Skyrim - Cheats part 1/2

Find a searchable list of all Skyrim console commands at

These cheats work only for the PC version of skyrim.

All cheats:

1. Tgm

2. Tc

3. player.placeatme [item/npc ID] [quantity]

(you can also use player.additem [id] [quantity], but this one is only for items)

4. Kill/Killall/Resurrect

5. Tcl

6. Player.setav speedmult ###

7. Player.setscale ###

8. Psb

9. coc qasmoke/coc riverwood

10. showracemenu. WARNING!!! Do not be in third person view while changing your character, or it might turn invisible

11. removeallitems

12. player.modav carryweight ###

All item ID's here: (updated)
Once you have opened the Excel document, there are different pages you can click on. F.eks: One for clothing, one for weapons, one for food etc..

All Npc ID's here:

Check out this AWESOME channel!:
  • Side Winder

    im never getting off skyrim

  • Tarek Ghonem

    my advice for every one cheats will make the game boring

  • Lipton

    Its posible to control the Dragon ?

  • Dragoner Productions

    These arn't cheats, these are console commands that are intended for the PC version of the game. 

  • koning klost

    Theres a new app for Android with all Commands AND ID's called Dragonborn ConsoleI think it's the best around.. look it up in play store!

  • Marvin Martinez

    how do you get out of room with all game stuff? (please respond need help).....

  • PhePhe

    how do u even open that menu to type the codes

  • The White Wolf

    hove to remove magic to set it for my lvl

  • Tales Gomes

    use the cheat tc into a dragon

  • Whitedragonking Ocola

    Thank you I got stuck because the game glitch out.

  • Tommy Chainsaw

    thanks 4 the nice cheats! :)

  • Scarlet **

    throughout the videos of commands I've seen, I like this one the best ^-^

  • DoctorWhoOhPikachu

    If you enter Godmode, can you get out of it too?

  • Dollas woop woop

    /bind p #killcode# bind it to mouse2 and instakillaim

  • BritishXXXAnarchy7

    If I wanted to mod an enchantment armor etc weapon like say a steel sword, could I make it do 500 damage exactly?

  • Ali Asyoun

    how can i get this awsome armor you are wearing using cheats

  • Layne Mcsweeney

    How do you put in codes for skyrim ps3 playstatin

  • Anime girl #love

    U just saved my life thanks:-D

  • Rexx23ify

    How do you get out of coc quasmoke?

  • Alvari Rinne

    Is there cheat for reseting all bounds?

  • Christian Ordonez

    player.modav speedmult 100 doesn't work for me... -_-

  • General Beanie

    tc works for everthing OMG

  • Octapopo

    When you use the to cheat how do you turn back?

  • Hollow Fontes

    press " caqs "

  • Agony

    Work on legendary edition ?

  • Kayla Lloyd

    That was sooo helpful!

  • Josué Marín

    ajajajajajajajaja :D muy bueno!! :D ajajajajajajaja, no sabia eso! :D

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    I might use the faster-speed one so I could play the game a bit quicker (and might even could do more stuff on it with faster speed :) ), and also thinking of using that character changing thing for the Diplomatic Immunity thing, like change from Altmer/High Elf BACK to Bosmer/Woof Elf after I escape. :) That COULD be a good way to try to be in good standing with the Thalmor. I wish I could make Elenwen nonessential so that way even EARLY in the game I could kill the witch. I DO NOT - I repeat - I DO NOT LIKE HER. Her snobby attitude is annoying. On the upside, even well early into the game, I already have a code where I can get a Daedric sword of some flame enchantment, and just last night, I JUST got the code to help me get all Daedric armor pieces. :)

  • Oliver Cane

    I tried spawning I character a character for a small quest and she won't give me the quest.

  • J Hewitt

    one of the BIGGEST pains in the asses in Skyrim is weight, it will only let you carry so much before you end up being passed by a tortoise covered in tar as well as not being able to fast travel, now if you have a follower, you can just trade with her/him, but they have their technical limit too......but I accidentally discovered, if you just drop whatever you can't hold and tell them to pick it up off the ground themselves, they can hold THOUSANDS of LBS of anything AND their speed is NOT reduced either !!! sure, it may not be a money cheat or level cheat, but this is a HUGE passively functional assist

  • savage guttaboyz

    thxs man for the cheats i got some time killing the strong dragon am very thxful you make the video and showing us the cheats in skyrim on pc

  • Skurenyy ded

    а чё делать если читы в тильде вводятся на русском а не на английском

  • R 77

    I type the exact code for NPC spawning and the I'd number example: 0001a685 but I keep getting an invalid object error


    Intersting! I do not understand we can by the consule command give the controll npc's. Next time I playe skyrim frist I (placeatme) tsun and will cotroll he in tamriel😀

  • General Beanie

    wait did you just cheated that you have daedric armor and helmet using the player.additem (Item ID) 1

  • FreezY

    How to remove all spels

  • Youtube Demonitizer

    I love u bro! Bromance!

  • Swedish Agroland

    I have tried to get a lot of nails and some other stuff but when I uses player.placeatme and player.additem it says missing parameter objectid so how do I do? Please help me

  • Anton

    My game actually crashes when i write the cheats

  • Jake Henry

    next time I'm in a dungeon I'm going to use killall on zombies and makee my brothers freak out

  • Asasindel Picks

    oho thanks very much and now skyrim is my very esay game in the world :d

  • Dedsec hacker 23

    Does work on ps4 with a keyboard and a mouse

  • The Row

    If i do get the PC version I'll probably just use the capacity consol command and add gold...

  • HappyCat28

    are all these cheats working now ?

  • かわいいあな

    I love you!!!!! You made my day!!!😂😂😂

  • HeroSon90

    I try to make a garud attack someone it dont work. :p but u can take screenshots of your self.

  • saba bakidze

    I used tcl and can't back it to previous , what can i do ?

  • SJ

    I just had a few dragons go against a 100 Dwarven Centurions .. at the underground dwarf city... epic! 

  • mage gammer487

    this is pc cheat only no xbox or wtf u get yours

  • Anonymous Youtuber!

    player.additem 0001396a 1player.additem 0001396b 1 player.additem 0001396c 1player.additem 0001396d 1player.additem 0001391e 1Deadric full armor ;)

  • Red Star Gaming

    Just so you guys know, press the button with ~ and ` on it in the top left corner off you keyboard

  • ScattySafari

    Thank you for this. This is enormously helpful. I try not to cheat, but I love cheats if there is a boss I simply cannot pass and it's killing my ability to progress in the game. Very helpful if one gets super stuck.

  • 誰もSash 無情な 神

    0.55 Yeah... that's totally a deer man... also get a mic.

  • Kirito

    anybody please help?lol

  • Hans Nudelsack

    I can't set my movement speed back to normal?

  • _That_Guy_

    You can also type "tdetect" into your console to make you invisable to all NPC's.

  • Enmanuel Chang

    thanks man this was really helpful , how can i do 3rd person viwe on a windows 8 Palvion?

  • Ludwig Adolfsson

    at the second when you change NPC does your own player move and you can't fight for anyone to?

  • Alexander Fireriver

    so much more helpful than cheat web sites thx :)

  • Ariel Dayan

    how do I know the code of an item?

  • TME

    i dont think the "tc cheat" works but if i does help me

  • Warrior550

    How do we remove the cheats

  • yamato chinatsu

    hey i was wondering, how would you duplicate thing you like

  • Sprit3y

    my speed is stuck at 600.. I tried to get it back to normal by typing player.setav speedmult 100 but it didn't work. What can I do?

  • bilal demir

    hey are you give best armor or best sword gun code ?

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