Skyrim: Secret Artifact Location (Lost to the Ages Quest Walkthrough) Aetherium Forge

This video shows you how to get the Unique Artifacts found in the Lost to the Ages Quest crafted at the Aetherium Forge. This Quest is available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard DLC.

Aetherrial Artifacts

Aetherial Staff (DO NOT CHOOSE THIS)!
- Spawns a Dwemer Spider or Sphere for 60 seconds.

Reason -- In this quest you can get a Steadfast Dwarven Sphere or Spider follower in this Quest Click Here for Guide -- --

Aetherial Shield (Second Best Choice)
- Turns enemies ethereal for 15 seconds when bashed so they cannot be harmed or harm you. This allows you to have 1v1 fights when outnumbered.
- The shield's effect does not work on dragons

Aetherial Crown (Best Choice).
- Have Two Standing Stones powers,
- Daily greater powers (such as The Ritual Stone) can be used multiple times per day by placing the specific stone on the Aetherial Crown and re-equipping after it is used, essentially resetting the power.
- You can use it to stack the Lovers Stone (+15%) with any of the Guardian Stones (+20%) for +35% faster experience gain.
- The crown can be worn in addition to the Archmage's Robes, The Jagged Crown, Falmer Helmet, or the Penitus Oculatus Helmet because it counts as a circlet.
- More reasons..

- This is possibly one of the longest quests in the game. The quest takes them all across Skyrim, delving deep into five Dwemer Ruins, which include Arkngthamz, Raldbthar, Mzulft, Deep Folk Crossing and the Ruins of Bthalft.
- You can also obtain Zephyr on this Quest.

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    It's pretty obvious which one to get. The staff is worthless, and something I'd just ignore if I found it in a chest. The shield is good, but I only use the spellbreaker (which is better in my opinion). The circlet looks amazing.

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    (Update) If you are playing this on console and are planning on doing this quest. Start this quest very early or fresh in a new game, If your level 30 and have travelled through most of Skyrim this quest will glitch on you and their is nothing you can do about it.

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