Skyrim - Cheats part 1/2

Find a searchable list of all Skyrim console commands at

These cheats work only for the PC version of skyrim.

All cheats:

1. Tgm

2. Tc

3. player.placeatme [item/npc ID] [quantity]

(you can also use player.additem [id] [quantity], but this one is only for items)

4. Kill/Killall/Resurrect

5. Tcl

6. Player.setav speedmult ###

7. Player.setscale ###

8. Psb

9. coc qasmoke/coc riverwood

10. showracemenu. WARNING!!! Do not be in third person view while changing your character, or it might turn invisible

11. removeallitems

12. player.modav carryweight ###

All item ID's here: (updated)
Once you have opened the Excel document, there are different pages you can click on. F.eks: One for clothing, one for weapons, one for food etc..

All Npc ID's here:

Check out this AWESOME channel!:
  • Side Winder

    im never getting off skyrim

  • De Rick

    i spawnned in 500k daedra hearts and my game crashed and i had to restart my computer and it came up with a blue screen and i flipped the fuck out but its all good my computers fine lol

  • Diamond Sword Ep

    Thanks Bro Helped me ALOT!

  • Tommy Chainsaw

    thanks 4 the nice cheats! :)

  • koning klost

    Theres a new app for Android with all Commands AND ID's called Dragonborn ConsoleI think it's the best around.. look it up in play store!

  • Hollow Fontes

    press " caqs "

  • Tales Gomes

    use the cheat tc into a dragon

  • EoinWasHere123

    Thankyou soooo much!!! I am so subscribing!!!!

  • RSX GamerRichard

    Thx man im subscribing you for such great help

  • Kacper Kalinowski

    Its posible to control the Dragon ?

  • Hircane

    I really enjoyed this video really good work :D👍

  • Enmanuel Chang

    thanks man this was really helpful , how can i do 3rd person viwe on a windows 8 Palvion?

  • CRYTEK 121

    the shouts don't work

  • BloodshadeSin

    To get out of coc qasmoke Use coc whiterun or anywhere

  • Ettore

    Thank you so much i'm liking and subbing :)

  • Whitedragonking Ocola

    Thank you I got stuck because the game glitch out.

  • Jaida Reed

    What does complied script not saved mean?

  • Beta

    hove to remove magic to set it for my lvl

  • Marvin Martinez

    how do you get out of room with all game stuff? (please respond need help).....

  • Victor Yang

    This guy deserves at least 100000000 Subs

  • Jaida Reed

    What does could not parse line mean?

  • general grievous

    oh my god now am the demon of the skyrim !!

  • skirtskirt

    you have help me you are cool

  • Reilly Kaup

    im pre sure thats not a deer

  • Godslave Beat

    usefull as fuc* thanks a lot

  • Master Dimitrov

    Awesome video bro.Nice job!! :D

  • Ah'At Bishokuya

    Would using the cheats corrupt the game data?

  • Emil

    Just player.additem "id"

  • bilal demir

    hey are you give best armor or best sword gun code ?

  • PhePhe

    how do u even open that menu to type the codes

  • Scarlet **

    throughout the videos of commands I've seen, I like this one the best ^-^

  • Hassan Haq

    U deserve 1000000 subscribers dude. thanx!

  • Mitsukuni_Vargas

    Very useful thanks ever so much

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    ajajajajajajajaja :D muy bueno!! :D ajajajajajajaja, no sabia eso! :D

  • Guardians of Gaming

    CRAP SCREW U NISSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • General Beanie

    wanna get his armor? first go to console then type player.additem (Item ID) 1all the ids is here:0001396A Daedric Boots0001396B Daedric Armor0001396C Daedric Gauntlets0001396D Daedric Helmet

  • arthun zala

    thanks you are the best

  • Scruffy Gamer

    the resurrect command doesnt work

  • marcial v

    They arent cheatsIs just console commaandds

  • Tarek Ghonem

    my advice for every one cheats will make the game boring

  • Crabcore4one

    i can't make my character slow down againhelp?

  • The Row

    If i do get the PC version I'll probably just use the capacity consol command and add gold...

  • Dragoner Productions

    These arn't cheats, these are console commands that are intended for the PC version of the game. 

  • Alexander Fireriver

    so much more helpful than cheat web sites thx :)

  • lovesashdreams

    0.55 Yeah... that's totally a deer man... also get a mic.

  • Asasindel Picks

    oho thanks very much and now skyrim is my very esay game in the world :d

  • John Ryan Padua

    thx for the cheets dude nice...where did you find that friken cheats?awesome men

  • Mark West

    You can also type "tdetect" into your console to make you invisable to all NPC's.

  • marcus celio

    none of these are working

  • Anonymous Youtuber!

    player.additem 0001396a 1player.additem 0001396b 1 player.additem 0001396c 1player.additem 0001396d 1player.additem 0001391e 1Deadric full armor ;)

  • Ali Asyoun

    how can i get this awsome armor you are wearing using cheats

  • BritishXXXAnarchy7

    If I wanted to mod an enchantment armor etc weapon like say a steel sword, could I make it do 500 damage exactly?

  • Jimmys Tentacles

    How do I stop controlling an npc?

  • General Beanie

    wait did you just cheated that you have daedric armor and helmet using the player.additem (Item ID) 1

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