Skyrim Secrets - ALL 5 PARAGON Locations! (Chests, Enchanted Weapons & Armor + 10,000 GOLD!)

Skyrim Secrets - ALL 5 PARAGON Locations! (Chests, Enchanted Weapons & Armor + 10,000 GOLD!)
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    Wow guys 900,000 Subscribers, that’s incredible! Thank you so much for all your support through the years, I know I’ve been saying this allot recently but it means the world to me that I get to create videos for you as my job!

  • Connor Tyler

    I have a mod that lets me spare Parthurnax, and I like to put the paragons on the ground in a pile under him so it looks like he laid a bunch of eggs. I'm very bored in Skyrim by this point.

  • Charles Adams

    I don goofed I killed the giant a while ago and can't find body now

  • logan blackmun

    Should've eaten a netch jelly. If you eat one before you hit the ground, it paralyzes you and you'll survive any fall!

  • Creative Gaming

    the 50 dislikes were the enemies ESO had to kill to get all these items

  • Aidanjude

    Okay so there is a small chance I might have already sold them not knowing they were important...and I can't remember who I sold them too soooo does that mean I can't get the shield

  • Dead Luke

    I just have this strange feeling that I am the only person that had no idea that the paragon were used for anything. I got all five of them and didn't even know that they could give me all of this stuff.

  • Out of This World Gaming

    Shellbug helmet is the best helmet in the game but it's also the ugliest.

  • Tyler M

    The become ethereal shout would have kept you alive if you used it before dropping off the cliff. But good content though. Your videos have assisted me with this game atleast 10 times lol

  • Wyatt Lavoie

    You and Graenolf are all-time favorite YouTubers. Graenolf is a Skyrim and Fallout and lots of other different games on youtube.

  • Silly Cinema

    I sold one of them... fml

  • Mark M

    'I'd give it to Lydia, but she doesn't deserve it '

  • The Wild Chicken Nugget

    Do you have to say 'get rekt' everytime you kill something?

  • Hahaheidyy

    mashed potatoes or something😂

  • Zutaca

    17:52 Really? There were a few swords in there. Wouldn't that hurt?

  • Fox Face Gaming

    What's taters, precious? Po-ta-toes. Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew. Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish.

  • Ren Login

    the amathst paragon was not there for me can you help me pls

  • Levi Ankerman

    I legit used them for decorations xDCause I thought it was pretty lmao

  • snilnils

    once again, get wrecked, son!

  • Leon Bennett

    A guide for the unknown books would be great

  • Lefwog James

    Eso, The lankiest of all lanky people

  • ian 54

    can you get back in to get the 2 paragons or do,you have to restart the whole quest?

  • KryptonicMatter

    At first I thought this was just part of Morrowloot.

  • Taylor417

    mashed potatoes my good sir 💯

  • Jonhi Jonhi

    Its says that I dont have the required item does this hapen because I already completed the main mission?

  • Tetrahydrocannibinol

    Sell the paragons to that one Khajit caravan and just pick them back up from the invisible chest.

  • JoshJustPlays Games

    Thats the purpose of those gems..........i sold them.........except the ruby....

  • Vanessa J

    This video was super awesome!

  • pokemon collection

    I'm really powerful on skyrim I could destroy ESO if you could play online if he tried to shoot me I wouldn't even take damage

  • Sean O'Donovan

    What's you're armor

  • Spiritwolv3

    You know the Skyrim’s space program well the forgotten Vale has its own and its better and bigger

  • Blaziken SpeedBoost

    Oh shit I ended up selling one of them to put less weight on me. Now I'll never get to that portal.

  • GameMaster DK

    What's the best way to play and what lvl should I get all them lvled items?

  • pika powow

    mashed potatos i got the 5 paragons

  • Voenra Keirta

    really mash potatoes LMAO

  • Out of This World Gaming

    10:32 Touching this guy? Wtf? lol

  • Alexander Craig


  • ramrod 60th

    Mashed potato on the Paragon video arteries about the best way to do it in it

  • Surajkumar Soram

    I got two of them while going on some quest and didnt know what to do with them so i sold them...I'm going to silently kill my self now

  • Jd Beard

    In the same location of the frost giant with the emerald paragon there's a falmer or snow elf that has hung himself, you have to be in the same place the skeleton with the gold ore is to loom up and see it..

  • Hank Man

    MASHED POTATOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brother_Blood_89

    You should do a Lore video for the Forgotten Vale area, and the for the Frost Giants, try to find out why they're different from normal Giants.

  • Wilf Pearce

    please do a guide for all the ancient falmer tomes

  • im the fry that always falls in the floor

    The questuan is what js a kagrumez resonance gem

  • Timothy Hayes

    It is not a kill cam. It is the critical hit cam.

  • Kurosakidude

    Nice. Found the first 2 myself. Couldnt find others even after hours of scouting the vale. Alas, i have almost 1.5 million gold with no cheating lol so kinda useless for me now. Smh

  • Vincent Gustafsson

    Did you know that under the ice in a frozen lake there are 2 hidden dragons i accidently discovered that while doing this quest haha

  • Killshot

    Amethyst Paragon An inaccessible area within Darkfall GrottoRuby Paragon The inaccessible area Forgotten Vale ForestSapphire Paragon An inaccessible area within Inner SanctumEmerald Paragon The hidden area Forgotten Vale OverlookDiamond Paragon An inaccessible area within Glacial Crevice

  • Etrigan

    Is it kind of odd that those paragon's kind of look like an American football? I hate football although soccer doesn't bother me

  • luis ossandon

    Hello! I have a question.I've restarted the game once I saw that cool dwarven arbalest in one of your videos lol, so I went to the Dawnguard to start their missions but something buggered me... Is there any point in that storyline when you do so many missions for any faction (guards or vamps) that you cant go to the other anymore? Im asking because in this game i would love to hunt as many unique equipment as i can and, if i remember correctly, the vamps gives you a mission where you annihilate the whole Dawnguard lol.Greetings from Chile, i'll be expecting any answer. Awesome channel!!!

  • Techwise Jor

    If you want faster kills with your crossbow, just get the fully upgraded dwemer one and give it the Chaos enchantment or if you got the dual enchantment perk, then give it the chaos enchantment and a silvered one, so it's more than just a little lethal to anything werewolf/werebear and vampires (if not just Daedra in general)

  • Chris Espitia

    By the way, the frost giant where you kill for the ruby paragon. There's another altar where you can place your urn. Take it from the first altar whilst where you found the secret passage and you'll be able to get another chest.

  • redneck1st

    ESO wasn't sure if you were aware of it or not but you remember the room in the inner sanctum where you killed the giant and got the ruby paragon? There is another Altar on the right side of that room. If you take the "Initiate's Ewer" and place it on the Altar it will open up another small hidden area with a chest in it. Since there is only one Ewer I'll see if you can figure it out. Of course you might already know about it. Let me know please

  • Samuel Rose

    ESO is amazing! Hope you see this comment 😊

  • Christopher Holliday

    mashed potatoes. I also love your videos on Battlefield 4 I am fixing to play again on the ps4 though when on the ps 3 I never could get the phantom bow. did you?

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