Skyrim Special Edition Mods - Top 5 Ultimate Cheat Mods and Magic on XBOX One

Skyrim Special Edition has many mods these days, including some fantastic cheat mods to add to your Skyrim experience. Cam Seb and Kevin VanNord showcase their favourites, along with some bonus magic mods.

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Mod List:

1 - Sheogorath's Cheat Menu by unoctium

2 - The Ring Of God Mode by darkjesusmn

3 - Rich Merchants of Skryim: Special Edtion by Micahghost

BONUS - Rich Skyrim Merchants by Jason069

4 - Dualcast Rebalance by Drakon

5 - Phenderix Magic Evolved
  • Ethan Spitzley

    I guess Jarl Chicken... flew the coop.

  • ihavnothinelse

    You guys are so pleasant and nice and not raving attention hungry gamer youtubers just idk it's a nice change

  • sebastian dunleavy

    When kevin was old enough to leave the house, he told his father: "you are the man of the house now"

  • Razorcakes

    Kevin VanNord doesn't fall he simply pulls the earth to him

  • QuestGiver

    -Kevin created pain because joy felt lonely.-Kevin VanNord once killed 10 bandits by ricocheting an arrow off a bird, stone, mudcrab, daedric prince, and another arrow in mid flight while he was tipsy.-The maximum level attainable was set to infinity when Kevin was born. He maxed out the cap 2 days later.Thanks for coming back Cam & Seb! Long live Kevin!

  • ThePppp89

    Here's one for the loading screen: "When Kevin walks through walls he actually just stares at it to submission until the very matter is too afraid to block his path."(which usually takes less than a second)

  • jacky kabit

    Chuck Norris went to Kevin VanNord to become his apprentice.

  • Marco Bogazzi

    omg tell me what sword that is it looks sick XD

  • Eric Miller

    Really cool new fast travel featured their guys.

  • Ruf Rubi gaming

    The first cheat isn't popping up

  • Jeremy Landon

    The fear of spiders is arachnophobia, the fear of small enclosed spaces is claustrophobia, the fear of Kevin VanNord is called logic.

  • nuclearspark 365

    what armour is that, kevins armour

  • Vortex Gaming

    You should have spoke about the 'cheat room' mod

  • 52nd Timelord

    When you realize you know too much Dovahzhul

  • Hamst3rG

    I am part of the Cameron clan!!

  • Michael Shoemar

    i love you guys im coming to britain because of trump

  • Ruf Rubi gaming

    I played on Xbox 360 for months and only got to lvl 36 so I want to use cheats but I also want to play legit I think I might just give myself gold

  • ThatDemonDavid

    Kevin Vannord is a reincarnation of Chuck Norris

  • Kazumi Nana

    Kevin VanNord does not read books. He simply absorbs the knowledge by touch.

  • Sir Spider

    Wait Cam 's from Scotland? YES!!!! SAME RIGHT HERE

  • msmissjordan1

    "Go to sleep, Farengar and discuss hoshtilities..." XD Best lullaby ever

  • LackingWizard

    When Kevin VanNord does push-ups, he actually pushes the world down.

  • acid sk8r

    you guys do realize that you drank that potion right

  • Ashleigh James

    Kevin Van Nord doesn't fast travel, he simply flies by exploding chickens.

  • box cardboard

    Kevin VanNord Docent watch out for the mountain, the mountain watches out for Kevin.

  • Blaine Burns

    mod 3 basically makes it so that you don't have to use that one unpatched glitch to reset their inventory and gold.

  • CivicPatriot

    So if you turn on god-mode, then disable all of your mods, does it affect your unmodded saves, allowing you to earn achievements with unlimited health, magicka, and stamina?

  • Koby Wilson

    Oh my God!! Cam and Seb!!! I just typed in ya'll's names out of curiosity and found an entire channel about you guys!! I MISSED YOU BOTH!!!!

  • Cormac Beirne

    Kevin VanNord is in fact a time lord, who fled his 'murican home upon Trumps election.

  • Harambe shot First

    Kevin VanNord once fought Talos. And so the world came to be

  • Miiraad Krosis

    You're bad a skyrim, you can't even kill a dragon WITH MODS without god mode

  • AlJulAaz S I L122

    The chicken mod has become my new way of traveling

  • SnailFix

    The reason the ring didn't help enchanting because there isn't a fortify enchanting enchant, so you would have to use the ring to make fortify enchanting potions at the alchemy table and they would be super powerful

  • KageAlex9

    Kevin Fact: Chuck Norris got his powers when Kevin VanNord sneezed on him.P.s. Great to have you guys back doing regular shows :D

  • Makayla Reitman

    The gods recognized Kevin as a god before Talos.

  • Wo Chow

    check out skyrim DamageVR mod: For fallout 4 Far Cry 3 mod:

  • CannonFodder

    i do wish you would return to pc modding its so much prettier nonetheless ill continue watching you guys fuck gamespot for cancelling your show

  • Toland Beyond

    I once saw Kevin do what I mistook to be a push-up after a moment I realized my mistake. He was actually bench pressing the world.

  • Athon Killer

    he didn't take the potion, he drank it

  • Harry Preston

    I found the mod for Kevin earlier today

  • Blake Gerber

    is the god ring available on the ps4 version

  • TheRedPuppyDog

    I still find it funny how you call Cow "he". Kinda reminds me of that movie Barnyard when the male cows had udders XD.

  • fred doolanburke

    what armor is your character wearing

  • TheAmazing FatCat

    When the bear was floating down the stream who thought of the jungle book and started singing the bear necessities

  • Hawk Man

    When KevinVanNord gets bored with his current body, he simply lays and egg, then appears as a new KevinVanNord out of the newly laid egg.

  • Lexx Alolia

    not sure but my Chicken mod sets the explosion as a destructible effect and Explosive summons is only on XBONE so I can't compare but I suspect its an actor effect so resurrect might still work on the my Chickens mod since resurrect would reset their data.

  • John Rebeck

    Jala is just using the garlic to keep the vampire in the next stall away obviously lol

  • Blade of Nexus

    Kevin has destroyed and created many things, but in his lifetime, he is yet to produce a single tear from his own eye, so he borrows the tears of others, but not to worry, he puts them back later

  • Malcolm_117

    i really like the armor that they are using someone please tell me the name of that mod

  • H34l b0T

    Um... Random shooting star at 8:08 ?

  • Gaben Wolfshire

    I am so glad you guys are back I was sab when you left top 5 skyrim mods of the week

  • oliver rodriguez

    kill god mode is pretty much killing essential characters so u can kill all the children u want

  • Chaos Chameleon

    Kevin goes on god mode to make it easier for his enemies to kill him

  • dirty dan

    When someone disagrees with Kevin, Kevin will telepathically change the persons mind.

  • Sherry Vansciver Irvine

    I love you channel can you give me a shout out

  • Fastgamerguy

    Did anyone see the chickens in the river?

  • Jared Mabbutt

    Kevin was once hit by a giant after seconds of suffering the giant finally died

  • Val Coles

    jesus those chickens nearly destroyed my speakers!

  • VirusTV

    When Kevin says his name he creates a new universe.

  • Egamer 226

    1st mod can be used to revive shadowmere

  • Gibby Slayer

    Why do you guys not play on pc?

  • Matthew Flynn

    are you guys going to stay on xbox I feel that you would have less limitations on pc

  • Xcision Mist

    what type of armor and sword are they using?

  • Fuzzy Ted Hand On Knob

    2 weeks and no new video :( luv these guys been following them for few years ...stalker lol..

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