10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

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10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold
  • NemRaps

    uh... Anybody wanna buy my GTA San Andreas Game Save?


    I'm pretty sure this is just an ad for Entropia Universe.

  • Splitting Productions

    Honey! I just invested 100 grand in property!Oh really? Where at?About that...

  • Aersla

    The video should be call "most expensive items ever sold in entropia"

  • Tristan Dennewitz

    the most expensive video game item is a win in star wars battlefront 2

  • TheEpic Oneization

    The only game i know there is Dota 2...Entropia dafuq?!

  • marryson123

    well, money itself is also just a virtual item created by the government, honored by the people using it.

  • sotirios deliopoulos

    sounds like an elaborate money laundering scheme

  • Mark Le

    Lol these fkin nerds...

  • Etherious NatsuDragneel

    And I thought CSGO was bad..

  • Mutah

    Thumbnail is a WoW weapon, tagged with a different WoW weapon, none of the items in the video are from WoW. A new low on clickbait. Hiding this channel.

  • wicked geekvape

    Jacob: honey, dont come home tonight. I just sold the house for an in game item. Wife: i want divorseMonths later after jacob had a sale of 600k:Wife: .......Jacob: HAHAHAHAHA

  • Markus derhekler

    nice clickbait.your thumbnail aren't in the video. yay

  • sarcastick jjerk

    "honey, did you do the grocery today?"-buys entropia eggs.👍👍👍👍

  • Doublejeebus

    4:40 "...using high-resolution photos" lmao

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman

    Only a true nerd would buy these things.

  • Subscribe if you like Pewdiepie

    Number 1 battle bus fortnite 100,000,000$

  • Random

    So entropia is worse than EA?

  • Sietse Klooster

    And then you have Fortnite skins

  • Hasin Zaman

    There was a crossbow in global MapleStory (scanian server) sold for $30k

  • Gabriel Maranhão

    Never even heard about 90% of these games.

  • Opecked

    Where is Ninja's fortnite account

  • 100k subs with no video?

    Some roblox items are worth millions

  • Sk8TheGamer

    Never heard of entropia but its giving me OASIS vibes

  • BluisRaw02

    Virtual or real life items. If they make you happy then go for it.

  • Throbbing Woodii

    WTF is entropia??? Anybody else feel the same???

  • Ava Leal

    #10 is invalid. Diablo 3 is garbage.

  • Fog

    Lol the graphics on the real estate are so bad.

  • AndreasH900

    i spent 2 grand on clash of clans top tier troops like

  • Ingo Hregg

    hahahahah fkn baertaffy love you man

  • LaRaikaa

    I've never even heard of Entropia... how the hell can it attract so many players, and wealthy ones at that?

  • AdαmPM

    Bruh where's roblox

  • TengokuNET

    Idiots, all of them together.

  • Keep

    Sup, a stupid Brazilian Called Felipe Neto, Made a similar video and use same images as you and parts of your video, and monetazed that ... think about it ...

  • Margaretha Sorin

    Wheres golden thief bug card? that item literally cost a human life......

  • Zoes Dada

    How much of a loser do you have to be to spend real money on a virtual weapon?

  • JDM Subie

    "You wanna buy a car?" "No thanks I'll buy a virtual egg"

  • Neil Wiggs

    Did somebody say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?

  • Commando Master

    If you have the disposal cash, and u want that rare item, then why not. It's not like everyone should buy these items, but the ones who can afford it, then it's their choice what they want to spend their money on.

  • Enrico Pietraroia

    I don't feel bad buying a 10$ skin now

  • Fuzuro

    everyone down here is gonna be like "Pfft, who spends THAT much on VIDEO GAMES!?"its not addictionits love

  • Sleepy Pup

    And I thought spending 500$ On APEX LEGENDS WAS ALOT

  • John Doe

    I have never even heard of the Entropia universe LMAO

  • Velo OCE

    And I thought vbucks was expensive

  • k1ng t1ger

    this video was dragged on longer than a college graduation ceremony

  • GodLovesYou

    5:47 Halo Elite anyone?

  • Zhyzi

    Top ten entropia purchases

  • BlanKingsRED

    WTH are all those roblox limiteds at?!?

  • r kar

    This video has no real content. Ive watched several game items go at these prices and much higher. Cards on rage of bahamut where basically selling for 10,000 daily saw one at almost 20k. I sold one of my cards for a new tablet. Fun game but it was a digital card. Game can't be played now I still have the tablet for a security camera.

  • Lil Sweatpants

    I got my virginity back from watching this video.

  • Mandrak789

    And I thought people are burning insane sums of real money in EVE online.

  • SwitchBladeEVO

    I've followed a lot of the Eve Online nonsense, how did I not know about this Entropia insanity? Dafuq.

  • Clairidan

    I feel like this is just an advertisement for Entropia. It succeeded though, I haven't heard of that game until now.

  • Penta Pro

    spoiler top 1 is fortnite default skin

  • Miss PrincessRogue

    How come the dude with the sword had no pants or shirt in the pic lol just a huge sword haha i knew second life was gonna be in here, i played that game tee hee you gotta strip to pay for those skins

  • HazardousBeast22

    Downvoting for clickbait

  • High Ground

    So everything ea has ever made?

  • Pat Bluetree

    A fool and their money...........

  • Max

    I know (and play) every Game from this list 😂😂

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