Skyrim: 5 Secretly Interesting Characters you May Not Have Spotted in The Elder Scrolls 5

Skyrim is a large world with literally hundreds of complex and interesting characters littered throughout the world of The Elder Scrolls 5. However some are more complex and interesting than others, with their own hidden secrets. So today we take a look at 5 Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim characters with interesting secrets.
  • TheEpicNate315

    Changed the thumbnail in case anyone's wondering. I'm incapable of making decisions.

  • IAmTheRedd

    lemme just pack my bags and take a boat up to Oblivion

  • Asskeel

    "He decided to move to Oblivion" No, he moved to Cyrodiil. You had one job, Nate!<3

  • asdfghjkl zxcvbnm

    sissel the little girl at rorik stead, if u talk to her, she will mention that she once has a dream that there's a good dragon and he is old and gray.

  • keeg

    You forgot to mention Runil is actually a worshipper of Talos, despite being a high elf.

  • SwordBreaker925

    Juib's severed head can actually be found in Kvatch in Oblivion. It's in a ruined house that, when approached, a dremora mage will come out of. It's amazing that they put an easter egg in Oblivion that you cant understand until you play Skyrim

  • ThisIsAUser Name

    Ayy, how's it going Nate it's "guys" here ;)

  • Mikeztarp

    Only 300 seconds? No wonder he doesn't have a wife.

  • Draugr Deathlord

    You neglected to mention the entire second half of the last entry in runil's journal which is: "The dream changed, then. I was here in Falkreath, performing a service for someone who had just passed away, though I do not recall who. From the corner of my eye, I saw a stranger approaching. I turned to look, but the shadow came again, and the roar, and then I awoke." The approaching of the stranger which leads to the dragon reappearing is an obvious reference to the coming of the last dragonborn.

  • Madame Ghostie

    How about the little girl in Rorikstead who knew about Paarthurnax? I always thought that was really interesting.

  • Renchery- LoneWolf

    "in 2032 in elder scrolls 6" xD

  • Rebelle

    I can't believe you forgot Maiq

  • Ferox

    this is just crazy. cant believe how much depth this game has.the story about glover mallory actually makes me quite sad

  • Pybro

    The Dragonborn. Everyone considers him as this hero of there time destined to slay Alduin, help the dawnguard and stop the vampire crisis, and save the nord village at soltheim from the First Drgonborn, Miraak. But it turns out that he is the guildmaster of the infamous thieves guild, the leader and listener of the assassin faction The Dark Brotherhood, and a fus ro dah'er or goats.

  • Cordiel Direnni

    Ever noticed Faralda, an altmer of whom we know nothing about regarding her past, is the only character in the college of Winterhold to take action against Ancano before his betrayal is evident by warning you about him without the need of you asking her and that he's been looking for you so you can be prepared? I didn't catch that the first time around. Her attitude implies she's been watching him and antagonizes him on a deeper level than the other characters in the college. I think there's more than meets the eye regarding Faralda. Perhaps she fled the Summerset isles to escape the Thalmor or something.

  • SirSirupy

    Romeo Battle-Born and Juliet Grey-Mane. I love it.

  • Gonçalo Almeida

    Oh man, you forgot to include Falion, the mage located in Morthal. At first, he seems just another run of the mill character, but when you further progress through his dialogue options, you discover the man actually went to the many planes of Oblivion and even talked to a dwemer. Also, he can cure Vampyrism.

  • Vilkas

    We all know Nazeem is hiding something. He's hiding that he's evil incarnate, and his lines and attitude hide it in plain sight. >_>

  • KelpyG Shakes

    Wait is 2036 the actual date for elder scrolls 6?!

  • Internet Boy

    Dude uses Viagra.. Guess that constitutes an interesting character nowadays.

  • Max Fernando

    What about filthiem who was a former blade and will attack the player on sight if you have thalmor armor on

  • -Vale -

    "Might get ads removed." Ah, I see that you, too, like to talk about the weather.

  • Necromancer4267

    My favorite part is that the Stallion's Potion only lasts exactly 5 minutes.

  • Hard Candy


  • Amazatastic

    "maybe we'll see him in 2032"

  • Ay Ayla

    actually, Jon and Olfina's secret love does impact the game ;) If you steal the love letter during the Missing in Action Quest, you can "convince" Jon to give up the news of Thorald's true fate.Interesting vid :)

  • seriosly

    am I the only one to notice that runil is kinda gay ? in his diary he constantly writes about young man he met and how bitter sweet it was too help his servant to go on after he lost someone

  • Soldier of Wotan

    So much potential for additional quests, if Bethesda was smart they'd use it to make more content....We're going to get more horse armor, aren't we?

  • John Wang

    There's also the steward and thane of Solitude, if you sneak into the Thane's home at night, they have a clandestine meeting where they express their love for each other. Caught me by surprise, the first time it happened. I think their names are Falk Firebeard and Thane Bryling.

  • Gandalf Odinson

    I think he means 3032 when ES6 comes out lol

  • Trey Charles

    The fault Skyrim has which games like New Vegas did very well on, was the ability to further learn of an NPC's backstory and motives after having the extra information you've collected in books/notes you've found.If you collect something new describing an NPC, or learn very deadly/valuable information you should be able to question said NPC. This adds great immersion, and brings that old school RPG back to life.

  • Ryjak

    I was always annoyed that you couldn't bring that letter to Sapphire.

  • raleigh

    the Graymanes and the battleborns are also similar to the Hatfields and McCoys

  • Aksana dia

    i highly suggest you follow Carlotta Valentina around if you're looking for someone who is hiding more than you would think

  • I Go O I

    I had always been pretty suspicious of the heimskr. Then I figured out he's just nuts.

  • Berenger Christy

    My name's Jarl Balgruuf, and I be BALLIN!

  • Deni

    officially died at 3:13

  • sedriensmorgasbord

    "Maybe we'll see him again in 2032 with The Elder Scrolls VI." LOL I hope it's not that far away...

  • Space Man

    Faendel in riverwood had children toys and clothes in his house... a bit creepy when I first discovered it since he lives by himself, I never use him as a companion anymore

  • HolyMolyOllyPolly

    Runil's name is actually pronounced "Roo-nil" not "runnel." I mean, imagine being named after a channel of water.

  • Mr Luxarina

    My favourite is still that woman you have to blackmail/intimidate for the thieves' guild - Haelga, I think? - who, if you lockpick into her room, you find has shackles on her bedpost, stamina potions and an erotica novel on her bedside table, and a horker tusk under her bed. Nord women are kinky, I guess.

  • Brandiwell

    Dude. The old guy is not necessarily promiscuous or particularly wild. He's just... old and the Stallion's Potion is Skyrim's equivalent of Viagra. Maybe he's been seeing a nice, unnamed lady in town for a long time. All this incident really suggests is that he needs help in sustaining an erection.If you're looking for a juicy sex life, Haelga yields significantly more interesting (and amusing) results.

  • Mac_ Kenzee

    You get different reactions when you play as a female.

  • Dave Light

    Maiq the LiarHe is quite the strange and fascinating character, he is a reappearance of Maiq the Liar from Elder Scrolls:IV, and the things he says might not actually be lies...

  • Rue B

    4:55 Wait wait... Delvin is Sapphire's uncle!? And she doesn't know? How did I not know this!? And isn't Sapphire a false name that she uses? Now I really want to look into this character more.

  • derpspider

    fultheim from the nightgate inn is a former blade

  • Elusive

    You can also find his head (heads) in oblivion inside kavatch.....for Jiub

  • Amazatastic

    Omg the story about sapphires dad is worse when you know what happened to her :(

  • YipTic


  • Mitch Rothwell A2

    so yknow Runil's last journal entry, do you think he was describing Alduin as he was flying over Falkreath towards Helgen to the start of the game? i don't know the diary entry date but yeah would be cool

  • Mason H

    Maybe We will see him again when Elder Scrolls: VI is released in 2032. XD

  • Dragon Venom

    3:37 Red Bull+Monster=stallion's potionStamina increased

  • James Burton

    bloodist beef in the reach

  • Thovrus

    Hey Nate, great video! Can you tell me the name of the song in the end of your videos? You don't really mention it in your videos or in the descriptions, so it would be really helpful if you did.

  • loading Name

    uggggh why does no one talk about Juib decapitated head in kavatch?

  • BethDeth77

    Raerik - gonna give someone "what for" for a whole 5 minutes via that stallion potion. #Whattaguy! Lol

  • Chris Monty

    Sybille Stentor, the true ruler of skyrim...until you cross her masterplan by killing potema and putting her to sleep.

  • WTFMANify

    "Maybe we'll see him again in 2032 with the Elder Scrolls 6". Accurate

  • Personal Dedicated Humor Not Found

    So..Sapphire Mallory or whatevs it's spelled.Intruiging, yet it makes me wonder what house belongs to them.

  • Aeladya

    Also you can use that letter from Olfina as blackmail to Jon during the quest Missing in Action.You can also give Glover's letter to Sapphire and you get a gem for it.

  • That Guy Adrian

    You can actually give the letter to saphire and she will reward you with a saphire after some unique dialogue

  • Y O U R L O C Å L T R Å S H M O U T H

    A very,Clears throatActive man Lmao 😂😂😂

  • Marta Tarasiuk

    I really wish the necrophiliac lady from Oblivion would make an appearance in Skyrim. Do you think she'll return for TES6?

  • Erebos, God of Nerds

    Ironically, Runil died to a dragon attack in my most recent play through

  • Flashera

    >> Implying Skyrim characters aren't one dimensional.Wat?

  • Jeremy Grant

    You can take the letter to Sapphire and get some unique dialogue from her

  • Kendo 2

    Olifina Graymane was originally named 'Olfina the Gold' and she was supposed to be a warrior, not a bar maid. Her dialogue reflects this if you pay attention.

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