Skyrim: 5 Subtle Immersive Immersion Mods You Didn't Know You Needed for The Elder Scrolls 5

Skyrim's a game where immersion matter, thankfully after 6 years, modders are helping to ensure that The Elder Scrolls 5 never stops getting "immersiver". Today we take a look at 5 subtle, extremely useful immersive mods, that may deserve a bit more love in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Pastel Map Markers
Skyrim Special Edition:
Skyrim Original:

Wonders of Weather
Skyrim Special Edition:
Skyrim Original:

Nordic Carriage Company
Skyrim Special Edition:
Skyrim Original: N/A (I was wrong, surprisingly this is only SSE)

Bells of Skyrim
Skyrim Special Edition: (Really, really long link, still on Nexus, just too long to enter)
Skyrim Original:

Holidays of Skyrim:
Skyrim Special Edition:
Skyrim Original:
  • fireblast133

    I remember a mod that read the in game day you defeated Alduin, then when that day rolled around again it was a new holiday

  • The Eloquent Pagan

    I love immersive immersing immersion mods they make me feel very immersed.

  • Traps are gay and so am I

    We need a mod that adds new ways to kill Nazeem.

  • Tydus Tarien

    The modding community makes the official release look like alpha build LOL

  • Adam Thompson

    Your channel is immersive. I feel immersed when watching your videos. Awesome work Nate again.:) also I have a Xbox one s and want to use mods but I had so much trouble I had a head bobby glitch when I would enter helgen at the start. It waisted a day trying to figure out why, then I got a infinite load screen and waisted another day so I have been to scared to try mods again. Fallout 4 with mods works really well but I can’t get skyrim to work. There are some amazing mods compared to PS4 on Xbox one. Mind you ps4 mods have come along way since skyrim launched. I have no trouble with mods on PS4. I hope to try mods again soon on Xbox one. Un modded skyrim is still nice and I get achievements yay. (Doing thieves guild currently!) thank you so much again Nate. Any tips or ideas on load order or what a good set of mods are to make skyrim more skyrim let me know please thank you

  • Soldier of Wotan

    Will this game ever run out of new content? I swear to god one day we're going to get a 'DLC' type mod that has as much stuff in it as the actual game.

  • Primordial Bias

    I think a better title would be "5 Immersively Subtle Immersive Immersion Mods You Immersively Didn't Know You Immersively Needed for The Immersive Scrolls 5: Immersionrim."

  • Ivan Nikolic

    I find Skyrim much more immersive and fun to play with "Frostfall" and "Realistic needs and diseas". The first one offers cold exposure, the need to build shelters and campfire to warm up. The second one introduces the need for food, water and sleep, and a lot of settings, like how long until food goes stale. Both of these make Skyrim more realistic to play and I can't play without it anymore.

  • Joshua Kievit

    Not to be a stickler, (means I'm gonna make a stickler comment) but there would not be any meteorites in the Elder Scrolls world. This is because there is in fact no "outer space". All the stars, and even the Sun, are holes punched through the fabric of the plane of Nirn into Aetherius by the spirits that fled the creation of Nirn very near the beginning. They didn't really fancy the idea of losing their forms and a great deal of they're power in the process of creation... kinda makes sense... not that I support Daedra :P

  • Spellweaver

    How in the world are colored map markers "immersive"? Map markers in general aren't immersive at all.

  • Bishop of Wasd

    But is it......IMMERSIVE?

  • Mark Kirchner

    The first one isnt immersion really...

  • salt

    Thank god people keep posting Skyrim Videos.

  • Rezz

    Some of these should have been a standard in the game.

  • Jimmy Two Times

    Make "5 more ways to milk this game" videolmao

  • Andrew Truslove

    The guy with the Purple Scarf in combat at time 3:30 xD xD super Immersive!

  • razgriz821

    map markers aren't immersive as F#CK though...

  • Slayer Runefrost

    I really like how they included holidays in Fallout 4. For example, if you're playing on Christmas or Halloween and you go into a place like Diamond City, you will find it decorated appropriately.

  • Steveus Neo

    This has ignited me to go ahead and continue and never give up on building my monster gaming pc. Thank you EpicNate!

  • Star Lord

    "Mods You Didn't Know You Needed" Jokes on you, I already knew (and have 3 of them) these mods :P

  • Aeghamedic

    I don't think a galactic band in the sky makes sense, considering how TES cosmology works. Nirn isn't in a galaxy.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Could you please make this into a new series?

  • joey4track

    My Skyrim is way too dangerous to be riding around in horse carts yo

  • Madhijz

    Meteor showers that aren't overly gratuitous in a video game now that is a rare and pleasant sight.

  • JeremyEatWorld

    I think i´m gonna try some of these mods, but if you want a more lore-friendly carriage-mod, use "Touring Carriages" instead. It does nearly the same as "Nordic Carriage Company" but instead of adding new carriages, it uses the already existing ones.

  • AJ Basco

    Yo I'm totally gonna get that party mod, it sounds lit af

  • Sal Monaco

    Wish I could watch this but I’m at work! :(

  • Divided Reality

    Now what's missing are better facial expressions.

  • MediocreDragonborn

    I really enjoy these lesser known mods and would love to see this turn into its own series. Keep up the great work nate!

  • gingercore69

    Dont remember the name, but the "realistic first person view" made it soooo immersive

  • Azazura Azura

    ps4 payer here :'(

  • Adam Baker

    The problem with Bells of Skyrim they dont have anything that logically would be used to ring the massive bells and such things would be far too large for a human to ring unaided and would require a mechanism like a system of pulleys or a hammer to strike it. I would like instead you have guards on a watchtower sounding a horn.

  • Bob Versyp

    the lighting is so nice in your game, what mod do you use for that?

  • salaam1st

    Any mod that places more citizens in the big cities?

  • Luka Kastelan

    what enb are you using?

  • M.Grey

    so how many of these immersive,graphics mods can i inject in my xbox one slim 2tb before it finally crashes?like seriously pc master race all the way but still there should be at least 20 heavy mods playable for like 7 hours.

  • MAK

    Tourning coariages is better than the one u montioned

  • Jhaylen Lozada

    multiple followers glitch on ps4 where followers keep on attacking me and other followers upon talking 2 them. is there anyway 2 fix or should I just kill them?

  • jan409

    i always thought nordic carriage company requires SKSE and is not released for special edition, turns out it's the exact opposite.

  • Galactic Lord

    Shooting stars? No, we want shouting stars: in the middle of the night, you hear a faint “Fus ro da!”

  • Jimmy Simmons

    Recently found the channel and started watching this while I play trough as aa apologist altimer. I liked the map markers you've been using and was stoked that you linked it. I kept forgetting t look for it.

  • Stefan M.

    I like that you did not mistake immersion for realism. Often the two go hand-in-hand, but this is not always true.For example, if the guards of Skyrim were realistic, you would be very hard pressed to ever successfully steal something, which can take you out of the game as you get frustrated trying to complete quests for the Thieves Guild.I really do appreciate you did not make that misconception with this list, instead showing immersive, though not always realistic, mods.

  • le Beast

    Immersively immersive dust

  • Bryson McLaughlin

    excellent video! This is excactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the work you put into this vid!

  • Rezolution

    2:42 he hits the wrong guy and the guard gets mad 😂

  • Alex Radu

    oh boi, cant wait for my new 24 inch monitor to arrive so i can play skyrim. HYPE

  • Deni

    nice vid, but i miss the discussion videos tbh

  • Limitless Beast

    standalone draugr weaponry is so good and detailed, it needs to get more attention and on that note I ha e almost all these mods and they are so much fun I highly suggest you all get them.

  • Desertskunk

    The nordic carriage mod? There's one that does use the vanilla assets as part of the content was intended for those to be live time carriage ride, including vanilla dialogue that had been recorded but cut being returned. The mod that does this is called Touring Carriages, and does the same thing as the one you brought up, but without having to make new carriages.

  • Axel Dornelles

    Please make videos more frequently, your channel is my favourite for this kind of thing.

  • Ariel Royalty

    Need PS4 mods love the idea of the carriage mod but it is not available for the PS4!!!!

  • Tizio Tizietti

    Number 1: immersive immersion

  • Bjajjeg

    I thought I'd see Immersive Laundry here.

  • GreenTea

    Touring Carriages is for Oldrim in case you want a carriage mod.

  • Arrender

    Sorry but the map markers arent immersive

  • LadyZubat

    Because I prefer to play og Skyrim over the special edition I just downloaded everything one of these modes outside of the carriage one.

  • Jose Mari Divina

    can someone link me the guards with cloak

  • Wolfz Paw

    celebration and increase population is good pairing =D

  • Half Prince

    5:46 When you're enjoying a party and then you remember you're antisocial #turtleproblems

  • PranGon :

    Touring Carriages can use the vanilla carriages to perform the same thing, as theNordic Carriage Company.

  • Ljubiša Vuković

    The carriage mod is interesting but having tested it out, I wouldn't recommend it. It bugs out way too often. I wanted to go from Whiterun to Solitude with a carriage but it got stuck in Rorickstead because the horse got stuck in a farmhouse wall.

  • Dr. Dread of the Great Horror Library

    Any of these available for the PS4?

  • shad slayer

    do you have a list of your preferred mods that you never uninstall?

  • Kabooom and Stuff

    There's a horse armour mod that makes each hold's horses have different armours

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