10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

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Don't mess with mother nature! These are some of the largest waves ever seen! Today's post is on ten giant waves caught on camera.

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Japanese Coast Guard (CC), Jeremy Mires (CC)

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  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    This is why I don't go outside

  • Trucker Josh VLOGS

    This is why I live thousands of miles from any ocean or large body of water

  • MrCalifornian MrsCalifornian

    I would not be laughing while the wave hits ,I’d be screaming for my dear life !

  • Serchhip Chelsea

    I almost drown by watching this.

  • masterwindu1234

    can you imagine what these would have been like when boats were made of wood?

  • Shadow Uchiha

    These types of videos are the type of videos that make me not want to go to the beach yet I still watch these type of videos does this happen to anyone else?

  • Marianette Ayala

    And this is why I'm scared to go on ships or boat or curses in the ocean or beach

  • NotSoUndeadZombie

    I don't think I've ever seen a harder attempt to reaching the 10 minute mark on a video...

  • AcidGlow

    I'll stay on land.. ✅🙂

  • MissBatine

    I think I have a new phobia.

  • Mass Debater

    there are 800ft waves out in the open ocean these are nothing special

  • Unknown Heights ッ

    I love when ships go over big waves it's so satisfying

  • AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive

    4:10 Me after No-Nut-November

  • 0811adam

    Imagine being strapped to the deck of these boats 😂

  • SAILANY Coloring Kids

    I think it gonna be fine if you can stay in water

  • Chelsea C

    Anxiety is what I have and I’m in Australia really

  • themarkl0813

    In the beginning he said mother nature is amazing yet number 1 is US govt created. The irony.

  • fat cat

    You know what they say : Water cant hurt you ;)

  • Kyle Mckeough

    Me: I’m going to bed early tonight! Me at 3am:

  • Raymond K Petry

    [03:20] no, tsunamis do not repeat so closely—more like 15 minutes 100 miles apart...

  • twenty-five twenty-five

    Am I the only one to believe this would be fun

  • Hulkavegur !

    4:25 i want to join them so bad

  • Wetox

    3:34 damn the ass show starts

  • Brad Miller

    Now that I'm retired, I think occasionally how fun it would be to get a 40-50 foot sailboat and sail around the world...... Then I see a post like this. I think I'll just stay in my suburban house here in the middle of the USA.

  • Nala - fitness, lifestyle & entertainment

    0:25 Wow the cannon is pointing upwards after the hit

  • Pereira Branco

    Esse da meninas e o cara é antigo, e eles estão la de boa, não estão com medo, sabem do efeito que faz as ondas que batem nos rochedos e por isso estou ali, se ve claramente que elas vao para a agua, tampam o nariz para mergulhar, estao de boa, devido aos rochedos, não podem ser arrastadas para mar aberto... mas talvez possam ser jogadas contra essas rochas, mas acho que não pensam nisso ou a corrente não faz essa pressão. mas fato que estao la de boa simples assim, como as vezes vemos o mar alto, ondas absurdas a aparece um dois tres surfistas la, se divertindo.... como elas, estao se divertindo

  • Bumble D.R

    Scary but fascinating!

  • Sean McGovern

    “Amazingly, the ship cuts through the wave without receiving any damage” really? A multi million dollar battleship that could obliterate an island could break through a wave? Wow. Almost like it was built for the ocean...

  • Zwodo

    Number 9 was pretty damn scary. That impact though... Makes me afraid of going on a cruise again...

  • Taylor Rouse

    Watching this is making it hard to breathe

  • Ind Nation

    When you think water is not dangerousAt homeAt sea??

  • j c

    I m in my mum car ! Bru bru

  • PrankByte

    "Alfred go mop the deck!""Why?""Because it's wet!"

  • Thais Crhistiny Santos F Oliveira

    Number one was a bomb under water

  • mood •

    Someone was on that ship lmao

  • ᴘᴀʀᴀ NOID

    Wait is this the seaman job???

  • Hulkavegur !

    Damn Mother NatureYou scary

  • kizzieking

    Why am I watching my biggest fear???

  • clémence beaudiot

    What's the music at 8:00?

  • AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive

    If there only was a prize money for surfing the internet

  • ECH0_

    everyone laughs when ever a wave hits xD

  • Ars chloch

    Feet?! Use a non retarted Unit.

  • _JHS_94

    2:28 if that was a tsunami that they rode over, did they survive? The way to beat a tsunami is to ride over them?

  • Tahlie Shiels

    Friend:u won’t to go on a cruise Me:I’m good for now

  • Paiman Namazi

    The speeding away from the collapse of the ice, the captain created major waves...... scratching my head..... while there were 14 tsunamis coming at microbes seeing their world collapse..around them......

  • SamyROBLOX 78

    The last is not from us government but for a nuclear test from France...

  • The Boyles

    achooGod: Did you just make a wave?Moon: um no not that i know ofGod: Huh

  • PolitischTourette

    Man Nature is striking back some how 10 Billion up to 2050 .... Mother earth is not happy with getting a cold through influenca-humanity ,,,, It needs a remedy to stop the desease...... Humanity brace your selves for some huge coughing and climate change ( mother Earth has got the fever))

  • Sheila Smith

    I never going on a boat i ocean

  • Jordan Coleman

    That sailor seen that 100 ft wave and laughed at it like a BOSS. Imma just stick to land imma country boa i don’t want my sealegs

  • North Bernoulli

    Is a man who survives for 5 days in desert is ready to face the huge giant waves of ocean for drinking water?

  • Stephanie Draws

    I'd probably pass out if i was in any of those ships

  • Gunzzz

    Does someone know the name of the last song starting at 9:50 and also used during the clip of the japanese tsunami ??

  • donkey punch

    What about 10 giant cameras caught on waves??

  • Alex


  • Peachy Phoenix_Feather

    How is the guy in number 8 laughing...;-;

  • s14duma

    You ever wonder why so many ships were lost at sea... That's why..

  • Dreadder 272

    I dont like the ocean no more

  • Little Jonathorn

    Love the background music!!

  • Beverly Chase

    Hey if anyone knows the title of song starting at 8:33 let me know

  • Name not found

    ”Those aren’t mountains.”

  • Cllassic Hero

    Why is the japanese coast guard moaning when they see a tsunami?

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