Skyrim: Dragonborn - Unique Weapon: Bloodskal Blade (Side Quest: The Final Descent)

The unique weapon, Bloodskal, and it's related quest "The Final Descent" in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

The quest's puzzle solution: 5:38

The weapon releases an energy blast with power attacks that deals 30 damage. It can be upgraded at a Grindstone with a silver ingot.

Weapon demonstration: 10:17
  • adam fink

    thank you this was very helpful.

  • harry hawkins

    what armour is he using ??

  • Rise Raiden

    mine.ain't.sending waves ._.

  • nizze t

    so... mine doesnt send out any beams when i power attack, does someone know how to fix this?

  • cody clampitt

    This blade was a bitch to get because I had the Ebony blade and was level 6. so I had to run by all the guys in there.

  • 19smooshes

    i cant find the raven rock mine, i dont think i discovered it yet

  • ToastySpaceman

    Reminds me of the swords from Owari No Seraph :D

  • Wealthy Pepsi

    anybody reminded of moonlight greatsword from dark souls?

  • Vortex 5X

    Does this blade still does the energy blast effect if you just swing it instead of using a heavy atrack?

  • Shafin Ahmed

    how did u get into 30 sneak damage

  • Shafin Ahmed

    what swords or blades were u using

  • Rusty Blade

    how cool would it be if this blade became like a part of a main quest in future Elder scrolls games... like it was needed to defeat someone or something. i love stories that involve great swords as part of a quest. i'm actually a really big sword lover, and this is by far the coolest sword in the game !!!

  • Kevin Mabry

    benhart of jugo would be proud

  • Carmen Hutchison

    This video helped me! Thank you!

  • Poltergeist

    Related quest linked in description my ass.

  • Steneste Lee

    Am i the only one who thinks inuyashas windscar.

  • rachel wilson

    Thank you. I hate that door. So thank you.

  • GameSlimia

    Why is my quest to find the dwarven crossbow in solstheim.

  • Andrej Ambrenac

    thanks man it helped a lot

  • TrollinErryday155

    When i read the book i was sent into some place. Halp

  • Dylan

    ........what..are you

  • Teh Greeky

    The good about the Bloodskal Blade is that it never runs out of energy like other enchanted weapons like the Blade of Woe

  • A Toaster That Enjoys Memes (Some Guy)

    3:28 How did he do that dagger combo im only level 20.

  • jessielr13

    why do enemies not see him?

  • Nolan Gimpel

    This was a great video, and I also loved the sound editing and music. 

  • Max Gazur

    Theres a secret shortcut behind the waterfall

  • CinematicFaun

    thank you so much, i had such a hard time with this, i don't usually use swords, or two handed weapons

  • TinyTheMelon

    Anyone know the name of the Battle axe you find stuck in a rock inside a random water barrow? Seems its only available through console commands since you can't pick it up.

  • Anthony Kucinski

    How do you make the power attack slash go sideways?

  • King SockMan

    I love the no commentary during the vid just strait foward. 😀

  • Bloodyrayne downed

    is there a way to remove this item from inveontory?

  • Recneps Eflow

    This needs to be retextured to look like Zangetsu. 

  • jeremiah shulman

    You wanna see my bloodskal blade? unzips pants 

  • GreenTea4101

    Damn.. you don't stop and look around for anything

  • Alduin World Eater

    I shall leave right now, to make sure the Dragonborn has no chance of getting his filthy fingers onto this weapon. Zu'u fen kuz zun nol dovahkiin. 

  • alb7597

    whats that blade in his left hand?

  • Marcus Blaker

    How do I get that enchantment

  • Leslie “Les” Nicole

    You my brother are just to good for the freakin game

  • floockde

    +Fudgecakedevil good way of couse! Because orcidead not upload for some reason. 


    I love the way you play

  • Felix Macri

    I am still learning Skyrim and I could not work out how to do a power horizontal strike with the sword. Your video was the only one that taught me how to do it. Thanks very much man. Cheers.

  • DesEatsDinos

    I'm not even going to admit how long I say there cheering on my pride before looking this up while at stage three of the puzzle.This helped soooooo freaking much, thank you!

  • Zomb PRO

    Dude I could kiss you but I'm also a guy but thank you so much 

  • Matteo Vidal

    Through most of the video, hes holding 2 blades, what was the gold one called? And what was the one in his right hand called?


    I love the way you play

  • Haman Karn

    They should have kept it the way it was in Morrowind.

  • CorruptClass

    Does anyone else like to store the books?

  • Bradley Woods

    Cheats I have now become OP!!!

  • TellTaleRaven

    Awesome thief character build

  • floockde

    Finally!! A copy of Orcidea! 

  • Marcohazard

    Moonlight Sword but red?!

  • Luka Josipovic

    A lot of sneaking i prefer going face to face

  • Juan Cabrera

    Nope nvm, its the dragonbone dagger

  • Juan Cabrera

    Blade in his left hand: Mehrune's Razor

  • Nasirul Islam

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    Huh so I am in the right place o. o

  • Happy Rabid Duck

    *gets new sword, doesn't bother to show it off*

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