Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Part 1 - Character Creation (Skyrim Gameplay)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Part 1 with Gameplay.

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This is a new Walkthrough for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.
  • one guy JOVANOVIC

    does anyone else's have an sudden urge to play Skyrim?

  • Southern Smokers

    Anybody watching in 2017???? Like if you are👍👍

  • Whiterun Guard

    I hope this one doesn't kill all of my men

  • Super Dashie

    can't wait for next gen skyrim

  • Cunt Productions

    JUNE 2016 ?????????? ANYONE ??????

  • Blaine Peterson

    Who thinks this is the greatest series he's made. Also I'm watching this I'm 2016!

  • boi on the internet

    im still playing this in 2016 on my 360

  • Skelly

    this was uploaded 2014 everyone watches in 2016

  • the worlds helper

    I used to be a adventure like you till I got a arrow in the knee

  • Falal alala

    "Beat the game." Oh my sweet summer child.

  • Sasha Millar

    I still play this game on PS3 😍

  • The Meat BOSS

    Who is watching this RIGHT NOW ??

  • LynxGaming

    Who is watching this in 2k17

  • Manak Mishra

    I just want the special edition...

  • Edit

    Who needs GTA when you can steal a horse?

  • Ache Dud

    i have never played elder scrolls V (skyrim) but i am excited to do my first blind play through on the 28th when the remastered version comes out. Any suggestions on what i should level up/do at the beginning of the game

  • John Truth

    2018 Anyone still here ?? :D

  • ImABeaner

    I'm watching this over because of the remaster hype

  • Drey Scott

    September 2017 like if you still watch

  • Alec Kramer

    I wanna play skyrim but I don't have a 360 anymore should I get the remastered.

  • Cade Farmer

    My first skyrim character was named prisoner

  • Incredible Mr Steve

    December 2017 watching in this year and month

  • jose tejas

    Did the remastered version already come out or no and if not when does it come out

  • Johno FTW


  • Anis Hesoa

    Who is watching this in 2018

  • MeLike Foods

    Who watching this 2017

  • drew1212

    watching in 2018 yeaa 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Homeless Q

    lime if you are watchimg in 2017

  • Madison Mendoza

    Watching this in 2017 lol

  • wasp farmer

    so awesome to read that hes asking for 5k likes and this moment in time he has 65k on the vid :D

  • M'aiq the liar

    Still better graphics than bo3 on xbox 360

  • ItsThatGameEmulator

    Remaster coming in 18 days!!

  • SwannBoy22

    I want to play this game so bad but when I start playing I never seem to know what to do

  • Dalton Stapleton

    Watching this in 2017 anyone??

  • Mert Kırdök

    terrible graphics. I hope they'll upgrade this on ps4 very well

  • davo mo

    Wow 2016 I wish I could wipe my memory and play this game again id say best game of all time

  • Iggsist

    My brother might get Skyrim for me because its 6 days until my birthday AND I'M TURNING 10:D

  • hey its jesus

    Skyrim is a legend along with fallout

  • Safouane Chestnut



    No game will ever beat skyrim, I have spent over 500hours on this game playing it on xbox ps3 and pc this game is very hard to put down and has a very rewarding story line I am starting it from the beginning again on pc in a few days 😍

  • Hexilius

    im watching this in 2017 december 1st

  • ツoVigul

    anyone watching in 2017?

  • Je dagelijkse sh*t

    anyone watchin december 2017

  • xoSouthpaw

    watching this in 2017 for the 10th time <3

  • Sami West

    Who else is watching this while playing skyrim? Because I am :P

  • King Duck

    I just bought it so yay

  • teepussi

    KING BRADLEY CONFIRMEDokay sorry.. Great video btw, tho i am little bit late ~ Not like years whistle

  • THE Kingslayer

    Can u play this with no WiFi pls tell me

  • Cosma Alex

    The imperials just tried to cut my head for no reason and wanna kill Ulfric without a trial. Jeez, i must go with them, they will totally protect me and give a shit about me. Great logic there bro.

  • Josh Shores

    I loved Skyrim...but when I was a wolf n it fucked me and gave me a wolf vampire but the worst I was a level 39 and got fucked... had all god shit...can't wait till I start again one of my personal faves

  • Gemini in the houes Gemini

    Who is watching in 2017 also I am 11 and watching theses videos and the boys think I am weird because I love playing games like this and games like santis row

  • Seth Lajara

    Whos watching this in 2017

  • nostalgic simulator

    this game clearly based on norse mythology.

  • ItzLeora

    Who's watching in 2017?

  • LightDemon300 Gaming

    Because Skyrim remastered

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