9 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying A Nintendo Switch

Nintendo exclusives vs. Sony exclusives, Joy-Con vs. Dualshock 4, future lineups of games and just how different the two systems operate - if you're comparing Switch vs. PS4 in any capacity, what do you need to know?

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  • Fizzy Note [Dika]

    PS4, Switch and PC.Perfect combination for me.

  • DeanCubed

    All these Sony kids saying Nintendo is too kiddie, while they eagerly play Crash Bandicoot, Fortnite, and Overwatch while waiting for Kingdom Hearts and Spider-Man to come out :P

  • HoshiBaka

    Nintendo switch players: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Pokén! PS4 players: Spider-Man and Last of Us 2!Xbox players: Cmon... *pokes system*... do something...

  • Shrek Buttstein

    Nintendo doesn't need a lot of games to last a generation. They make long lasting games that last many years. Just like super smash bros. melee.

  • Mikael Olsson

    Crash isn't an exclusive...

  • iwatchyoutube

    “Reasonably priced” cardboard

  • Blakkheim

    Graphics are and aren't important if that makes sense. I don't go in to play my 3ds expecting high end graphics but I do still play it because I love the games on it. Make the right games for the right consoles and you'll have yourself plenty of reasons why people will want to play it.

  • wnyx

    "If you're going to own a second console, this is it!"Unfortunately nothing has changed in the last 10 years: Nintendo's consoles are still called "secondary" consoles by any PS fan boy (at its best). And all those PS fan boys still say: "Nintendo is just for kids! Grow up and buy a 'real' console, you jerk."It's hard for a Nintendo fan like me. Nobody takes us seriously....never.... :-(

  • Meg

    I don't like when people say nintendo has only mario and zelda when they have plenty other great exclusives. But it's nintendo's fault for marketing these two more than the other sigh and also people's fault for not searching further than these two. And please don't count Labo amoung triple A exclusive, it was meant for children , not for regular customers.Anyways, I'm glad you like it, and more and more great exclusives are coming this year.

  • InklingEspeon

    Switch for exclusives and portable, PC for everything else.Persona 5 just isn't worth buying a console for me.

  • Saad サアド سـعد

    I'm a PS4 owner and I got a Switch weeks back, both are great.

  • Commander Vander

    I feel like this guys a little Sony biased... then again, I’m a little Nintendo biased lol...

  • Mike B.

    Correction-Nintendo’s exclusives are BETTER than Sony’s

  • Made In Heaven

    A PS4 and a Switch, the perfect duo for this generation.

  • Oh NoOnur

    Can we all just agree that all 4 consoles are great(PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC[They're not in a specific order])?

  • SegaDisneyUniverse

    My only confession is devoting all my time to my Nintendo Switch rather than my PS4.

  • David Williams

    Switch is just cool. If you don't have one get one.

  • Help me reach 100 subscribers with no videos

    The whole comment section is like "ding dong ur opinion is wrong

  • Native Reaper

    I will never understand why people can’t love both, I love all platforms and PC

  • Alexandre Gramiliki

    "Nintendo's exclusives are just as good as Sony's"Wrong. They are better. The best Switch exclusive is 97 on Metacritic ans the best Sony exclusive is 95. And you put non-exclusive games like Crash on the "list".Good god... europe really is Sonyland...

  • ミク Deviluke

    I only own a Switch and PC am not into the others

  • Michael Piotrowski

    Let’s all just agree that some people like games on the ps4 better, while others like games on the Switch better (like me).

  • GamingNintendoWorld

    Well Nintendo's online service is only 20$ for one person or 35$ for a family group of users (up to 8 users) and you can play classics online together for the first time ever and access to cloud saves so it's a fair deal.

  • fightnight14

    Zelda BotW alone was worth getting a Switch for but that's just me. Adding Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Mario Odyssey just made it 4 times as better. Mario + Rabbids was also a big surprise. I can't wait for Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4, SMASH, New Fire Emblem game, Bayonetta 3 and SMTV

  • James Jarman

    Good on you man, glad you're able to open up. Gameplay OVER graphics. Sure great graphics are nice to have...but it's not the deciding factor for game enjoyment.

  • mega sean

    Bayonetta 3?Super Smash Bros?Dark Souls?Octopath Traveller?The heavily implied Pokemon core game?Metroid Prime 4?Mario Tennis Aces?Crash Bandicoot remaster?Mega Man’s 1-11?And that’s all before E3 so that they can announce even more games coming!

  • Treal Oso saucy

    I’m a ps4 owner and I bought a switch in December 😬

  • Dreadpirate Blackfoot

    i own a ps4 and bought a switch. i hardly turn on the ps4 now. but im playing my 2ds more then the switch aha. i like all the systems but my 2ds xl is perfect size for travel.

  • BoyNamedSue4

    Can I just get cup head on either one?


    Automatic dislike when I heard labo being compared😔

  • Vince Oh Myyy

    Just wait for Pokemon for Switch and PS4 can roll the mat.

  • ChoppaChunna

    I recently bought a switch, the only real complaint(besides the idea of paying money for the worst online network) is the lack of games to play.Botw, Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade 2 are worth it but now i feel like im waiting around for something to release.

  • Martell Tha Cool

    Should I sell my PS4 for more Nintendo Switch games?

  • LJC1990

    Ah yes the internet. When you share an opinion and a person loses their mind. Don't ever change internet. Don't ever change...

  • Irakli Gazashvili

    Switch has obviusly better exclusives!

  • K Y S

    Lol get a PC and don't get screwed for online Access that Sony doesn't even run. The Switch's paid online sucks too.

  • _ TheBigPig _

    Ladies and GentlemenLET THE CONSOLE WARS BEGIN!!!!

  • Kegan Gowen

    “Outside of a few exclusives”...? lol what!?!? Sony has Days Gone, Death Stranding, Spider-Man, The Order: 1886, Shadow Of The Colossus, God Of War, Uncharted series, The Last Of Us, The Last Of Us Part II, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn......are you serious lmao

  • Manuel Four

    I am a switch fan. But i still want a ps4 because of spidernan last of us and other games i WISH nintendo have

  • Chloe Mcholoe

    You forgot Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon

  • TopOfAllWorlds

    You can't really blame nintendo for some of the 3rd party games frame rates. The 3rd parties games should be able to run just fine, they just don't even try sometimes.

  • Code Khalil

    Play Zelda: Breath of the Wild for one hour. After just 1 hour, I was convinced that this was the best game of this generation. After a week, I was convinced this was the best game Nintendo ever made. After a year, I can say with clarity that BOTW is pound for pound, the best video game ever made. Note - I am NOT a Nintendo fanboy. I didn't want this thing to succeed. It DID. All other open world games will be compared to this. The game still innovates to this day

  • Death 2132xx

    After buying ps4 i had second thoughts on the switch.Its ok

  • Mr_writer1985

    The Switch is the perfect 2nd console, cheap and enough quality exclusives, with the occasional 3rd party game that might suite the Switch more (Diablo on the toilet anyone)I LOVE my PS4, but I have played and enjoyed my Switch enough to not regret it.The ONLY downside to the Switch, is the lack of cheap games, games like BOTW and Mario don't get enough price cuts to justify buying games consistently.I wouldn't mind having a backlog of games on the Switch if I could get them cheaper (>£20)

  • zuper

    Dude i had a switch and a few games like mario odyssey and zelda botw and some others. I played it for like 2 weeks or so. Both games were good some of the best in the series. However i lost interest. I am a huge nintendo fan or was now. I guess i am just moving on from what i liked most as a kid. I sold my switch because when i got it and after losing interest, i started playing ps4 more often and realized that i do not need anything else when i had something so great. Same with pc, i know it is fun like the nintendo switch, however what i once wanted, i do not have a desire for anymore because i have a ps4 which is such a great system. Do whatever you want but i just like the ps4 a lot, i dont care about the switch anymore and cancelled my plans on building a pc which i had more than enough money saved up for. Dont say pc master race or nintendo is best, just do whatever suits u as will others do the same. The ps4 is the perfect platform for me and i do not need anything else. I also had an xbox one when i wanted a ps4 and did not have much fun with. I got it because of what most friends had but i did not like it so i sold it and got a ps4. I suspect next gen i will stick to one platform and that platform will be ps5 if it continues what ps4 has done so greatly.

  • badbox TPK

    guys next time will be good to mention anything abalt memmory ability .my PlayStation cost me 200pounds .... come with 3 GAMES and 1TB of memory.Nintendo switch cost 279 pounds no game ... and you need microSD card up to 128 GB. I do not see the point having a Nintendo when I can have a better tablet or a Phone .

  • misc alotastuff

    Buy the console that gives you the games you actually play.

  • Emilio waz here

    Crash insane trilogy is not a console exclusive it can also be on xbox1 and Nintendo switch

  • Squidiffer

    Both of them are Awesome consoles but I think I like the switch exclusives more the only ps exclusives I only liked Danganropa V3, The Last Of Us and that's it

  • Hazbelt Benito

    I have Xbox switch and ps4 and I say I equally like them both. I take my switch to school and trips. I play the Xbox to play old games like halo and cod. Ps4 to me is for new games like spider man. I say they each have their pros and cons.

  • JJ Animations

    Lol crash is coming to the the switch

  • Zachary Henke

    As someone with both a PS4 and a Switch, I’d say that anyone who can afford to get both, should just get both. I think they work really well together in terms of the types of games I want for the systems.

  • SlickFam

    My biggest gripe with the switch is that with my pc i have a number of games that ive been able to sink hundreds sometimes thousands of hours into each game, most of which costed under $40 whereas the games i want to play the switch for provide a fraction of the playime for a premium price, i dont feel that $90 AUD is fair for 10 - 20 hours of game time. Having said all this I still own a switch and enjoy it.

  • Angela B

    I'd get a switch if they had more games like breath of the wild on it that weren't re-released wiiu titles.

  • EbayHunters

    Sold my PS4 to buy a switch. Zelda awesome. Mario awesome. Everything else ported. Bought a PS4 pro for spiderman

  • multiple retro-new Gamer

    i love my switch but there just aren't enough decent games aka shooters

  • Kyle Woodowens

    I am never home because I either have work or places to be. The Switch is perfect for me. I literally don't have to go home anymore except to sleep.

  • Rayray Gaxiola

    Can't get over the fact your using Balludacris intro music!!!Didn't hear a word u said! 🤣😂

  • it's gameing bro and vlogsss

    This all is fake this guy got pay by Sony to say this the Nintendo switch has the best graphics on every game and has good controls

  • Alex Glavascu

    I’m getting a new 3dls xl for the awesome library, then I will get a Nintendo Switch for my birthday or Christmas!Personally now that I look at this in a way, I think I’ve always been a Nintendo fanboy than a PlayStation fanboy, I’ve owned a ps2 and a GameCube and I remember playing GameCube like 24/7. Now, PlayStation won’t support kid’s games or cartoon games, example: (spongebob, scooby Doo, Incredibles, you get it.) Nintendo has added LEGO Incredibles to the Switch, and those other games that I said are on the GameCube and new 3ds xl! I mean don’t get me wrong, those games were on ps2 too. But Nintendo put them on future consoles which now I see the big picture here. Play whatever you want and what you liked in your childhood. 1 more thing, on ps3 there was some Disney/cartoon games too.

  • Maryann Newcomb

    Nintendo doesn't have no game that can compete with sony's until dawn!!! The only way Nintendo would pass up Sony at the top is if they put out enough NES classics. The switch as I wrote this is sitting safe in third place among the three console makers!!!! It would not surprise me if the new Atari doesn't pass Nintendo when it is released!!! Online gaming is actually not that big of a seller with gamers. Example of that is the Friday the 13th game that is out. The majority of the gamers want an offline version to play!!!! Again, Sony is the top dog!!!!!

  • Oh NoOnur

    I really think this war over consoles should finally be over.

  • Timexdistance

    I have both and love them both :3

  • Laydie Lie

    I own a PS4, but I was never going to buy a microsoft console. But now I want a Switch as my 2nd console.

  • Narnes 64

    Complains about a lack of virtual console but doesn’t acknowledge its existence in the online service. I know it is not called the virtual console but it basically is and those games get an online leader board so $20 for online service and the free NES games is pretty good.

  • joe clark

    switch is just a bunch of ports though tbh ports which id rather play on ps4 lol

  • 6644pmr

    I enjoy my switch, I've enjoyed the excellent first party games thus far this gen, as well as a few third party ones, however I have zero faith in Nintendo to continue the momentum. outside of Metroid and Smash Bros I see nothing in the near or distant future worth owning a switch for.

  • Dudeyoukickedmy sandwich

    I’m not gonna flame this guy’s opinions but I️ do have to say that he let out one thing. He didn’t say how expensive the online service is on Sony vs Nintendo’s online service which is much cheaper.

  • Vyse195

    I don't know about that exclusive thing, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Octopath Traveler, Bayonetta 3, and Yoshi weren't mentioned

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