Skyrim - All Distractions at the Thalmor Embassy

Ondolemar, I just want to play a little prank... Here, I list all distractions at the Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim. This is during the quest Diplomatic Immunity in the main quest line. Sure, asking Razelan for a favor is popular, but there are a lot of other options. I also do other top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret enemies, even secret locations and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird fan theories.

Since I'm on PC I love the new mods. There are quest mods that are great. They make creating character builds, or finding weird and rare encounters, or even sad stories and places a lot more fun.

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  • Adam Thompson

    I also feel like Nazeem should be there.

  • JamesRW Conkleton

    That ulfric joke was top tier

  • Michael Dyer

    Victoria Vici showed up for me even after I killed her at the wedding

  • Erika Gehr

    So this quest hinges on everyone bullying Razelan

  • Amy Ice Rose

    I got a Skyrim joke for you. How did the Redguard break his toe? His Hammerfell on it 😂

  • Brian Sanders

    Don't forget how, if you finish the Stormcloak side of the war, there's basically no one at the party at all. XD

  • Elenwen

    Why do I even bother inviting Razelan to my parties?🧐😒

  • Setting Sun


  • Vanessa Lynch

    "Malborn my boy we are finished when I say we are finished." 😂😂😂I'm obsessed with your channel lol

  • the Golden Spider-Duck

    Poor Razelan, I only found out there was a second option yesterday. And Vittoria never shows up for me because she's invariably long dead and I'm wearing her wedding wreath.

  • MGR JR.

    Poor Razelan, sadly being bullied by everybody except the dragonborn.

  • octavio

    Poor Malborn he must be so sick of waiting for you LOL

  • Adam Thompson

    A few nice laaadies at this party that I would like to OYFUM. Lol I thought there was only like two distractions lol. Thank you so much Graenolf love your spin on it all :). Now back to my calendar to book in all these Skyrim playthroughs ahhhh :)

  • Lucas Oyama

    Funny fact ( sort of ) , if you proceed to make Erikur threat Brelas as a distractions, afterwards she will be in the cage with her hands tied up, meaning that poor elf girl got beaten by your fault ...


    Razelan: exhalesEvErYoNe: Oh My GoD

  • Piggy Zilla

    I thought there were only two Razelan and Erikur

  • Surge _

    I always thought there was only one and its the only one I’ve ever used, which was the one with Brelas and I despised using it. But it is nice that you can break her out

  • Tatsusama

    This was hilarious. I felt bad for Raz by the end, haha. "P-please... No..." xD


    Wait you forgot Elisif the fair as a distraction. She might show up if you did her quest, Elisif's Tribute.

  • FirmSoul4


  • NorthObsidianG

    I just want a game where we can wreak havoc on the thalmor.. and just massacre as much of those damn elves in their own continent

  • DankFlab •

    Tbh I thought Erikur was the only option

  • matt noble

    My one and only OYFUM Razelan...

  • Ephraim Chishi

    I just started playing this game a few weeks back, and I thought that there would actually be only a few people still actually playing it (considering it came out years back). It truly gladdens me that it still has such a large and loyal player base. Nice video bro🙂

  • Positive Goth

    God, everything you make Graenolf. I don't think I've seen a single video that hasn't either cheered me up, or made me laugh. Top quality!

  • a ferg

    Mfw i only thought there was one distraction

  • Avatar Rhen

    I subscribed less than 2 minutes into this. Best narration ive heard

  • Madog Wolfie

    Ellwen: Why were all of my guards found dead right after you made a sceneVictoria: It’s just a prank bro

  • Emily Vergin

    Oh, my god, your video style usually leaves me in stitches anyway but this one is gold standard. Both helpful, informative, researched, and funny af. Thanks for posting it!

  • agentlewis42

    Looks like Balgruuf isn't ballin' in this video, seeing Graenolf forgot him.

  • zoonks

    this video just gets funnier and funnier as you continue to watch it

  • Joshua Hobizal

    This video was awesome!! You should definitely do more like this where you show the multiple paths you can take during certain quest lines. Your spin on them is great!

  • Stefan Gabriel

    2:45 Ellenwood looks oddly attractive, and I suspect no mods.

  • XJX

    ..the rambling is hilarious like a girl talking with her girlfriends And he was like "--eof--dfos-of-" And she was all like "hjkdsbf"

  • Evan Cornley

    I remember doing this quest about 6 years ago and I had no idea what was going on

  • RedMoon Ghost

    Poor Razelan he just wanted a drink not being almost kicked out and killed

  • Chatter Box

    Rest in peace, Razelan. You will be missed.

  • Callum Sefton

    This is your best piece of work yet, really great job here

  • 201111chris


  • Alex The Bing Bong Boy

    That ending was beautiful btwI cry evrytime

  • M. V.

    Graenolf... You're a genius.

  • Santi Bahena

    What mod is that with the jarl crown of Falkreath

  • penguinlord5789

    I slit ondolemar's throat in markarth and his two guards

  • This Wolf Ish Gay

    Lmao...I have nothing else to say but Lmao and, of course, OYFUM

  • gingercore69

    You won a new subscriber! I cant wait to see more videos ;3

  • Bokan Gaming

    My friend told me about this one thing and he said it was that if u wear elven armor, what the thalmor guards wear, and be the high elf race, you could get ordered by the others and be sneaky. Idk how it works. My friend told me it. Thought u would check it out bro

  • MoonlightWalnut

    Haven’t even watched the video yet by ONDOLEMAR IS SUCH A SWEET ROLL OKAY

  • Ct rulu

    in short: you cant sneak out of the party without Razelan

  • Lotus V

    Hahaha omg this is funny as hell I love it xD

  • Electron Rage

    u forgot that jarl balgruuf distraction.

  • jag jag

    You know a game is good when you feel sympathy for a character in it since you literally feel bad for someone you know doesn’t exist.Divines bless you, Razelan.

  • nun yurbis

    I have to be honest, I have a total of roughly 1500 hours in Skyrim and Skyrim SE combined, and I didn't have a clue that there were even multiple ways of causing a scene.On my first playthrough I just happened to solve it that way and just rushed past that part any time I played after by doing it the same way.So big ups for actually surprising me with a Skyrim video, I always enjoy them, but it was nice to hear of something that had gone personally undiscovered.

  • Extreme Subtlety

    Ajfdjsjhs I thought this was a Nate video then I heard Graenolf's beautiful narrator's voice

  • Darth Revan

    These distractions are better then the original one I always use. I run around naked and it never seems to work

  • NightRaven

    This was the funniest thing I've seen all day. I love your content mate.

  • Balls deep In Ligma

    The party don't start till I come inSorenova anybody ?!

  • Chidz Hustle

    "this is why Ingrid tried pushing him out the way for me: will you sHUT UP " didn't expect that lmao

  • SevereStarfish

    This has to be my favourite video

  • FaSt_Turdle

    The narrating is incredibly funny and the ulfric jike in the beginning, priceless 😂😂😂

  • Iron-Bran

    Welp I guess I have to restart this game again for the 1000 time

  • ian kron

    If you've finished the civil war questline and have sided with the empire general tullius will also be there and he has a unique dialogue option.

  • Prepubescent Playz

    Graenolf you got me into Bethesda games. I was gonna get Skyrim ages ago but I didn't think it would be good but after watching you I've been playing it 24/7

  • Eric Verster

    The ending was too funny

  • Commander Lock

    Was I the only one who didn't know there were multiple ways to cause a distraction? I thought the only one was with Erikur. :(

  • Sunquad

    why I break in thalmor embassyto fight for the storm cloaks. to kill for the dark brotherhoodto steal for the thieves guild to defend for the companionsto avenge the imperial empireand to bring back the blades.

  • The Third Crusader

    F O O L S I W A S D I S T R A C T I N G Y O U

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