Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix LV1 Data Org RTA by Bl00dyBizkitz in 25:59 - SGDQ2017 - Part 121

This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2017, find us at:

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  • Bl00dyBizkitz

    Thank you all for the kind comments! I had a blast with this whole run and it was an honor to showcase this game at SGDQ. Other than my minor swear slip up (I don't think I'll get banned for it, don't worry) this was a great showcase and I hope you guys enjoy.

  • WhatTheFnu

    Leans in Sora's earMarluxia: "Kingdom Hearts 3 won't come out for 13 years."

  • Firestar4041

    I love how the speedrunners can make this game just flow in the action.

  • Half Aluminum Chemist

    And the whole time he just has this look on his face like "yeah, im okay at this i guess"

  • RGA

    This guy is an absolute beast, he destroyed all the bosses and made it look like a stroll in the park, major respect

  • Chase Randalow

    Oh yeah!?!? How about a sweet memories only, no abilities, no drives, no magic, no controller, no PlayStation, no eyes, no hands, and no will to live run? If you can't do that then u will never be a keyblade master 😤😤👌👊👊

  • Aaron Stefl

    Xigbar, as he is getting annihilated by rockets: "okay, now we're talking!"

  • 320speed

    I remember when Sephiroth was like the hardest battle back in the PS2 days, this guy just literally pissed all over him using the worst keyblade in the game

  • Stephen Reed

    Sora isn’t a keyblade master Yen Sid saidHe’s not good as Riku Yen Sid said

  • Perona

    Sephirott is now allergic to bees

  • SqueakyNote

    "Watch that top-right health bar!""YEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"

  • Cody Cullum

    That Ragnarok was unbelievable.

  • Thomas Liu

    Here's some timestamps because there aren't any in the description or comments. 1:40 Axel3:21 Luxord5:19 Marluxia7:41 Xemnas12:24 Lexaeus 13:50 Saix16:03 Larxene16:59 Roxas18:58 Vexen20:11 Zexion21:24 Demyx24:01 Xaldin26:46 Xigbar

  • The Moose

    You can't spell "Sweet Memories" without "memes."

  • GammaWALLE

    Marluxia (whispering in Sora's ear): "just fyi i'm not going to directly hurt you; i'm going to put a number over your head equal to your level that goes down when you get hit, that insta-kills you when it reaches 0. completely painless."Sora: [is shocked that marluxia said that so fast, and that he was able to understand it all.]

  • GammaWALLE

    16:35 and for sora's next act, he shall make your health bar disappear!

  • Aye Jonny

    Kids don't go home and try this, you cannot do what this man did

  • A Typhlosion

    This kinda turns me on not going to lie

  • nahnah390

    I've always loved how in KH2 roughly everything the game gives you has SOME use to speedrunners, I mean, maybe not literally every weapon, but limits, summons, drive forms, magic spells, every class of thing gets used. I guess that's part of why I think with Kingdom Hearts' combat system, less is more, since otherwise you're just using the same damn move over and over again because you HAVE to.

  • Sancorso

    This was the best event in SGDQ in a while, entertaining run, on point commentary, and all around a really fun run

  • Monty2289

    lol The perfect stun lock on Xaldin was cathartic. I hate that guy.

  • Grimreaper2612

    This is insane, I haven't even been able to beat all these guys in level 99...I feel ashamed now

  • Nightfall Alicorn

    Speed runners are unbelievably powerful players specially in critical health situations. You''re are true Kingdom Hearts God, Keyblade Master.

  • Ash Wei

    wanna listen to Chewbacca? 16:35

  • SoNGY 8

    its always Donald's fault

  • Julie Heinz

    That Sephiroth fight was 5000% witchcraft

  • The Rainman

    This run was amazing. Its got me so hype to play some Kingdom Hearts on the ps4. My favorite run this year on one of my favorite games of all time

  • Slip Å Slit

    i feel like kh3 aint gonna be able to rival the amount of awesome bosses kh2 had unless they allow you to fight the organiztion again

  • Ragtop Spinners

    The man is A KH GOD certified

  • ThrasherTheKid

    When in world crisis : Evacuate the citiesEngage all defenses...And get this man a Joystick.

  • ChaosN

    most amazing segment this summer, all of kh2 and the people commenting

  • TheMrbignich128

    This game has the most in depth combat system I've ever seen and this quick run is testament to that.

  • Blazerona

    Seeing those slow-mo final hits on these bosses is like porn.

  • steeledminer616

    Sephiroth:Slowed by spiderwebsNow killed with beesSephiroth is afraid of bugs confirm

  • Noctís


  • YourLovelyMajesty

    I cried during this boss rush. Excellent run! That was really, really amazing!

  • Bronx Dragon

    How did these people figure out how to abuse the game like this?!

  • Mickspad

    16:36 can I make that scream my ringtone? I want that so badly

  • Benny Boi

    "She's not going to get knocked up by anything".

  • drobin son

    Good job Bizkitz your still the best player I KH player.

  • 320speed

    11:27 Crown on Sora's head explanation for those who don't know

  • Henry Ashtran

    One of the commentators has such a deep voice it feels like hes gonna burp any minute

  • Lumios

    is kh2 an esport now? lol

  • PacNat Chavez

    Major respect dude. Never really hear people call Lingering Will “Terra”, made me more trusting of them since they probs follow plot and don’t just play 1&2.

  • Ronnie Powell

    When you work for 10 years to become a battle master in kingdom hearts and then this guy lvl 1's everyone XD.Love the video!

  • kemix1006

    Jesus, 80 Megalixirs for a speedrun file. Aren't the mats to farm that have low drop rates attached to them? But seriously. REALLY wish I had been watching this when it happened at twitch, I requested the week off...

  • A13x15

    I don't understand how they do so much damage at level 1 or how they end up with so many abilities and stuff

  • Smgameskid

    Dat Marluxia fight tho

  • usaamah hussain

    Amazing. Why does antiform not break out?

  • Marcixchu Marcixchu

    Bloodybizkitz is one of my fav gamers ever who did this

  • Gabriel Rosalez

    My goodness.I'm playing this game for the first time just recently, and I've only managed to beat Data Marluxia out of the whole bunch.This is inspiring.I now have to beat them all.

  • Branny Cedeño

    Larxene fight was just spectacular!

  • ian lee

    Kingdoms hearts series holds a special place in my heart, great speedrun! Can't wait for kh3

  • Hocklie333

    WOW!!! THAT'S AWESOME. It's freaking crazy how people can master a game by being meticulous about finding different strategies and timing. I love the gaming community.

  • Cody Smith

    Not using kingdom key? What a noob

  • SomewhatGamer

    How the hell are you driving so effectively without going anti?

  • Jonah Seamans

    Dude on the right's voice is so beefy 😂😂

  • Kairi 09

    that was amazing guys ❤️

  • βrawl 乱闘

    This and the regular KH2 run will ALWAYS be my absolute favorite speedruns

  • Ryan Seatter

    how does screwing up the rng for one boss screw it up for ALL of them

  • king khalil

    I'm so close to 100% on my ps4 I only need Terra

  • WildMattata

    Simply amazing (Roxas)

  • ScTiger

    Roxas and larxene were the only ones I beat

  • NAcHO1713

    Speaking of marluxia. In one of the kingdom hearts 3 trailers we saw some flower nobodies. Does this mean marluxia is returning maybe even as one of the 13 seekers of darkness.

  • 320speed

    'Hardest Boss in the game' nails him in the first attempt! 😏

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