PS4 MODS - 5 Cool Mods - Episode 5 - Skyrim: Special Edition Mods (PC/Xbox One)

Back with another episode of 5 Cool Mods, basically the mid week version of Skyrim: Special Edition Mods Weekly. This week I am showing you some of the best mods for consoles released in the near.

Song: Cool J - Andrew Applepie

The Mods:

Whiterun Mansion:
PC -
Xbox One -
PS4 -

Dreadborn Knight:
PC -
Xbox One -
PS4 -

Psijic Archmage Robes:
PC -
Xbox One -
PS4 -

Astella Dragonborn:
PC -
Xbox One -
PS4 -

Supreme Storms:
PC -
Xbox One -
PS4 -
  • Frisky

    We need to pressure Sony to allow external assets (sound/textures/ect)Remember when PS4 launched? They said they would put gaming first. But now seems like they've gotten complacent. They NEED to start competing with Xbox again in terms of capability. They won't even let you save music to the hard drive like you could on the PS3.

  • BigDippas

    whoever made that mansion has alot to learn

  • Rift Shep

    I am on PS4, I do hope Sony becomes more lenient with mods, would be really nice if we can get the same mods as on xbox, its not an impossibility since mods weren't originaly going to be on PS4 eriod, but hopefully sony see's the value in embracing console mods, and helping making the console experience better.

  • jonmangaming

    sign this petition and hopefully we can get Sony to allow external assets. It's already got 1000+ people signed but it needs more link is

  • Francis

    why does this guy have so many subs? he literally just copy's other big mod channels

  • Alex Halverson

    you don't know what psijic order is? I don't think this guy played skyrim

  • stefan020290

    all i can say is "meh". sorry, but sonys depending on mods to bemade from vanilla assets ust sucks ass.

  • DJ Singh

    thanks for your series man keep up the good work 🖒

  • Marky 360

    "All these mods are going to be available on PS4"So I guess we can pretty much guarantee that all these mods will suck then.

  • Oliver Watts

    Damn, that house looks awful!

  • Nathan 475

    You haven't spent a lot of time in skyrim have you 😂

  • Lucky S

    If I were to buy Skyrim for PS4 (had it in PS3) I would but it for the mods but I don't care about player home mods damn it. I want lightsabers and new magic spells. Fuck you Sony!

  • daniel

    I think all of em are cheating exept the storm one

  • TheLone Ranger

    I like the dawnguard helm it looks really cool

  • Joe Scott

    Is it still worth buying even tho the mods are shit, Xbox has full expansion mods, Sony have fucked up

  • TheGameLord56

    when i look up whiterun mansion on the mods menu in skyrim special edition (PC) i cant find it

  • Fluorescent Monkey

    A guy named dar marsh walked into white run with a fox and looks like that night who is he I can't have a conversation with him

  • Xavier Medina

    anybody make a greek armor mod

  • WheresMyBuns

    I used the Dread knight guy but I think he is op so I didn't use him

  • Famine The Black

    "Not like a quest or any voicing going along with him" Yea because its not fucking allowed

  • Keino but you can call me Kei.

    I'm glad I have both consoles. right now Xbox is killin it with great mods.

  • Confusion

    This guy sound like the Youtuber; MeLikeBigBoom

  • vendel veres

    Please help me why is astella face glithed on me ps4

  • Chris Jones

    Why are you using PC video to highlight PS4 mods?

  • Zachery Perry

    for the third one its just sigic

  • Eric Mason

    my name in high school was juice head ....... acne

  • __MonsterAMVz__

    It's pronounced SEAJICK

  • Dopey Chris

    btw Whiterun mansion is not for the ps4 so the title is misleading

  • Marsupilami

    A question to every Ps4 owner... do you allow this shitty limitations? If you don't, Unite to us and spread the message to disable those limitations and so we recieve the same rights as the Xbox and PC. Please, it's for you aswell...

  • FroftyZ

    they need to allow external assets

  • Dream Villain

    E C K S E N C H I L L S

  • Jonathon Petroski

    can you kill the dreadborn knight

  • God Saiyan Prodigy

    God , These Fucking Suck.I feel so Bad for PS4 Users right now. If this was gunna be the Case, You might as well have Put Simple CHEATS in the Video Game Re-Release .

  • WhoAteMyFunDip

    Back in June I sold my PS4 and bought an Xbox One and I couldn't be happier. XBL is much more stable than PSN, I got better mods for Skyrim & FO4 (shut up, PC Pete), I happily ignored NMS & barely even remember the always delayed Last Gaurdian. PS4 preached "gamer first" when it first launched, but unlike Xbox, it won't adapt to what gamers actually want. I'm not sure why people are sticking with PlayStation, but for their sake, I hope Sony gets their shit together and starts delivering on their promises of "gamers first"..

  • DarkMatter879

    fucking fuck off ps4. stop limiting our damn shit.

  • James Brandon

    You had to show the shittiest house mod for ps4????

  • PloFox

    Where do i Find the Dreadborn Knight

  • Pontifex Redirect

    everyone dislike this, lying money grabbing goon

  • Count Orlok

    It's pronounced "Sijik"

  • Wise Fool

    I honestly prefer weaker companions with no equipment mostly just use em for pack mules. It also gives me a chance to level my skills more instead of them killing everything so fast. Still pretty sick companions to have though.

  • The Neon Bros

    You should get the Inigo Follower mod. He is OP.

  • DiamondRail Gaming

    the Whiterun Mansion mod doesn't work on ps4

  • Rob Walker

    Can you take the dried born knights armor?

  • oscar carreon

    hey I can't seem to download the Whiterun Mansion, did it get deleted? pleas help.


    psijic is pronounced sid-gik

  • BitzTurn Byte

    Is the Dreadborn Knight armor available?

  • MurderousLady

    I downloaded the psijic robes mod and there was no new spells or enchantments and they weren't archmage robes in the titles. misleading video or incorrect link? just a craftable pretty robe

  • Paul Shea

    you pronounce that word like sij-ic

  • plotsrus10

    try skyfall estates mod better than white run mansion

  • derga

    straight up click bait. You ps4 fuckers still cant mod haha. so glad I'm an xbone player

  • Dominique Bryson

    i cannot find whiterun mansion on xbox one please help


    is this me like big boom?

  • vanessa

    Please pray for us PS4 users

  • SeigoSaiga

    I only like the last one

  • Techno Frog

    If u want to be undefeatable get the mod: Ring Of God Mode

  • netanel mullokandov

    during the knight follower mod there was open cities, is this on ps4 or xbox one because if open cities exists on ps4 i need it

  • Waffles and Toast

    i thought that song cancelled ps4 mods for skyrim in general lol

  • Ryan Sleek

    Cloths are pronounced syjic in case you. One across it again

  • je ne regrette Rien

    wish the static improvement mod was available for ps4.

  • Morgan Noble

    That knight though.. Fuck yeah

  • Benji Holt

    It's just pronounced sijic the p is silent

  • PaRada Rada

    So can we summon 50 bandits outta nowhere or not?

  • Zipp4Everyone

    Sorry... ETCetera. Good videos otherwise :) (just a tiny bit annoying imo)

  • Samson Daniel

    Dragonknight companion has badass armour and shield....... Uses Iron arrows and a wooden bow lol.

  • Leo Levi

    dude just start showing the sloot mods that's all anybody wants to see about 90% of mods people download are sloot mods

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