Skyrim - Top 10 Nightingale Mods!

My top 10 nightingale mods in Skyrim :)


Capeless Nightingale

Skimpy Nightingale Armor Using CBBE

Assassins Creed Nightingale retexture

Nightingale Prime HD

Nightingale Pride - Bow and Blade Reincarnation

Nightingale Crossbow

Nightingale Hall Restored - Karliah as a Follower

Nightingale Hi-res Retex with Torn Scarf and Variants

Nightingale With A Face

Cartoon Nightingale Armor HQ

Nightingale Equipment Improved
  • Smike

    Wow, you guys have so many great ideas! I feel like we're never going to run out of top 10s ;)

  • Adrian Verhalen

    Are these for Xbox one as well

  • karimkopra

    i need mod to making ur video work on speed x4

  • वInj3ct0r

    / ^ω^ヽ _ノ ヽ ノ \_`/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ(  (三ヽ人  /  || ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノヽ___>、___/   |( 王 ノ〈   /ミ`ー―彡ヽ  / ヽ_/  |  |  /  ノノ

  • Archlord Elemelist

    The Assassin nightingale looks like Asuna's armor in SAO

  • Mat Loyal

    They all look the same

  • Caduceus

    Back when Smike wasn't trash :/

  • TV For Free

    ???nightingales are assasins and theifs.

  • Mayor_Adom_West

    I always get exited when I see a cool thumbnail but then I go into the video and I get disappointed that its you

  • Alex Velasquez

    I had problems with my mods can't enable the assassin's creed nightingale armor set I really piked it

  • kallista

    what is up with guys playing skanky, hot female characters??

  • Kurami Chan21

    I really wanna see a nightingale dagger

  • Jade River

    So there all nightingale armor mods , ?? Im looking for nightingale style where you can be released from your service from nocturnal if your so wish

  • Mark Cissell

    More nightingale mods please!

  • Top YouTube Channels I Watch

    What the mod where the nightingale is a playable faction isn't number 1????

  • Kunal Chopra

    TOP 10 RANGER MODS! :DGive us rangers some love! xD

  • Rinus Steynberg

    Can you please make more skyrim videos? I bored of FNAF, too amy 9 year olds, and it is boring.

  • Keigan Schreiber

    the torn scarf makes him/her look like kylo ren

  • Jan T

    Badass. Say Badass one more time.

  • The Legendary Beta

    Am I the only one who enjoys the normal thieves guild armor? Or the Masters set since it has a nice blue black color on PC.

  • BladeTheWolfArtist

    top 10 thieves guild mods please

  • DarthWall275

    I've come to the conclusion that male characters should never wear Nightingale Armour, just as females shouldn't wear Ebony.

  • Team WaveHD

    When smike was good :'(

  • Yari Bins

    really cool video thank you

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    smike you should do a mod on completely new armor!! or that survival mod?!

  • Nightingale040

    the Nightingale sword sheath in my opinion should be Black to fit with the rest but that's my opinion....and i just thought of something..what if when you wear full nightingale Armour and you you go into a darkened area you become invisible to enemies...could be very useful :D

  • Rach Leeson

    Can you get mods on PS3?

  • zaki NBG

    top 10 clothing (either civilian or mage capes. anything that gives 0 armor and doesnt look like a armor) mods

  • Jesse McCree

    I'd love to plow through the Skimpy Nightingale With a javelin straight into the chest

  • Belowski

    Anyone know how I would get the original nightingale meshes back in my game after they've been replaced?

  • Robbinsffxi

    nr 6 only has a backside obviously. :P

  • TraZ Shaddow

    These are awesome man! Keep up the great vids!

  • fusedseal8529

    can you do 10 house mods plz

  • kaneki ken

    why does nightingale armor looks like they would mass murder but dark brotherhood is like thieves like wtf

  • Dharmesh Mistry

    Will people PLEASE stop making scaly nightingale armor? 3:

  • Aston John Peter

    Is that a particular armour variation for the nightingale in the thumbnail? Someone let me know if it is or I'm just being a spastic.

  • ドラゴンボール

    Wow, u call skimpy "strategical"? The Nightingale armor is designed to improve your stealth, so you're not supposed to be seen at all in the first place. Also, it's anything but "strategical" because it exposes more, which increases your likelihood of getting killed. The only way it's strategical is that it provides eye candy for perverts.

  • Adam Tarek

    Top 10 finishing move mods

  • William Tael

    If you want an ENB tip, try SkyRealism ENB with Cinematic preset (see how to turn widescreen black bars off).Best ENB in my opinion.

  • Nathan Harding

    This guys vioce is sooooooo annoying

  • Is rape related to sience?

    Skyrim top 10 class Builds? Like assassin character, build mage, build warrior build and so on

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    these are the kind of mods that make me want to switch to pc

  • Charlie Shy

    top ten zombified mods and zombie mods!top ten creature race ten powerful powers modtop ten storm mods.

  • Deirdre Roberts

    top ten campioninls mod

  • King Getz Rekt

    Sorry smike but number 5 just proves you're a pervert

  • Tom Hackett

    BTW what's lore friendly ?

  • PampkinInsanity

    "Top 10 nightingale armours"

  • kyubey, the cute little devil

    i'll be bluntly honest with you sir.. but do you have any oral or dental problems? you sound like you are chewing on something whenever you talk good sir i suggest an ortho pediatrician

  • James Lovatt

    Its because the cape clips with your feet and it is very annoying

  • Jaxtapose Rag

    How can i have both armor mods at the same time

  • Onii-Chan

    My nightingale Blade and Bow are ebony weapons,but just called nightingale,why? Please help

  • Gregory Ortiz

    Skyrim Legend smike already made a top ten creature mod

  • BigSai621 C

    num 4 should have bewn how it looks in the first place

  • Vincent Colt

    SMIKE wuts the name of the armor on thumbnail

  • Tanner Deweese

    I just really wish someone would make a full story line for nightengale

  • SladeUnit

    Omg people who actually read rangers apprentice, lol so hard to find.

  • roy mustang

    Top 10 anime weapon mods anyone ?

  • Darkcrusader77

    Yeah I have an idea its a best dragon mods

  • Cody Soverns

    smike cam you do top ten bow mods please

  • Bram V

    top 10 college of winterhold mods please pick this 

  • antleft

    do a top 10 thieves guild mods pliz

  • PhoenixGodGaming

    See this is why I like the nightingales

  • JamesCat Meow

    Damn your character so sexy!

  • Antwan Dunbar

    Top 10 daedric armor or weapons mod

  • Yecklesss

    top ten light armor mods pls.

  • Collin Flores

    Top 10 in General assassins mods. (not assassins creed)

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