Skyrim - Cheats part 1/2

Those cheats works only for the PC version of skyrim.

All cheats:

1. Tgm

2. Tc

3. player.placeatme [item/npc ID] [quantity]

(you can also use player.additem [id] [quantity], but this one is only for items)

4. Kill/Killall/Resurrect

5. Tcl

6. Player.setav speedmult ###

7. Player.setscale ###

8. Psb

9. coc qasmoke/coc riverwood

10. showracemenu. WARNING!!! Do not be in third person view while changing your character, or it might turn invisible

11. removeallitems

12. player.modav carryweight ###

All item ID's here: (updated)
Once you have opened the Excel document, there are different pages you can click on. F.eks: One for clothing, one for weapons, one for food etc..

All Npc ID's here:

Check out this AWESOME channel!:
  • Scarlet **

    throughout the videos of commands I've seen, I like this one the best ^-^

  • Pawan Chaudhary

    How to absorb dragon soul with code

  • krotha99

    Muchas gracias no sabes lo que me sirve 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • RonexPlays Plays

    Could you tell me how I delet my Crimegold

  • ghanshyam vaniya

    who press key to cheats mod opan in keyboard plzzz can u help me....

  • Sage Guenther

    Speedmult doesn't work!

  • Ayman Vicious

    how to get out of tc? mean want play my character back(sorry bad english)

  • Rafli Rajayusof

    usefull as fuc* thanks a lot


    giant people plus removeallitems

  • gaben lord

    dude you are my love. Thank you so much for the room

  • Hussein Alyosef

    No cheats i want to enjoy the game

  • Khodery

    is it still working till now ?

  • Anime girl #love

    U just saved my life thanks:-D

  • De Rick

    i spawnned in 500k daedra hearts and my game crashed and i had to restart my computer and it came up with a blue screen and i flipped the fuck out but its all good my computers fine lol

  • Andrew404

    wend you have the tcl (noclip) command can you use the speed command?

  • Ahmet Burak Aykul

    how go to 3rd person view

  • Pigeon Power

    Is there cheat for reseting all bounds?

  • Tom Lee

    Bro you fucking rock man! thanks for sharing :)

  • Ali Asyoun

    how can i get this awsome armor you are wearing using cheats

  • deadly demons

    This is like the best video ever ❤️

  • mine crafter

    Ploxress say,2 Cheats: say,drop

  • Dollas woop woop

    /bind p #killcode# bind it to mouse2 and instakillaim

  • Asura

    use tcl and check under the shop stands,there are chests under them but you need to use setownership on them

  • BritishXXXAnarchy7

    If I wanted to mod an enchantment armor etc weapon like say a steel sword, could I make it do 500 damage exactly?

  • Ali Asyoun

    how to disapel the all shout and spells


    i went to qasmoke and took all standard i want to drop all of them at one can i do this.

  • Dragonk116

    These arn't cheats, these are console commands that are intended for the PC version of the game. 

  • J u z e K3

    A living legend man thx -

  • Tarek Ghonem

    my advice for every one cheats will make the game boring

  • Anna Pheby

    Tcl isn't working for me

  • SpuzzFipple

    My friend got a hacked version and managed to kill Ulfric before the tutorial was over.

  • Ghost Duke Vladamir

    so, just asking, could I kill a guard, steal his clothes and then resurrect him to make him walk around naked?

  • Blake Richardson

    how do you do player.additem (ID) (amount) without it saying "COMPILED SCRIPT NOT SAVED!"

  • iiFloopyPanda and I SUCK AT OSU

    Is there a download? N Wut verison of skyrim is dis?

  • Just Nick.

    Hidden chests... 1 chest which you can find on console in less than a minute.

  • PhePhe

    how do u even open that menu to type the codes

  • ajibade john

    Niceee. But is there a cheat to remove all spell

  • george goudinoudis

    Where can I find the ID codes for items??

  • Ix Suomi

    Speed doesn't work anymore, I think I have tried it out few times with setting to 200, but it says not funding...

  • TheYdreboy

    how do i get back from the all iteim crap? XD

  • Gabriel Tomasi

    i can't make the ''tc'' thing to work :(

  • Siraj Merdad

    I added all the shouts and spells, how can i remove them someone please tell me

  • Gerel Bazarachaa

    That's a moose xD not a deer

  • tanner roberts

    wht is the command for skill points?

  • Kyriakos Staurou

    what must press for type code?

  • U Oliveira

    i can use this commands on steam version without lose the accirements?

  • Tales Gomes

    use the cheat tc into a dragon

  • Blue Pumpkin

    can someone tell me id for the best crossbow i cannot find a code enywhere

  • Jake Henry

    next time I'm in a dungeon I'm going to use killall on zombies and makee my brothers freak out

  • Rain

    These are mods not cheats you fucknut

  • Asuma XZ

    If you have a acc you dont wanna louse dont do comands/Cheats i did LOL.

  • Mysticactus

    Is being a werewolf a cheat or not?

  • FeaturedCyber

    +ploxress is this for steam how do i open the chat thingy xD

  • Dan_Dan _Noodles

    My guy is stuck flying, and when I type tcl, nothing happens. Halp!

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