Minecraft any% Glitchless means reaching the end-credits of MC as fast as possible w/o executing glitches (Relogging to prevent fall damage, item duplication, etc). This is my first completed run of 15:35!
LEADERBOARD: http://www.speedrun.com/mc#Any_Set_Seed_Glitchless

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Approaching Nirvana - Death of a King
  • AntVenom

    So I'm not too sure why this video has maintained the amount of views per day that it's gotten (about 5000 or so), but I felt like dropping in to say that the kind of content I'm making these days is something I'm way more proud of. Everything I've released for the past 2 years follows this format, so check it out! - https://youtu.be/jIYUzyHOz1U

  • ItsMrSkillz

    Did i just watch this dude play minecraft for 15 minutes

  • Miguel Mif

    I love it how everybody is calling this guy a nerd WHILE WATCHING A MINECRAFT SPEEDRUN

  • Bryant Rodriguez-Manzo

    I never thought about making a Nether Portal like that...

  • DoomyDoom •

    Minecraft's most deadliest vanilla weapon...A bed

  • Kremkex

    you killed a dragon with beds......

  • Adam Rafik

    Achievement unlocked! ~ virgin

  • Harrison Hamer

    mobs can destroy wood doors.Can't get past leave.

  • Harvok

    "Speed run in 15 minutes!" Thumbnail says beat in 16 minutes Video is 17 minutes long. WHAT DO I BELIEVE

  • Lucas Garcia

    11:27 can we appreciate him actually closing the door😂

  • THeavenGaming Randoms

    In 15mins I probably only got my first crafting table built

  • XBendazor

    Hello this is our 1st episode of our mincraft lets play (Ending)Viewer: WTF

  • GoomyFN

    “In 2017 we’ll have hovering cars”:

  • Tasty Reviews

    I don't know why I watched this

  • Snakez

    People should realize that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to do this.

  • Applesgosh

    That mlg water bucket though

  • Papyrus Comic

    Why are people saying cringy a lot I don’t think this guy is that cringy

  • Jared Solorzano

    and I can't even mine water

  • Mikey

    You cant pick the seed tho

  • SmolGod

    Count how many times he says "k"

  • rc521

    I dont know who is more autistic, him for doing that or me for watching it till the end

  • CDeL YT

    it took me 15 days and it took you 15mins??!?!!!

  • Aiden Kane

    Why we're there white borders on every entity?

  • Tropical Storm

    Bro why is this in recommend

  • ImSerax

    wait how did he find the stronhold whitout using eye of ender?


    This is how i protect my virginity

  • Jesús365_YT

    Bed = Death of dragón :vI speak spanish, i do not speak english, escribí esto fue porque habló muy poco ingles :v

  • kONtoYT - Roblox and More!

    This guy just won Minecraft by breaking its rules

  • Kyrvix Extras

    holy that water bucket clutch tho

  • George

    i once spawned the dragon in my little sisters world and it ruined her whole town oops

  • Sjdifkskr Fjekrieieie

    Is this run seeded or something?

  • ItsJustSkai

    So the dragon's weakness is beds? Love the logic there

  • Stil Longs

    Click here ----> 17:15 <----- to see a troll face

  • Jolo

    It's been 4 years and I've never finished the game on survival

  • 1 000

    My recommended list goes weird..

  • Sime Arsov

    Dude, If you imagined a minecraft kid, It'd be this guy, just when he was 13. How amazing

  • phil_osopher33

    He almost lost his virginity at 15:25

  • Xtrem-Games888

    No words..........................................like

  • HECKproductions

    and now with a random seed

  • EvaWno

    It’s 2 am and I’m watching a Minecraft speedrun and I don’t even play Minecraft

  • Stalker Bleach

    toycats video is more up to date fyi!

  • Stinkybeans93

    He uses a seed? Laaame

  • Karanpreet Singh


  • Elitebiscuit360

    How did he fine the end like that I don’t play mincraft idk why I’m watching this either

  • Pikplayz

    What happened to......MINECRAFT BEDWARS

  • A M

    Doctor: you have 15 minutes to live

  • Radical Larry

    The world record is 95 seconds

  • Michu Fonteboa


  • Nobody Nothing

    That split second water bucket was amazing.

  • Okayish Guy

    Harry Potter and the allure of Minecraft

  • PaulMag

    I like how the weapon of choice in fighting a dragon is exploding beds.

  • JoJo Siwa Fan Boy

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

  • TheBeastGamer

    bra you are such a nerd, how old are you? 25 maybe 26? and still playing minecraft and saying dudes... that is pretty sad...

  • Benjamin Phelps

    What’s the enter dragons weakness???? Of course beds

  • FLNK

    You loose Time with Gravel. You Can Make à long tower of grvel break the first bloc and put a torch quickly under the gravel

  • CJ Johnston

    Does it seem like cheating to anyone else to play a speedrun in a specific seed where you know already where everything is? It's sorta disingenuous, no?

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