Skyrim: The most powerful and rare weapons/armor

Hey guys, once again I use the secret room to amaze you...but this time, I get to show you what are the strongest and most rare weapons you can find the game. Enjoy!
  • ZizoTN

    Guys, enough with the hate. If you actually pay attention you'll notice that the video was made on 24 nov. 2011. Skyrim was released on 11/11/11. That means this video was made about 2 weeks after the game was released, and for that short amount these weapons and armors were considered quite rare since things weren't as obvious back then.

  • Michal Sk

    I wish I could play the game all over again and not remember anything from my other characters. I miss the time when this game was new :(

  • 1293ST

    So this is how videos back in 2011 looked.. Hmm.. yes yes.. I remember now.. this was a time when Kitten Warlords ruled over prehistoric YouTube with an iron fist...

  • ElvisPreselyRoblox


  • Pumpkin head

    I remember when I was like nine or something and thinking this guy was an absolute god and later found out anyone could do this

  • kristen nabess

    Pffffft... Seen it all! My dad has like LOTS of legendary shields, armor, and weapons....

  • Samuel Lopez

    Did anyone notice his caring capacity :O

  • Teya Logos

    You guys are idiots. This was released only 13 days after the games' release!

  • CIA

    player.modav carryweight 9000

  • Lucas Adams

    yeah.......kill dragon than fus ro da them into next weekend

  • rory alvarez

    nice mod for "skyrim modeling" OF ARMOURES " cool..

  • Reek_nutty

    how do you get into that room

  • Enter a name here

    You know you've played too much Skyrim when you realise that you recognise almost every piece of armor in this video.

  • Eliana Seward

    Is this a fashion show? It's the most manly one I have seen.

  • SpookDogg

    the music is cringy bad

  • Laney The Bunnyy

    Skyrim fashion show... Diggin' it

  • Duck Daffy

    Thanks for not naming anything or telling us how to get the weapons/armor. Really~ useful!

  • Wombat OfCombat

    Hey Rhexx, you are my favorite sky rim you tuber of all time, keep it up !

  • Michael Brown

    @Gloria Govers that room is legit (ie, it was built into the game), but you cannot gain access to the room without hacking/modding

  • donisbaddass

    not very rare, I can craft half of the armors or easily find them....

  • MaKayla R. Gemme

    Anyone have an idea as to the horned helmet at 2:06? I don't believe I've seen it before.

  • Simon Boland

    You bid well then and I cnt believe so people keep up good work

  • Limitless Entity

    Staff of Magnus is one of the best staffs if you are a mage ofcourse.

  • Aiden Conduff

    XD i loved the start intro

  • TheNatureboy64

    is it possible to get the Jagged Crown back after completing mission??

  • Francis Naughton

    Is the song "Bad Apple"

  • SprocketDevil6

    We're do I get valendrung

  • Uraskingforit

    Where do u find that room

  • momomum

    Ok what's up with the music, is this a Victoria secret modeling show??

  • sarcastick jjerk

    How you get the other Ebony blade? No the one from Whispering Door.

  • Hinata Hyūga

    Actually Dragonbone weapons have the highest base damage in game. Yes, they're even more powerful than Daedric weapons. Though Daedric armor is still the best for heavy armor. But Dragonscale armor is best for light armor.

  • Hinata Hyūga

    Hacks and glitches, yes. Mods, not so much.

  • Guibs

    Nightgale Hood, Ebony mail or ebony armor, enoby boots , ebony gloves= OP

  • Danijel Mitic

    how to get out over thet room

  • Beef

    It's on pc. you type in "coc testinghall"

  • Hannes Nilsson

    its the testing room, you can only reach it with consol comands on pc. coc qasmoke

  • NilsEbbesen

    console command: coc qasmoke

  • Maximus Lampus

    That intro is amazing hahaha!

  • Viggo Forsberg

    Rhexx is what i call a model!

  • GetOutOfMyYoutubeAccountLoser

    Nightingale hood. thieves guild quest line

  • GetOutOfMyYoutubeAccountLoser

    Jagged crown. do the stormcloak Missions

  • Rodrigo Gutiérrez

    2:18 name of item please

  • Zedul

    This may not be the most rare -- but if you want to skip smithing/alchemy/enchanting then this is the only way to go: Head: Drgn P. Mask Chest: Saviors Hide Neck: Gauldur Amulet Left Hand: Shield of Solitude (need to wait for level 56 so the enchant is maxed to +30% Magic Resist +35% block) Right Hand: Windshear Bow: Nightingale Ring: extreme/peerless magic resist ring - the max I have found is 20% boots: +resist on your weak spot gloves: +one handed or archery 40% + do your mara quest

  • Nick

    And you can get it by picking it up from the ground look it up. Like so everyone can see

  • Nick

    The wooden mask is basically a key to your hidden house back a long time ago. I believe it was home to a dragon priest

  • Fiddy

    most of them are not rare but unique and certainly not the most powerfull

  • Bader Zubidat

    lol take it easy man XD not worth it and it not that hard to get good stuff without using those commands

  • Bader Zubidat

    gotta click ` first coc qasmoke it is console command

  • mrGuilty Cupcake

    room location or mod name ?

  • a player that probably needs brand new glasses

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHERFUCKING QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO GET INTO THE ROOM!!! so yea only pc no mod coc qasmoke push `~ for console k happy :)

  • Jakes JTube

    he made a video about it AND he told you about it in the starrt :/ just listen

  • Mark Grenczner

    When I first started to play I used cheats...but believe me, it's much better to play it without cheats.So I restarted the game, I am level 51 now and found my very first Daedric armor :D

  • Shayna Lynn

    Yeah it looks pretty bad, but it's the PC version, Console commands only work on PC. Look at the upload date, the game had just came out, no mods, no high res DLC texture packs yet LOL.

  • Younes Chabli

    No need to brag but I've got all of them

  • Sateek Roy

    press ` key to bring up the console, type 'coc qasmoke' there and press the way just so you know it's a cheat so if you're fine by it use it.

  • M A K O

    this is the least helpful video with the most hits on the internet. thats worth some kind of commendation. then again there is kittens who play piano. cute.

  • Rob Oosterom

    where is the ebony chainmale that turns black when you crouch?

  • Michael Christensen

    i want to know that too

  • Not Black yo

    Mav there is in difference with ps3 and xbox or PC skyrim -.-

  • Advanced History of Harambe University

    you do know you can craft this right....... and the other ones you just have to do quests and stuff -_-

  • Ryan Jubehie

    its called "bad graphics card". mr. pathetic

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