Skyrim: Dawnguard Walkthrough in 1080p, Part 49: Kicking Falmer Ass in Darkfall Passage (Let's Play)

Part 49: Cleansing Darkfall Passage of Falmer Infestation (Quest: Touching the Sky)

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I must now travel through Darkfall Passage and scoop water from 5 basins inside 5 separate wayshrines. I must do this to eventually find the snow elf's brother and kill him. THEN I'll get Auriel's bow. I proceed through the first tunnel system of Darkfall Passage, where I chop up some Falmer and Chaurus meat...

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Quests continued in this video:
Touching the Sky

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  • Azelk4422

    There is no portal for me and I can't even use it

  • Team PSB

    The fact that I need a walkthrough again is just...sigh

  • dix clan

    how do you get a lantern in your hand?

  • Billy Guarton

    Worst quest of all time

  • TheElementalWalker

    Dude I almost have to cry about the poor Snow Elves fate

  • Shabtai1024

    Why do you use the lantern mod? It's buggy, the light radius isn't great, it uses up a hand, and the Falmer are blind.

  • Stelio Kontos

    By far the worse quest iv played in Skyrim, to dark an everything looks the same

  • y0ungunz

    I'm doing this quest right now

  • Daniel Valerio

    lol in my game the portal didn't show. I still could use it though..

  • Culveyhouse

    Oh, Hearthfire is so small and integrated into the game, that it will just be part of the main walkthrough , once I continue at Episode 177. :)

  • Culveyhouse

    Definitely, but I'll just add it to my main walkthru, once Dawnguard is over.

  • Culveyhouse

    Oh that's actually a mod.. "Wearable Lanterns" on nexus and on steam workshop.

  • Sub - Zero

    Culvey you somehow posted this video twice.

  • Steven L

    Would have been nice if elf dude gave us a fking Q-beam to take with us. Geez!

  • Please don't unsub

    For me a portal didn't show -_-

  • Giorgos Ioannou

    when i fell off the bridge and into the water and saw those spiders following me to the bigger cave which was infested with them, had to quit. still have the chills going down my spine. seeing webs everywhere around me AND falling spiders was too much.

  • GooserFive

    No i he wont be doing borderlands 2. :/

  • TheHazardsJoker

    will u be getting the hearthfire dlc

  • Zul Heejaz

    Nice video Culvey sir, and yes the idea of sharing real names only make internet much more dangerous..!!

  • Karmina TheVamp

    Oops! This one's a rerun LOL. Still great anyway with lots of action. =D

  • swn112

    What resolution do you play with??

  • Dyeox

    Culvey your accuracy in this video was amazing(ly bad)!

  • Joseph Cucinotta

    hey culvey, is hearthfire going to be apart of your main playlist, or seperate like this? cause i cant wait to see you build :D

  • shnackattackshnacks

    There's lanterns in the game

  • Zach Driskill

    My portal was like I ain't got time for these dank ass memes and left

  • Preston Hunt

    armor its spelled armor

  • Para Simpatikus

    i used to have the lantern mod, but i deleted it . its just to bugy i prefer using torches or mage light :3

  • LooZue

    That was first instituted on June 29, which allows users the option of using their Google+ profile or their real name. It's a option for YouTube users with existing Google+ profiles.

  • TheHazardsJoker

    cuvleyhouse is the lantern a mod

  • Culveyhouse

    Oh yeah, do not use your real name. That is an extremely stupid move on YouTube's part. Pedophiles will be in hog heaven. Idiots!

  • Sinnstudios

    great video culvey i gave it a like.

  • Fibroman50

    Here some needed mods how about saddle bags for the horse to off load gear into, or a backpack for the troll he could carry like 1000 pounds easy lol. I agree a quick button at least to mute the music so it doesnt play as long all good ideas Another liked and great video Culvey thanks

  • Aravawen

    Ah, I see. In that case, it's a noble cause that's being sabotaged by some very stupid tactics! :p

  • Aravawen

    Thanks for the info. When I began to type my first comment on this page, I was prompted to use my real name, instead of my "hard to spell/pronounce" user name. Um, no! I took the "I refuse!" option. This is YouTube, not Facebook! I enjoy the anonymity here. With my favorites, etc., I show some interests here (unconventional religion, esoterica, and so on) that I frankly don't want certain family members knowing about. Why would YouTube's management go out of its way to alienate people!?

  • Aravawen

    Yay! A new video! And YouTube has finally fixed all the different-sized players! But now they're trying to get us to display our real names instead of our user names, which does not suit me. At all. Okay, I'm done griping now. Thanks for the new video.

  • iliketrains451

    actually mhe did mits in the playlist

  • sebastien bot

    will this work for xbox?

  • Davidson Conan

    LOL culeyhouse, 0:38 serana is shaking weird!

  • Conor Armstrong

    nobody gives a shit how its spelled

  • LooZue

    Since I do not have Google Plus I've never seen that prompt. It's Google's attempt to clean up the comments. As we all know, some people like to hide behind their computer screens and lash out at others. Basically it's a small way to try to eliminate online harassment.

  • HadeeHD

    Why do you hate the battle music? I can hear it for days.

  • SLDFSpectreSix

    Hey CulveyHouse, my current character is a really badass warrior-type character (no sneaky thief stuff or mage-y things) what tips do you have for a Mage character?

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