9 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying A Nintendo Switch

Nintendo exclusives vs. Sony exclusives, Joy-Con vs. Dualshock 4, future lineups of games and just how different the two systems operate - if you're comparing Switch vs. PS4 in any capacity, what do you need to know?

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  • M Paulson

    "Nintendo's exclusives are just as good as Sony's".Son, Nintendo invented exclusivity in gaming.

  • RainyMatrix

    Smash ultimate will sustain me until the end of time.


    Its funny cuz nintendo is the awesome gaming grandpa that doesn't care about console wars.

  • L A

    Wii U wasn't a disaster. Wii U marketing was the disaster!

  • Fizzy Note [Dika]

    PS4, Switch and PC.Perfect combination for me.

  • Russian Gamer

    The only reason i dont buy much games for Switch is that Nintendo games NEVER go on sale.

  • ブルーノBruno

    If Nintendo's exclusives weren't awesome, they wouldn't be around for 35 years.

  • Jules 55152

    Ah comment section, cancerous as always...

  • Francisco Zagaceta

    If I needed a second console, it would be PS4... because #1 is my Switch, dude ;)

  • al alex D2

    Nintendo switch wins when there's a power outage 😁😁

  • Infinity_ Karma

    I love the PC but I have a taste for Nintendo. Anyone elase remember playing pokemon, Mario Kart etc The good days

  • Ninjudo

    All the things you'll ever need for gaming is a Switch and a gaming PC.

  • Terique

    I love how they say Nintendo is to kiddie, hello, ever heard of bayonetta2?

  • HoshiBaka

    Nintendo switch players: ZELDA: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros, Pokén, Pokemon Lets Go: E/P!PS4 players: Spider-Man, Last of Us 2, Persona5!Xbox players: Cmon... *pokes system*... do something...

  • Hand Of The King

    It's hardly 2 controllers it's 2 parts of the one controller.

  • noodled

    9 confessions you got clickbaited

  • Greymort

    $4000 pc, ps4 pro, and a switch. Yeah i don't leave my room lol.

  • Anthony Jubran

    At the end what makes a console successfull is its library of Games and the User experience Ps4 and Switch got that Xbox Take notes

  • ironturkey 613

    I sold my PS4 pro for a switch and don't regret it one bit.

  • Joel Pais

    So let’s compare ps4 and switch:Ps4-Better graphicsMore storageBetter onlineBetter 3rd partySwitch- More featuresMore versatile Better local multiplayerBetter (my opinion) exclusives

  • Jimmy De Guzman

    Switch needs more exclusives. And more discount deals.

  • Disruptic

    I have a PS4 and I’m getting a switch Holy duo in my opinion

  • Made In Heaven

    A PS4 and a Switch, the perfect duo for this generation.

  • colton421

    Why can’t you just buy the console with the games that you prefer?Personally, I prefer the switch over the ps4, because of smash bros, pokemon, splatoon, and you always have to love a good round of mario kart.

  • NooBLinK

    DISCLAIMERI have bias on my opinion since my first console was a nintendo console, and i am a heck of a nintendo big fanboy. In my opinion i think that both are good at what they do. Sony goes for "tryhard" games and ultra realistic graphics, nintendo goes for more lighthearted and cartoonish graphics and prioritizes(im not a native speaker as well) gameplay. This is the generalization. Ports, the switch and playstation are tied, while the playstation's versions has better graphics and a bigger controler, the switch has the portability and a smaller but still confortable controller. Online service, while playstation sorta offers a free online for some stuff but still asks for 60 dollars(224,4 reais) for the freacking year, nintendo offers a paid online for 20 dollars(74,8 reais) per year if you enter in a solo signature, the online is very far from perfect and it doesn't change anything from the free online of past year. Sony-2, Nintendo-1 Exclusives, (HERE THE BIAS IS SUPREME) nintendo has the best exclusives without a doubt, yes sony has spider man, GOW4, HZD and etc. BUT, nintendo always had the upper hand even on the wii U about this, and now with the switch it got even better! They manage to take things that are 30 years old, make them feel completely fresh, while still having that feel from the older titles. Nintendo-2, Sony-2. Graphical Power, ........ Nintendo-2, Sony-3. Memory space, while the ps4 may have a larger DEFAULT space in general, a lot of that space is used for stuff like youtube, netflix, twitch, patches and etc. so in the end it has a pretty similar space to the switch AND the switch has a easier expanding process and one that can be bought pretty easily and with a cheap price, while the ps4 needs a freacking external HD just to expand it's space. Nintendo-3,Sony-3 In the end it will always boil down to opinions and not objective best console, there is none. In my opinion I still prefer the switch because of the portability, wich will be it's main advantage over the ps4(excluding the exclusives because opinions) If you desagree tell me why! But don't come with the "your dumb and your opinions is wrong lol, lmao , ahahahahaha normie stuff" arguement, try to be constructive and don't consider exclusives as a selling point because maybe a HUGE sony fanboy could buy a switch for mario odyssey or BOTW and vice versa.Please understand -Satoru Iwata, 2015

  • Brixster

    Just bought a Switch two weeks ago.I've spent an equal amount of time playing God of War and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate this last week.I don't feel a gosh diggity dang difference.

  • Dark Spyro

    I don't get why fans and even companies can't just get along,the point is for all of us to have fun right? I have a variety of games and different game consoles and I love them all

  • Native Reaper

    I will never understand why people can’t love both, I love all platforms and PC

  • Keiny Lai

    "Confessions"HAHAHAHAHA seriously these people are a waste of air.

  • ben monahan

    i use my PC for high frame rates good graphics and competitive multiplayer games mostly and use my switch for its exclusives and portability perfect combination for me

  • Work hard Game harder

    I think Sony and Microsoft is about Graphics and Nintendo is small and pretty creative with some enjoyable games I can't wait to have a Switch in my hands

  • TheMightyEmerald

    TrueI have a PS4 Pro, and I'm getting a Switch in December

  • Simon S.

    I was the opposite. I bought a PS4 Pro, after having the Switch

  • Patrick Harding

    Opinion irrelevant due to you not understanding xbox is more powerful

  • isaac martz

    Idk why talk about exclusives. I think even the most hardcore ps4/xbox fan knows that nintendo gots it

  • Fathan Akbar

    Am a ps4 player and i gona buy a Nintendo Switch just for playing smash bro but idk do you think 🤔 switch is fun what other game switch have

  • DeanCubed

    All these Sony kids saying Nintendo is too kiddie, while they eagerly play Crash Bandicoot, Fortnite, and Overwatch while waiting for Kingdom Hearts and Spider-Man to come out :P

  • MilkPudding

    Graphical power of a game is like the good looks of a person

  • Timely J96

    Sorry I have a ps4 and Xbox and switch Switch is the best but Xbox is better then PlayStation

  • Ringo Gunther

    PC, Switch and 3ds is the combo for me.My PS4 has offically been downgraded to a Netflix machine for over a year now.

  • Marco Rodriguez

    Switch just needs trophy’s and a mic not that stupid phone app

  • misc alotastuff

    Buy the console that gives you the games you actually play.

  • TheArtist

    The way that the Switch has a one up on every other prevalent console is its versatility. A PC appears to be the best option, considering that a gaming console is simply a specialized computer. Almost any Playstation and Xbox title can, at least in theory, be piloted over to a PC and deliver a near mirrored (if not better) experience. The Switch is unique enough to be irreplaceable in it's mere design; so much so that I think it will serve as the design basis for every subsequent console. It is a computer with all the bells and whistles that truly define it as a console.

  • Tyson H

    I own a ps4 and a switch and I have to say for me personally I prefer the switch other than games that dont make it to switch (ni no kuni 2, digimon (dont like the grid one on the switch coming up) etc) 1. Switch is portable and even if I didn't have a place to live I could plug that bad boy up in my car and it would keep me sane 2. I can also play COUCH multiplayer (no wifi needed) while on the go or on a tv. both people dont need a switch to play just hand a joycon over plus more multiplayer games in general 3. cartridges are so much easier to carry than discs 4. I think some of switches indie games are priced more fairly than playstation games and theres definately something for everyone 5. I LOVE my sony, but the switch is unique. I didn't think I would love the switch because it is a tablet but for some reason me personally I just love the on the go versatility and the light weight. Plus it has hulu so can watch tv on the go. I can name 5 things I like about sony but for someone who is pretty on the go (not sure how much of America that is) the switch is def. a great system and hopefully will be around as long as the 3ds (but without a million reiterations of the same system)

  • Taylor Glynn

    Just sold my ps4 Getting a switch

  • TheBestAadi1 -Gaming Channel

    Number one Switch doesn't do that **** about fortnight sharing skins (with other consoles)

  • Zachary Henke

    As someone with both a PS4 and a Switch, I’d say that anyone who can afford to get both, should just get both. I think they work really well together in terms of the types of games I want for the systems.

  • Zim Zim

    I own both the switch and the ps4 pro. To compare them it is like comparing apples and oranges. I love them both but one is basically a handheld you can connect to a TV and the other is a multimedia system.

  • James Bolton

    I just got a Switch for Christmas and I can definitely say that these are spot on. Firmly back on the Nintendo train.

  • Kirby Gamez

    sniffMetroid Prime 4We will miss ya(Until like 2/3 years from now)

  • Rasheed Ahmed

    Nintendo charge too much for their games. ps4 is the best console at the moment.

  • LJC1990

    Ah yes the internet. When you share an opinion and a person loses their mind. Don't ever change internet. Don't ever change...

  • Mark Salita

    The reason I bought console.Ps4-exclusivesSwitch -exclusivesPC-Aesthetics and cheaper games

  • hello

    They're just different..Both are great...switch needs more high quality games

  • Jibzy Luigi

    Coach and split screen gameplay.Must. Not. Die.

  • Orteth

    "Numba éti"What... kind of accent is that?NUMBA ÉTI??? Not even SEan Connery have thart accent!

  • Shkqehmegnarhnqeujeykwuky he

    If he made the video on 2019 he would have realized that it’s not Nintendo only games, now there’s dark souls remastered, pay day 2, doom and Skyrim (like he said) fortnite

  • PDK KoolAid

    Me getting a gameing pcHave a Xbox one x and switch also “new” 3ds xl


    I've bought 3!...stopped playing rdr2 & gtav

  • BlackStrey

    Bloodborne, end of the conversation for me

  • Navilluso

    Also no region lock, for both physical and online for the switch

  • Magnus !

    People who compare the online subscribtion of the switch with its competitors never mention the price difference. Yes on PS4 you get some cool games every month vs just some old NES games on the switch, but switch online is a fricking third of the price of PS4 online.

  • HypeNesta

    A true console owner know to respect all consoles even if Xbox exclusives are on pc

  • Robert Siegfried

    You kind of underplayed Nintendos upcoming lineup by leaving out Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Bayonetta 3.

  • Arcade

    "Nintendo drops an atom bomb"Japan fired back!

  • Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    To me the Switch is going to be relevant when Bayonetta 3 and a real Metroid release.Until then, its not going to be used much.

  • Pàt242

    Crossing my fingers for GTA 6 to come to the Switch🤞🤞

  • Swade

    I hate the dualshock 4 lol.Hell I even like the wii u pro controller more.

  • fightnight14

    Zelda BotW alone was worth getting a Switch for but that's just me. Adding Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Mario Odyssey just made it 4 times as better. Mario + Rabbids was also a big surprise. I can't wait for Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4, SMASH, New Fire Emblem game, Bayonetta 3 and SMTV

  • slo-mo G.

    Rip Metroid 4, and animal crossing 2019 means that Nintendo has at least a big release planned

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