Mortal Kombat 11 All Fatalities - All Characters

Mortal Kombat 11 - All Fatalities & Secret Fatalities for every Character from the full game, including Shao Kahn, Frost & Kronika. This video shows both Fatalities for all characters (Standard Fatality & Secret Fatality).

There are 25 characters and 50 Fatalities in the game (every character has 2 Fatalities). Plus there's Kronika which is the tower endboss but she's not a playable character. The first fatality is unlocked from the start. The second one can be unlocked in the Krypt from chests or you can play AI matches and let the AI do them for you.

You must do both fatalities of each character to unlock their respective trophy or achievement. The quickest way to do this is going to Klassic Towers, select Endless Tower, choose the character you want to do both Fatalities with, in Character Select press Square (PS4) / X (XB1) to enable the AI to play for you, put it on Very Easy difficulty, lean back and watch the AI do the fatalities for you. This still unlocks the trophies & achievements without any button input required by you.

The way you do it normally is when it shows you the "Finish Him / Her" screen after defeating the opponent, you must input the correct button sequence. It's different for every character but you can view it in the Move List. There's a Fatality Training mode in the "Learn" Menu that teaches you this.

Below are timestamps for every character. I go through them in the same order as the in-game character select (row by row from top to bottom).

All Character Endings:

All Character Match Intros:

All Character Victory Poses:

All Character Costumes / Outfits / Skins:

All Fatal Blows:


#1 - Shao Kahn - 0:05
#2 - Frost - 0:38
#3 - Johnny Cage - 1:15
#4 - Sonya - 2:00
#5 - Cassie Cage - 2:39
#6 - Jax Briggs - 3:06
#7 - Scorpion - 3:36
#8 - Noob Saibot - 4:09
#9 - Baraka - 4:47
#10 - Raiden - 5:24
#11 - Jacqui Briggs - 6:00
#12 - Sub-Zero - 6:40
#13 - Kano - 7:19
#14 - Kabal - 7:55
#15 - Liu Kang - 8:32
#16 - Kitana - 9:04
#17 - Kung Lao - 9:38
#18 - Jade - 10:07
#19 - Skarlet - 10:39
#20 - Erron Black - 11:19
#21 - D'Vorah - 11:54
#22 - Kotal Kahn - 12:30
#23 - Geras - 13:09
#24 - Kollector - 13:42
#25 - Cetrion - 14:21
#26 - Kronika - 15:01


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    #1 - Shao Kahn - 0:05#2 - Frost - 0:38#3 - Johnny Cage - 1:15#4 - Sonya - 2:00#5 - Cassie Cage - 2:39#6 - Jax Briggs - 3:06#7 - Scorpion - 3:36#8 - Noob Saibot - 4:09#9 - Baraka - 4:47#10 - Raiden - 5:24#11 - Jacqui Briggs - 6:00#12 - Sub-Zero - 6:40#13 - Kano - 7:19#14 - Kabal - 7:55#15 - Liu Kang - 8:32#16 - Kitana - 9:04#17 - Kung Lao - 9:38#18 - Jade - 10:07#19 - Skarlet - 10:39#20 - Erron Black - 11:19#21 - D'Vorah - 11:54#22 - Kotal Kahn - 12:30#23 - Geras - 13:09#24 - Kollector - 13:42#25 - Cetrion - 14:21#26 - Kronika - 15:01

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    Frost actually just gives the guy a better body. That's so nice of her.

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    Every MK character: moves even though the other half of their body is gone

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    Pilot : You already win. Why did you call air support?Sonya : I just want to do my Fatality. .....

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    1:23 Why does Johnny Cage sound like Marge from The Simpsons on steroids😮

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    Animator: How kid friendly do you want this game.Producer: No

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    Nintendo:*is a family friendly business*Mortal kombat:hi Nintendo: >:)


    Scorpion's 2nd fatality is just fantastic.

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    Him: I've been cheating on youHer: 2:57


    7:20 kano is like that drunk man who beats his wife and kid 😂

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    Fatalities: existsPhysics: Am I a joke to you?

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    11:42 how it feels to kill a griefer in Red Dead Online

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    When Kitana want to be Skarlet9:06

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    Developers of mortal kombat: who hurt you?

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    I was expecting Skarlet to extract all the blood, leaving just a dried up corpse.

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    11:37 Actually made me say "DAMN!' twice in a row.

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    Kronika : "its rewind time"

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    Johnny Cage: But nut punch always wins the day!Cassie Cage: kicks shao kahn in the groin, spine and skull explodeJohnny Cage: I stand corrected lol

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    Me: Why is Kronica even a villain now?Sees her fatalityMe: That explains a lot...

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    In other words 1,000 different ways to kill someone

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    7:20 take note guysKano will show you how to take a lady to dance

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    Legends says that Kronika is still killing Sub-Zero over and over again.

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    4:35 Ant-Man vs Thanos, 2019

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    Scarlets’ 1st fatality is basically taking blood and giving it back

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    Kano’s are by far the most brutal, nothing fancy, just hands on and to the point

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