Aragorn's Narsil / Andúril (Lord of the Rings) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

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Thanks to Smith & Forge for helping us build this episode!

Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be building some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you've never seen before. This week, we're building Aragorn's sword Narsil, which was used to forge Andúril, from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

Let us know in the comments below which weapon you'd like to see us build next!

Kerry Stagmer - Swordsmith and Machinist
Matt Stagmer - Swordsmith
Ilya Alekseyev - Master Armourer and Engraver
Sam Salvati - Blacksmith
Lauren Schott - Goldsmith and Casting
John Mitchell - Fabricator

Filmed on Location at Baltimore Knife and Sword

Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Series Produced by Brent Lydic

Produced & Episode Builds Directed by CJ Schmidt

Line Producer - Phil Rogers
Production Manager - Benjamin Montague
Office Production Coordinator - Brendan Kennedy
Post Production Coordinator – Amanda Arellano

Director of Photography – Marcus McDougald

Story Producer — Dave Cross
1st AC/Red Cam Op – Jason Remeikis
Gaffer – Steve Scott
Grip — Danny Balsamo
Production Coordinator — Bill Wienecke
Set Medic – Celeste Bowe

Edited by Marshall Rimmer
Lead Assistant Editor - Gracie Hartmann

Head of Post Production - Michael Gallagher
DIT – Jeremy Morrison

Stunt Coordinator / Stunts – Casey Kaleba
Special Thanks to Felicia Lynn McDaniel as our Sauron CosPlayer
  • ZekeTheGameFreak

    I wanna learn to smith as well as these guys do.

  • ShiftyRye 27

    I know these guys aren't Tolkien fans, but the pronounciations killed me.

  • Nathan Cromer

    Sauron is a lot more attractive then I remember...

  • philipp seemann

    how about Gal Maraz the hammer of Sigmar from Warhammer?

  • Donny The Dealer

    i would pay alot of money for some of the swords these guys make.

  • Matt Stagmer

    We had to bring some trolling back! Gotcha! What a challenge !

  • Rory Forster

    Nardil and Anduril are in my opinion the most beautiful longswords ever

  • Victor Alfonso Angeles

    Theoden's sword, Herugrim. pls

  • Dragonborn

    This is the most beautiful sword ever made:)

  • pedro beato

    Folding the steel gives it such a beautiful pattern. It looked amazing at the end

  • Saint Flow

    Haha, wow. You went above and beyond on this one. Love it. But if you continue like that, it'll get harder and harder to try and beat yourself once again!

  • Wizardmage16

    I always flinch when the sword breaks. T^T such a thing of beauty to be broken like that.

  • JL 11

    THE WITCH KING'S SWORD!!! and the asymmetrical Nazgul sword!!

  • Serana

    lol he didnt use anduril vs uruk hai

  • Robert Cremin

    Of course they have someone named Sam involved in this build

  • Garmec

    I didn't actually expect them to break and reforge it. These guys really go above and beyond o.o

  • Stelios Lysiotis

    Can someone explain me why the blade broke when Saurina hit it? Noob here

  • Vormulac1

    Who was Female Sauron?

  • Moroni Breitbart

    I was doing research about bow's made from steel around 600BC and other than ancient scripture, can't find anything. Have you ever or could you make a bow from steel that would be a powerful hunting/combat weapon?

  • Jacob Graham

    Too bad Aragorn never unscrewed his pommel to end those orcs rightly.

  • Jacob Gressler

    Please do the Rangers sword from shadow of mordor.

  • Clint Ventriglia-Hill

    Shadowrend from Oblivion: Shivering Isles please!

  • Atrax R

    That female Sauron armour is sexy af.

  • greenhornet510

    Ruroni kenshins reversed blade sword

  • anna Last


  • gabriel hoffman

    Who noticed the imperial symbol at 4:39

  • Ted Melkoumov

    Female Sauron was a hotty.

  • AlphaMunky

    Sweet! Now build the valayrian sword of jon snuw, to commemorate the latest and most epic Game Of Thrones episode :)

  • CommonSenseCreations

    ive learned the lard way to never trust Hollywood on matters of forging

  • deinonychusaw

    Now make Talion's Sword from Shadow of Mordor!!

  • Eckhard Kluge

    at 00:09 i thougth: dis needs more views xD

  • LO734

    Making arya Starks needle sword

  • Captain Italia

    Do Geralt's Silver Sword from the Witcher 3

  • LuxiusLP

    One piece zorro's shusui

  • virus 39

    please do gandalf and sarumans wand

  • Jason Helquist

    the one ring to rule them all from Lord of the Rings sauron's ring

  • Luke47895

    That is such a stunning piece. I'd love to have the skill and patience it would take to make something of that beauty from scratch. Only just discovered this channel, and I'm already watching everything that's been uploaded, please keep them coming!

  • Stephanie Hwang

    You guys did an amazing job!! CAN YOU PLEASE DO LEGOLAS' TWIN DAGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Emily Baxendale

    Please do Corwin and Brand's twin swords Greyswandir and Werewindle, from the Chronicles of Amber.

  • Faisal Sheikh

    Dmc 5 : Devil May Cry Dante' sword

  • LGhz Shiroee

    Make Wow Illidan Sword

  • Willem_Fossen

    bloodraper from shadow fight 2

  • Harvey Dent

    nanatsu no taizai grizzly sin king's spear CHASTIeFOL

  • demond hall

    Dolph Lundgren knife from Expendables

  • Laserkid

    Pls do the Witcher Swords!! I would love to see them -

  • Lana Clingerman

    make the malice from black ops 3

  • True Lion of Hylia

    Please make Pippin's Gondorian sword form The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It's a Gondorian sword from Minas Tirith with a fuller on both sides of the blade. And it's a sword with the quillons that are curved towards the blade, like the Master Sword's quillons. It should have the hexagonal cross section for more flexibility, more cutting power, and more powerful thrusts. It should be an actual arming sword, not a short dagger.

  • Devin Book

    Kirito's dual wield swords the Dark Repulser and Elucidator/dark from the anime show Sword Art Online

  • Ondra Němec

    Geralt's swords from The Witcher.

  • Nathaniel Thoe

    Sword of Eden from Assassin's Creed Unity.

  • Patrick Bullick

    please make some stuff from spartacus!!!

  • Cafelogis

    Witcher 3 Ciri's or Geralts sword, according to the blacksmith's specifications mentioned in the game if possible.

  • Classic Gamer

    Please build the sword from king Arthur

  • G- flow

    Hey how about Zulficar the Great muslims sword

  • Anna Kiss

    It would be awesome, if you'd make Zar'roc from Eragon!! - i'd love to see that! Keep up the good work guys!!

  • Bryce Sanders

    This is my favorite build.

  • Eckhard Kluge

    Since this Video I'm a LoTR- and MiddleearthMythologie-Fan.

  • Jack Ripple

    This sword is good. How much is it?

  • game shocker 2.0

    If you guys read your Youtube comments make the hammer from middle earth shadow if war the hammer that celebrimbor used

  • The Waiting Flame

    Dear Man-At-Arms & Man-At-Arms Reforged,Here is a compiled list of weapons recommended by your subscribers over the videos posted since you have emerged on YouTube.(I have taken the liberty of reviewing and tallying the requests in the 'All Comments' section, and have also updated it. Also, none of these items are ranked, they are listed as I find & add them. One more thing, this is not spamming, mostly on account of some people asking me to post this often.)Their requests are as follows:(1.) Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: Raiden's HF (High-Frequency) Blade / Jetstream Sam's HF Red Katana / Or any of the other cool weapons from that game.(2.) Berserk: Guts' Dragon-slayer Sword. (I know that you just made the "Gut's Greatsword" before he used the actual Dragonslayer in one video, but your fans are still wanting for the authentic weapon.) / Berserker Armor.(3.) Soul Calibur: The Soul Swords. (Or any other weapon from those games).(4.) The Witcher Series: Geralt's Two Swords / Caerme / Relic Steel Sword Lune.(5.) The Elder Scrolls: (Alright, I am going to give a lengthy list of weapons constantly mentioned, which belong to four Elder Scrolls games. Daedric would be nice, but they constantly change. And since you have constructed this great-axe, I'll go with the more 'unique' weapons found only within each of the three games. Some of which are also Daedric artifacts.)Morrowind: Sunder / Keening / Spear of Bitter Mercy / Eltonbrand / Mehrune's Razor / Chrysamere / Scourge / Umbra Sword / Daedric Crescent.Oblivion: Sufferthorn / Volendrung / Thornblade / Debaser / Destarine's Cleaver / Rugdumph's Sword / Dawnfang.Skyrim: Ebony Blade / Mehrune's Razor / Dawnbreaker / Nightingale Bow / Blade of Woe / Molag Bal's Mace / Headsmen's Axe / Wuuthrad / Rueful Axe /  Bloodskal Blade / Champion's Cudgel / Auriel's Bow / Skull of Corruption / Wabbajack / Halldir's Staff.ESO: The Breton Sword (From the trailers).(6.) World of Warcraft: Warglaives of Azzinoth. / Hellreaver / Ashkandi Greatsword of the Brotherhood / Arcanite Reaper / Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds Weapon / glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand / The Sword of a Thousand Truths (an actual weapon that WoW borrowed from one South Park episode that parodies WoW itself).(7.) Devil May Cry Series: Nero's Red Queen / Virgil's Katana / Dante's Nevan / Agni & Rudra / Force Edge / Sparda Alastor / Any of the weapons from the recent DmC game.(8.) God of War series: Blade of Artemis / The Blade of Olympus / The Barbarian King's Hammer / The Spear of Destiny / Hercules Cestus's.(9.) Shadow of the Colossus: The Ancient Sword.(10.) Dante's Inferno: The Death Scythe.(11.) The Legend of Zelda Franchise: Ganandorf's Blade (from the "Twilight Princess" game on the Gamecube & Wii.) / Great Goron Sword / Deku Shield & Kokiri Sword / Great Fairy Sword (from the Majora's Mask game.)(12.) Final Fantasy Franchise: (Alright, I'm going to elaborate every detail of the recommended weapons of this franchise. Hopefully none of you cross your eyes from reading this list.)FF III; Ragnarok.FF IV; Kain's Dragoon Lance.FF IX; Beatrix's 'Save The Queen' / Zidane's 'Mage Masher' & 'The Ogre' Daggers, Ultima.FF X; Caladbolg, Brotherhood, Jecht's Greatsword, Apocalypse , Nirvana.FF XI; Rhongomiant Polearm, Odin's Gungnir, Twashtar Dagger.FF XII; Deathbringer Sword / Grand Mace / Wyrmhero Blade /  Danjuro / Ultima Blade / Tournesol / Dragon Whisker / Whale Whisker / Zodiac Spear / Francisca Axe / The Sword of Kings / The Treaty-Blade / Reddas's Chirijiraden & Ninja Knife / Vossler's Nightmare Great-sword / Gilgamesh's Swords of Legend.FF XIII; Odin's Zantetsuken / Lightning's Blazefire Saber.FF XIV; Dragon Render / Gaze of the Vortex / Bravura / Curtana / King Thordon's Blade.FF Dissidia: Warrior of Light's Sword.FF Advent Children: Kadaj's Souba.(13.) Bravely Default: Ripper / Raikiri / Muramasa / Mutsu-no-Kami.(14.) Conan the Barbarian: Conan's Sword / Atlantea Sword.(15.) Dishonored: Corvo Attano's Mask & weapons.(16.) One Piece Series: Arlong's Kiribachi / Zoro's Three Katana's / Whitebeard's Bisento Naginata / Ussop's Sogeking Sling-Staff.(17.) Infinity Blade I & II: The Infinity Blade / Any one of their weapons.(18.) Dark Souls Franchise: (Let me list of the weapons from each game released, because there is a whole lot of them.)DS I; Greatsword of Artorias / Abyss Greatsword / The Black Knight Sword, Greataxe, Halberd / Ricard's Rapier / Velka's Rapier / Dark Sword / Drake Sword / Sunlight Straight Sword / Great Lord Greatsword / Gold Tracer Curved Sword / Gravelord Sword / Dragonslayer Spear / Moonlight Butterfly Horn / Giant's Halberd / Lifehunt Scythe / Priscilla's Dagger /DS II; Black Flamestone Dagger / Black Dragon Sword / Blue Dagger / Red Rust Sword / Ivory Straight Sword & Ivory King Ultra Greatsword / Drangleic Sword / Ruler's Sword / Mirrah Greatsword / Loyce Greatsword / Pursuer's Greatsword / Drakewing Ultra Greatsword / Lost Sinner's Sword / Spider Fang / Eleum Soyce Curved Sword Darkdrift Katana Curved Dragon Greatsword / Mace of the Insolent / Sacred Chime Great Hammer / Malformed Shell Great Hammer / Pilgrim's Spontoon Spear / Yorgh's Spear / Blue Knight's halberd / Syan's Halberd / Roaring Halberd / Wrathful Axe Halberd / Grand Lance / Chariot Lance / Rampart Golem Lance / Scythe of Want / Scythe of Nahr Alma / Monscim. (Whew! That took about fifteen minutes of effort.)(19.) Crisis 3: Prophet's Bow.(20.) Asura's Wrath: Augus's Katana / Deus's Nun-chuks.(21.) Xenoblade: The Monado.(22.) Elsword: Conwell blade / Crimson Avenger / Raven's Blade Master.(23.) Naruto Series: Zabuza's Sword / Executioner's Blade / Hidan's Triple Scythe / Asuma's Knives / Sword of Kusanagi.(24.) Strider: Strider Hiryu's Cypher.(25.) Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin' Sakabato, the Reverse-Edged Katana / Mugenjin.(26.) Vampire Hunter: Dunpeal's sword.(27.) Resident Evil 4: Leon S. Kennedy's & Jack Krauser's knives. (Something that I want to see happening eventually.)(28.) Kill La Kill: The Designer's Knife / Bazuken.(29.) Chrono Cross: Mastermune / Spectra Swallow / Magus Scythe / Masamune.(30.) Kid Icarus: Pit's Bow-Blade.(31.) Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic: Vibro-blades or Vibro-swords.(32.) Fate/Stay: Saber's Excalibur Sword & Avalon. / Leystritt's Halberds / Lancer's Gae Bolg / Archer's Kanshou & Bakuya / Durandal / Red Saber's Sword.(33.) Halo Series: Gravity Hammer / Tartaurus's Fist of Rukt / Spartan Combat Knife.(34.) Game of Thrones: The Stark Great-sword / Ice / Oathkeeper & Widow's Wail (From the original books I believe).(35.) Monster Hunter Series: Devastator Blade / Any of their other weapons too.(36.) Shakugan no Shana: Sydonay's Pole-arm.(37.) League of Legends: Bloodfury Renekton's Blade / Diana's Sword / Yasuos Katana / Irelia Sword / Jarvan IV / Darius Battle Axe / Riven's Sword / Thresh's Lantern & Scythe / Jayces Mercury / Draven's Spinning Axes / Archduke Nasus Pimpcane / Garen's Sword.(38.) Mabinogi: Brionac weapon.(39.) Kirby Series: Meta Knight's Galexia Sword.(40.) Madoka Magica: Sayaka's Sword / Kyoko's Chain Spear.(41.) Blue Exorcist: Rin Okumura's Kurikura Katana Blade.(42.) Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time. / Black Shamshir / The Daggertail Whip / The Gauntlet / Sharaman's Sword / (Any of the weapons from "The Warrior Within" game.)(43.) Once Upon A Time: The Dark One's Dagger.(44.) Heavenly Sword (Video Game): Nariko's weapon, the Heavenly Sword.(45.) The Riddick Series: Riddick's Ulak Knife Blades / Bone Sword.(46.) Space Marine 40k: Chainsword.(47.) Borderlands 2: Krieg's Buzzsaw Axe.(48.) Grandchase: Seighart's Soluna & Rapiers / Dio's Deathstar / Zero's Grandark / Ronan's Sword/Shield Combo / Tyrfing / Uno's Katana / Lass's Nodachi.(49.) Killer Instinct: Maya's Blades.(50.) The Walking Dead: Michonne's Katana.(51.) Akame Ga Kill: The Incursion Spear & Gauntlet / Sheele's Scissor Teygu / Akame Katana Teygu.(52.) BlazBlue: Jin's Sword / Ragna's Blood Scythe.(53.) Neon Genesis Evangellion: Prog's Knife / Spear of Longinus.(54.) Attack On Titan: The 3DMG blades.(55.) Fable Series: Sword of Aeons / Solus Great Sword / Avos Tear / Cutlass Bluetane / Doll Master's Mace / Katana Hiryu / Murren Greataxe / Ronok the axe / The Harbringer / Wellow's Pickhammer / The Avenger / The Bereaver.(56.) DC Comics: Robin's Collapse Bow-staff / Deathstroke's weapons.(57.) Runescape: The Four Godswords.(58.) Transformers Franchise: Optimus Prime's Sword of Judgement.(59.) Mortal Kombat Franchise: Shao Kahn's War Hammer / Kirehashi / Kitana's Fan Blades / Scorpions Spear / Any one of their weapons from the recent game.(60.) Shovel Knight: Shovel Blade.(61.) Street Fighter: Vega’s Claw.(62.) Harry Potter Series: Godric Griffindor's Sword.(63.) Assassins Creed: Altair’s Sword / Piece of Eden Sword / Adewale's Machete.(64.) Castlevania Series:Symphony of the Night: Alucard's Sword & Shield / Richter's Vampire Killer Whip..Aria of Sorrow: Death's Scythe / Claimh Solais.Lords of Shadow I & II: Gabriel's Combat Cross / Dracula's Crisseagrim.Bloodstained: Shanoa's Glyph Swords / Miriam Sword.(65.) Gothic I & II: The Uriziel weapon / Claw of Beliar.(66.) Dynasty Warriors Franchise: (Any one of their weapons. Though most of the suggestions was for Lu Bu's Sky Piercing Halberd.)(67.) Suikode: Star Dragon Sword.(68.) Guilty Crown: Singer's Sword / Void Blade.(69.) Bleach: Zaraki Kenpachi's Sealed Nozarashi / Any one of their weapons. (Excluding Ichigo's Zangetsu, since that one was already made. And also the weapons that you could buy at a store or the Internet.)(70.) Pacific Rim: Gypsy Danger Sword.(71.) Brutal Legend: The Separator.(72.) Destiny: Sword of Crota.(73.) Okami: Amaterasu's Glaive.(74.) Megaman Franchise: Z-Sword / exe Wideblade.(75.) Mu Online: Great Lord's Scepter / Chaos Dragon Axe / Sword of the Archangel / Spirit Sword.(76.) Kuroshitsuji: Undertakers Death Scythe.(77.) Strain: Abraham's Cane.(78.) Tales of Symphonia: Material Blades.(79.) RWBY: Crescent Rose / Blakes Gambol Shroud / Wiess's Rapier, Myrtamaster / Ren's Stormflower.(80.) Full Metal Alchemist: Armstrong's Cestus's / Edward's Automail Arm (It can be an armor piece & weapon as the same time).(81.) Guild Wars: Tengu Sword / Law and Order / Undead Maul / Deldrimor Scythe / Tengu Scythe.(82.) Guild Wars II: Stygian Axe / Claws of the Desert / Moonshank / Ghastly Mace / Seraph Mace / Etched Blade / Modniir Saber / Black Fleet Bludgeon / Guardian of the Six / Orrian Great-sword / Eternity Sword.(83.) Tales of Destiny: Clemente / Igtenos / Chaltier / Atwight / Dymlos / Berselius.(84.) D. Gray Man: Victorio's Sword / D. Allen Walker's Sword.(85.) Samurai 7: Kyuzo's Swords.(86.) Ultraviolet: Violet's Sword.(87.) Team Fortess 2: Eyelander / Half-Zatoichy / Haunted Headless Horseman's Headtaker / Scotsman's Skullcutter / Claidheamh Mor / Persian Persuader / Your Eternal Reward.(88.) Persona 3: Nyx Avatar's Sword.(89.) Warhammer 40k: Lightning Claws / Evicirator.(90.) Kingdom Hearts Franchise: (Let's go through all of the well designed key blades from three KH games, the rest simply look ridiculous.)KH I: Oathkeeper / Key-blade of People's Hearts / Metal Chocobo / Riku's Soul Eater.KH II: Ultima Weapon / Way of the Dawn / Stormfall / Sleeping Lion / Bond of Flame / Two Become One / Winner's Proof / Axel's Chakram / Oblivion / X Blade.KH: BBS: Master Xehanort's Keyblade / Chaos Ripper / Void Gear / (91.) Tales of Graces: Hubert's Dual Blades.(92.) Tales of Vesparia: Dein Nomos / Abyssian.(93.) Vexx: Astani War Talons.(94.) Ratchet & Clank: Omniwrench 12000.(95.) Fire Emblem Franchise: Ike's Ragnell Sword / Armod / Mystletainn / Hardin's Lance / Marth's Sword of Light, Falchion / Parthia / Silver Lance / Shiida's Dragon Knight Lance / Robin's Levin Sword / Mani Katti.(96.) Inheritance Cycle: Zar'roc / Brisingr.(97.) DnD Forgotten Realms: Drizzt Do'urden's Twin Scimitars.(98.) Darksiders I & II: Chaos Eater Sword / Armageddon / Harvester / Duel Scythes.(99.) Ninja Gaiden: The Blade of the Archfiend / Dark Dragon Blade.(100.) Elric of Melnibone: Stormbringer.(101.) Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Disc Shield (One person asked for this one specifically, and it got me a little curious.)(102.) The Evil Within: Agony Crossbow.(103.) Mass Effect Trilogy: Any one of their range weapons. / Omni-Blade / Kai Leng's Katana.(104.) Guilty Gear:  Ky Kiske's Thunderseal / Fireseal.(105.) Tokyo Ghoul: Juzo XIII.(106.) Pokemon: Cobalion's Masamune Katana.(107.) Dragon Age Series: Staff of Partholan / Bianca Crossbow / Starfang / Vigilance Great-sword.(108.) Marvel Universe: Thor's Jarnbjorn Axe / Odin's Gungnir / Heimdall's Sword / Drax the Destroyer's Dagger.(109.) Star Trek: Vulcan's Iirpa / Klingon Meck'lith & Dack'lith.(110.) Log Horizon: Krusty Axe / Akatsuki Katana.(111.) Soul Eater: Tsubaki Demon Sword Mode / Excalibur / Maka's Scythe.(112.) Adventure Time: Finn Blood Demon Sword.(113.) Adventure Quest Worlds: The Blinding Light of Destiny Weapon / Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath / Galanoth's Dragon Blade / Dage's Caladbolg.(114.) Blade of the Phantom Master: Sando's Sword.(115.) God Eater Burst I & II:  Soma Sword / Alisa Sword / Lindow's Sword.(116.) Tales of the Abyss: Asch Maestro Sword.(117.) Diablo III: (Someone from a past post privately dared me to list every unique weapon from this game, so here is everything that I can find. This is about as long as the Dark Souls list itself. I'll separate the weapons into different sections.)(1 Handed Axes); / Genzaniku / Hack / The Wedge.(2 Handed Axes); Skorn / The Executioner / Butcher's Carver / Messerschmidst's Reaver / Fire Brand. (Daggers); Pig Sticker / Kill.(Ceremonial Knives); Deadly Rebirth / Umbral Oath / Rhen'ho Flayer / Sacred Harvester / The Dagger of Darts / Last Breath / The Spider Queen's Grasp / Starmetal Kukri / Anessazi Edge / The Gidbinn / Manajuma's Carving Knife.(1 Handed Maces);  Odyn Son / Nutcracker / Telranden's Hand / Jace's Hammer of Vigilance / Solanium / Nail Biter / Neanderthal.(2 Handed Maces); Arthef's Spark of Life / Crushbane / Skywarden / Wrath of the Bone King / The Furnace / Cataclysm / Schaefer's Hammer / Sledge of Athskeleng.(Spears); Scrimshaw / Arreat's Law / The Three Hundredth Spear / Empyrean Messanger / Akanesh, the Herald of Righteousness / Imperius's Spear.(1 Handed Swords); Monster Hunter / Wildwood / Born's Searing Spite / Doombringer / The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis / Exarian / Fulminator / Gift of Silaria / Rimeheart / Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker / El'druin.(2 Handed Swords); Faithful Memory / Blackguard / Scourge / Stalgard's Decimator / Blade of Prophecy / The Sultan of Blinding Sand.(Fist Weapons); Fleshrake / Rabid Strike / Scarbringer / Sledge Fist / Jawbreaker / Logan's Claw / Demon Hand / Resplendent Demon Fang / Crystal Fist / The Fist of Az'Turrasq / Won Khim Lau.(1 Handed Flail's)*; Darklight / Gyfalcon's Foote / Inviolable Wrath / Justinian's Fury / Kassar's Retribution / Swiftmount.(1 Handed Mighty Weapons); Fjord Cutter / Ambo's Pride / Harvest Moon / Blade of the Warlord / Bul-Kathos Solemn Vow & Warrior Blood / Hallowed Reckoning / Malthael's Sickles.(2 Handed Mighty Weapons); Unending War / Bastion's Revered / Fury of the Vanished Peak / Madawc's Sorrow / The Gavel of Judgement / Immortal King's Boulder Breaker / (2 Handed Polearm's); Pledge of Caldeum / Standoff / Bovine Bardiche / Heart Slaughter.(Bows); Uskang / Longshot / Etrayu / The Raven's Wing / Kridershot.(1 Handed Crossbows); Izzuccob / Balefire Caster / K'mar Tenclip / Deadeye / Dawn.(2 Handed Crossbows); Demon Machine / Burizu-Do Kyanon / Bakkan Caster / Starspine / Hellrack.(2 Handed Staves); The Broken Staff / Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander / The Smoldering Core / Valthek's Rebuke / The Magi.(Wands); Starfire / Blackhand Key / Serpant Sparker / Wand of Woh / Fragment of Destiny / Gesture of Orpheus.(118.) Legend of Dragoon: Dragon Buster.(119.) Power Rangers Series: (One person who is a hardcore fan of this series went through the trouble of recommending these following items here. Just bear with me if you haven't already.) Green Ranger's Sword of Darkness / The Dragon Dagger / Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger's Power Sword / Blue Ranger's Power Lance / Yellow Ranger's Power Daggers / Black Ranger's Power Axe (preferrably with functional blaster mode) / Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger (with functional flute) / White Ranger's Saba / Original Megazord's sword / Thunder Megazord's sword / Tigerzord's tail/sword / Shogun Megazord's sword / Zeo Megazord's sword / Super Zeo Megazord's swords / Turbo Megazord's sword and shield / Astro Megazord's sword and shield / Red Samurai Ranger's Fire Smasher.(120.) Homestuck: Dave Strider's Sword.(121.) Smite: Bellona, Roman Goddess of War's Sword.(122.) Warframe: The Skana Weapon / Glaive Prime / Dakra Prime / Scindo Prime / Dragon Nikana.(123.) Mobile Suit Gundam Series: 00 Exia Switchblade.(124.) Neverwinter Nights: Silver sword of the Gith / Aribeth's Sword.(125.) Cutthroat Island: Daug's Saw-Bladed Cutlass.(126.) Krull: Glaive.(127.) Willow: General Kael's Sword.(128.) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Green Destiny.(129.) Brave Frontier: Ice God Arius's Sword.(130.) Tokyo Ghoul: Arima's IXA / Koutarou Amon's 1/2 or Upgraded Doujima.(131.) Higurashi: Rena Ryuugu's Nata Blade.(132.) DOTA I & II: Divine Rapier / Demon Edge / Axe of Phractos / Butterfly Sword / Vanguard Shield.(133.) Cardfight!! Vanguard: Blaster Blade / Blaster Dark.(134.) Sly Cooper Series: Sly's Cane.(135.) Samurai Champloo: Mugen's Typhoon & Hidden Tonto.(136.) Bloodborne: Saw Cleavor / Blade of Mercy / Ludwig's Holy Blade / Burial Blade.(137.) Steven Universe: Pearl's Spear.(138.) Kajuido: The Sword of Fiery Cataclysm.(139.) BioShock Series: The Sky Hook.(140.) T.M.N.T. Series: Tengu Sword.(141.) Dark Cloud I & II & Dark Chronicle: 7th Heaven / Chronicle Sword / Brave Ark / Atlamillia Sword / Antique Sword / Bone Rapier / Drain Seeker / Evilcise / Heaven's Cloud / Wise Owl Sword / Sword of Zeus / Serpent Slicer.(142.) Fairy Tail Series: Any of Erza's armors & weapons / Gray's Ice-Make Cold Excalibur or Death Scythe.(143.) Fallout Series: Shishkebob / Super Sledge.(144.) Hellsing Series: Anderson's Swords.(145.) Sailor Moon Series: Space Sword / Silence Glaive / Garnet Rod / Kaleidoscope Moon Wand / Sailor Pluto's Wand / Moon Kingdom Holy Sword. (Yeah, one fan requested these weapons.)(146.) Onimusha Trilogy: Bishamon Sword / Any of the weapons in their fully upgraded, final form.(147.) Wheel of Time Series: Ashandarei Spear.(148.) Under Night: Hyde Insulator & Nanase's Zephyr.(149.) Blade of the Immortal: Grand Turk.(150.) Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Yamamoto Yakeshi's Shigure Kintoki / Tsuna Sawada's X-gloves / Hibari Kyoya's Vongola Gear Tonfa.(151.) Accel World: Black Lotus's Arms.(152.) Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: Nausicaä's Sword.(153.) Seraph of the End: Any of their weapons.(154.) Grim Fandango: Manny Calavera's Scythe.(155.) Night Angel Trilogy: Ceur'caelestos.(156.) Star Wars Galaxies: Kashyyyk Bladestick.(157.) Shadow Hearts; Covenant: The Chimera Claw / Galahad's Sword.(158.) Voltron; Defender of the Universe: Voltron Sabre.(159.) Spider Rider: Hunter Steel's Double-Blade.(160.) Wakfu: Rubilax.(161.) Katanagatari: The Deviant Blades.(162.) Highschool DxD: Xenovia's Durandal / Excalibur.(163.) Super Robot Wars: Colossal Blade / Shishio Blade.(164.) Black Rock Shooter: King Saw / Insane Cannon Lance.(165.) Warhhammer Fantasy: Ghal Maraz.(166.) American McGhee's Alice; Madness's Return: Vorpal Cleaver / Hobby Horse.(167.) Supernatural: The First Blade / Angel Blade.(168.) Lords of the Fallen: Any one of their daggers, fist weapons, short-swords, swords, great-swords, pole-swords, hammers, great-hammers, axes, great-axes, staves, and DLC weapons as you please. (I won't go into deep detail for this one, for I feel that I mentioned too many weapons already.)(169) DanMachi: Bell-kun's Combat Knife.(170.) Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero: Ousawa Akatsuki's Sword.(171.) Bionicle Series: (Several people who grew up playing with Bionicle toys or watched the 3D series wanted me to include these into my list.) Spear of Fusion / Fire Great-swords (Lhikan's weapon) / Power sword (Jaller Mahri's sword) / Aqua warblade (Hewkii Mahri's staff) / Shark tooth blade (Pridak's weapon) / Three blade scissor/tongs (Zaktan's weapon) / Seismic Pickaxe/Jackhammer (Avak's weapon) / Staff of disintegration (Guurahk's weapon) / Lewa Nuva's Blades / Gali Nuva's Axes / Onewa Metru's Proto Pitons.(171.) Nasuverse Series: Caliburn / Arondight / Aestus Estus / Kansho & Bakuya / Gamaliel / Gae Bolg / Vasavi Shakti / Clarent / Ea / Seventh Holy Scripture / Slash Emperor.(172.) Shin Megami Tensei: Hinokagutsuchi.(173.) Dragon's Dogma: Dragon's Dogma Sword.(174.) Tears to Tiara: Arawn's Sword.(175.) Valkyria Chronicles: Valkyrur Spear & Shield.(176.) Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth's Sword.(177.) Radiata Stories: Arbitrator / Avcoor.(178.) Claymore Series: Clare's Claymore.Feel free to explore these available options and possibly combine them at your own leisure. (Hopefully, the items on this list shouldn't overwhelm you too much, since they are much more vast than I have ever anticipated.)Thank you.To those subscribers who are reading this list, please like this comment if you approve any of the weapons or items listed here.If you feel that I may have left out something you commented before, please type in a reply. If your recommendation within your reply aligns with one of the numbers on my list, please give me the number where your recommendation belongs.Because as much as I have on this list, I am certain that I may have left out quite a few.Thank you.

  • konohahurricane07

    Too bad you guys don't know how to properly swing a sword.

  • ravenwda007

    Hadhafang - Sword of Arwen from Lord of the Rings!Sword of Tengu - from TMNT

Daedric Axe (Elder Scrolls) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
Orcrist (The Hobbit) – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
William Wallace's Claymore (Braveheart) - MAN AT ARMS
Damascus of screws, making a blade.
Nodachi Sword – For Honor - Man At Arms: Reforged (feat. Mark Dacascos)
Ragnar's Axe - Vikings - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
Bilbo's Sting (The Hobbit) Feat. Vsauce2 - MAN AT ARMS
Trunks' Sword – Dragon Ball Z – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
Sword of Gryffindor - Harry Potter - MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED
Kunai and Shuriken - Naruto - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
Link's Fierce Deity Sword (Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED
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