Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC: PUT EVERYTHING BACK! - Resident Evil 7 DLC Gameplay

Resident Evil 7’s first two Banned Footage DLCs have dropped on Xbox One. In this Resident Evil 7 DLC gameplay, we try the restful-sounding Bedroom VHS tape. Sadly, said bedroom is in the Baker house, so it's full of horrible people vomiting centipedes onto your face. See for yourself in this Resident Evil 7 Xbox One DLC gameplay and subscribe for more!

In Bedroom you are playing as Clancy Javis, the luckless member of the ghost-hunting TV crew from the game’s demo. Between that demo, this DLC, the 21 DLC and the Happy Birthday tape, this guy is having the worst day anyone’s ever had.

In the Bedroom DLC Clancy is confined to a bed by Marguerite Baker, and the aim is to escape the bedroom without Marguerite knowing what you’re up to.

As such, this DLC plays out like an escape-the-room puzzle, with you trying to discover the room’s many secrets without making enough noise to bring Marguerite back upstairs to check on you.

If that happens, you’ve got a small window of time to reset the room and get back into bed so as not to arouse suspicion. It is exactly as stressful as it sounds.


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  • Nathan Weeks

    Andy rushing back into bed reminds me of when I would pretend to be sick in bed as a kid to get out of school.Which I never did, mom.

  • Nathan Goedeke

    The Baker's bed and breakfast gets a 0 star on Yelp from me

  • Kangy Dang

    Can you activate subtitles next time?Im fine with you talking but it would be nice knowing what they are saying.

  • Oynque

    At 18:50, Andy actually suggests solving a survival horror game by inventing the spork.

  • SilentHamish

    3:14 That's a B Andy. 'Untitled Painting B'. Do you mix your B's and D's up alot? Do you write your name as 'ANBY' ?

  • Jonathan Björck

    So...what you're telling me, basically, is that, for once... Mike's "run and gun, stabby stabby" tactic was actually the intended way to do it??? Has the world gone mad?!

  • Caitlin RC

    You're going to get your butt kicked. I say this before watching the video.

  • lenni marjomaa

    So this is basically Stephen King's Misery as videogame? That sounds equally terrifying and awesome.

  • Agent 47

    If I were ever a part of this DLC, I would definitely escape and get the ICA to set the Baker family as my next targets

  • Shijir D

    I miss Jane...... When is she coming back from space?

  • Xhumed

    That centipede actually looks considerably more palatable than Marguritte's cooking, no wonder the poor guy eats it so easily.

  • Mr Hedgebull

    "Quick, be a hatstand." I think Mike is confusing Resident Evil with Prey.

  • Cobycane

    If you're going to chat so much, not that your voices are terrible but would you mind turning on the subtitles for the characters when you record? That or chill out during cinematics.

  • Marth Vader

    Geez! I never knew centipedes down the throat were such a potent... er... poison? Does this count as an accident kill?Everything I was taught at Hitman school... It was all for nothing...

  • imringolovemee

    This is so stressful to watch, but I can't stop!

  • niteshmurti

    haha i died laughing when they were escaping and said "your food sucks!"

  • Call Sign Dragon

    You know my favorite part of watching these videos? It means I don't have to play the game myself lol

  • LegionRapier61

    At first I was like, "There is no way I can fap to this..." but by then end I had suprised myself. Good job me.

  • Max Littlewood

    While being terrorised by a crazy bug lady, they start to comment on how good her dental work is. Only on Outside Xbox

  • Adam

    when he said "make yourself look big" i lost it. funniest single line in video

  • Chris Kioone

    She's the worst maid ever lol

  • Alejandro Sosa

    one day someone will just jump out a window

  • Chris Kioone

    Bro when they figured out the snake fork and had to run out and she was right there at 20:00 jumped scared me so much lol. I don't know how she that fast moms, yo they know when kids up to no good I swear.

  • Anna Mills

    They are so casual about it all

  • Sir Prize

    They're doing a lot more let's plays now that Jane is gone it's almost like something was holding them back

  • Robert N'zengou-Tayo

    I wonder if this DLC is specifically designed to tap into the memories of your mother telling you to tidy your room.

  • Morten U.

    So I have no ideas what the plot is in DLC.But as I can see it starts out with Mike and Andy tied to a bed....So a win-win situation for everybody.

  • Shiva SarwaDe

    So that's it, huh.... we're some kinda Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC: PUT EVERYTHING BACK! - Resident Evil 7 DLC Gameplay

  • Chipstickz

    I always love when Mike suggests a 'just kill them' solution and it turns out to be the right thing despite all doubts

  • WhammyTime91

    Why oh why did I have to be eating my dinner while watching this? And why didn't I stop eating, more to the point.

  • Ian something

    "Her dental work's pretty good." Said the Brit...

  • MegaNightmare4

    That was cool. Like a point and click adventure game. Wish I didn't have to buy the full game to play the dlc

  • Mr Jeff

    I like how andy sings when he is in danger!

  • Sir Jim The third

    Well, this is strange. I came across this video early, not being a notification squad member or a refresher.

  • Cherry Bomb Studios


  • KatanaJohn

    This DLC is so fun...when you get to watch other people do it

  • Nathan Weeks

    "I ate some of it, but it caused all the blood to come out of my face." Andy thinks he's Gordon Ramsay.

  • Roonco SP

    That. Was. Terrifying.

  • Ryan McCarthy

    It's weird hearing Marguerite speak in a casual indoor voice for once.

  • sniperhawk2

    So the dlc wasn't that scary? I could tell because Andy didn't sing once

  • ItsVixor

    "Grabs snake key and hears Marguerite outside" Presumes she's downstairs and opens door. Dies Nice one guys. I think those headsets from 2009 need to be replaced!

  • Billy Dee

    That's fine, I didn't want to sleep tonight.

  • Freddie Hyde

    19:41 scared the hell out of me! OMG

  • Zoe-Jane Sutherland

    "Stab her up!" said Mike and soon after that the game was won! Where's your stealth god now Andy?

  • Speechless

    Enjoyed the play through, but talking over the voicelines without subtitles?A BIG big no-no.

  • Johnny Lock

    I wish you wouldn't talk when the characters are in the game... apart from that great videos 👍🏼

  • Eric Lough

    Oh damn! She gave you the bees-ness Andy!

  • Ethan Lappin

    would love to see ellen play this XD

  • WeAreAllJust SuitsForSkeletons

    When i started playing the game mia P I N N E D me to the wall with a screwdriver. Can you guys P I N me too?

  • Gabriel Bartz

    Jaaaaane, Mike and Andy are back at sending hidden messages of "help" in the videos, you should probably check this one out once you get back.

  • Emma VS The Game

    margarite coming backMIKE: ahhh I'm so scared!since when, Mike?? xD

  • NoHeroes94

    To be fair, this DLC is an extremely accurate simulation of real life. Marguerite's reaction is exactly what happens when I house-sit for my mum and move anything AT ALL in her absence without putting said things back to said places... Seriously, guys, scary stuff.

  • noobXd3stroyer

    early af in these comments ;)

  • averynonym

    Everything about this was great, just wanted subtitles :)

  • FruityNinja18

    Yeah that food looks disgusting but what is actually that bad about eating it? I wouldn't risk my life compared to just eating some nasty food

  • LeAnne Middlebrook

    I really wish they would've put the games subtitles on or something, so you can actually hear what the characters are saying. They just keep talking over everything (which is fine, thats kind of the point of the video, but I'd be nice to know what was going on)

  • Michael Devilee

    early 100 views notification squad gang

  • Andy Reynolds

    Great, Jumpscare right in the middle of work cafeteria. Brilliant. Now there's soup EVERYWHERE.

  • Morten U.

    Mike: "Stab her.Stab her."I didn't know Mike was from Liverpool

  • strangerdangrrr

    Clancy should've just asked for the gravy.

  • Mustafa Mahmoud

    Please put subtitles in the future.

  • Big Lad Bazza

    Can't wait for more of this dlc

  • Nikita Koval'

    Sir, we've got grave news: the notification squad has been wiped out.

  • Ice Cube


  • Max Zead Demize

    Andy literally holding a knife and lost all his common sense of murdering to escape the murderous Mama Baker so he can get down to the murder basement to be murdered by another murderer in the Baker family.So much for his intensive Hatman training...

  • dèl Păntión

    Mike Mewtwo stabber in the throat, he knew that the exploding duckling is the best item in Hitman.......... you may say that Mike is just in video games just for killing and smashing and cool cars but I think he's playing the long con. he's actually a video game savant

  • A2

    I need that table with the wrist lock so my brother would eat his veggies.

  • Eva Hernandez

    just fyi on the videos try not to talk over gameplay can't hear shit she's saying. watching hopefully a better version somewhere else

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