Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough - #33, How to Get Through Darkfall Passage EASY (Touching The Sky)

Here's a REAL walkthrough of the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC by an experienced player. Played on Legendary difficulty with an Illusion Assassin build. In this video, I'll show you how to easily get through Darkfall Cave and Darkfall Passage for the quest, Touching The Sky...

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  • wademanguy

    I come here just for the "WWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE's" lol! j/k. That place is darker than black, good thing that's done with. I guess that one Betrayed had to use the John pretty bad, he was blazin a path, haha. Thumbs UP! :)

  • James Hawkins

    I prefer watching you kill the dragons and take their souls! 👍🏻☠️

  • DarkSyde24

    Just to let you know, #33 & #34 are reversed in the playlist. So when #34 came up first and it's all about finding 3 MORE wayshrines, I'm thinking to myself "Wait, when did he start looking for wayshrines, I thought this quest just started?"

  • MrSanta78

    Mr. Fumblefingers wants some elder knowledge :)This mission was a pain. Not for the navigation, but for the glitches I got there. First my vision had a under-the-water effect stucked and second the Wayshrine didn't get the target area image, so I had no idea I should (and could) go through there. I was running through the passage, trying to find the way to continue. After some time I gave up and went to YouTube for help.

  • A Chicken

    Is it possible to reach the snow elf before goingto the Soul Cairn?

  • Lauren Miller

    I've done this passage a few times- hate it each time. Eager to see how you do it. Maybe dark fall makes the forgotten vale that much more beautiful that first time you see it :)

  • OhMagnetz

    Dragons in Skyrim are needy as hell, man... We're doin' a walkthrough here!

  • bmwk75s93

    I like to hit up Shrine of Auriel before going through the first passage. +10% bow damage. Every little bit helps. Excellent walkthough as always!

  • Gaven Schreiber

    great video as always slack!! 😊😊

  • Ricardo júnio

    You should play requiem, it's pretty hardcore

  • The Friendliest Penguin From Antartica

    "Falmers are completely blind"Damn right they are XD

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