Skyrim: 5 Hidden and Unsettling Facts That you May have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5

Skyrim is a large game, full of colorful characters, events, and tales. However some of what exists in The Elder Scrolls 5, is a bit unsettling. So today, we’ll be counting down 5, disturbing, and somewhat lesser know facts within The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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  • ThisIsAUser Name

    By now I've probably watched every Skyrim video on youtube, and somehow this channel always tells me stuff I didn't know about the game. Thanks for all the effort Nate <3 (maybe a little bit homo ;) )

  • Reeven

    The most unsettling NPC will forever remain the necrophiliac alchemist in Skingrad, Oblivion.

  • FatSkyrimNerd

    This still isn't as unsettling as my browser history.

  • The Shibe Reich

    Last time I was this early there were 9 divines.

  • Ryan Williford

    For me it was when my armor mannequins in Proudspire Manor came alive and flexed their muscles at me.

  • Loken 4000

    No, the most disturbing thing in Skyrim is the fact that you can shoot someone with the Wabbajack, turn them into a sweet roll, and then eat them. I heartily recommend this horrific yet unbelievably satisfying way of paying a guard back the next time they ask you that oh so annoying yet famous question about your missing sweet roll. Let's just hope they're not still self aware though.

  • Timothy Schneider

    When you kill someone controlled by a necromancer and they thank you for killing them

  • Tenko van der Kuip

    I always wondered why those dead bodies were on the Emperor's ship

  • Vladimir Pudding

    There's another Dreth in Skyrim. Romlyn Dreth. He's in Riften; working in the Black-Briar Meadery. I wonder if he's related to this Taron Dreth. Were you able to find any connection?

  • ShaoKhan Wins

    How about the unsettling fact that if you talk to all the guards again and again, you will find out that they all took an arrow in the knee, has a cousin fighting dragons, possibly a dark brotherhood supporter or member, been to long since seeing a bandit raid, thinks that your sweet roll got stolen and last but not least, hates loli banging.

  • azk12

    Dreth actually has a 2nd son in Riften named Romlyn Dreth who works at the black briar meadery and would illegally sell you cheap blackbriar mead.Heck there's even a guy in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind called Madsu Dreth who may be their ancestor.

  • Kane Bunce

    Weeping Angels don't actually kill you. They do something much worse. Spoiler incoming.........They let you live your life to death... except decades before anyone you knew and loved were around, so at best you will only meet them again at the end of your life and then feed off the energy of the potential life you had that they just made impossible. That is much worse.

  • Scott Hadden

    Number 6. Ulfric is not and never will be the High King

  • Texas Gun

    watching this video to pass time as pizza bakes in the oven

  • Dr. Crackbaby

    I've played through Skyrim probably a couple hundred times and never even noticed that the statues change direction.

  • Akshay Shetty

    6 Years and there's stuff that I yet not know. Let me get back to beginning my 501st playthrough.

  • Jason H

    Gotta admit, I’d never noticed the moving statues in Sovengarde before.The Dreth family BTW.. There’s a Dreth in the Black Briar Meadery in Riften who claims to be a descendant of Valen. He boasts that his ancestor took out several Imperial soldiers before they arrested him.And it’s weird how Trius’s body can decompose yet a piece of paper on top of a barrel on a windy coastline hasn’t blown away..

  • Dubious Carim

    It's more unsettling that the wind didn't take that note.

  • D G

    Fact 1: The Elder Scrolls 6 is never coming out

  • scalpingsnake

    Eehrh weeping angles don't kill you #so triggered right now

  • Kell's Corner

    Skyrim: the Gift that keeps on giving and giving....oh crap, now I sound like Bethesda....*arrow to own head*

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I think The Stormcloak Victory Unsettles me as They're basically letting The Thalmor win and complete their Goal

  • Sincere Flowers

    Torturing that one dude with Molag Baal's mace could be considered unsettling. I found it awesome. All my characters were evil bastards.

  • Greed 1337

    There is also a Romlyn Dreth in Riften, who is also apart of the Dreth family.

  • RobertYo125

    Perhaps the statues in sovngarde, I hope I spelled that right, recognize that the player is the dragonborn or perhaps that they are still alive and not dead.

  • throwsand

    Lots of dunmer have the surname Dreth. There’s a Dreth Plantation southeast of Balmora in TES III

  • Hakuna your tatas

    About Trias and his letter, not really far ahead you find a shipwreck due the icebergs and low vision conditions. I've explored the area and didn't found any bodies or life signals, just chests and barrels. It's interesting to theorise that maybe Shelly could have scaped (or maybe not, just lucubrations) since you can't find drown bodies or bones...or perhaps it happened so long time ago, the corpses disolved just like Trias, but again, no bones to be found, so maybe the whole tripulation scaped.

  • M3

    Random 13th comment added early in the video's lifespan in hopes of acquiring likes

  • ReubzSW2

    For the 5 unsettling Skyrim facts, you should have included creation club, how the RPG elements of the game have been severely dumbed down for casuals, how Bethesda have brought out 4737379749384 versions of the game, how everything is the same colour/no vibrancy and how boring the questlines are compared to Morrowind's/Oblivion's.

  • You cant handle my name!

    the most unsettling fact of all is we may be waiting another 5 years for the elder scrolls 6.

  • Evan Riedel

    In whiterun you can do the trick that gets you on the other side of the gate while still technically in whiterun. However while wandering along the wall to the left you'll come across a portal that just says "go to" and if you enter it you get stuck in the loading screen and will then have to restart your game. Now this probably isn't the right video to be commenting on but I feel like you should, or someone else should know.

  • Sniper Wolf

    This isn't as unsettling as what Shädman makes

  • Dumbass in Distress

    2:20 I guess assholeness runs in the dreth bloodline

  • Riznat Nakh

    Number 6, when i killed a balding man and clones of him started stroking his corpse

  • SymbolicSky

    It's not quite unsettling but more just fun to think about if you're a fan of connecting these medeival games to real world habits. Also I'd like opinions on if it makes enough sense. I'm talking about the possibility that the families of our favorite imperial and stormcloak from the start of the game have the possibility of being related in the future.. How? Hear me out, Riverwood is a very small town with primarily 3 small families with the added bonus of Faendal, and the innkeeper and those who live there.We already know of Sven, Faendal, and Camilla but what about Hadvar's neice? You know rambunctious little girl who's one of the few likeable children in skyrim who aspires to be a blacksmith like her father?Well even though Hadvar and Ralof while in helgen have a short spat suggesting they know each other well before you go with one of them back to their home.We are aware at that point that Ralof and Hadvar likely grew up together, both of them having their respective uncles living in River wood and ironically despite the two being on different sides of the war their neice and nephew respectively act as best friends.We see them playing, hints that they play pranks on the town and honestly I being a softy found it all adorable.Though that was when the thought came to mind that if Hadvar's neice (I forget her name) and Ralof's nephew stay in Riverwood to adulthood with no other young people their age neirby apart from the graymane and battleborn children, and the one farmer girl the two of them more than likely due to the time period end up actually being married to each other. Purely due to how long they would know each other and it helps that Ralof's nephew never seems to be judgemental of the girl doing more boyish things. In fact she actually teases him saying not to be so girlish once or twice. So does it hold up? and would you ever like to see some of these children grow up in later games? I certainly wouldn't mind it.

  • The Wulfiest Maiden

    Those stupid Ash people. I don't think anything freaked me out as much as when I got attacked by them in the Dragonborn dlc.

  • samson aagaard sick of skyrim

  • Jason Espinosa

    There was a light house somewhere in the North that got overrun by Falmer and it was unsettling as hell for Inigo and I.

  • Roman Cabay

    I think the statues in sovngarde aren't creepy. I think it's more of a: "Watching over you as you perform great deeds" kind of thing.

  • Joe from joeys super cool food reviews

    If you're in the dark brotherhood quest line to the point where the dark brotherhood is talking about assassinating the emperor, if you go to a town like whiterun, the guards will say something about it like they've figure it out or found out about it or something like that, idk I was playing skyrim td and I'm at that point and the guard in whiterun said something about the conspiracy

  • Mycoder43 videos

    The creepiest person in all elder scrolls is the player...

  • Layton S

    Loving these Skyrim facts and hidden stuff.

  • Meme Dealer

    Can someone please tell me what mods all these Skyrim creators use to make their iron and steel armors look so dark and shiny? And can you please also confirm whether this mod is available for special edition?

  • Francis Berryman

    I thought the Shelly thing was an easter egg, referencing Mary Shelley and frankenstein ending with death in the snow?

  • Laxus Dreyar

    Interesting fact: Potema Septim if she had been successfully resurrected she would automatically have a far more valid claim to the rest throne of not just Skyrim but also the empire it’s self with her being a descendant of Tiber Septim

  • Dea Day

    And with mods giant venomous snakes with can kill you with one bite

  • Konstantinsen

    While I've initially come across most of these myself while playing, I see them as more tragic and sad than unsettling. Yes, Falx Carius's fate may disturb some players (because he was a significant character in Bloodmoon) but I found it quite sad. So yeah. Interesting though to put it that way but still, it was more tragic. Though the Dark Brotherhood one and the Sovngarde statues are quite creepy.

  • A Bear Punching a Shark

    I've never seen anyone talk about that pirate daedra in the midden

  • Claudio Sorriga

    I actually think that the song you ear in soverngarde is singed by statues

  • nullstate00

    I've always wondered if maybe the skeleton at the northern camp isn't Treus (spelling), but actually Shelly who finally showed up. Unfortunately for her she died waiting, and who knows what happened to Treus.

  • nota_ pig1

    The chicken in river wood was mocking me that was pretty scary

  • Money Savage420

    This is very specific but this guy sounds like when south park used mark zuccerberg

  • abdulla shemsi

    YoooooFirst time commenting early Just please respond or reply

  • Daniel Hammons

    What is disturbing is you don't know how to pronounce names correctly

  • Trevor Thibodeaux

    What threw me off the most was your pronunciation of Carius... When you pronounce things wrong, it just tells the entire audience that you aren't an actual authority for what you’re talking about

  • JCubDK

    The only thing really disturbed me was the fact that the only canon overt same-sex couple in the game are both dead.

  • BGFutureBG

    I never understood where that Taron Dreth guy was coming from...

  • Houston Payne

    Wierdest thing I've found myself is in the forgotten Vale, after you cross the bridge before reaching the inner sanctum, to the left under the arch, a skeleton that looks to wearing a crown and had an elven greatsword next to the body and jewels near the crown

  • Joshua Slowpoke

    When I got random encounter with Dreth after making an aetherium crown (backup steed stone for the win), and he attacked me, my approximate reaction was “Meridia must have her head buried in her hands over this guy’s stupidity.” (For context, my character is supposed to be a Paladin of Meridia. I was, like, level 60 or so at the time.)

  • eizhowa

    03:50 Surely the skeleton could be Shelly? Who waited as he wrote in the note for her to do, while he never returned.

  • John Jury

    Funny enough Shelly can be found in a sunken beneath the ocean surface nearby and equally dead, they almost made it

  • Abdurrahman Keskiner

    I've found a kneeling burnt body in the middle of a chamber shaped burnt area near the Collage of Winterhold. It has a few golds and a necklace called "Yisra's Necklace". I couln't find any related quest and it's a complete mistery for me. And there is a sad one including a man and a woman who already killed by a bear which I found at their camp. After a little search I found the woman's diary. She wrote about her father who was strongly against the marriage of these two and the woman decides to run away with her lover...

  • Sean Whatever

    I ran into the dark elf guyI died and reloaded my save ‘cause I was low on health and mana and didn’t expect an attack, and I couldn’t find them again. Sad face.

  • HustlerMitch

    That second to last one with the corpse of the man waiting for his loves ship, I believe If you swim out a bit, there’s a sunken ship with remains in it

  • Green eggs and lamb Joey

    I’ve seen the murder in a speed run against my cousin to make it through all the guilds

  • Mr. P

    The statue thing I'd pretty freaky and I will probably replay skyrim for 300th time to see this

  • otakureiss

    The shatter shield mother killing herself was pretty surprising when I walked past her widowed husband in windhelm.

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