Skyrim: Dragon Priest Mask - Morokei

For Vokun:

One of the 8 Dragon Priests, Morokei, in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Located in the Labyrinthian during The College of Winterhold quest "The Staff of Magnus".

Mask effects:

The mask increases Magicka Regeneration by 100%.
  • Faldrith

    i beat him at level 2 yipee of core i had some help from hiden chests

  • The Dread

    Yup, just like the other side storylines (Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Companions).

  • Axel Floyd

    Are you master of the college after you have completed all the like "main" college quests?

  • The Dread

    Oh nah i've managed to find it :)

  • Axel Floyd

    Oh I see. I thought you meant getting in the area like the ruins on the outside. Where all the frost trolls and stuff are.

  • The Dread

    It is not as simple as any dungeon in Skyrim, the door is closed and so is the shortcut outside. The one who opens it is the master of the college.

  • Axel Floyd

    easily just walk in :) Doesnt matter if part of college or not

  • 14Flamefish

    What LVL were you when you went through Labyrintian?

  • ShockWave

    I think i saw this in uhhhh i think chimneyswifts video he was bragging bout it

  • JamezPence

    What enchantments did your daggers have?

  • The Dread

    is there a way to get inside Labyrinthian without being a member of the College of Winterhold?


    Psst, I know who you are. Hail Sithis hahaa

  • Jimmy T. Malice

    Dragon Priests are insanely hard at low levels, since they're fixed at level 50.

  • Simeon 'Silent Warrior' Kalcut

    what works ice,fire,lightning


    I'm pretty sure. Just stock up on potions and upgrade your weapons because the dungeon is fairly long. He uses lightning spells and casts a Lightning Cloak during close quarter combat. The Slow Time shout may also be essential in the fight and you may want to learn all the words if you haven't. Hope this helps!

  • Executioner Thel

    Imma level 31 would i be able to easily kill this dragon preist ....please reply

  • yourobserverisme

    @ICEnJAM I found a glitch with this mask (Not sure about the others) When You wear the Arch Mages robe and this mask you turn invisible (Your face)

  • Protheans

    @Acbomb0216 yeah. i think its funny. headless man slaughter windhelm!


    @tonmereestgross Yeah, no problem!

  • Acbomb0216

    Does anyone else have a problem while wearing these that makes your face disapear

  • StJimmysminority

    i got two staffs as well

  • OBD-LP

    i had a glitch in my gamer were morokei had 2 staffs of magnus :D

  • Bud7205

    Volsung is a different mask. It helps you breath under water.

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