Skyrim Special Edition Mods - Top 5 Ultimate Cheat Mods and Magic on XBOX One

Skyrim Special Edition has many mods these days, including some fantastic cheat mods to add to your Skyrim experience. Cam Seb and Kevin VanNord showcase their favourites, along with some bonus magic mods.

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Mod List:

1 - Sheogorath's Cheat Menu by unoctium

2 - The Ring Of God Mode by darkjesusmn

3 - Rich Merchants of Skryim: Special Edtion by Micahghost

BONUS - Rich Skyrim Merchants by Jason069

4 - Dualcast Rebalance by Drakon

5 - Phenderix Magic Evolved
  • ihavnothinelse

    You guys are so pleasant and nice and not raving attention hungry gamer youtubers just idk it's a nice change

  • Jeremy Landon

    The fear of spiders is arachnophobia, the fear of small enclosed spaces is claustrophobia, the fear of Kevin VanNord is called logic.

  • sebastian dunleavy

    When kevin was old enough to leave the house, he told his father: "you are the man of the house now"

  • Lucy Price

    Here's a suggestion for the mod loading screens. "Kevin is the strongest being in all of Nirn-overpowering the Gods themselves- as he can move Mountains and cities just by looking at them."

  • Webbo

    Kevin doesn't run out of stamina, he simply slows down so Nirn can catch up with him.

  • Jazz music stops

    'Nirn only spins and moves through space because Kevin rolls it as he runs.'

  • dylan

    Kevin VanNord doesn't fall he simply pulls the earth to him

  • Yomarz

    I'm so glad you guys are modding Skyrim again. I've loved your show for years. You guys are the best.Also you should totally stream Beyond Skyrim: Bruma when that comes out. The devs said it'll be most likely be on Xbox One.

  • QuestGiver

    -Kevin created pain because joy felt lonely.-Kevin VanNord once killed 10 bandits by ricocheting an arrow off a bird, stone, mudcrab, daedric prince, and another arrow in mid flight while he was tipsy.-The maximum level attainable was set to infinity when Kevin was born. He maxed out the cap 2 days later.Thanks for coming back Cam & Seb! Long live Kevin!

  • LackingWizard

    When Kevin VanNord does push-ups, he actually pushes the world down.

  • Ashleigh James

    Kevin Van Nord doesn't fast travel, he simply flies by exploding chickens.

  • Liam Takipoop

    Kevin acknowledges this comment and puts it in the VIDEO!!!

  • KageAlex9

    Kevin Fact: Chuck Norris got his powers when Kevin VanNord sneezed on him.P.s. Great to have you guys back doing regular shows :D

  • Michael Shoemar

    i love you guys im coming to britain because of trump

  • Kazumi Nana

    Kevin VanNord does not read books. He simply absorbs the knowledge by touch.

  • Omed Hani

    Cow is sad because her fur is very low res :(Would be nice to have a Christmas special btw, if suitable mods are available at that time, those were so good :) The "ho ho ho" shout!

  • Aheira Miles

    YES to the "Choose your own adventure"! I need that in my life!

  • 52nd Timelord

    When you realize you know too much Dovahzhul

  • Koby Wilson

    Oh my God!! Cam and Seb!!! I just typed in ya'll's names out of curiosity and found an entire channel about you guys!! I MISSED YOU BOTH!!!!

  • GD Taylor

    If you guys decide to continue the choose your own adventure for Kevin I wrote an introduction for the new chapter. After a year and a half of sailing aimlessly from port to port killing enemies and finding new adventures Kevin VanNord had grown bored with is immense wealth and power he had accumulated. Kevin Thought of a plan to fix his dilemma although he would have to be sure of his decision as his plan was well beyond drastic.Kevin reached into his pack and pulled out his Elderscroll and weighted it in his hands contemplating his decision. Standing on the bow of the boat to and looked back at his companions that where with him in this grand vessel. In that moment he was sure of his decision. Focusing on a specific time in his past Kevin opened the scroll and he, the Boat to Solstheim, as well as the passengers vanished in a flash of light and a thunderous report.Kevin had sent himself as well as his companions back in time. Not only that he used the power foo the scroll to send himself back in time he also used the scroll to keep some of his achievements and greatest relationships intact while re-setting the not so great relationships. When he awakened he knew it had worked he remembered Defeating Balls Nasty the Orc. He remembered Cow, Chicken, and the two mortal men from on the boat. He looked around and he was once more in Skyrim shortly after Helgen was destroyed. Kevin then decided to ....

  • Totyjoe

    Kevin doesn't put himself in godmode, gods out themselves in Kevin mode

  • Harambe shot First

    Kevin VanNord once fought Talos. And so the world came to be

  • Draggo

    You've always wanted to do a episode with Gopher or Brodual is this still a possibility :)?

  • Hawk Man

    When KevinVanNord gets bored with his current body, he simply lays and egg, then appears as a new KevinVanNord out of the newly laid egg.

  • Hirluin the Fair

    Kevin VanNord doesn't need to climb mountains, they simply move aside for him.

  • I'm ur dog

    Kevin VanNord doesn't sleep, he enters a psychic state where he haunts his enemies' nightmares.

  • Haio I

    Back to the good old days👍🏻However just one suggestion please put time stamp links for each mod. Just for convenience

  • SlapNDash

    The Earth doesn't revolve around the Sun but rather the Sun revolves around Kevin VanNord

  • Alex Pollock

    25:35 "Look for the bare necessitiesThe simple bare necessitiesForget about your worries and your strife"

  • Maxtuss11

    37:24 cam's face lol

  • Benjamin Cathey

    the thalmor banished talos worship because they realised it was not fair that kevin was not considered a devine

  • Arty Knighto

    Sheogorath's cheat menu actually broke my save game, shame too, that was a fun mod

  • Me Van Nordle

    Kevin Van Nord's food always tastes bland because no one a salts anything of Kevins NO ONE!

  • Jamie Bagnall

    Kevin VanNord doesn't get frostbite. He bites frost.

  • Justin Ours

    I assume you guys are back to the sporadic upload schedule again? :/

  • Makayla Reitman

    The gods recognized Kevin as a god before Talos.

  • marcus hutsler

    wow I just found your channel and I love your videos they make me laugh

  • Lucia Alexandra

    I love the exploding chickens 😂😂😂 Great channel 👍🏻

  • Cruzz999

    You should've made a potion of enchanting, and see how op you could make your gear with that.

  • Darcy Ó Súilleabháin

    I didn't know Seb was part Australian, what a lad. You're now my favourite Seb, keep up the good work.

  • fred doolanburke

    what armor is your character wearing

  • Omegasys

    Kevin once passed gas while claiming a head, causing it to dissolve before it hit the ground and reappear on the target's neck for him to cleave again.

  • Sander de G

    Uhhh guys i believe you drank that godlike stamina potion instead of giving it to him.. xD

  • Fuzzy Ted Hand On Knob

    2 weeks and no new video :( luv these guys been following them for few years ...stalker lol..

  • Mass Hysteria

    Fire is "Yol Toor Shul".

  • Holden Tucker

    Kevin Fact- Much like the egg he came from Kevin is made of one cell

  • jole

    such genuine guys, always do the best videos

  • desert rat

    there is a mod in the work in progress section called Kevin vanlore

  • David Pallotti

    Do a Skyrim Perma Death Run!!! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! Obviously it wouldnt be Kevin Van Nord cause he can't die, but maybe a distant cousin of his. It would be an awesome series with yall!

  • ThatDemonDavid

    Kevin Vannord is a reincarnation of Chuck Norris

  • HarveyMidnight

    OK.. I am thrilled you're making Skyrim mod vids again. But I am one, and I think there are many like me, who don't see the need for Skyrim SE. I've already bought Skyrim for my 360 AND for my PC, and I don't see a need for a third copy when I can just mod vanilla Skyrim with an enb & a texture pack & a lighting mod to make it look JUST as good as SE. So I would like to ask.. MAYBE once every month or so, would you guys visit the *old* Skyrim, instead of the SE Skyrim, and highlight some mods that just aren't yet available for consoles or for the SE version of the game??? Thanks.

  • my name jeff

    When someone disagrees with Kevin, Kevin will telepathically change the persons mind.

  • Gibby Slayer

    Why do you guys not play on pc?

  • Blake Gerber

    is the god ring available on the ps4 version

  • Red GeoBlaze

    Kevin VanNord does not "Cheat" he only stops holding back.

  • Tenvince

    ps3 version always had ability to do the restoration potion loop hole. could enchant gear with any enchantment at any value you wanted. that means whatever god mode level you wanted. still works on the ps3.

  • singlegaming

    i would love, yes, LOVE to see the choose your own adventure!

  • Darkstar22

    Kevin Fact: While Kevin may not be very religious, the gods have created multiple universes purely for their worship of him.

  • Blade of Nexus

    Kevin has destroyed and created many things, but in his lifetime, he is yet to produce a single tear from his own eye, so he borrows the tears of others, but not to worry, he puts them back later

  • Simon Dean

    Kevin's favorite food is explosive chicken, he likes spicy food

  • TheAbysslMonsterDog

    I still find it funny how you call Cow "he". Kinda reminds me of that movie Barnyard when the male cows had udders XD.

  • Gaben Wolfshire

    I am so glad you guys are back I was sab when you left top 5 skyrim mods of the week

  • ThePppp89

    Here's one for the loading screen: "When Kevin walks through walls he actually just stares at it to submission until the very matter is too afraid to block his path."(which usually takes less than a second)

  • Paper Kaine

    You should have a look at Imperious Races of Skyrim and Apocalypse magic.

  • BrO'Neill

    I once herd a legend of the time Kevin blinked but I don't believe it ever happened as blinking is a weakness and Kevin has no weaknesses.

  • BrO'Neill

    there is no pole by the way

  • Vapor_x_ Fire

    is sheagoraths cheat menu coming to PS4? does anyone know?

  • tb Kitty

    back in the day when ppl on console used to say that mods was cheating on pc

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