5 Hidden Improvements : Skyrim Special Edition

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  • Dio Grando

    Another one is sprint is now a toggle and you turn faster while doing it. I'm honestly really happy with this remaster. The loading screens are less than 2 seconds instead of a minute sometimes. Sometimes it just flashes black and loads in.

  • [OCB]

    Sweet. So the civil war will actually be a war now and not just a small raid by 8 Nords.

  • Agung Laksono

    2:11 the fact that you did not fus ro dah those pile of bodies disturbs me

  • ’e-ḇen

    Improved stability means we can mod heavier right?

  • Dgmr

    A new feature that I've noticed is that your saves are now separated and sorted. Before it was all cluttered and I found it really hard to keep up with more than one character at a time. Now, they've implemented a feature that sorts saves according to character - honestly, it was all I ever wanted so I'm overall pretty content. :)

  • Heretic

    Holy shit. After starting atleast 20 characters i have never noticed that you cant take the hood

  • Calvin van Laaren

    Can I still climb mountains by spamming [jump] 100000x ??


    Thing about the Civil War Overhaul mod is... the author went full SJW and took it down lmao

  • mangaas

    The load screens are massively decreased as well.

  • Michael Hice

    OMFG that water looks beautiful!!!!

  • Fire Duck

    THANK THE NINE I've been wondering why I couldn't loot the Torturer's hood

  • Exde

    Am i the only one who finds the game literally unplayable without Requiem?"oh, you leveld up and got a nice new skill!! well, too bad, since now the enemies scale with it and it has no use what so ever))))))))))"

  • EJT

    You also don't have to re equip armor after werewolf form

  • theSollundForYou

    has it fixed showing the mouse cursor when tabbing in and out

  • Cameron McLean

    +Brodual another small stuff aswell was changed eg Hermaus Mora is now a freaky tentacle mass where as in the original he was just a purple void

  • Grey Goose

    does the 64 bit engine fix the 3gb vram bug in the old game?

  • Ryn Bts

    Another hidden improvement (well not necessarily "hidden" but one you may not immediately notice). A new simple character profile system. Different created characters have their own unique save space. When you click on "Load Game" in the main menu, rather than being presented with a list of all existing saves, you are given a list of your various characters. Selecting a character allows you to access their unique saves. A fantastic feature that was mysteriously missing from the original.

  • JhonToTheConners

    Yes the engine is updated and thats why I will be buying it, but just download an EMB mod for original and bam, better than remastered.#PCMasterRace :D:D

  • Thaddeus Hamlet

    I should download this already so I can at least attempt to run it on my laptop.

  • I'm a random wind storm. Shaky Shaky.

    Damn, even mods couldn't fix the rain occlusion on the OG skyrim. Glad they fixed that engine limitation, it bugged the hell out of me.

  • D00MTR33

    I love the new loading screens, it takes 2-3 seconds to walk into breezehome on console and before it took 20 to 30 seconds. Longest loads are the intial load in and those are 15 to 20 seconds max and under 10 seconds for travel anywhere and before they were 30 to 60 seconds maybe even more. I used to hate going on a selling spree because it would take 30 minutes and probably half of that were load screens, now its barely noticeable.

  • Alex Law

    Did they fix the bugs in the original Skyrim?

  • jackalope_hunter

    The FBI reopened Hillary's criminal investigation. Vote Trump! :)

  • MinecraftZombieSlayer 69xXAssasinXx

    So if the 64bit engine is sooo much more stable then why is fallout 4 ass?

  • OneButton Dash

    is this worth getting on ps4?

  • El biflo

    What about the chicken of Riverwood ? Am i still gonna get chased by all Tamriel for a lost collateral arrow, even if i saved the village from a dragon ?

  • Nana Mediacollector

    There are a couple more:Certain Hats and helmets don't turn off hair anymore. The marketplace of Windhelm is fixed, floating flesh and weapons are gone.

  • SpaghettiandSauce

    I know not everyone liked the fact that Bethesda remastered Skyrim instead of releasing a new game, but I think not enough companies go back to great games that they've made, iron out the flaws and bring them to a new generation of players and hardware.

  • Robert Graham

    fixed shadows. impressive godrays and FEMALE draugrs!

  • Pantsu God

    My game crashed. In the beginning. Without mods.

  • Cubie Mccuberson

    For the stability did you do that just to kill a lot of peopleGreat idea

  • Dullahan2


  • Frozium

    I really hope SKSE gets released soon. These improvements really are good.

  • Dirtcrak

    I know Bethesda games are riddled with bugs, but people got to understand, they make massive games, so there is bound to bugs. It would take forever to release if they tried to find every little bug. I know the modding community pretty much fixes all their game, which is probably the main reason Bethesda is pro-mod, but the modders don't have deadlines like the people at Bethesda do. Bethesda is not lazy, they just don't want spend too much time on one game. They are both a game developer and a business. At least they haven't turned into EA and Ubisoft and just want people's money and nothing more. Bethesda does a good job balancing art and business. Another company that does this well is Rockstar.

  • zman2748

    z fighting isn't fixed for me it's happening to me on buildings and whiterun.

  • Valka

    The best thing hands down is that loading screens are 144fps, meaning on a 144hz monitor it's so nice to look at and rotate the object (within the loading screen). :)

  • IAmYous3f

    these are not hidden improvements. these are simply "improvements" nothing is hidden about them. it's expected for all remaster games to have better graphics, engine, stability and fps and so on. nothing you mentioned is "hidden"

  • InsertGoodNameHere

    In future Skyrim mod showcases will you be using Skyrim Special Edition or original Skyrim???

  • RedgraveGilver

    64 bit is really a god send. Now all we need is for mods that uses SKSE to get ported and this will be an amazing experience. Also is true that ENB is kind of unlikely for the Special Edition?

  • Ulrican414

    In a couple of months when tons of modes have been ported and tons of new ones have been developed, with SKSE and skyui up and running this version is going to be amazing! Specially because of the stability improvements, I am truly exited for this!

  • finn jake

    you also don't have to re-equip weapons and armor at the end of a werewolf transformation. It's all still there when you turn back, unlike the original where you end up in your underwear. transforming out of wolf mode is also much faster too.

  • MyAssIsBrass

    could you do a list of mods that change skyrims overall tone. while since people might not like these mods they should at least be quite interesting. just imagine Skyrim with a brighter cheery tone, a comedic satirical tone, or an edgy early 2000s tone

  • Spacedroner

    It was a miracle they got Skyrim to work on the last generation of consoles period... Glad to see we've finally got a more stable version of the game to play (and mod of course)

  • Simply Prism

    They also remade the save management it's a lot easier now to know what save belongs to which character I absolutely love it that you can choose saves character specific.

  • Josip Glavaš

    on skyrim se on ps4 geybeards are gone and i cant finish main storyline, anyone has a fix? quest markers show that they are far away out of map borders, help me plsss (ps4)

  • HMan Gaming

    Until I get a pc that isn't a lemon wired to a potato, they add skse, and all my mods come to sse, I'm staying in classic

  • Chaotic Entropy

    Someone definitely needs to go through and increase all the NPC amounts throughout the game's "battles". They were always underwhelming.

  • Jimboola

    Only big big big difference I've noticed is the loading screens. No longer do I go & make a drink, it's all under 5 seconds. Now THAT is progress!

  • Drafonni

    Why is there still an add-ons tab in the main menu for special edition Skyrim if it comes with all dlc's?

  • Manak Mishra

    Should I buy it?!?Never played the original before....

  • NateggZGaming

    Can't wait to get the money to get this on ps4 only £20 away :)

  • Away in my Mind

    Z fighting? Didn't realize I was watching a XenoVerse 2 review.

  • A S

    Z-Fighting is like where your computer goes super saiyan right?

  • TheTaterTotP80

    Damnit, you're British. It's "Zed-Fighting" not "Zee-Fighting"

  • Cody Roy

    You forgot the smoothing on character movement. It used to instantly get up to speed but now its gradual.

  • Andarus

    Will be great in 2018 when ENB, SKSE/MCM, FNIS etc are all updated!

  • robert rainford

    If the magic is not improved and the power ones per day system is still there than it should have never been remastered.

  • Captain Nemo

    But the real question is...can I still run up mountains on my horse?

  • Darth Revan Peace Is A Lie


  • Ishidoro-0002

    1-4: look at all these actual features5: yo look my hat

  • The Humour Games!

    The sound quality... Oh wait!

  • Ethan Mozz

    3 years later and im still not tired of that voice haha

  • okrajoe

    G00d info - thanks for posting.

  • The Man

    For pc it looks worse than the original game Is that one of them?

  • Seth Caplan

    Except water speeds up when its forced into a narrow channel.....how did they screw that up?

  • Tommy

    wonder if they'll bring SkyWind into this engine?

  • Athis

    Yes, interested in more SSE videosThanks

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