10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

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10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold
  • NemRaps

    uh... Anybody wanna buy my GTA San Andreas Game Save?

  • Bob Smith

    Yeah, not surprised to see Entropia so many times on this list.Entropia is a micro purchase game.It is free to play - but - every little thing you do in the game costs real world money.The loot you get from killing a monster, on average, is of less value than the ammunition you used to kill it.Your weapon and armor suffer wear as they are used and must be repaired or replaced.There is a process where you can suck the life force out of an animal called "sweating it". As best I can remember it is one of two things you can do that are the ONLY ways to make money in the game that don't cost more money than they make. The problem here - is that you have to sell the sweat to get anything for it and since every one and their brother is doing it - you don't get squat for an activity that is really, really boring. The other thing you can do is to "find" things by walking around the game (instead of running) which makes playing the game really, really slow.The draw of the game is that besides using your RLM to buy in game money - you can sell your In Game Money back to the game for RLM. Thus, if you are really clever at getting other players to buy the things you are selling you could theoretically make money playing the game. If you look at the stories involving Entropia here - that is what the people making these purchases are doing. They buy something in game that they are going to use to sucker other players out of their money. Given the fact that there are a LOT of people who will pay extra money to get a perceived advantage in a game - there are a lot of people to take advantage of.Now, defenders of this game will point out that most people playing an MMO pay a subscription fee of about $15 a month. The design behind Micro Purchase games is the idea that although players could budget just $15 a month - most people can't live within a budget. They lose track of what they've spent or they get all eager to buy some new thing - and ooops - there goes that budget.For me - I looked at the fact that there are all these other Non Micro Purchase - yet - Free To Play games out there where playing them, even in a gimped form, is a lot more fun than sweating animals for hours just to get a little in game money to buy ammo so I can shoot monsters for a while before it runs out..

  • Ulisses Polessi

    What's the necessity to put a wow thumbnail in a video that doesn't even talk about wow?!


    I'm pretty sure this is just an ad for Entropia Universe.

  • Casey Doe

    Downvoting because your thumbnail is click bait.

  • John Doe

    I have never even heard of the Entropia universe LMAO

  • Splitting Productions

    Honey! I just invested 100 grand in property!Oh really? Where at?About that...

  • Milquetoast Eugenicist

    “He was allowed to reshape the celestial body into any configuration...”gasp“...as long as it was approved by the creators.”Project MoonPenis cancelled forthwith. Sincerely, Management.

  • Zach Wyant

    Disliked because of clickbait. This practice is the same as false advertising. It shows a lack of integrity and/or faith in your content.

  • Anthony Rule

    Probably good to mention that Project Entropia features a real-cash economy, meaning the virtual currency can be exchanged for US dollars.

  • Gabriel Maranhão

    Never even heard about 90% of these games.

  • Kamil Cebal

    Age of Wulin - the sword that was sold was ONLY a skin of weapon, NOT any kind of powerfull tool whatsoever !!

  • Tom Visser

    Kids, get your parent's credit cards ready.

  • WNxNokturnal

    Sadly Exhoing Fury the guy bought for 14k is now worth a forgotten soul

  • cab grum

    and.... my mom don't let me buy a skin cost 10$

  • TheEpic Oneization

    The only game i know there is Dota 2...Entropia dafuq?!

  • Andy Alger

    Soooo .. The item on the thumbnail ...Was nothing? .. Oh wait, it NEVER existed

  • Reitz 1

    Imagine how much they'll pay for a Star Citizen planet

  • DanTheAussie

    You need to update this video when Chris Roberts sells Scam Citizen to a player for $10 million.

  • Clairidan

    I feel like this is just an advertisement for Entropia. It succeeded though, I haven't heard of that game until now.

  • Ava Leal

    #10 is invalid. Diablo 3 is garbage.

  • Master Fatman

    where is the sword of a thousand truths?

  • Pierice 1o1

    I opened 6 dollar wheels in rocket leauge...

  • Bernard Elmargi

    These people must have a really sad life

  • Enrico Pietraroia

    I don't feel bad buying a 10$ skin now

  • Keith Abouaf

    Extremely rare...And one of a kind

  • Penta Pro

    spoiler top 1 is fortnite default skin

  • M4 Media

    Ugh that click bait picture.

  • Sk8TheGamer

    Never heard of entropia but its giving me OASIS vibes

  • Lil Sweatpants

    I got my virginity back from watching this video.

  • Michael Hunt

    Pretty sad stuff...what's even worse is how incredible shitty these games look.

  • fdjizm

    This is some silly shit.

  • Ingo Hregg

    hahahahah fkn baertaffy love you man

  • TF Stormii

    There is also the Burning Flames Team Captain in Team Fortress 2 Which sells at $13,000

  • Mutah

    Thumbnail is a WoW weapon, tagged with a different WoW weapon, none of the items in the video are from WoW. A new low on clickbait. Hiding this channel.

  • Not turtl-ey enough

    This makes roblox jealous

  • Anubis

    The voice tone used here is simply unbearable, ending every sentence (or even half sentence) with the same movie trailer tone. Sounds like a robot. To be fair a robot would probably sound much better.

  • Throbbing Woodii

    WTF is entropia??? Anybody else feel the same???

  • Broodje Vissensap

    And then you have Fortnite skins

  • JustinNathy

    Second Life Amsterdam used high def photos for immersion, then gets 7 FPS... just... lol

  • Justin Elcano

    Buzz Eric Lightyear huh guess he gets a Woody Everytime he wakes up everyday

  • LaRaikaa

    I've never even heard of Entropia... how the hell can it attract so many players, and wealthy ones at that?

  • James Keane

    Ah so this is how virgins spend their money

  • Aersla

    The video should be call "most expensive items ever sold in entropia"

  • R Vegas

    "Measly 250 dollars"

  • recon herlev

    How come I've never heard of most of these games?

  • Max

    I know (and play) every Game from this list 😂😂

  • Margaretha Sorin

    Wheres golden thief bug card? that item literally cost a human life......

  • Oto Suchomel

    Is Entropia Universe a virtual millionaire club?

  • YepX

    Shame all the games listed here look like crap

  • Lol Voidz

    So... Bill gates is real?

  • Thish ish that Chrishhh

    FFXI Kraken Club anyone?

  • monoXcide

    8:33 That's Lemmy!

  • JDM Subie

    "You wanna buy a car?" "No thanks I'll buy a virtual egg"

  • 眩暈夢

    I'm pretty sure Project Entropia is not real. I have never heard of it and I know every game on this planet.

  • dragothica

    That's not very good you use an item from World of Warcraft on this videos preview image and then the whole item or game is not even featured in the video.. GG and Jebaited, as some would say.

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman

    Only a true nerd would buy these things.

  • flupen gaming

    What about minecraft? Microsoft bought it for 1 billion $

  • High Ground

    So everything ea has ever made?

  • Ghost of Starman

    1. Any component weapon or robot in War Robots

  • Olly Leach

    Top ten entropia purchases

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