Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Part 1 - Character Creation (Skyrim Gameplay)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Part 1 with Gameplay.

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This is a new Walkthrough for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.
  • one guy JOVANOVIC

    does anyone else's have an sudden urge to play Skyrim?

  • Haekal Jaelani

    November 2016???anyone?

  • Alec Kramer

    I wanna play skyrim but I don't have a 360 anymore should I get the remastered.

  • Ache Dud

    i have never played elder scrolls V (skyrim) but i am excited to do my first blind play through on the 28th when the remastered version comes out. Any suggestions on what i should level up/do at the beginning of the game

  • Skyrimplayer2001

    Was Gideon's voice in the first release of skyrim?

  • Sasha Millar

    I still play this game on PS3 😍

  • John Scarce

    hey what's up guys its scarce here , anyways who is watching this in March 2017?

  • Ben Schiszler

    When this game first released i hated these types of games

  • Yilmaz Esingen

    is this game worth buying guys ?????please reply thks

  • Combat Wombat

    No bitches I'm watching this in 2017

  • jose tejas

    Did the remastered version already come out or no and if not when does it come out

  • Omega Dreemurr

    anyone else looks away when they chop his head off or is it just me?

  • Vnixz The Artist

    I'm still playing this in 2020!

  • Anthony Rojas

    damnnn if this game is like Fallout. Bethesda one of the best company. i should try it out 😄

  • Aisling Dunne

    any1 watching in 2017 xD

  • Retierashia

    I'm watching this now, and I'm still playing it.. like of you're watching in 1917.

  • Deena James

    Greatest game ever made.. still playing in 2017

  • Uncle Fkr

    Who's watching this in 2017???

  • Kaneki Ken

    I'm watching cause I'm gonna ask my mom for skyrim special edition and hope that I get it for christmas.

  • Many Name

    K. So I know is like 2017 . But I love watching gameplays . And I love watching my big brother play Skyrim, but he's not playing it now so I look up on YouTube "Skyrim gameplay" and this is the first thing that comes up ..soooo yay I'll stick with this . It's good so far. And that character looks BA. Not many can pull off a high elf

  • Yazmarohma42

    Character creation is the best moment in playing a RPG game.

  • we are spartan's

    anyone still watching 2017?

  • Shane Durham

    whos a little behind and watching this in 2017?

  • Cian O Gaora

    my brother was a beta tester for elder scrolls online

  • ashlisa424

    2017, guys. 10/10 shocked when welcomed back after skipping character creation.

  • Humantorch444 Eloi

    imagine skyrim time was 2016, it will be GREAT

  • Tuvok

    Just bought the game 2017 fuck me im so late

  • Sandra Sanchez

    is it weird that this video came out in 11-11-11

  • the geek

    who is watching in 2017?

  • KittyCatOnFire Coleman

    Hello I have skyrim on PC I got t first shout then I broke my game how? I did the command to get all spells and shouts now I can't shout :I help if you can

  • Michael Wilson

    My number one problem with watching a Skyrim gameplays is the fact that i want to play it and i can't just sit back and enjoy the game Skyrim is amazing and is one of my top 3 games of all time

  • panda pancakes

    2017 squad where you at

  • Infinite_ Gamerhd3544

    Radbrad can you please tell me how you record your screen

  • Kitty's kitty's Kittys!

    I love sky rim I play it on my laptop

  • chris eliii

    It it definitely doesn't take 20 min for that part

  • Lord Zeref

    What's better? Skyrim or The Witcher 2?

  • Boredophobia

    I'm considering buying skyrim and this is my first experience watching the gameplay

  • All Things Paper

    on mine the dragon doesn't appear at the end like the end of ur vid

  • Retron Classix

    2017.. Playing it over again,, the most incredible RPG game I've ever played..

  • Isiah Dedeaux

    Bra you can just keep taking

  • the boy how die

    i play ties game on my ps4 pro in 20017


    he did not even read the thing he could pick

  • prashant singh

    who's watchin' in 2017

  • Dragon Slayer

    So is mine we have the same middle name

  • Phillip Tran

    DU MA i bought this on ebay for 30.99 on ebay it comes with free shipping and no tax i bought it for my PS4 ever since i got this game since yesterday ive been playing it for almost 9 hour and today im gonna be playing it for 9 or 10 hour i quit my crappy ass minimum wage job at wendy's so my ass can play this damn fuckin highly addictive game and when im done beating this highly addictive fun game then im gonna start to look for another job i probably get a job at gamestop

  • Kory Aarhus

    please dont say bad words

  • WolfGirl - Agario

    Who's watching in 2017?

  • Narayan K

    what is the difference between skyrim v legendary edition normal skyrim v?

  • Martijn Beekmans

    Starting this series again in 2017!

  • Werewolfkid 49

    did you know you can choose to go either with hadvar or ralof when you go in the keep?

  • Artur almeida lima

    E eu assistindo em 2017 hsuahsuhuashuhshau BR

  • Chayenne Oosterveld

    I'm gonna ask this game for my birthday!And I am SO gonna make Hiccup from How to train your dragon in it!Because,come on Dragons?!I just have to make Hiccup.


    im a big fan of yoursbut this intro was lameWHY WORLD????????/

  • Irfan Hossain

    Anyone watching in 2017?

  • TheLegend 27

    I subscribed and liked you are dope brad

  • Im addicted to maple


  • lee lexis

    im just saying this cuz ive seen a lot of your videos theres a lot of stuff you miss but your funny you remind me of an actor ill have to get back on his name but out of the other walkthrough ive seen even though you miss some things and sometimes (especially in resdent evil 7) i was sitting there saying its right there its right fricking in front of you. you still make up for it in your jokes and and how you can tell your actually try in your video, you realize that people want to see more then just the task, ive noticed you talk about the details, even though i get frustrated with when i see it and you dont i still come back to your videos because there funny and still very helpful.


    i like your videos..... so much😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Cameron Jackson

    I have just started this game

  • Noah Oden

    Watch the song all time low if u want to listen to a banger

  • TheSaladChannel

    Are this is The special edition or what ??? please reply I need answer

  • Denise Eyre

    anyone watching in 2099??

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