Skyrim: How to Get Black Bow of Fate + DWARVEN Sphere (Kagrumez Gems Trials)

This Guide shows you how to obtain the Steadfast Dwarven Sphere and Spider as a pet follower. And how to get the Unique Dwarven Black Bow of Fate!

To complete the Resonance stone puzzles you will need at least 4 Resonance Gems.
- One sold by Revus Sarvani near Tel Mithryn.
- Two carried by a Reaver Lord/Marauder in Kagrumez.
- One found in Fahlbtharz. In the final room, on a plate next to the Visage of Mzund.
- One found in Nchardak Aqueduct. On a table in the upper north east room.

Steadfast Dwarven Sphere Follower

- Counts as a pet, so you can have a human follower too!
- Should it be killed, it will respawn where you found it after a couple of days.
- If the sphere's health has been lowered significantly, it will freeze in battle stance and remain inactive until all enemies in the area have been eliminated.
- remains in its sphere form when the Dragonborn's weapon is sheathed. Upon unsheathing a weapon or if enemies are nearby, it will expand and attack as normal.
- It fights much like a regular Dwarven Sphere, using melee attacks and a crossbow.

Click Here for the Location of the Riekling Follower!

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