(XBOX/PS3/PC) How to Level up your Skyrim Character SUPER FAST!

Thanks for watching :)

This is a great method to level up your Skyrim character
really fast. I'm sure there are more variations of this
thequnique, however higher leveled players should
definitly try this and see if it works for them. Please
post your feedback in the comments as I would like to see
if everyone else had the same results.

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  • Purple Cucumber

    Legend says Allune is still hitting him until this day

  • Iscuk Gaming


  • Windmill 88

    small question: how do you get your follower to stop hitting you? I want to get to level 30 so I can do a quest to get the ebony mail, but I am only level 17 :T

  • Bryn Morriss

     works great on a giant if u dont have a good weapon or follower. 

  • ryan ralph

    MUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLE now ur level 20 having spent 2 minuets playing the game remember kids MUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLEMUFFLE

  • Ibo's channel

    I admire your ebony armor plus nightingale hood combo. Very cool.

  • Tommy Hemer

    I was level 40 and within 10 mins I got to 43 this is definitely the best method I've seen

  • akajeffchang

    U wont k ow bout thid if u dont play destiny... does anyone notice his "ruin wing" guantlets.

  • Butt Pubes

    Using a shout to knock them back gives you time to heal.

  • Maksymilian Karbowniczek

    Or just go to Highhrothgar sneak behind a grey beard while they're meditating and sneak attack them with a dagger, that got me from level 8 to level 47 in 1 hour

  • JonTron Plays Saxophone

    Also works with giants.

  • Loagan Stephenson

    I did the blocking thing in the thieves guild and did for a few hours and got my block to 78 legendary 3

  • NuclearPath

    Thank you for being the first person when I searched this to actually be talking about leveling up, I havent even watched the video yet but props to you.

  • Phat Cat

    Bruh what other follower would do so

  • xenia links

    i accidentially beheaded vilkas when hitting him ooops

  • DJ_Keegan

    I gave lydia chillrend I couldent get up now im dead ;-;-;-;-;-;-;

  • Ethan Wade Willox

    hi again i'm now level 75

  • jace barton

    Ethan Creveing what armor is that, and how do you get it

  • Zombieflesh 11234

    To make her stop hitting you do you just die?

  • SpaceCows

    I'm level 27. I saw a kid do one of these videos but he was a level 1

  • Kaotic Phoenix

    I used to do this but instead I got someone trapped in the corner and taped the block button on my controller and had my player wear fast regen clothing LOL but I never thought to make it legendary and keep on leveling, thanks for the tip! :D

  • DDarkestWebb Jasper


  • Maxence Van Goethem

    Another one is just to go to High Hrotghar between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. when 2 of the Greybeards are praying in the central hall right after you come in, and then crouch behind them and hit one of them 2/3 times from the back. After this, you go to the other one (behind the big wall) and do the same. Your sneaking will shoot up, and so will your overall level. You can keep repeating this, just give their health the time to regenerate. If you hit them more than 3 times (I've experienced this twice, might not be the same with you guys), they will turn around and attack you. And I promise you, they will f*ck you up

  • D G

    I recommend getting a 25% mana cost reduction for alteration and dual cast telekinesis on an object. Also put rubber bands on the controller and come back every 10 minutes to reset the skill tree( I've reached legendary 14 times now)

  • BurnBaby

    Guys you can also level up your speech buy going to dawnstar and selling all your items to khajiiti and then goin to iron mine (folloving upper path) and finding hidden chest and then taking all your stuffs back and then repeating the process over and over again...

  • Aephol

    Another really fast way is to first get 100 Illusion and get the master level pacify, then legendary your Illusion and use the spell in the middle of a town where lots of people are and just repeat over and over

  • Loyal Game Theorist

    Or just go to a alchemy stand, (That's what I'm calling it.) And do the restoration glitch. You can level up 15-100 in 5 seconds only for around 60 gold. And if you want a different skill tree to level up, let's say smithing, make a smithing potion around when the restoration potion says 5000-65000 better restoration spells. You'll have a smithing potion that will say '(Number) better improving armor and weapons.'. Then go to a grinding stone or the armor improving thing, and drink the potion. Improve an armor piece or weapon. Then boom! 100 smithing. If you only level up around 30 more levels of smithing, keep improving different armor pieces or weapons.Or if you want to level up speech, do the restoration glitch again, and get a potion that sells over 500,000 gold. Go to Dawnstar and wait for the khajiits to appear. When they do, go to the khajiit that sells and buys stuff. Sell the potion that costs over 500,000$ even though it says "(name) doesn't have enough money". After you sell it, go to the chest to the left of the iron mine. (In Dawnstar of course) Your potion should be in there along with some other goodies. And if you didn't level up to 100, repeat! Or if you want to level up sneak, (Totally different tactic) Go to HighHrothgar and go sneak behind a greybeard. Use a dagger and cut his back up. He'll soon stand up when you do enough damage to him, and when he does, wait for around 2 seconds. Then start hitting him again. If he's low on health, wait for one hour. Keep doing this until you're happy with your sneak level. I'd recommend saving once and a while. Legendary these skills and repeat. You'll be level 0 to a 100 real quick.Guide: On how to get OP weapons and armor. (Beware, this will ruin the whole game's meaning. But if you want to have some fun.)Do the restoration glitch again. This time to 75000-125000. So it should say ' (75000-125000) Better restoration spells.'  Drink that potion and make a smithing and enchanting potion. Go to a grinding stone or an armor improving stand. Get any kind of armor or weapon. (Weak Pieces of armor recommended, or stronger pieces for almost god mode.) Drink the smithing potion. And improve that armor/weapon piece. After that, look at it's armor/damage rating. It's pretty impressive. But you can upgrade that even more. Go to an enchanting table and grab that armor piece or that weapon. Drink that enchanting potion, and enchant that armor piece or weapon. (With a grand soul gem, if wanted to the max power.) And look at that baby... You're basically unstoppable.If you want to be a master of Light armor, Heavy armor and blocking, do the same thing. Do the restoration glitch again. This time to 100000-250000. Drink that potion and make a smithing potion. Get a set of what you want to level up. (For example, if you want to level up light armor, get a full set of light armor.) After that, go to a armor improving thing, and drink the smithing potion. Improve all of armor set or shield. Next, equip your shield or armor. Go to a giant camp and make a giant mad at you. Make him hit you. Use your shield to protect you, (if you want to level up shield) If you only brought that insane light/heavy armor, just let him hit you. You're basically on god mode. You soon will be leveling up with no effort at all.This is cheating. But if you only want to level up, burn all of the items you made. You now kind of cheated, but you at least can play it without one shotting Alduin and still make over 200 hours of gameplay possible.Sorry if there are some mistakes. I kind of went insane at the end trying to finish this.

  • A_Very_Salty _boi

    Hoi what is wrong with your 3rd person eyes

  • Matthew Wilson

    You can do this with any enemy

  • Megan Bryant

    i hate blo blocking it just slows you down

  • tre wright

    If.ur not to lazy you can also get 100 illusion and get the skill harmony and go to whiterun in the market area and throw it down i takes you 15-57 all the way to 100 after 5 goes also its like 700 magicka so get the 25 % reduce on 4 equipment and do it and itll be 0

  • Devil Ape

    1.buy leather strip and iron ingot2.craft iron dagger3.you will level up fastim level 19 but my smithing level 73IM COMING EBONY!!!

  • Dominic Red

    You could get a follower the levels up your skills and then you can keep paying them and then going to the inventory and get your money back and keep doing it over and over again until you skill are all the way up

  • francisofthelamb

    that dagger makes 50 damage :D I thought my sword was good it just makes like 49

  • Xnova2013

    she won't stop attacking me

  • noah hederman

    this works better with a stronger person attacking you. i exploded this trick with a deadric shield and a giant and my blocking went from 15 to 100, 3 times within an hour and a half. find a giant to do this with and it will work better. just make sure not to die in the process.

  • Tabitha Oneill

    It's nightingale hood from the thieves guild quest line

  • Eric Bishton

    player.advskill ______ ####Number varies by skill. 5000 points of one skill will give you a million levels and in other skills 50,000 will give you two.

  • Jonathan Aleman

    i levels 76. everyone try kill me they can not do it. Because i upgrade health and stamina. in game

  • GR-75 Medium Transport

    You look like noob saibot

  • maik will

    Go up to a mud crab and tape down the trigger and wait

  • Spineriot

    my follower had the giants club equipted and when I when I blocked it took three hits to kill me

  • Astoris

    Illusion is way better.Courage and muffle.

  • Nuked hotburger

    (OR you can just summon something like a like flame astranoch or normal familliar and put difficulty on expert or legendary and anger dem)

  • Briana Lawless

    if you have really good armor you can do this with giants like 1 hit equals 1 level up in blocking

  • Cloud Gaming and Dubstep

    um...I use a build were I use only my fists...awkward...

  • Drummerman 1995

    I do that with giants one hit from them my block skill will increase by 3 points and I legendary'd my block fifteen times and in half a week I went from 30 to 90

  • Nikolaso 91

    Hey! Sup guys?, what is your favorite questline on skyim? Mine are the dark brotherhood, college of winterhold andthe civil war

  • Edgars

    0:10 what do you mean :Dyou are clearly showing how to level up blocking :D

  • Ethan Wade Willox

    so really that video you made would rally help people to level up fast and they would get to get better stuff thats what i was doing so that was very helpful

  • Dynamite Productionz Inc.

    Go to high horothgar and sneak behind one of the greybeards while they are meditateing, and countinuosly attack them with an iron dagger. When you reach sneak 100, reset it and keep going

  • TwigFromTheFlats

    Does she try to kill you forever.... Because I kinda let my follower Cary all my second best stuff

  • Greg Abell

    Do they ever stop attacking

  • Schroeder_2000

    I did that in oblivion it works great.

  • Ladinate

    Your on PC you could just put tgm

  • James Brett

    To increase your destruction and 1/2 handed weapons if you have shadowmere you can keep attacking it and your skill will keep increasing

  • Deivison Carvalho

    I did this with a Giant and liked soo much the moon but anyway it Works better with giants

  • DDarkestWebb Jasper


  • Reality-Flash492003160

    can this also work on novice?

  • yeah?

    He sounds like GhostRobo

  • yeah?

    He sounds like GhostRobo

  • Natasha Senchuk

    I just go to a greybeard and sneak attack him when he's praying to level up sneak, and then use healing hands when his health is low for restoration :)

  • TeamWhiteguysTV

    this did not fkn work1 i just lost my follower!

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