....

  • OK

    At 22:35 every male runs out the door

  • Izzy Bybee

    18:00 me: starts laughing and kool laid comes out of nose

  • AirHead


  • Mister Jack

    Lydia heard dragonborns have big "D" that can slay dragons

  • Ice But Hot

    Lydia has become LEWDia

  • Blunt Ape

    "Oh I bet you love fighting men" 🤣🤣🤣

  • JD

    2:11 she must be in dragonsreach.......THAT OR SHES DEAD

  • JuiceHead

    you can romance me without mods

  • Diego Adam Blake

    Dragonborn : *romances lydiadragon : casually flies in the background

  • DMGamer99 DMGamer99

    you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger when you raise your voice

  • JB 93

    This has to be the most X rated episode of let's play ever. Your reactions ESO are priceless.

  • KingRelic36

    The lovemaking scene literally has me dying. I can't breathe

  • Vtel 'Zolam

    Odahviing is redThe Greybeards are blueI got kinky with LydiaAnd so did you

  • Greg The Flying Whale

    10:13 ture. My house Khajit smells like piss when comes back home from outside when its raining XD He also licks his balls and pisses in my shoes... nevermind

  • Steven Owen

    This was hilarious and awkward . Loved it !

  • Mason Paul

    "well guys hope you enjoyed this video."um

  • Gabriel Perez

    "I realized I didn't care about what you were telling me" "No, I forgot I just don't care" Lol12:05 - 12:13

  • Shirley Curry

    I am so happy you are back in Skyrim!!! Every day I have looked to see if you had come back yet!! lol This was very funny!

  • Inevitable

    Still find your reactions hilarious dude. Yes though, these mod interactions are even creepier than the Riften ones.

  • The Improver

    Lidya: do you have timeESO: no I don’t not for you!Dragon born: yes sureESO: WTF?!

  • U Gay

    "believe, believe the Dragonborn comes."Me: u wot m8

  • Preston Trietsch

    I can’t stop laughing 😂“Oh god it was a child!”

  • The.Inferno

    Raise your hand if you were extremely uncomfortable watching parts of this 🖐

  • Chill OUT Zone!

    This made me laugh so hard. I love npcs.

  • Spirit Fox

    24:42 Lydia: I hope we can repay you for your kindness. Eso: We don’t have any condoms. Me: fricken dies 🤣🤣🤣

  • Copper weed

    HOLY BALLS that was wierd but also VERY funny Keep up the good work ESO

  • Patrick Palmer

    Is this the upgraded version, just asking I still have the 360 elder scrolls. My box broke but I'm thinking about getting another one just for this game.

  • eldryn

    23:09 just dont mind that dragon in the top left

  • Nowan 23

    Well, usually I see Lydia fighting like 5 enemies alone while I try to snipe them or she keeps fighting very strong wizards when I run to heal and I thing these mods have gone out of control xD, it’s just skyrim!

  • Blemished Nicely

    "We need to actually, RIGHT now!!!"(then stands around talking about porking for some time as a dragon flies in background, nodding his head approvingly)

  • Katelin Bolt

    I literally have not laughed so hard in forever 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ovimez

    "you are a lover like no other" i started crying xD

  • Music Maiden

    The moment he realized he made love with Lydia infront of a child was was amazing XD

  • KURAMA Master

    2:53 uff that remember me, a lot of time i did that xS

  • Drake Inkhart

    20:58 Look to the left, there's a Dragon, lol! BTW, I Thought Is Was Hilarious that you "Made Love" In Front Of A Child!!! Lol!!!

  • Whiterun Guard

    But i took an arrow to the knee...

  • joshua torres

    finishes fight Me:"ok Lydia its time to go back to whi- wait where tf is lydia"Lydia: Still waiting in a dungeon "i wonder if he finished killing those draugr"

  • Shane Woosley

    These are freaking hilarious your reactions are epic

  • Godreds _

    "omg she's a child" LMAOO

  • BADGER11 1

    i love how you can hear the pasting of all the different voices

  • John Doe

    The person (or people) who wrote the dialog for this mod has no experience with women.

  • KatEternity 2

    I have this mod, but I use the "dirty" version.

  • AlbertonBeastmaster

    She used the 'morally unsettling' line... I get so tired of hearing that one

  • Ben Jeremiah Lim

    I remember watching this video for the first time and at the time, thought: "Hmmmm. This may spice things up between me and my wife, Lydia." So, I went to Nexus, searched for the mod, downloaded it and opened the appropriate windows to begin installing the mod. Before I moved the mod into my game's Data Folder, my conscience came to me and I asked myself: "What the hell am I doing!?!?"I closed the windows and just played Skyrim without the mod.

  • Takashin

    17:44 He's about to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • KeiTheOne991

    "Something about dragons in a game" I have to agree! To bad ESO (the game lol) didnt have a large dragon presence...

  • Emir Celik

    When I tell Lydia to follow me she says "you already had one" (something like that) but there is no one follows me

  • Aidryan Robert

    17:44 Lydia you naughty 😏"believe believe the dragon born cums"

  • akrobeau

    10:03“My housecarl, she’s not even interested in me”“What?!”“I know!”

  • Mel

    These dialogues made my toes curl.Now I'm going to wash my eyes and ears with bile soap.

  • The Heartbreaker

    Did anybody notice the dragon when he zoomed in on the "level up available"

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