(XBOX/PS3/PC) How to Level up your Skyrim Character SUPER FAST!

Thanks for watching :)

This is a great method to level up your Skyrim character
really fast. I'm sure there are more variations of this
thequnique, however higher leveled players should
definitly try this and see if it works for them. Please
post your feedback in the comments as I would like to see
if everyone else had the same results.

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  • Purple Cucumber

    Legend says Allune is still hitting him until this day

  • Iscuk Gaming


  • Ibo's channel

    I admire your ebony armor plus nightingale hood combo. Very cool.

  • Tommy Hemer

    I was level 40 and within 10 mins I got to 43 this is definitely the best method I've seen

  • Windmill 88

    small question: how do you get your follower to stop hitting you? I want to get to level 30 so I can do a quest to get the ebony mail, but I am only level 17 :T

  • Bryn Morriss

     works great on a giant if u dont have a good weapon or follower. 

  • ryan ralph

    MUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLE now ur level 20 having spent 2 minuets playing the game remember kids MUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLE

  • Ethan Wade Willox

    hi again i'm now level 75

  • Phat Cat

    Bruh what other follower would do so

  • DJ_Keegan

    I gave lydia chillrend I couldent get up now im dead ;-;-;-;-;-;-;

  • Loagan Stephenson

    I did the blocking thing in the thieves guild and did for a few hours and got my block to 78 legendary 3

  • Zombieflesh 11234

    To make her stop hitting you do you just die?

  • NuclearPath

    Thank you for being the first person when I searched this to actually be talking about leveling up, I havent even watched the video yet but props to you.

  • JonTron Plays Saxophone

    Also works with giants.

  • Alduin World Eater

    Oh I don't use a shield, I use the 2 handed Ebony Blade (Daedric Artifact)

  • Butt Pubes

    Using a shout to knock them back gives you time to heal.

  • lukas daugirda

    Well I just killed the ebony warrior

  • sirenia

    that's for shield, what about the one-handed, sneak, speech and archery as well as alchemy !!!!.

  • RavenFudge900

    I was level 31 but I restarted the game lol

  • Caleb Payne

    Another way I found is to use rally on everyone in Blue Palace in Solitude. This lvls Alteration up really quick as well as main lvl

  • Ethan Hodge

    Wow my name is ethan and love the hood bro

  • Astoris

    Illusion is way better.Courage and muffle.

  • Brutal Potato

    Would it work with a regular enemy such as a bandit?

  • Eric Bishton

    player.advskill ______ ####Number varies by skill. 5000 points of one skill will give you a million levels and in other skills 50,000 will give you two.

  • Zerocontrol 87

    I do the sneak one at high hrothgar

  • sath Podan

    thanks man ur awsome also u just use this tactic with enemies

  • 10 000 subscribers with 69 videos challenge !!!

    Thanks so much! Helped a lot, great method.

  • T Davis

    Lydia will attack just attack like 5 times or so

  • TheCactusWarrior1

    It also works really well if a giant is your opponent. Just have to be more carefull

  • Devil Ape

    1.buy leather strip and iron ingot2.craft iron dagger3.you will level up fastim level 19 but my smithing level 73IM COMING EBONY!!!

  • Edgars

    0:10 what do you mean :Dyou are clearly showing how to level up blocking :D

  • jace barton

    Ethan Creveling look down I didn't spell your name right👇👇

  • John Lim

    If you use soul trap o someone that is dead it levels you up a lot faster without any risk of dying

  • death trooper

    can't u use a enemy with this instead follower

  • Maksymilian Karbowniczek

    Or just go to Highhrothgar sneak behind a grey beard while they're meditating and sneak attack them with a dagger, that got me from level 8 to level 47 in 1 hour

  • Jose Perez

    Ethan, are there any cheat codes to level up weapon hit strengths ?

  • DDarkestWebb Jasper


  • Nuked hotburger

    (OR you can just summon something like a like flame astranoch or normal familliar and put difficulty on expert or legendary and anger dem)

  • Logan Romanowski

    You can also go to one of the Orcish Camps and get the leader to punch you after starting a Brawl.

  • GR-75 Medium Transport

    You look like noob saibot

  • Dominic Red

    I found this exploit a long time ago

  • kitten del rey

    I guess I'll try this :D thanks dude!

  • Tabitha Oneill

    It's nightingale hood from the thieves guild quest line

  • Golden Strippz

    i try but serana use magic instead

  • James Brett

    To increase your destruction and 1/2 handed weapons if you have shadowmere you can keep attacking it and your skill will keep increasing

  • Greg Bullock

    Mjoll the lioness will make you level up way faster

  • mynamefrank

    that dagger makes 50 damage :D I thought my sword was good it just makes like 49

  • M

    the best way is to go godmode

  • Briana Lawless

    if you have really good armor you can do this with giants like 1 hit equals 1 level up in blocking

  • Ethan Wade Willox

    that what i actually did yesturday and my blcking is very good because i said to my self i want to be the level 81 to verse the ebony worrier

  • Schroeder_2000

    I did that in oblivion it works great.

  • SpaceCows

    I'm level 27. I saw a kid do one of these videos but he was a level 1

  • Ethan Wade Willox

    so really that video you made would rally help people to level up fast and they would get to get better stuff thats what i was doing so that was very helpful

  • Ender Boy

    well gave my fallower my best weapon and he one shot me AND IM LEVEL 69

  • Santos Hernandez

    I'm a level 81 my blocking is 100 Will it sill work

  • Lord Fuccwad

    Does Lydia work for this?

  • Reality-Flash492003

    can this also work on novice?

  • M

    its the best cause your gonna waste a huge amount of healing potions

  • louis chianca

    What mods are you using

  • OneHoly CatholicApostolic

    Decrease difficulty. No follower. Let 1,2,3, or 4 mud crabs use you as a punching bag.

  • Mason L.

    Hey I'm level 57 too

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