Skyrim: Dragonborn - Unique Weapon: Bloodskal Blade (Side Quest: The Final Descent)

The unique weapon, Bloodskal, and it's related quest "The Final Descent" in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

The quest's puzzle solution: 5:38

The weapon releases an energy blast with power attacks that deals 30 damage. It can be upgraded at a Grindstone with a silver ingot.

Weapon demonstration: 10:17
  • LiveLoveLift92

    how cool would it be if this blade became like a part of a main quest in future Elder scrolls games... like it was needed to defeat someone or something. i love stories that involve great swords as part of a quest. i'm actually a really big sword lover, and this is by far the coolest sword in the game !!!

  • Alduin World Eater

    I shall leave right now, to make sure the Dragonborn has no chance of getting his filthy fingers onto this weapon. Zu'u fen kuz zun nol dovahkiin. 

  • jeremiah shulman

    You wanna see my bloodskal blade? unzips pants

  • X6800

    Heh. I made a quick edit in CK so that the wave does 500 damage alone. Gave the blade a few other buffs. Faster swing, shock damage and health absorb and 100 damage on the blade from the start. At least I think I left it at 100 and not higher.

  • Recneps Eflow

    This needs to be retextured to look like Zangetsu.

  • GreenTea4101

    Damn.. you don't stop and look around for anything

  • Rise Raiden

    mine.ain't.sending waves ._.

  • Atuskus B

    Do you have to be at a Sertian level

  • Zomb PRO

    Dude I could kiss you but I'm also a guy but thank you so much

  • Mr. potatoes games and randomness

    I didn't know it was a quest so I went straight to blood skal barrow and didn't know how to find it lol

  • Kevin Mabry II

    benhart of jugo would be proud

  • Brayden Clark

    For some reason the sword won't shoot out the red laser thing for me

  • CorruptClass

    Does anyone else like to store the books?

  • Nanderlizer Nanderlizer

    anybody reminded of moonlight greatsword from dark souls?

  • Carmen Hutchison

    This video helped me! Thank you!


    It's called Aura Whisper.

  • AntiSkillshot

    I got the DLC and pretty much got this sword right off the bat. Fell in love with it almost immediately.

  • Vortex

    Does this blade still does the energy blast effect if you just swing it instead of using a heavy atrack?

  • strong guy with rly big sword

    Somebody should make a mod with Zangetsu and you shoot blue bloodskal blade blasts so it's getsuga tensho! :D

  • Joker

    god damn, I WANTED TO SAY THAT!

  • kieran2735

    Whats the wep on the left?

  • Cole Jenkins

    A frickin Sword with Frickin Laser beams coming out of the Frickin Blade!

  • Aurora B

    Also, as soon as I typed this out of frustration, I managed to do the damn attack thingy. Facepalm in deed :D

  • Aurora B

    Oh crap, I'm completely stuck since I can't seem to do the horizontal power attacks at all! Been thumbing out my Xbox controller like a madwoman, beginning to get numb :p

  • Teh Greeky

    The good about the Bloodskal Blade is that it never runs out of energy like other enchanted weapons like the Blade of Woe

  • Jack -Watt_up

    It called aura whisper and it is already in skyrim [ no dlc or mods required is already a shout]

  • FallenSkullz

    Worked for me.. need to move right or left in order for the attack to happen

  • Strawberry Soup

    Draugur Death Overlords are stronger.

  • Draconic Arachnid

    Huh so I am in the right place o. o

  • TheTanDoctor

    Everybody eventually becomes our little bitches in the end.

  • PenguinsLikePieProductions

    exactly what i was thinking

  • PenguinsLikePieProductions

    When the pc version comes out tomorrow, you should be able to use the creation kit to add its effects

  • KHMDarkness

    If only we could disenchant this weapon... that way, we could have a Getsuga Tenshou on any weapon we want! I mean... come on, anyone who has watched Bleach have probably compared the shockwave and the attack from the show. :P

  • Elowraiter

    Can somebody make a mod where you can encheant your weapon with that?

  • austin williams

    Hearth fire works on the ps3..they don't want to release it until they get out dawnguard.

  • Yellow Stone

    i am soo getting that in a couple hours

  • buiuzinho cara-de-sapo

    sneaking on all opponents makes it boring

  • iciesXYZ123

    When you upgrade the sword, do the energy blasts also do more damage?

  • The Law

    Have you tried a power attack? Hold the attack button longer than a normal. (Im not sure if there really called power attacks)

  • KingWhoShallReturn

    Badass sword is badass XD

  • TheLastPariah

    I don't know the name of the one. but the one on the right, is the blade of woe. You get it from Astrid in the dark brotherhood, you have to finish the quest line. Its pretty bad ass might i add.

  • Arv62

    Actully they might release this DLC on PS3 lucky for you and other Playstation users :)

  • TheBDSGGaming - Road to 250 Subscribers :)

    Do you have a mod or Are those Draugrs just really stupid?

  • fl333r

    :/ what made you SO convinced of my gender? awkward. Seriously. I didn't even instigate this argument. Are you so insecure that you have to put people down for no reason to feel like you're worth something? You're a shitsmear on this earth. Your parents must be so disappointed in you. You know you'll end up homeless, so you blame the world rather than trying to change yourself and adapt. Get over yourself. Others have it way worse in the world and you're just an ungrateful swine. Piss off.

  • D1ckypr0st41nt

    lol raven rock fallout 3 reference :)

  • BuyMe4FiveBucks

    Blade in his left hand: Mehrune's Razor

  • BuyMe4FiveBucks

    Nope nvm, its the dragonbone dagger

  • Sara Simmons

    Sweet Odin's don't even want to know how long I've been stuck at that blumming door in the quest! >.< Thank you!!!

  • TheHolton95


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