9 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying A Nintendo Switch

Nintendo exclusives vs. Sony exclusives, Joy-Con vs. Dualshock 4, future lineups of games and just how different the two systems operate - if you're comparing Switch vs. PS4 in any capacity, what do you need to know?

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  • Fizzy Note [Dika]

    PS4, Switch and PC.Perfect combination for me.

  • M Paulson

    "Nintendo's exclusives are just as good as Sony's".Son, Nintendo invented exclusivity in gaming.

  • HoshiBaka

    Nintendo switch players: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Pokén! PS4 players: Spider-Man and Last of Us 2!Xbox players: Cmon... *pokes system*... do something...

  • RainyMatrix

    Smash ultimate will sustain me until the end of time.

  • SKX44

    Switch for exclusives and portable, PC for everything else.Persona 5 just isn't worth buying a console for me.

  • Mikael Olsson

    Crash isn't an exclusive...

  • Saad サアド سـعد

    I'm a PS4 owner and I got a Switch weeks back, both are great.


    Its funny cuz nintendo is the awesome gaming grandpa that doesn't care about console wars.

  • Help me reach 100 subscribers with no videos

    The whole comment section is like "ding dong ur opinion is wrong

  • Jules 55152

    Ah comment section, cancerous as always...

  • DeanCubed

    All these Sony kids saying Nintendo is too kiddie, while they eagerly play Crash Bandicoot, Fortnite, and Overwatch while waiting for Kingdom Hearts and Spider-Man to come out :P

  • wnyx

    "If you're going to own a second console, this is it!"Unfortunately nothing has changed in the last 10 years: Nintendo's consoles are still called "secondary" consoles by any PS fan boy (at its best). And all those PS fan boys still say: "Nintendo is just for kids! Grow up and buy a 'real' console, you jerk."It's hard for a Nintendo fan like me. Nobody takes us seriously....never.... :-(

  • peepee poopoo

    Can we all just agree that all 4 consoles are great(PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC[They're not in a specific order])?

  • SegaDisneyUniverse

    My only confession is devoting all my time to my Nintendo Switch rather than my PS4.

  • Kagan Jimenez

    “Smash and Mario bros and Pokémon come out.”Sony has no chance

  • peepee poopoo

    I really think this war over consoles should finally be over.

  • SecIsKing

    Nintendo’s exclusives just as good as sony’s?Trying to be nice, but Nintendo’s exclusives are far better than sony’s.


    I love how they say Nintendo is to kiddie, hello, ever heard of bayonetta2?

  • NooBLinK 300

    DISCLAIMERI have bias on my opinion since my first console was a nintendo console, and i am a heck of a nintendo big fanboy. In my opinion i think that both are good at what they do. Sony goes for "tryhard" games and ultra realistic graphics, nintendo goes for more lighthearted and cartoonish graphics and prioritizes(im not a native speaker as well) gameplay. This is the generalization. Ports, the switch and playstation are tied, while the playstation's versions has better graphics and a bigger controler, the switch has the portability and a smaller but still confortable controller. Online service, while playstation sorta offers a free online for some stuff but still asks for 60 dollars(224,4 reais) for the freacking year, nintendo offers a paid online for 20 dollars(74,8 reais) per year if you enter in a solo signature, the online is very far from perfect and it doesn't change anything from the free online of past year. Sony-2, Nintendo-1 Exclusives, (HERE THE BIAS IS SUPREME) nintendo has the best exclusives without a doubt, yes sony has spider man, GOW4, HZD and etc. BUT, nintendo always had the upper hand even on the wii U about this, and now with the switch it got even better! They manage to take things that are 30 years old, make them feel completely fresh, while still having that feel from the older titles. Nintendo-2, Sony-2. Graphical Power, ........ Nintendo-2, Sony-3. Memory space, while the ps4 may have a larger DEFAULT space in general, a lot of that space is used for stuff like youtube, netflix, twitch, patches and etc. so in the end it has a pretty similar space to the switch AND the switch has a easier expanding process and one that can be bought pretty easily and with a cheap price, while the ps4 needs a freacking external HD just to expand it's space. Nintendo-3,Sony-3 In the end it will always boil down to opinions and not objective best console, there is none. In my opinion I still prefer the switch because of the portability, wich will be it's main advantage over the ps4(excluding the exclusives because opinions) If you desagree tell me why! But don't come with the "your dumb and your opinions is wrong lol, lmao , ahahahahaha normie stuff" arguement, try to be constructive and don't consider exclusives as a selling point because maybe a HUGE sony fanboy could buy a switch for mario odyssey or BOTW and vice versa.Please understand -Satoru Iwata, 2015

  • LJC1990

    Ah yes the internet. When you share an opinion and a person loses their mind. Don't ever change internet. Don't ever change...

  • Nathan Trinh

    Here's one issue with Sony-exclusives: A lot of them are rated for adults, as opposed to Nintendo which are rated for most ages.

  • YBN

    9 confessions you got clickbaited

  • Russian Gamer

    The only reason i dont buy much games for Switch is that Nintendo games NEVER go on sale.

  • Anthony Cadondon

    I've owned all 3 and too be honest the switch remains. The more realistic pair of consoles just makes me miss out on really living out these kind of adventures. Which equals that most games that are good on ps4 are unimaginative shooters or hack and slash games. I say switch and than maybe read some books instead of being stuck in home.

  • Martell Tha Cool

    Should I sell my PS4 for more Nintendo Switch games?

  • Let me sleep in peace

    I have a pc and switch. All ps4 exclusives eventually come to the pc and those that dont arent worth it to buy the whole system for. Where as the exclusive Nintendo games will never come to pc. But honestly just get what you want... end of the day it's all personal preference.

  • Xristos Xatziantonis

    Graphics <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< gameplay

  • Joel Pais

    So let’s compare ps4 and switch:Ps4-Better graphicsMore storageBetter onlineBetter 3rd partySwitch- More featuresMore versatile Better local multiplayerBetter exclusives

  • BoyNamedSue4

    Can I just get cup head on either one?

  • Ninjudo

    All the things you'll ever need for gaming is a Switch and a gaming PC.

  • SlickFam

    My biggest gripe with the switch is that with my pc i have a number of games that ive been able to sink hundreds sometimes thousands of hours into each game, most of which costed under $40 whereas the games i want to play the switch for provide a fraction of the playime for a premium price, i dont feel that $90 AUD is fair for 10 - 20 hours of game time. Having said all this I still own a switch and enjoy it.

  • Kegan Gowen

    “Outside of a few exclusives”...? lol what!?!? Sony has Days Gone, Death Stranding, Spider-Man, The Order: 1886, Shadow Of The Colossus, God Of War, Uncharted series, The Last Of Us, The Last Of Us Part II, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn......are you serious lmao

  • Alex Glavascu

    I’m getting a new 3dls xl for the awesome library, then I will get a Nintendo Switch for my birthday or Christmas!Personally now that I look at this in a way, I think I’ve always been a Nintendo fanboy than a PlayStation fanboy, I’ve owned a ps2 and a GameCube and I remember playing GameCube like 24/7. Now, PlayStation won’t support kid’s games or cartoon games, example: (spongebob, scooby Doo, Incredibles, you get it.) Nintendo has added LEGO Incredibles to the Switch, and those other games that I said are on the GameCube and new 3ds xl! I mean don’t get me wrong, those games were on ps2 too. But Nintendo put them on future consoles which now I see the big picture here. Play whatever you want and what you liked in your childhood. 1 more thing, on ps3 there was some Disney/cartoon games too.

  • fightnight14

    Zelda BotW alone was worth getting a Switch for but that's just me. Adding Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Mario Odyssey just made it 4 times as better. Mario + Rabbids was also a big surprise. I can't wait for Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4, SMASH, New Fire Emblem game, Bayonetta 3 and SMTV

  • Magnus !

    People who compare the online subscribtion of the switch with its competitors never mention the price difference. Yes on PS4 you get some cool games every month vs just some old NES games on the switch, but switch online is a fricking third of the price of PS4 online.

  • _ TheBigPig _

    Ladies and GentlemenLET THE CONSOLE WARS BEGIN!!!!

  • Rehan

    Why don't people consider Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a successful game? I have spent over 80 hours and still can't get enough of that game. I don't remember spending that much time on any PS4 game in the same amount of time.

  • young mouss

    I sold my switch and kept my ps4.Switch games are not only expensive but not many AAA games for me to keep it

  • Benjamin Boeneke

    Nintendo always uses mario, zelda and metroid to sell systems. Sony at least comes up with completely new IPs like TLOU and Horizon zero dawn. They don't ride the same few franchises like Nintendo and Microsoft.

  • Dominic Snyder

    9: Nintendo's exclusives are just as good as Sony's:No, they're not. Not in quantity, variety, or quality.8: Sony has the better future roadmap.Yep. Has been and will continue to be the case.7: Graphics aren't that important.This is subjective. When there's a large power gulf between consoles, you're going to see a measurable and important difference in visual quality, freedom, and technical achievement.6: The Switch is so much better for local multiplayer.It definitely offers you a lot more flexibility. But outside of that it doesn't provide any massive local multiplayer improvements once you're actually playing.5: Some third party Switch releases are almost unacceptable.This is, of course, the case, and will only continue to get worse in the future.4: Adding an online paywall is a big deal.The Switch online service is woefully inadequate when compared to the competition, which makes the idea of paying for it a less than attractive one, but at least that price is significantly less. No matter what, though, we're definitely seeing its effects on smaller online games. The likes of Mario Kart and Splatoon aren't likely to be affected by the paywall, but other less ubiquitous multiplayer titles are certainly seeing a bit of a squeeze.3: The ability to switch to a handheld is a true gamechanger.Yeah... I don't know about that. It's certainly an appreciated convenience. But I'd usually prefer to keep these devices separate. Give me my portable games and give me my home console games so that I don't have to sacrifice anything for either. With a Vita and PS4 situation you can play cross-save titles on the go just like with the Switch, and, this way, you don't have to carry around a ridiculously oversized handheld, and you don't have to sacrifice power on the home console experience.2: It doesn't cost a mint to get the full experience.The "whole experience" is relative. Not having the "whole experience" still nets you a more powerful system at the same price with a PS4 or Xbox. The "half experience" on these consoles is still measurably better than the Switch's "whole experience" in many ways."The most consumer friendly console on the market"? Hahaha, what the hell is so "consumer friendly" about it? None of the things you listed have anything to so with being "consumer friendly". Is the exorbitant cost of those accessories consumer friendly? Is the abandonment of the virtual console and any previous virtual console purchases consumer friendly? Is the embracement of a multiplayer paywall consumer friendly? The price point is the same as the PS4 and Xbox One.Also, Labo's not really all that reasonably priced, and Labo's not going to be a thing. It's kinda been a complete failure.1: If you're going to own a second console, this is it.If you already own a PS4, then the Switch is probably your best bet for a second console, but it depends on what games you're most interested in. If you only own an Xbox One, however, the Switch should absolutely not be your second console. You are going to miss out on so much more by not having a PS4 than you are by not having a Switch.

  • ash 101

    Nintendo always had the best exclusives & gameplay. Though I won't consider the switch to be better than PS4 mainly because switch doesn't have enough exclusives so far. Both are great consoles with some fantastic games like Zelda: BOTW, Mario odyssey, Red dead redemption 2, god of war 4, persona 5, Xenoblade chronicles 2 etc.. For now it's a tie for me, switch having a slight edge in the technical department.

  • Tim Abbott

    Zelda is a wiiu game. Most of switch games are remakes. Switch is also weak power wise. It also isn't durable. I like it tho.

  • Made In Heaven

    A PS4 and a Switch, the perfect duo for this generation.

  • riha yu

    I’m a pure Nintendo person, and I’ve considered reaching out to PS systems, but I don’t want to adjust to the different buttons. I hate that ○ and × placements too much to try

  • Angela B

    I'd get a switch if they had more games like breath of the wild on it that weren't re-released wiiu titles.

  • Mimikyu Fishy

    I’m sure something is wrong around here.... hmmmRead more

  • ben monahan

    i use my PC for high frame rates good graphics and competitive multiplayer games mostly and use my switch for its exclusives and portability perfect combination for me

  • misc alotastuff

    Buy the console that gives you the games you actually play.

  • MilkPudding

    Graphical power of a game is like the good looks of a person

  • Alfred Western

    How are you surprised that Nintendo has awesome first party games?! They have the best, most well known IPs in gaming, period. It's basically what sold the Wii U, seeing as how the rest of it was just a mess. Mario Odyssey and BOTW are far superior to any of the PS4s console exclusives, and far more innovative to boot.

  • lekshuuuuu

    Honest opinion:I have both the PS4 and SWITCH both are EXCELLENT systems. I absolutely love my new switch console the mobility is amazing.But.... The library games right now for the switch have made me not touch it. I feel the “cartoonish” animations for the games like Zelda have turned me off. I don’t know why they have to be so much coloured it’s not appealing.Hopefully they will release better games in the future, I love the switch system itself but not the games.

  • EbayHunters

    Sold my PS4 to buy a switch. Zelda awesome. Mario awesome. Everything else ported. Bought a PS4 pro for spiderman

  • Native Reaper

    I will never understand why people can’t love both, I love all platforms and PC

  • AcidWitch69

    I'm a PS4 owner who bought a switch just for super smash bros and can firmly say other than its portability, its the absolute worst system I've ever had.

  • Tyson H

    I own a ps4 and a switch and I have to say for me personally I prefer the switch other than games that dont make it to switch (ni no kuni 2, digimon (dont like the grid one on the switch coming up) etc) 1. Switch is portable and even if I didn't have a place to live I could plug that bad boy up in my car and it would keep me sane 2. I can also play COUCH multiplayer (no wifi needed) while on the go or on a tv. both people dont need a switch to play just hand a joycon over plus more multiplayer games in general 3. cartridges are so much easier to carry than discs 4. I think some of switches indie games are priced more fairly than playstation games and theres definately something for everyone 5. I LOVE my sony, but the switch is unique. I didn't think I would love the switch because it is a tablet but for some reason me personally I just love the on the go versatility and the light weight. Plus it has hulu so can watch tv on the go. I can name 5 things I like about sony but for someone who is pretty on the go (not sure how much of America that is) the switch is def. a great system and hopefully will be around as long as the 3ds (but without a million reiterations of the same system)

  • Daggoth

    i dont care so much about resolution as i do FPS. After playing on a 144hz monitor for so long its hard to play anything under 40 or 60fps

  • Dark Spyro

    I don't get why fans and even companies can't just get along,the point is for all of us to have fun right? I have a variety of games and different game consoles and I love them all

  • Robert Siegfried

    You kind of underplayed Nintendos upcoming lineup by leaving out Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Bayonetta 3.

  • NateDawg3

    A PC and a switch is all you need, yeah some ps4 exclusives are cool but I personally don’t really care.

  • liferuin

    people will still call you an idiot even if you do it first lul.

  • badbox TPK

    guys next time will be good to mention anything abalt memmory ability .my PlayStation cost me 200pounds .... come with 3 GAMES and 1TB of memory.Nintendo switch cost 279 pounds no game ... and you need microSD card up to 128 GB. I do not see the point having a Nintendo when I can have a better tablet or a Phone .

  • Mike J.

    Nintendo exclusives are better sorry! Many of the os4 games are similar.

  • Nathan Mack

    But a 1TB ps4 with a game costs the same as a switch with no game lmao

  • Ghost Killer

    PS4, my own built PC, Switch to boring sold after 2 hours play time zelda botw was a borefest, Ocopath traveler not much better

  • Zachary Henke

    As someone with both a PS4 and a Switch, I’d say that anyone who can afford to get both, should just get both. I think they work really well together in terms of the types of games I want for the systems.

  • Marcos Fernandes de Sousa Júnior

    You forgot to add one thing, the switch's controllers are horribly small and uncomfortable and even when you get the hang of it they are just ok.

  • star

    i have an xbox one x, ps4 pro, switch and a gaming PC (gtx 1080ti)....and i can honestly say for ME....my PC and switch are my primary gaming platformsmy reasons - PC for the best graphics, AAA titles etc, Switch exclusives are more fun than ps4 exclusives imo, and i LOVE last of us btw

  • KingOfTheFall 01

    My switch has been collecting dust since xenoblade chronicles 2 but each to there own I guess

  • Chris Stokes

    I'm bored of battlefield 50006 and call of duty 10.1 fortroyale oh and the five million remastered games we are expected to buy from last generation. Switch for me all day every day.

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