5 Worst Combat Roles From History

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    Im glad I grew up in peace, so that I can waste my life with YouTube and not with war

  • Vincent Martinez

    “The tunnel rats were mostly volunteers” yeah more like volunteered by the sergeant

  • Hamburglar v1

    My uncle was a tunnel rat, and a sole survivor of his platoon. Terrible war

  • Gary Grandy

    #1 latrine cleaner at a battleship after Mexican food buffet

  • Howard Lovecraft

    I was the guy in my unit responsible for finding something good on TV in the breakroom. I still wake up in a cold sweat clutching a remote control that isnt there.

  • Skippy19812

    Being an infantryman during the Battle of the Somme would probably be the worst job military in history. You were subjected to months of waiting in freezing conditions, up to your ankles in icy water, under constant shelling, amid the stench of rotting corpses, all in a bleak and hellish wasteland. If you weren't sniped, shelled, gassed or crushed by a tank, you could look forward to literally drowning in mud or being torn apart by barbed wire.Brutal doesn't even come close to describing it.

  • Alexander Wilhelm Benedictus

    There's a rather long movie Das Boot, which not only has an amazing soundtrack, but also tells a story of one german submarine and it's crew near the end of WW2. I recommend that movie to anyone interested.

  • G. Private

    My grandpa fought the battle of the Bulge. He tried every diet, but remained fat.

  • JayBaddAssCutler

    What about the poor bastsrd who's job is to lay on the barbed wire while his comrades run over him

  • Chris Long

    My father-in-law was a TC on a Sherman tank in Guam with the Marines. He used to tell me about the nutjobs driving the flamethrower tanks! He said they were absolute lunatics, with napalm or whatever leaking all over the vehicle! You could smell them, he'd say!It always interested me that he never talked details of his wartime experience to anyone but me. Not even his wife or kids... I think it irritates them a bit but oh well. They did get to go with him for the 60th(?) anniversary of the Guam invasion and he showed them where he remembered landing etc, but never the combat details! I met my wife, his daughter, right after I got out of the Army, and I think that might be why.What he told me, were the gruesome first-hand details, and boy, you better believe they were frightening! Coming from one who never exaggerated a thing in his life! He was the most composed person I ever met and I'm beyond sad that he's checked out now! Sah-lute!!He was cool, man... just cool. I miss you, George!

  • Richie086

    My high school history teacher was a tunnel rat in Vietnam. He was crazy as fuck, but also a great teacher with a lot of passion about history..

  • Teemu Leisti

    I love the smooth, soothing voice the unimaginable horrors are told in.

  • k varde

    @2:38 I think the term you were looking for was "volun-told"

  • Cosmack

    My great grandfather was a flamethrower operator in WWII, thank god he wasnt killed in war, lived to his 80's in Philly after it.

  • WALN Zell

    Commander Sokorov. The time has come. Execute Order 227.It will be done Comrade Stalin.

  • wesmont87

    25 minutes of content without a mid-roll ad? You sir, are a saint.

  • Brian Hays

    One of the sweetest vets I take care of was a Marine tunnel rat in Vietnam Nam. Goes around and tells high school students what it was really like. But his biggest beef with the movies was he says it always shows them going into the tunnels with the gun drawn. He says that is the stupidest thing ever. If you shoot then you just let everyone know where you are. If they shoot at you, different story. Then he said the thing that really got me. You go in with your knife. Everyone I killed was hand to hand with my knife. My nurse who was also infantry in Iraq and Afghanistan and myself just looked at each other like.....DAMN. Some of the bad ass guys I have met.

  • Daniel Lewis

    The dogs ended up as soup.

  • Lou Lopez

    I always wanted to be a flamethrower tunnel rat galley rower serving on a submarine.

  • Bruce Hood

    Tunnel Rats xDImagine being one of them in Vietnam"Yeah...I'm gonna go in that hole and expect to live"

  • paulsdrc

    Door gunner in Vietnam, life expectancy 3 missions.

  • Noah G

    Penal battalions, how many men have you lost? Penal battalions: yesEdit: WOW 3 LIKES

  • brian anderson

    A bomb diffuser is a rough job. Try disarming a bomb from another country where the wiring is unique

  • Ulvi Badalov

    Radioman. Any army, any war

  • Wuanslm

    I find it funny how after trying to, flood, bomb and gas the vietcong tunnels in the end the best solution the entire military might of the US could muster was just to send in a bunch of half naked dudes with pistols to clear them out one by one.

  • John Doe

    If you were a tunnel rat that 1911 was your best friend.

  • Kid Savage

    I've been binge watching military videos all day lmao. Shipping out to Fort Benning, Georgia, in January for bct. Wish me luck. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Brian Glass

    40,000 men served on U-Boats, over 30,000 never returned. RIP sailors in your iron coffins. 😢

  • Jef Rey

    You missed Forward Observers which have a life expectancy around 14 seconds in a conventional war.

  • Art VanDelay

    The Napoleonic era Forlorn Hope units deserve a mention in this topic. Good video though. Nice job.

  • Everette Bradfute

    Ancient Egyptian Laundry Duty, because of Crocodiles and Hippos

  • Paul Naas

    O my, war is abjectly terror! Being a soldier in IDF I saw terrible things . . . my duty was to take out those lobbying missals into Israel soft targets, we stacked up the enemy. On the way out of a particular mission my good friend stepped on one hell of an explosion that killed my brother and blew my leg off, part of my other foot, my face . . . shit. I dug a hole and buried myself in the sand knowing the ragheads would respond to the explosion. I had the enemy all around me . Praise the LORD I was not foundEight hours past before I was evact. . . shit haunts me every day. There will be no peace until the PRINCE OF PEACE returns! Even So, come LORD JESUS! Until then, GOD BLESS THE RIGHTEOUS SOLDIERS ¡!!

  • Tina Anderson

    THE PBI ( Poor Bloody Infantry ,sums it up)

  • Torture Killah2

    I drove my fuel truck down Route 1 in Afghanistan regularly ......but I'm no tunnel rat. Respect to these guys. Idk how they went underground with balls so big

  • Fiasco

    I think Ball Turret Gunner from WW2 deserves an honorable mention. Suspended from the bottom of a bomber in a glass bubble manning a machine gun. Practically no protection from flak or enemy fighters. Extremely high mortality rate. It was considered by many to be the worst possible occupation in WW2.

  • Wizardhacker 70

    Welcome to the top 5 worst combat roles in historyNumber 1: Damage control for EA


    Great video I just subbed quality content keep it up

  • HeyAddieImTojo

    You sound like VaatiVidya, a dark souls youtuber :D

  • Comrade Da

    "Clearing minefields"Marching in formation over minefields.

  • mozzyforest

    i am bitching because i have to get up to work tomorrow

  • Penitten

    3:26 "usually with his fleshlight off"

  • lunx BaSick

    3:15 will have a bayonet, pistol, and a fleshlight....Doesn’t sound bad at all

  • DeenanTheKemon I

    Im 5"7, 140 lbs. I wldve made a good Tunnel Rat.

  • Eye Patch Guy

    There’s the Ball Turrent Gunners of WW2 Bombers. In fact, I think that Charles Bronson was a part of a bomber that ran 26 missions, a position with a 21% survival rate.

  • Victor Waddell

    There was a saying " It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Red Army " .

  • AKumaNamedJustin

    My neighbor was a tunnel rat, I never heard the story's directly, my dad told me what he was told, but I believe it because at one point a tunnel caved in and they pulled him put but he has a permanent dent on his skull. I was confused to why he had that dent until I was told the story, than it just clicked

  • explosivefreak666

    For penal regiments in Germany : Read SVEN HASSEL, a great writer.!

  • Brando Colossus

    12B/21B combat engineer. Sapper. Love all my brothers that wear the castle on their collar. Essayons! So happy i served honorably for my country.

  • Porkchop Sandwiches

    They used to transport Mercury up to 100 tons in the U boats as it was an important expensive and rare commodity back then. Which largely contributed to the oceans poisoning.


    The price of FREEDOM & LIBERTY is never over !!!

  • gandamack

    The best known Rats were with the 1st and 25th Divisions; Iron Triangle/Chu Chi/Michelin Plantation area of operations....they were all over but those were the most established tunnel systems and those two divisions had that area...they got stuck with dealing with them on a daily basis...Huge Brass Balls indeed

  • Gregory A. Parker Sr.

    If the US had nuked Hanoi on day 1 then there would have been no 10 year war or a need for tunnel rats, Agent Orange and fragging, but a succession of weak Presidents worrying about Russia and China's influence made the war unwinnable.

  • AusDenBergen

    I can't handle all this male privilege. :P

  • Nathan Guy

    anyone at the front of a musket formation those guys basically 100% knew they were going to die

  • Roland Lee

    Male privilege in a nutshell.

  • hippiekarl7

    Crew Chief (aka 'door-gunner') on a UH-1H was the guy hanging upside-down under the aircraft with an M60, an asbestos glove, and 3 more barrels in a back-sling (to replace the one that's starting to ~glow~ every 30sec. or so)....Some FNG inside is keeping your ammo linked and playing it out, and belaying the rope you're hanging from. Once it's On, you're the guy everybody on the ground's firing on (until your pilot makes his cut and comes around...each time).Avg. 'combat life expectancy': 90 seconds......In Hollywood, UH-1 door gunners get to sit inside(!), firing out the door from a handy floor-mount, sitting on a seat with a modicum of armor plate, chit-chatting on a helmet headset.When I was school-age, I read a book called, "See You in Yasukuni Shrine", written by a guy who'd been a 16 year old 'kamikazi pilot'. He survived the Madness by barrel-rolling over his target and ditching in the sea adjacent to it; he was torched out of his aircraft by Navy frogmen before it sank, and POW'ed the duration in Hawaii.....See, these kids were welded into their planes when the cockpits were closed. No voice communication, either; their headsets played non-stop patriotic/sentimental music instead (that annoyingly shrill, atonal lady with her 1-string guitar....and the shaku-hachi solo).So: how did 'Kamikazi Pilot' not make this list?! It is at once 'galley slave' on steroids ~and~ 'The Guy Everybody is Shooting At from the Time You Show Up'. Indeed, the author of that book may be the ~only~ combat-survivor of his entire 'Bad Combat Role'....

  • Thomas Baker

    All scary assed messed up jobs, but thanks to those men DOING THEIR JOBS here we are.

  • Twelve BangBang

    Shooting a flame thrower did not cause it to burst into flames. typically, you'd just leak fluid all over the place. God how the movie industry has bastardized history.

  • Anti Aleks

    Damn glad to see Vaati Vidya is expanding his scope

  • exactinmidget92

    My media arts teacher was a tunnel rat. Told us some crazy story's.

  • Vance Wallace

    Uh oh, did you hear how he pronounced Byzantine? Lol

  • Ruben Calderon

    The Military should of gave some extra pay for doing a job, that many refused to do ;because of the perils that waits him. Some gave some, but the Tunnel Rat gave it's all.

  • Radio Haven

    My grandfather was a WW2 veteran having fought in the Pacific Theatre as a Field Radio Operator fighting in the battle for Luzon, and others. We knew he was vet, but had no idea what he did, and he never told us. My father later found his discharge papers after he passed stating where and what he did. We were so amazed, and proud. We couldn’t believe he never told us, but like most veterans, they never spoke about it. What’s even more amazing, if you were assigned to be a Field Radio Operator you had roughly a 4-6 min life expectancy. He left the deadliest and bloodiest battle in the Philippines only with Malaria and a severely hurt shoulder.

  • Pavan Kumar Annapragada

    I've been to those Cu Chi tunnels in Viet Nam. Trust me, most of the people get anxiety kind of feeling with just a 100 feet of travel inside the tunnels.

  • Alan Godden

    God have mercy on us all, and thanks to all who served and fought in good faith, may God bless you...

  • Irish Psycho

    "Specialized troops" it was usually the FNG's or lowest ranking man in that tunnel. Not always but usually.

  • Hujan King

    hansget the flammenwerfer

  • David Lamers

    Not even going to bother to watch it's no matter what being a medic it Targets on your back

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