Minecraft any% Glitchless means reaching the end-credits of MC as fast as possible w/o executing glitches (Relogging to prevent fall damage, item duplication, etc). This is my first completed run of 15:35!
LEADERBOARD: http://www.speedrun.com/mc#Any_Set_Seed_Glitchless

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Approaching Nirvana - Death of a King
  • AntVenom

    DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN BEAT MINECRAFT IN UNDER 5 MINUTES NOW? NO JOKE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VNT4TSz524

  • ItsMrSkillz

    Did i just watch this dude play minecraft for 15 minutes

  • Tar- Anárion

    Why was a 2015 minecraft speedrun, of all things, recommended to me in 2018. Thanks youtube

  • Miguel Mif

    I love it how everybody is calling this guy a nerd WHILE WATCHING A MINECRAFT SPEEDRUN

  • XBendazor

    Hello this is our 1st episode of our mincraft lets play (Ending)Viewer: WTF

  • Harrison Hamer

    mobs can destroy wood doors.Can't get past leave.

  • TNL Madrid

    When mojang gives you 1 hour of demo

  • Phames xd

    15:26. Dude that save..

  • Haroun Sial

    I'm in that weird part of youtube again


    This is how i protect my virginity

  • Herf Rey

    the whole time im like why is this guy holding 6 beds in his inventory? and then i get to the end and im like oh so he can...use...them....as....landmines.....??????

  • Julian Mulroy

    According to Keemstar, the objective of Minecraft is to mine diamonds with a stone pickaxe

  • Isaac spohn

    12 year old me would have genuinely enjoyed this.

  • THeavenGaming Randoms

    In 15mins I probably only got my first crafting table built

  • DubGames

    Doctor: you have 17 minutes and 14 seconds left to live. Me:

  • Lucas Garcia

    11:27 can we appreciate him actually closing the door😂

  • Kieran Philpott

    I can smell his virginity from here

  • rc521

    I dont know who is more autistic, him for doing that or me for watching it till the end

  • Aquat1cz

    I can barely beat the ender dragon on creative

  • Midnite SloothYT

    Lol, what a loser.watches and finishes videoThat was impressive. Wait....

  • Tasty Reviews

    I don't know why I watched this

  • SnkZ

    People should realize that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to do this.

  • Kremkex

    you killed a dragon with beds......

  • MrShroomed

    Looks like the type of guy who would actually speedrun minecraft.

  • CDeL YT

    it took me 15 days and it took you 15mins??!?!!!

  • Randy

    15:28 Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne

  • Cubic Central

    This is the video that is keeping minecraft from dying off completely.Like if you wanted to play minecraft again after watching this.

  • Jolo

    It's been 4 years and I've never finished the game on survival

  • Jared Solorzano

    and I can't even mine water

  • 50,000 Subscribers without videos

    i cant even make a bed in 15 mins

  • Michael Woodward

    Random seed or it doesn't count.

  • ImSerax

    wait how did he find the stronhold whitout using eye of ender?

  • Applesgosh

    That mlg water bucket though

  • George

    i once spawned the dragon in my little sisters world and it ruined her whole town oops

  • Tropical Storm

    Bro why is this in recommend

  • Jeff Jeff 1234567

    By 15 minutes by game just loaded...My PC barely can run Minecraft It lags so bad you basically can’t do anything

  • JestoWindシ

    Imagine being a fricking ender dragon the hardest boss in the game. Literally annihilates people with diamond armour and potions only to get merked by some dude wearing a chestplate a stone sword with load of bedsEnder dragon has left the game

  • PaulMag

    I like how the weapon of choice in fighting a dragon is exploding beds.

  • JKNoskcaj

    In and out of the nether in 7 minutes. WTH is going on

  • Mikethememe

    I remember watching you when I was like 8 my guy I’m 15 now

  • Evan Smith

    It’s 2 am and I’m watching a Minecraft speedrun and I don’t even play Minecraft

  • GoonaTV

    When your mom says dinner is nearly ready

  • DoomyDoom •

    Minecraft's most deadliest vanilla weapon...A bed

  • Brian Givens

    Ben Shapiro > Dog videos > Cat Videos > Linus Tech Tips > Blacksmithing > Magic Tricks > 5 Minute Crafts > Fallout 76 is Trash > Minecraft SpeedrunYoutube is a strange place

  • SpongeTV

    15:47 top 10 anime spells

  • gimp 249

    This guy is still a vergin 🤣🤣

  • mum gay

    How could u find the end portal so fast?

  • Gabe Leonard

    Your voice makes me want to razor scooter my ankle

  • Mario Cezar

    9:43 how did u know in this cave it's the enderportal?

  • Magnus Hartgen

    You really look like the stereotype Minecraft gamer

  • Rami O Bomb

    Ahhh, before they sold this golden game to the greedy Mircosomthing.

  • Bryant Rodriguez-Manzo

    I never thought about making a Nether Portal like that...

  • kONtoYT - Roblox and More!

    This guy just won Minecraft by breaking its rules

  • Amethyst

    So hold on a minute.. he’s constantly on the same seed, knows exactly where to go, how much resources etc. He then uses game exploits to defeat the boss. Not really that impressive when he’s probably done it 1,000’s of times before.

  • Thựn Nguyễn

    Looks like another reason to end my life as a loser huh

  • Sime Arsov

    Dude, If you imagined a minecraft kid, It'd be this guy, just when he was 13. How amazing

  • Kyrvix Extras

    holy that water bucket clutch tho

  • Rusty Fisher

    I don't understand what's up with all this hate, this guy did a Minecraft speedrun just like it said in the title.

  • gamerstype

    and this was THE RUN because the water didnt do THE THING

  • Elitebiscuit360

    How did he fine the end like that I don’t play mincraft idk why I’m watching this either

  • Karanpreet Singh


  • Millarium

    Title: 15minsAntVenom: "That was a high 15:34"Timer that started late: 15:39....

  • Robin Lundqvist

    this still counts like cheating right because he’s using a premade world? (edit: not cheating as in hacking but exploiting the game)

  • Subscribe to guy Above me

    go suck a greasy hard boiled egg the was left in the on the counter table too long

  • phil_osopher33

    He almost lost his virginity at 15:25

  • ayoel adra

    My recommendation box has ok taste

  • Jack Spence

    It it still takes me longer on creative...

  • FaZe Sans

    Mojang has left the chat

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