Skyrim Remastered: Secrets Treasure Map of Redoran’s Retreat Location Walkthrough & Whiterun Hunting

Skyrim Remastered: Secrets Treasure Map of Redoran’s Retreat (Location Walkthrough & Whiterun Hunting)!
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  • The Unwanted One's

    Dude your game looks better than real life......

  • Jisaacs91

    love skyrim. i cant wait to play again

  • Spencer Snaith

    Could you make a series where you record yourself just playing the game the same way you would in your spare time. This vid is kinda like that with the hunting and I really enjoyed it

  • NovaWolfy

    I dont get why he calls it Skyrim Remastered if Skyrim SE hasnt even been released

  • Hiruyukki :3

    I love your Videos, hyped for Skyrim Remastered :)

  • Elderrolls96

    Hey eso could you show what mods you use?

  • Mr.Confident


  • Jacob McKeon

    im at school watching this and im loving it

  • SIVA Corruptor

    Dude Congrats on Your 500,000 Subs man!!! You are the Best!!!

  • Petyr Baelish

    Most of your subscribers wont know what redoran is.Sad

  • Maurizio Zhu

    Eso what graphical mod are you using? It's amazing please

  • Carno

    How do u have remaster? It s availabe 28.10!

  • jvin248

    It would be cool to see your production process. Do you record some play and then go back and do the voice over or record voice as you play (I suspect the later)? Do you do a test run through on an older character and then run through with a different one for the video? Tips and tricks. What software are you using and so on. I must say you've got a great format of digging out the stories not just a 'how to beat this level' kind of show.

  • Voia

    These guides are so useless. Why would you need a guide for this? it's not very hard to go in and just slaughter them all but you play it out to be so much harder whilst you fail at everything you do

  • ZammyZodaPop 122

    Why do you have Daedric Weapons, but still have Hide Armor Equipped?

  • Diego Herrera

    Hey ESO what mods do you currently use?

  • Orcbolg

    The Dovakiin challenge. Rules: Armour; All iron except studded chest piece, iron shield        Weapons; iron sword and flames magic (no other magic)               Skills; Destruction, block, one handed, heavy armour, smithing.               To "beat" the game you cannot do any side quests kill anyone that isn't in the main story, kill paarthurax, get all five skills to 100, only use the armour and weapons I specified, must be nord, must get all shouts, legendary and cannot die once, no mods.Please leave input.P.s please try thisdon't know if anyone else made this (it would be a coincidence)

  • Adam Emm

    So why is this not actually Skyrim remastered? I thought this video was some leaked info of the remaster of Skyrim.

  • Twitchy Titchy

    I hope they made alchemy level faster, since it took forever in the original. If you can even call it the original

  • Ryan White

    is this the actual skyrim remastered game play? or is this regular skyrim with graphic mods ?

  • GlassyBiscuit 4 Gaming

    how did ya get the remastered edition so early???

  • goliathprime

    Hi ESO, I wanted to add that there is a BUG with Greenspring Hollow everyone needs to be aware of. If you join the Companion and start doing Aela's "Animal Extermination" Quests Greenspring Hollow might be a radiant location for this quest. BUT if you have already cleared the location prior to her giving the quest, then that quest becomes broken and you cannot complete it. If you are a werewolf and trying to finish the Totems of Hircine for the special werewolf buffs, it will forever break that quest too. So better stay away from Greenspring until you have all 3 totems of Hircine, or until Aela gives you the quest to go there.

  • Jstc_Wolf

    From the Redoran Retreat's Bandit chief i got a full set of Nordic carved armour when i was at level 27 with a Sneaky thief setup

  • yusahara

    the fuuucking horse getting attacked lmfaooo!!!!!

  • Valdemar Bindesboell

    Hey man! Your idea of making a hunter as a character sounds incredibly good. I'd love to watch it, and I hope you meant it seriously. I love your videos (mostly Skyrim) and I've tried all your builds, and you keep me entertained every time I'm sick. Keep it up!😄

  • JJ BB

    What mod is he using to make the lighting look way better?

  • Ian Wilks

    can't wait for the re-master. still deciding on what build to use. always play a redguard with the standard sword/shield combo. want to try something different any ideas? :)

  • James Lane

    No way that was remastered. My modded one was tons better in graphics. That looks like 2011 vanilla

  • KillAllCulturalMarxists

    I wonder if they took the build mode from fallout 4 and applied it to the houses in this game. Hopefully they ported the formula for grabbing and placing items from Fallout 4.

  • Timothy Morris

    I've collected a butterfly/moth in jar and there are a few throughout Skrim (i think), Are they just strange fluff? are they part of a quest? Can you do anything with them? Can you do a video with all the locations (i think i saw one in the Duskglow Crevice? (you know for all the budding lepidopterist....)).

  • Benry Bolsson

    thanks man found glass bow at redroans retreat at lvl 24

  • Dragon Star

    Great video. What was the name of/or the link to the mod you said increased the distance/rendering of the arrows in your game. I really need that mod since most of the time I play as an archer.

  • Jose Saldana

    Hope there's a new game+ like the Witcher maybe a modder will do it for ps4 or Bethesda themselves

  • Mario Flores

    Some of you may think this is stupid but I hope there's a Oghma Infinium Unlimited level up mod for when I get bored

  • Icy Bite

    Skyrim belongs to snow elves!

  • Andy WOW

    oh i just found that cause i putted point on the solitude and saw giants XD

  • Rocky Jet

    The farthest I go in story line is speaking to the Jarl of Whiterun only so he can send a detachment of guards to Riverwood then I just play as a Hunter and a traveling merchant living off the land. I pretend I'm not the Dragon born and just live a normal, nomadic life.

  • Adam Kukuzumusu

    Looking at your "fisting guide" toying with the idea of a Kajit Mage that batters people with ranged spells then punches them in the face to finish em off. Are there any major floors to this build that jumps to mind?

  • Petra Whalley

    I loved a part when he killed the rabbit


    I named a fault dweller after you in fallout shelter

  • Ed Muise

    can the ps3 be modded.

  • Jordan Douglas

    Surprised he didn't comment on the break dancing bear at 11:48.

  • Angerin757

    I've upgrade my computer just for Skyrim remaster, I'm such a fan-girl!!! Newegg and Ebay was having a sale on computer parts too :D

  • The Man Himself

    Just wondering, who do you expect is watching this video? noobs? dude we've probs played at least 100-200 hours each, I know how to pick a lock xD.jkjk, love the vid

  • Isaiah Gadwa

    I have Daedra Armor with 4000 armor points and Daedra swords with 900 damage each with a fire damage of 500..

  • Ben D.

    what mod are you using for the archery physics? Also, do you have a mod list of what you use, and what are your PC specs?

  • MJ D2

    Just curious. It looks so clear in your video. Do you have a list of the mods you use available for us to look at? :) Thanks for the video!

  • Sal Monaco

    are you gonna keep playing skyrim like this or are you gonna play it on the special edition?

  • Sorax Giordano

    what mod allows you to have further rendering arrows? i was disappointed not to see it in the description.

  • TheColorlessKing

    yooo sony just green lit mods for fallout 4 and skyrim special edition again although they said no external assets.

  • DrFluffyButts

    Are you going to do a walkthrough of skyrim remastered?

  • izzirts 74

    Another awesome guide from ESO! Keep em coming!

  • Matas Vilimas

    Why was there a cape-brown burlap on the bandit there??? Mods? or new addition to the game???

  • Travis Kennedy

    all you gotta do is get your 40 thief, your blade of woe, and your mehrunes razor, get right in front of the bandit and stab him .

  • Collin Douglas

    +ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides How does glass armor look? I'm thinking about doing a full glass build with alteration and stuff.

  • Jovanny Velazquez

    Can you make gameplay like episodes of you just playing the game

  • IOutsiderI

    I got a daedric shield from the chest

  • Rogue

    3:24 that mine is well known even before Skyrim Remastered.

  • The Lonely Kajhit

    ESO thats a very good ideea!Please do a seires on Skyrim's animals!

  • Moraktion Gaming

    Dude, I love your videos, but could you please put your Links Below banner on the screen at the end of the video instead of during it? It blocks the content I am trying to see!!

  • Elijah Awesome

    eso warning I'm gonna spam the like button for rocks

  • BiggsN15

    Loved the vid. That is exactly how I play Skyrim. This and Fallout 3 are some of fav games.

  • Sunset Rider

    I like these location videos but would rather see you go through it at a lower level for a realistic expectation of challenge. Rather than your Level 143, master sneak ranks with Daedric longbow.

  • Battleborn Gaming

    lol I used to come here all thr time and kill everyone :-)

  • Matthew Smith

    This guy needs convenient horses

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