Skyrim Secrets - ALL 5 PARAGON Locations! (Chests, Enchanted Weapons & Armor + 10,000 GOLD!)

Skyrim Secrets - ALL 5 PARAGON Locations! (Chests, Enchanted Weapons & Armor + 10,000 GOLD!)
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    Wow guys 900,000 Subscribers, that’s incredible! Thank you so much for all your support through the years, I know I’ve been saying this allot recently but it means the world to me that I get to create videos for you as my job!

  • Connor Tyler

    I have a mod that lets me spare Parthurnax, and I like to put the paragons on the ground in a pile under him so it looks like he laid a bunch of eggs. I'm very bored in Skyrim by this point.

  • logan blackmun

    Should've eaten a netch jelly. If you eat one before you hit the ground, it paralyzes you and you'll survive any fall!

  • Out of This World Gaming

    Shellbug helmet is the best helmet in the game but it's also the ugliest.

  • Tyler M

    The become ethereal shout would have kept you alive if you used it before dropping off the cliff. But good content though. Your videos have assisted me with this game atleast 10 times lol

  • Charles Adams

    I don goofed I killed the giant a while ago and can't find body now

  • Shirley Curry

    Mashed potatoes!! LOL Of course I watched it all. I want all that stuff, and would never know how to get it without you!!

  • Spooky Skeleton

    "get rekt Mr. Spider" ESO - Crica, 2017

  • WorldOfTanksFan 111

    Me:*Taps video*ESO:*WHATS UP GUYS MY NAME IS ES-*Me:*Pauses video and writes this comment*

  • Aidanjude

    Okay so there is a small chance I might have already sold them not knowing they were important...and I can't remember who I sold them too soooo does that mean I can't get the shield

  • Hot_air_Balloons_

    How do I get the ruby paragon if I already completed the dawnguard quest

  • Leon Bennett

    A guide for the unknown books would be great

  • Silly Cinema

    I sold one of them... fml

  • Wyatt Lavoie

    You and Graenolf are all-time favorite YouTubers. Graenolf is a Skyrim and Fallout and lots of other different games on youtube.

  • Levi Ankerman

    I legit used them for decorations xDCause I thought it was pretty lmao

  • James Hubbell

    PRO TIP: You can use the Become Ethereal shout to climb down mountains without taking fall damage.

  • Dead Luke

    I just have this strange feeling that I am the only person that had no idea that the paragon were used for anything. I got all five of them and didn't even know that they could give me all of this stuff.

  • banchi 938

    My game must have buged out cause the ruby paragon spawned in the boss chest as I rescued the moth priest

  • Zutaca

    17:52 Really? There were a few swords in there. Wouldn't that hurt?

  • Michael-LAN-gelo

    M-a-$-h-ed-p-o-t-@oh-$ or something

  • Carlos Ferreira

    smath potatooo xD nice vid bro :)

  • Mark M

    'I'd give it to Lydia, but she doesn't deserve it '

  • Frederic Muno

    In your Thumbnail it sais Pargaons :D

  • Not Raym0nd

    i sold my emerald paragon for like 500 septims, bigg mistake

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    Wait the Paragons are meant for a puzzle?Oh shit

  • Edward Versluys

    Frost giants redrawn. Paragons too. Have Duplicate amethyst paragons.

  • Xavier Herrera

    💎Super helpful, "you've generally always have been,thank u ESO,💯💯✊love ur videos too man."💎

  • SphinxGames

    There is actually a hidden room involving the initiates ewer in the hidden room with the Ruby paragon, it has some decent loot so it is definitely worth your time.

  • Devan Morales

    9 times out of 10 he's a sneak Archer. Easiest build in the damn game XD

  • Sherry Myers

    Thank you so much ESO your videos are a brightening thing to watch thanks to you I got those beautiful paragons of Skyrim's epics 😊

  • ian 54

    can you get back in to get the 2 paragons or do,you have to restart the whole quest?

  • Curtis Costello

    Love your videos. Thank you for the tips

  • Hannah Beth

    Been trying to find diamond one for forever! Thank you!


    MASHED POTATOES!!! thanks so much for the vid i needed this.

  • Blue CryoPhoenix

    What mod does he use, his colorscheme is extremely different than the vanilla version

  • snilnils

    once again, get wrecked, son!

  • Paddy oleary

    Just spent 2 hours thinking I got ripped then went to my safe in solitude and found ruby paragon 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂tnx s eso luv the vids all ways easy to follow ✌️

  • James Stead

    There's a treasure room next to the ruby giant need to use the initiates ewer to get in

  • Taylor417

    mashed potatoes my good sir 💯

  • Mark Macaber Faber

    Pure 100 % awesomeness \,,/,

  • rAgeJbear1

    WHAT detail mods do you use!!!

  • tone zone

    Mashed Potatoes!I love your videos man.Keep it coming!

  • Oliver Wylie

    managed to find sapphire, amethyst and emerald before this

  • Ren Login

    the amathst paragon was not there for me can you help me pls

  • somewhataddicted

    Thanks to you im stuck down hete with the diamond paragon

  • Bhlisse

    Thank you so much for posting such useful videos ! 😘


    your rightd only live onlineXD

  • Wilf Pearce

    please do a guide for all the ancient falmer tomes

  • Matt Weese

    U should do a carved brink mod

  • Giblet535

    You discovered FOUR (4) paragons in this video. Where is the fifth paragon?

  • dallas craigie

    mash potatosme english terrible laddy

  • Arterexius Gaming

    If you want faster kills with your crossbow, just get the fully upgraded dwemer one and give it the Chaos enchantment or if you got the dual enchantment perk, then give it the chaos enchantment and a silvered one, so it's more than just a little lethal to anything werewolf/werebear and vampires (if not just Daedra in general)

  • Tetrahydrocannibinol

    Sell the paragons to that one Khajit caravan and just pick them back up from the invisible chest.

  • closing channle

    I might follow this on my modded run iv played for 7 years an allways just sold these 😂😂

  • Lefwog James

    Eso, The lankiest of all lanky people

  • eusoumaniaco

    love how the thumbnail is mispelled :') classic ESO

  • Zachary S

    Dude you need to speak faster

  • jake harper

    You missed a chest in the ruby paragon it's to the left about halfway down

  • I Am In Pain

    What graphics mods do you use?

  • Max S.

    Emerald giant didn't spawn...So I just climbed the face of the mountain

  • Zachariah Hood

    You can always use the "become etherial" shout before you jump off a cliff to not get hurt. mashed potato.


    "how DARE you?"

  • Quiescent Muse


  • Gary Dodd

    Mashed potato rules 😂😂 keep up the great work ESO

  • RedDawn430

    Mashed potatoes. You are the best Skyrim guide on YouTube.

  • Creative Gaming

    the 50 dislikes were the enemies ESO had to kill to get all these items

  • Crash TReborn

    Thx for this helps alot mashed potatoes btw

  • zeoxyz Brogdon

    Mash potatoes :DI Had No Idea What To Do With The Paragons, Thx

  • Red Falcon

    I found the elven sword of flame with the sapphire parragon

  • Peter Stefani

    Great stuff ! One of the best quest in SE. Love your sense of humor!

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