10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

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Don't mess with mother nature! These are some of the largest waves ever seen! Today's post is on ten giant waves caught on camera.

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  • 0811adam

    Imagine being strapped to the deck of these boats 😂

  • Brendan Adams

    It’s fucking amazing that Norsemen were able to travel through the North Sea over a thousand years ago in just wooden Longships. It’s also horrifying to think how many drowned on their voyages.

  • Mrs. Man

    and the waves that were even bigger and more impressive....are not caught on camera because crew and passangers probably died

  • Leon Dang

    2:32 youre my sexy juice taco

  • NotGalactic

    This is why i dont go on cruise shipsEdit: thx for 100 likes

  • Jordan Coleman

    That sailor seen that 100 ft wave and laughed at it like a BOSS. Imma just stick to land imma country boa i don’t want my sealegs

  • Kuenden YOEZER

    Am I the only one with ocean phobia? 😭

  • Ludger W.D

    If you zoom into all the massive waves, you can see me surfing on a shark while having tea

  • Hockeypaul

    nah man you forgot the one from interstellar

  • Urahara12squad

    3:36 It's about the waves guys.

  • Sean McGovern

    “Amazingly, the ship cuts through the wave without receiving any damage” really? A multi million dollar battleship that could obliterate an island could break through a wave? Wow. Almost like it was built for the ocean...

  • Jimbones Brothel

    All I could think about while watching this was the scene in interstellar where the giant ass wave was coming and the music that played over it

  • mona lisa

    Every clip is taken from elsewhere on YouTube and given them zero recognition.

  • XxNeonviper2275xX Games

    Here is also a big wave 👋 HeheheGotcha Ok I’ll just go now …………

  • WuzNab

    Dang sailing back then must have been hell, now you hear the people say SHIT then just chuckle afterwards.

  • Brad Miller

    Now that I'm retired, I think occasionally how fun it would be to get a 40-50 foot sailboat and sail around the world...... Then I see a post like this. I think I'll just stay in my suburban house here in the middle of the USA.

  • custombimmer

    This must be where GTA got ideas for their ocean.

  • Cool Kid

    This gives me ainixety

  • Kaleb B

    #5, the waves were so astronomical nobody got in the water to surf. maybe you don't see surfers because nobody wants to surf into a the face of a cliff where the waves are crashing...

  • Egils Kauls

    There is something scary about huge waves and open waters...

  • PrankByte

    "Alfred go mop the deck!""Why?""Because it's wet!"

  • jamal SAFWAN

    Nice chicks at the beach doe

  • Sal Tarara

    Just a little reminder, as to how actually small we are when compared to Mother Nature

  • MsAlexLog

    Кто в море не бывал, тот Богу не молился!

  • s14duma

    You ever wonder why so many ships were lost at sea... That's why..

  • Ivan Tarnyagin

    You really stretched the video

  • Karla Torres

    I'm getting dizzy/seasick just by watching this....🤢🤮😷

  • PrankByte

    Lol if you got locked outside

  • Gag Planet

    2:25 whats the name of this track plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • kizzieking

    Why am I watching my biggest fear???

  • B E A S T neb

    And I'm scared of a wave 4 feet taller than me imagine this

  • Colaaah

    #3 yeah right, no one was hurt. That was the most ridiculous commentary whilst watching with my own 2 eyes 😜

  • LulzRoyce

    8:34 how does he balance himself like that with those gigantic balls swinging around in his shorts?

  • Ham Wheel

    Anyone played destiny 2 and seen the waves on titan?


    2:32 your my sexy juice taco 😅😅😅😂😂

  • Joshua Hsu

    Imagine being in that water in front of the wave

  • Noureddine Mokhtari

    5:35 I thought the video is on slow motion

  • O K

    I want to know where that beach in Hawaii is and if the girls are always like that?

  • Johnathan Sams

    Extended unnecessarily in numerous areas to get past 10:00 mark.

  • Rafael Mata

    Put Jack Sparrow theme

  • Nathan Cox

    I got sea sick just watching

  • Crude Wan

    man, so many repeats...

  • Julien Moss

    Tried to create an artificial tidal wave by nuking the water lmao

  • Mark Andrade

    Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon. Take a gallon of water and have someone throw it at you and let it hit you. Now picture how many gallons those waves are and how much they must weigh.

  • Ej Morin

    Anyone else see the skulls on the crest of the waveat 1:26-1:29? 💀

  • Kjcnj Fanf

    Hey, thats pretty good...


    Yeah I think when the ship doesn’t make so much as a splash it’s not a giant wave—as advertised.

  • Semih Malikic

    It's all fun and games until it hits sideways...

  • Wolfie Games2

    The one thing that annoyed me on this video is that at the end of each sentence he said his voice cut off, Listen carefully and you will know what I mean thumbs up if you agree

  • Orlando Michel

    Who else was confused that they couldn’t see the waves

  • Chef toni

    it's time to do a castle with cards

  • HeroOfKvatch

    The ocean is a terrifying place.

  • thom1218

    +ListJumbo - Would you share the sound track for the 3rd song that starts at 6:40?

  • Meaty Milk

    Almost as much I produceLadies 😏😏😏

  • Luke Weatherly

    Or do you mean 10 "jumbo" waves caught on camera

  • GeNx_Gaming

    It's because they don't have the seakeeper.

  • Gimme500bux 500bux

    I am safe in the comments wew

  • Mr Swagalicous

    This video made me never want to go out to sea again

  • azertu2u2

    Why photoshop the Japan tsunami in the thumbnail?

  • Mackimations

    Now that, is some... Neat music.

  • MoopShat

    I wonder how people survive in wooden ships a long long time ago

  • ThaSkoomaMan

    Welcome back my anxiety

  • FighterMan9836

    7:19 the moment you realized that you made a mistake

  • Chris Simpson

    Anyone else annoyed about the same clips playing over and over again?Rather than repeating clips to get to the 10 minute mark, how about you do more research and fill this time with actual information?Unsubbed

  • _Τπατ_ _Κιd_


  • Griffin the dragon hybrid

    Am I the only one Who feels like they’re moving watching these videos like there on the ships (it helps if your lying down)

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