Skyrim: 5 Sad and Hidden Stories That you May have Missed - Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim takes place during brutal times, in an equally brutal environment. However for some, it's taken a paticularly harsh toll. So today we take a look at 5 of Skyrim's saddest tales, that you may not have noticed.
  • reza choudhury

    For me, that first story felt a lot sadder as after I found Isabelle, I remembered how I saw Ranvier die in a dragon attack... He died feeling that he was betrayed.Then I realised I just felt sorry for a fictional couple...

  • ROMA

    There's a spot near Winterhold with two frozen skeletons, one stuck in a bear trap, the other next to him. It's like two friends were walking, one got stuck, and the other refused to leave their side.

  • clean carp

    Have you heard the tragic story of the guard that took an arrow in the knee ?

  • Alduizard

    "Skyrim has bad storytelling" Some people dont know the meaning of organic storytelling.

  • Matej /\

    If you jump from the side with waterfall of bard's leap summit in small pool and survive you can find bard ghost near the pool that will say something about how he tried that and die then he will disappear and give you +1 speech

  • Oliver Lonsdale

    Did you notice Froki's shack only has one bed?

  • Quinn Grey

    on Solsthiem, there's a gay couple who are dead. It's in a house half swallowed by ash, infested with ashspawn, and you go in and find a journal of a guy talking about voices and stuff, and how his partner but you go out to the shoreline right near there, there's a boat, and the body of his male partner

  • LUL

    Saddest tale ever? Creation club.

  • Manu E Bebe

    Saddest tale? that Falmer dude that got frozen 2 seconds before drinking the potion that could save his life at the Auriel Temple in Dawnguard.

  • Aditya S Kulkarni

    What about Leifnarr ? The poor sawmill owner was abducted by bandits and mounted on a wooden wall to be used as target practice by their orc bandit chief and on top of that his wife thinks he is being unfaithful.....and the one quest where an old man is searching for his missing wife in a bandit fort, not knowing that spoiler alert his wife is their leader who is heartless enough to give away her wedding ring to misdirect him.....skyrim has more than enough sad stories to tell...

  • Korrin Baldinger

    For Shelly, found along the coast near winterhold, the note says "Shelly, your ship should have arrived weeks ago and I fear the worst has happened, I've set up camp on this rock as your ship should pass by here and hopefully one of these days we'll be together again. If your reading this I'm probably out hunting or bringing in some supplies. I'll be waiting here until I see your face again. Faithfully yours, Trius." Next to the note you will find a skeleton. I didn't do searching for who he was but sad thing I came across.

  • Angry Crusader 39

    Fultheim the Nord who stays at the Nightgate Inn. He possesses a Blades Sword. The inkeeper Hadring explains that Fultheim is at the inn "drinking away a lifetime of bad memories." and he will attack the Dragonborn if you approach while wearing a set of Thalmor Robes, He most likely is one of the one of the last remaining Blades like Delphine and Esbern, what sad about this is he isn't a recruitable characters and is never told about the Reforming of his Order.

  • Srab23

    #4 They should have touched tips to not freeze to death. They were men, manly men after all

  • J K

    Haming should totally be the next protagonist in TES franchise. That kid has legit had a goddamn superhero backstory laid out for him

  • Ben Rosen

    there is a mine in the rift and it has a journal where two guys decided to work it. Journal says one guy left to riften for supplies while the other stayed. When he came back his buddy was no where to be found. He stayed there for awhile waiting for him until he decided to leave for work elsewhere. If you jump up onto the rocks and onto the ledge on the waterfall in that cave however. You will see a few gold ore spots and a skeleton under some rubble. Safe to say his buddy found gold but got trapped without his partner to help him, ultimately dying alone.

  • big succ

    fun fact about #5you can actually block alduins fire breath using your own body if you stand in the right position, saving hamings father

  • Talon24

    There is a Lighthouse between Dawnstar and Winterhold, a little to the south called Frostflow Lighthouse. There is a Story of a Family that moved there, but then had to discover there are Falmer tunnels below it the hard way

  • Deportus Caesar

    I found a man crying over his dead wife. I returned later and was attacked by a werebear.

  • Vije

    5 years of skyrim, and i never knew about this "Froki"

  • ˢᶦˡᵉⁿᵗ ʷʳᵃᵗʰ

    Number 1:Corrupted save

  • Bloodykiss147

    My favorite sad story is from the DragonBorn DLC, it's the two gay lovers killed apart from each other. They're the only in game gay couple you see in game (followers you can marry don't count they are playersexual).

  • Sam Otten

    Near Old Hroldan in the Reach there's the camp and remains of a couple who were killed by a bear. There's a happy ending though because their camp also contains their savings.

  • Moregasm the Powerful

    Meeko, close to Markarth?!You're mad!

  • Joshua Owens

    In The Reach you can find a small pond and a women dead in the pond. If you open her journal you can read that she was sneaking there to relaxand didn't care what her father said about the war or the Forsworn. She was ambushed by the Forsworn and there are multiple arrows in her corspe.

  • Jesus

    i remember finding a tent with a nord girls diary saying she ran off to finally be with her dark elf lover but you see their bodies on the ground and bear in their tent lol it was pretty sad when i first found it

  • Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Honestly, Frostflow lighthouse almost made me cry (to be fair, I was pulling an all nighter and I get moody when tired.) Like, this guy just wants to live out the rest of his days in a lighthouse with his family. How was he supposed to know there were falmer? The fact that you can fulfill his last wish and put his remains in the lighthouse fire makes me both sad and happy.

  • GriNGo JR

    What about the skeleton of Maximian Axius, within Fort Frostmoth, with the 5 letters to Selina? Pretty depressing to me.

  • Aether Veilborne

    #5. Haming's mother was Velod, the girl Raloth said that he was "sweet" to, that used to mix Juniper Berries into the mead.If you return to Helgen after the intro has been completed, climb the tower once again to reach the second story of Haming's house. You will find multiple bottles of "Juniper-Berry Mead" all around the second story.(Note: I've been corrected that Velod was a guy. However, the fact that the juniper mead was there on the second story of Hamming's house remains true. It's also possible that the relationship with him being 'sweet to a girl' may possibly be Hamming's mother having an affair AND is Velod's wife. Ouch.)

  • RPGaming

    The saddest, hidden story of Skyrim is Creation Club :(

  • Rakshasa

    Here's a sad Skyrim tale: my skills as a gamer.

  • Brian Volek

    It's not sad but I found the Hansell and gretle house with a hag raven

  • Niall Reddin

    A sad story i came across the other day was lost prospect mine near the black-briar manor. I can't remember the names, but in the mine you can find a journal detailing how two friends managed to get the rights to an old gold mine, but it turned out the mine was very poor and there appeared to be no gold left. The writer went into riften one day to get supplies and when he came back his friend was nowhere to be found. He figured his friend must've bailed in him while he was away, so after waiting for him for a while he got up and left.However behind a waterfall in the mine there is a hidden area with several veins of gold. Beside these veins lies the skeleton of a man trapped under some rocks. While the writer was away, his friend discovered the passage and was trapped under some rocks. He died starved and completely alone while his friend waited for him a few feet from his body

  • aysseralwan

    Man I never knew about the story from the poor drunkard in winterhold

  • End0fthelin3

    If you were to install and play the 'Helgen Reborn' mod (highly recommended), when Helgen is finally rebuilt and thriving again you will have the option to guide Froki and his grandson Haming to a new much larger and safer home just outside the gates.

  • Jackel501

    someone stole my sweet roll i droped. i will never forget that

  • GlowingEagle

    You deserve a lot more subscribers! You're awesome, keep it up :D

  • dorgesh

    Nazeem's failing marriage is pretty tragic, especially as he never even appears in the cloud district.

  • Simon Liljestrand

    I found the burnt body of woman called Yisra in the wilds of Winterhold, next to a tome with some kind of fire spell.

  • MartianManHunter2258

    Forgot the story of the Frostflow Lighthouse

  • Yggdrasil

    The tragic story I thought was amazing when I stumbled on it while wandering.  You find a burnt building and corpse, and nearby you find a Summon Flame Atronach scroll.  Someone tried it and got burned up for their trouble.

  • Jumbie

    One thing I learned in oblivion and skyrim is elder scrolls games you have to stop and appreciate everything. Everything tells a story.

  • Cheese Mage

    On the mountain road between Soljund's Sinkhole and Old Hroland Inn (in the Reach), you can find a campsite with a dead dark elf and a dead breton (named Talvur and Karan respectively). There's a bear lurking in the campsite, so I assume the bear mauled them both. Near Karan's body, there's a diary about how Talvur and Karan fell in love secretly. They ran away together because Karan's high class family did not approve of her romance with a commoner. Their love story ended in brutal calamity.

  • The- Mighty-Tim

    The dead captive woman in the pond in The Reach. There's also a couple that eloped and were killed by wolves or a saber-cat. The Alchemists. And there is the two skeletons in Winterhold with thebear trap. Plus, the hunter in that one place west of Whiterun city. And that Trollsbane guy.

  • Charles Savilla

    There’s the girl that was raped and killed by forsworn at her favorite swimming hole. I stumbled across that and pieced it together pretty good

  • IansMentalOmega

    The Thalmor stole 40 sweet rolls. 40! That's as much as 4 tens!

  • EpicSaxGuyDave

    Narfi. He's in ivarstead. He constantly complains about how his sister won't return from getting ingredients from the island. Go to the nearby island and you won't find her. You can find her corpse in the river, or at least her skeleton. I also suggest talking to the inn keeper there. And also someone wanted him killed since he is actually a target in the dark brotherhood quest line.

  • Unnar

    I was playing the auriels bow quest and I was inside a cave full of falmers and I fell in to a really deap pond and I saw some glowing mushrooms surrounding a small tunnel and I swam through the tunnel and I came up in a cave with a skeleton and some eleven arrows and a journal about running away from the falmers and getting stuck in the cave

  • A

    What about lunds cabin? Outside of the cabin is a pile of rocks with a lit candle and a silver ring on it. Inside the cabin is a dead lund laying in his bed. Look around the cabin and there are empty bottles of wine and a bottle of poison on the table. Looks like his wife died and he killed himself after burying her.

  • TEN4_RD

    Gotta admit, as much as a pain in the arse it is goin backwards and forwards on this game, fallout also, they do give their games little bits of this and that to spot and add a bit more "life" to the whole game.

  • vinvinudu77

    You want a joke ???Creation clubI know this joke isn't funny

  • Dávid Stefáncsik

    Narfis story in Ivarsted?

  • Jeffrey The Cactus

    Off one of the dirt paths by Soljunds Sinkhole there is a small camp where you find 2 bodies and a cave bear that killed them. If you read the journal the girl snuck away from her father to be with the guy. The guy was a miner who saved all his money to run away with her.

  • Orpheus

    Theres a redguard girl named Braith in Whiterun. Her parents die tragically and she's send to an orphanage where the headmistress is kind of mean... She later gets adopted by a drunken adventurer who forces her to do chores the entire time and beats her when its not done correctly.

  • Brett Learmonth

    lol i found a imperial or bandit murder in fort green wall basement an imperial soldier is in the water with a note accusing him of stealing imperial supplies for the bandit clan

  • adamushu

    What about the saddest story of all, the story of Lucky Lorenz who died when a tree fell onto his shack while he was jacking off to The Lusty Argonian Maid. (actually a thing, you can find his corpse near his crushed shack with the book on his bed)

  • Otimo

    Meeko was then murdered by a dragon

  • Connor Creighton

    Why do necromancers gotta ruin everything

  • Milk.

    Nate is making me so nervous, every time he meets a innocent npc there is a 50/50 chance he will attack them. Chill dude lol.

  • Guoenyi

    Does rock joint prevent knee cripple by arrows?

  • Tarlo The Boar

    Hobs Fall Cave is a Creepy Location yet it's's Great!

  • MaryCassatt

    In Solstheim with the DragonBorn DLC if you follow the river north from Tel Mithryn you'll eventually reach a wooden gate that's locked. You can access the area behind it if you descend from the rocks above near where the dragon is. There's an Argonian prospector dead from Skooma suicide with lots of gold ore and a chest with additional treasures. Next to his body is a letter from his lady love (Letter to Usha) saying they can make it work, that she's convinced her father to look past his lack of wealth and that eventually the rest of her family will accept him, as well, begging him to come home and that she'll be waiting. That one really got me. :(

  • Nehal Ghanem

    In Solstheim mod,when you get the quest of Ralis "Unearthed",He'll tell you that He needs money to start the excavation and hire miners,but miners get attacked by draugrs,that happens three times,they die and Ralis sends you a letter telling you to come and get rid of the drauger and fund the next excavation. In the second time (when the first group of miners die and He hires another group) when you get into the barrow you'll find the miners' corpses,one of them is a girl (can't remember her name) had a letter when you search her corpse,the letter was for her parents telling them not to worry,the other miners were fools but she can handle herself and she will make it out alive with the gold that she took from Ralis and it'll solve all their problems.

  • Fox Fire

    I always thought the saddest story was about Narfi, a beggar located in Ivarstead. He claims that his sitter hasn't come back home, and after going through the quest that pops up after talking to him, you find that she's been dead for about a year. You find her skeleton in the river near the town, and in a satchel you find her necklace. If you bring it to Narfi, he gets upset saying "he never got to say goodbye like mother and father".

  • Wolf-Nix

    I killed meeko to charge the ebony blade

  • FlippeR FlappeR

    The quest "Love beyond deat is about a woman who grieves too much about her husband's death from war that she become quite insane. When you explore the dungeon the quest at, the woman will say that she wants to revive her husband but she can't, one day she read a story about suicide couple and decide to raise an army of undead against Skyrim. She probably was just a normal housewife minding her own business before Thalmor attacks.That actually kinda hit me in the heart...

  • Shade Shaadent

    My sad story is the time I didn't kill the stormcloaks hard enough

  • Enzo Bonayon

    I remember this girl i saw somewhere in the mountains with his bodyguard i think says that she likes gold and treasure. She wants to go to this dungeon so that she can loot things up there and make her rich. Turns out her bodyguard actually wants something in the cave and waiting for someone strong enough to be their ally for the girl is not strong enough to help him and the girl is already rich with two lands from his father and just wants adventure and not the gold. I find that sad for some reasons I dunno why.

  • Justin Adams

    I once watched Miko get hit by a giant and get send flying, i mourned his death for a few minutes until he came running up to me as if he didnt just get launched into the atmosphere

  • Flávio Lima

    Just as I was beginning to think I had seen everything Skyrim has to offer...

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