Skyrim - Cheats part 1/2

Those cheats works only for the PC version of skyrim.

All cheats:

1. Tgm

2. Tc

3. player.placeatme [item/npc ID] [quantity]

(you can also use player.additem [id] [quantity], but this one is only for items)

4. Kill/Killall/Resurrect

5. Tcl

6. Player.setav speedmult ###

7. Player.setscale ###

8. Psb

9. coc qasmoke/coc riverwood

10. showracemenu. WARNING!!! Do not be in third person view while changing your character, or it might turn invisible

11. removeallitems

12. player.modav carryweight ###

All item ID's here: (updated)
Once you have opened the Excel document, there are different pages you can click on. F.eks: One for clothing, one for weapons, one for food etc..

All Npc ID's here:

Check out this AWESOME channel!:
  • Side Winder

    im never getting off skyrim

  • Dragoner Productions

    These arn't cheats, these are console commands that are intended for the PC version of the game. 

  • Tarek Ghonem

    my advice for every one cheats will make the game boring

  • Lipton

    Its posible to control the Dragon ?

  • Christian Ordonez

    player.modav speedmult 100 doesn't work for me... -_-

  • PhePhe

    how do u even open that menu to type the codes

  • Ali Asyoun

    how can i get this awsome armor you are wearing using cheats

  • Scarlet **

    throughout the videos of commands I've seen, I like this one the best ^-^

  • TommyMan

    thanks 4 the nice cheats! :)

  • DoctorWhoOhPikachu

    If you enter Godmode, can you get out of it too?

  • Anime girl #love

    U just saved my life thanks:-D

  • TheYdreboy

    how do i get back from the all iteim crap? XD

  • Gravewalker

    hove to remove magic to set it for my lvl

  • Uxudzu

    Work on legendary edition ?

  • Dollas woop woop

    /bind p #killcode# bind it to mouse2 and instakillaim

  • BritishXXXAnarchy7

    If I wanted to mod an enchantment armor etc weapon like say a steel sword, could I make it do 500 damage exactly?

  • Tales Gomes

    use the cheat tc into a dragon

  • Hollow God

    press " caqs "

  • Random Guyz

    tc works for everthing OMG

  • Rexx23ify

    How do you get out of coc quasmoke?

  • Pigeon Power

    Is there cheat for reseting all bounds?

  • Un Named

    When you use the to cheat how do you turn back?

  • Kayla Lloyd

    That was sooo helpful!

  • Whitedragonking Ocola

    Thank you I got stuck because the game glitch out.

  • koning klost

    Theres a new app for Android with all Commands AND ID's called Dragonborn ConsoleI think it's the best around.. look it up in play store!

  • Marvin Martinez

    how do you get out of room with all game stuff? (please respond need help).....

  • Layne Mcsweeney

    How do you put in codes for skyrim ps3 playstatin

  • Navy __

    I think cheats 1, 8 & 9 are probably the best

  • Jake Henry

    next time I'm in a dungeon I'm going to use killall on zombies and makee my brothers freak out

  • savage guttaboyz

    thxs man for the cheats i got some time killing the strong dragon am very thxful you make the video and showing us the cheats in skyrim on pc

  • Marty

    1,100'th LIKE! (By the way thank you for the cheats!!)

  • Scruffy Gamer

    the resurrect command doesnt work

  • Josué Marín

    ajajajajajajajaja :D muy bueno!! :D ajajajajajajaja, no sabia eso! :D

  • Hircane

    I really enjoyed this video really good work :D👍

  • Bastion

    on pc it's a regular cheat you open the console menu with the '~' button

  • Bastion

    also a cheat (REALY STRONG PC'S ONLY) saq that completes the WHOLE storyline

  • Bastion

    you open it with '~'

  • Bastion

    you may have nothing/no one selected so you don't may have numbers and letters in the top/middle part of the console menu

  • Bastion

    you don't may have something selected (npc's and that stuff) you don't may have numbers and letters in that black on the top

  • ohAproxy

    You just earned yourself a new subscriber, keep it up! :D

  • Anna Pheby

    Tcl isn't working for me

  • Ploxress

    damn.. i dont know why.. i will try to find a new one.. but you can also find the id's ingame with the "help" command

  • Ploxress

    @CorluPKVideoBlog part 2 is soon out :)

  • Ploxress

    @skulcandykid In my part 2 video i have put a link in description with all location IDs. Simply search for dragontoothcrater, and you will find the ID ;) In this case, the id is "DragonLair01Exterior01"

  • Ploxress

    Unfortunately not, for some reason.. Dragons are the only ingame npcs i have found that this don't work on :/

  • Ploxress

    With the mouse wheel. Also, i think you could use "F" to change camera view :)

  • Ploxress

    Don't know :/ they still works perfectly for me

  • Ploxress

    The button at the left side on "1", and over "tab" will open the chat. You don't have to download anything at all do use those cheats ;)

  • Ploxress

    The button under esc ;)

  • Ploxress

    When you select it, it says deer.

  • Ploxress

    I've found a new one now ;)

  • Ploxress

    Yes! No mod is necessary

  • Ploxress

    haha.. yeah, the intro music is very loud! :D

  • Ploxress

    none that i know about :/

  • Ploxress

    im afraid thats not possible :/

  • Ploxress

    Press the button on the left side of 1, and over the tab button.

  • Ploxress

    Hi.. The reason may be that you have selected something else, f.eks an object like a stone. Before you type tcl, press esc to be sure that you haven't selected anything else. I think it's also possible to type "player.tcl" :)

  • Ploxress

    Lol. Go to part 2 of this video. There i show you how to coc to any destination.

  • Ploxress

    Yeah, i use that method a lot, but a lot of the IDs are wrong. And you also get like 10 different codes for each npc

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