Skyrim: The most powerful and rare weapons/armor

Hey guys, once again I use the secret room to amaze you...but this time, I get to show you what are the strongest and most rare weapons you can find the game. Enjoy!
  • ZizoTN

    Guys, enough with the hate. If you actually pay attention you'll notice that the video was made on 24 nov. 2011. Skyrim was released on 11/11/11. That means this video was made about 2 weeks after the game was released, and for that short amount these weapons and armors were considered quite rare since things weren't as obvious back then.

  • Michal Sk

    I wish I could play the game all over again and not remember anything from my other characters. I miss the time when this game was new :(

  • 1293ST

    So this is how videos back in 2011 looked.. Hmm.. yes yes.. I remember now.. this was a time when Kitten Warlords ruled over prehistoric YouTube with an iron fist...

  • Pumpkin head

    I remember when I was like nine or something and thinking this guy was an absolute god and later found out anyone could do this

  • ElvisPreselyRoblox


  • SpookDogg

    the music is cringy bad

  • M A K O

    this is the least helpful video with the most hits on the internet. thats worth some kind of commendation. then again there is kittens who play piano. cute.

  • Teya Logos

    You guys are idiots. This was released only 13 days after the games' release!

  • CIA

    player.modav carryweight 9000

  • Enter a name here

    You know you've played too much Skyrim when you realise that you recognise almost every piece of armor in this video.

  • rory alvarez

    nice mod for "skyrim modeling" OF ARMOURES " cool..

  • Samuel Lopez

    Did anyone notice his caring capacity :O

  • Lucas Adams

    yeah.......kill dragon than fus ro da them into next weekend

  • EsnessmessTBK

    Is this a fashion show? It's the most manly one I have seen.

  • Reek_nutty

    how do you get into that room

  • Cheesus Crust

    WARNING: This is an extremely long post!For any melee Dragonborn out there, if you have the Dragonborn DLC, I strongly advise looking into the Deathbrand armour set, and it's two accompanying swords, Bloodscythe and Soulrender. The Deathbrand set, when wearing all four pieces, will give the following enchantments:+60 Stamina+40 Carryweight+40% One-Handed damage+100 Armour-WaterbreathingAdditionally, the set is classified at Light Armour, so it will not slow you down when sprinting and will help you conserve Stamina. Don't be decieved, as this armour gives excellent defense and benefits from the Ebony Smithing perk and Arcane Blacksmith perk, allowing you to upgrade this set to incredible heights, beyond that of Ebony and even Daedric. Although each piece individually is weaker than Dragonscale, the full set bonus gives it's a higher bonus than Daedric by 43 armour points which has NOT been upgraded when including the Daedric shield. When the Daedric armour is upgraded, however, it DOES surpass the Deathbrand Armour, but Daedric armour can widely be considered more difficult to obtain than Deathbrand by some players. Many players would even opt to just kill a dragon a wear Dragonscale armour instead, though they would miss out on the unique enchantments of the Deathbrand Armour.When wielded together, the swords offer:Bloodscythe: Absord 15 Health and can lower target's armourSoulrender: Absorb 15 Magicka and can lower target's magical defensesWhen you consider all of this put together, this six-piece set can be thought of as one of the best melee sets/builds in Skyrim. In my opnion, I see it being in the top 5 melee builds or sets that all melee-oriented Dragonborn should at least look into acquiring for their arsenal. Although it may not be the strongest in any category, it's overall stats provide an excellent balance that work well for just about any character, myself included. The swords in particular also synchronize well with the One-Handed perks, though given the nature of the One-Handed peks, I'd say they synchronize well with just about any One-Handed weapon.The time in which the swords' enchantments last is average, and an easy-to-acquire soul gem via various shopkeepers will keep the swords going without hassle. Even without the enchantments, the damage capabilities of the swords thanks to the benefits of the Ebony Smithing and Arcane Blacksmith perks enable you to deal a considerable amount of damage nonetheless. In comparison to another very popular unique weapon, Chillrend, Bloodscythe and Soulrender's base damage is only 2 points less, and is NOT level-dependent, meaning you will NOT be forced to level grind to get the full benefits of these swords, unlike Chillrend, not to mention Chillrend requires 10 extra levels to get the full benefits, whilst Bloodscyte and Soulrender, and the Deathbrand set, only requires level 36 as said below, compared to 46 for the fully-upgraded Chillrend. Given all the advantages of the Deathbrand sword duo, Chillrend's Frost damage enchantment can widely be considered more useful in certain situations offensively, while the Soulrender and Bloodscythe's dual enchantments can be thought of as more of a defensive build, given that you absorb an enemy's Health and Magicka, but the swors also indirectly deal offensive damage by lower the target's Armour and Magic Resistance, so it really depends on the situation as to which sword would benefit the player most. As a result, I recommend carrying both just in case. You might be thrown off by the extra weight from Chillrend, but don't forget about the Carryweight boost given by the Deathbrand Set, so it all works out perfectly in the end, especially if you have the Unhindered perk, removing the weight of the Deathbrand Set due to it being Light Armour.And finally, this set is relatively easy to acquire. You don't have to go very far into the main quest storyline of Skyrim, it only requires level 36, and tracking down each individual piece is not too difficult due to Solsthiem being a fairly small island when compared to Skyrim's size.

  • Ian Browne

    I sold dawnbreaker for 400 gold like some crackhead.

  • MaKayla R. Gemme

    Anyone have an idea as to the horned helmet at 2:06? I don't believe I've seen it before.

  • William Anderson

    U forgot ebony mail also known as best armor in game

  • Floofy

    Kinda Annoying He Should have said what the armour is and where to get it some everyone knows but still i think you could have done better

  • Laney The Bunnyy

    Skyrim fashion show... Diggin' it

  • kristen nabess

    Pffffft... Seen it all! My dad has like LOTS of legendary shields, armor, and weapons....

  • Advanced History of Harambe University

    you do know you can craft this right....... and the other ones you just have to do quests and stuff -_-

  • BlackKatDemon

    Wish he would have shown labels on them, locations, cost, and stats. How are suppose to know what everything is? Where to find them etc.

  • Magma Skull

    I did a quest to get a set of ebony armor it's easy but you need to be level 30 or higher

  • Alphasyst

    Armor you can craft isnt rare

  • Chase Weiss

    Proud to say that I have about half of this stuff, if not more.

  • The 6th Street Snake

    The video would be better if you told us where to find that room.

  • Grizzly Bear

    Was debating to comment, this video is trash. Include item names next time.

  • abe wells

    Sorry but none that stuff is rare you can make the armor and and u can get from the in fact I have both type of dragon armor and daedric and all but priest mask and ebony and atom is apart your smithing skill so yeah in fact until I get the expansion I have the game beat. Not trying to a ass just stating fact thank you

  • Michael Relaford

    You should have crouched with the ebony mail to show off it's special.  Not trying to troll.  I'm just.... Saiyan

  • Sadox

    The 10 dragon priest masks aren't rare. They are scattered all over the dungeons in skyrim

  • Dio

    For you guys, here's all the armor's name according to the order they showed up : Daedric armor, Dragonbone armor, Dragonscale armor, Ebony armor, Falmer armor, Helm of the old gods (Probably. and had full armor set instead of only the helmet), Helm of yngol, The Jagged Crown, Konahrik, Masque of Clavicus Vile, Nightingale hood (Has full armor set), Stormcloak officer helmet (has full armor set), No need to say the masks because He'll show you them on the inventory, also no need for the weapon for he will show them on the invtentoy, Hope this helps you to know which items he showed which he did not show the name or said the names.

  • Lovecraftian Outer God

    That thumbnail mask what mod is that can somebody tell me

  • Stingrae951

    the first few armors I wouldn't say are rare dude i can craft them with my character because i have invested perks into smithing 

  • Sheogorath

    Dragonbone is not rare, just kill the dragons and get the bones.

  • Gabriel Johnson

    what's the song he used and me personally it would sound better without the drum

  • Duck Daffy

    Thanks for not naming anything or telling us how to get the weapons/armor. Really~ useful!

  • TheAtm12345

    Funny vid but only the gold dragon priest mask and the ebony blade are rare. Very powerful too. The blade is rare because the game doesn't guide you to it.

  • Patrick Allen Pimentel

    Consoles suck. PCs for the win.

  • Noah Brown

    you really need to talk and tell people about the weapons and armor in your videos.  

  • icannotthinkofanamesuitable foruse

    This was less than two weeks after the game released. Woah

  • Stanleywashere

    Is this some kind of Skyrim fashion show or something?

  • ok

    This stuff isnt rare, daedric dragonbone and ebony? All standard! And now STEEL armor? Wtf thats like low low low rank

  • Jeremy Futch

    he put dragon armor? really? that is not rare at all....

  • Whiterun Guard

    You have committed many crimes against Skyrim and our people , what will set you in your defence?

  • Daylon Thomas

    Aaayyy look it's a motel show 😂🤣😅😀

  • Shade boi

    What's the. Name of the song playing in the background

  • WinterFreSh00

    ebony armor is fugly lol, dragonscale looks cool on my khajiit though

  • Peter Poulsen

    lol thats not rare at all

  • Aspire BG

    so what's the helmet in the picture of the video??

  • Wombat OfCombat

    Hey Rhexx, you are my favorite sky rim you tuber of all time, keep it up !

  • Létourneau Lucas

    comment on peut avoir la première armure et celle juste après les masques?

  • MultiBiller

    Nothing of this is rare :D Out of the last Dragonpriestmask. But... Powerfull? No way. These are simply the crafted armours and the weapons and armours of the Daedra. The first item of them you will get after max 2 hours.

  • Argki oof

    most of then weren't rare there are specific quests to get them

  • donisbaddass

    not very rare, I can craft half of the armors or easily find them....

  • Fadoodleblober

    A lot of the stuff are quest items. Nightingale armour is received from further down the main thieves' guild missions, and the stormcloak (bear) helmet is gotten further down the well, stormcloak missions. Then the rest of it is mostly regularly obtained or from Daedric quests.

  • Allen Brown

    where is that room an all I want the samurai armor ...., frget it I wanna find them all

  • Nanu Venkatesh

    how to get to that secret room plz?

  • Destinii 21

    My first dislike video ? Where is the actual reason you have for making this video it's no help at all you don't even show where to find any of this

  • Xtreme Channel

    The vedio lokks like a fashoin show....:p

  • michael bunnell

    ebony armour isn't rare

  • Fox Lover

    ya know one of those things you call "rare" well i have it and it is not that rare and it is that one nightgaile hood and i am bad at spelling it so sorry!

  • DEATH111183

    how'd you get full falmer armor??

  • Jake Wilson

    Daderic armour is beast when fighting dragons and mirrack

  • Tristan Scott

    where do you get the wooden mask?

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