Gamerpoop: Skyrim #6

Haters gonna hate.

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Gamertag: mans1ay3r
  • TheJabberturtle

    The cockblockula part gets me every time

  • Ash Morris

    Machinima is probably crying themselves to sleep now that they no longer control this masterpiece.


    glad to see he is not apart of Machinima anymore.

  • PlazmaCow

    T H E J A R L I S G O I N G T O D E S T R O Y T H A T

  • scottski02

    "Stay here until your mother comes."( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Cock Blockula will always make me laugh

  • Connor C

    I think mans1ay3r has a thing for trans people... just a hunch.

  • Dragorosso95

    "You there! PLEASE. You have to help me!""What is it? DRAGONS?""No! Worse. I'm pregnant."

  • adam mc govern

    I'll have you know there is no pusssssyyyy

  • Jon Calvert

    Where the good lord was born.

  • Ratchet

    you wouldnt hurt a pregnant man?

  • Daniel Collison

    It's Count Dracula!?WRONG!It's Cock Blockula!

  • Pokesus

    i need the "jarl ballin 10 hours" again...

  • sashagirl38

    You have to help meI'm giving birth to a holy child

  • Drokash

    Jarl Motherfuckin' Balgruuf is the best thing to happen to the Elder Scrolls since the series first came out.

  • Joey Geraghty

    Thanks for reupping these. Machinima is lame af, last channel I'd ever want to be subbed. I stayed for you though.

  • EasyGameEh

    jarl is going to destroy that. oh, yes indeed.


    It's great to see that your independent from Machinima! Make them delete your videos off their channel! Can't wait to see new gamerpoop with the Special Edition

  • Muirr

    What percentage cut did machinima give you for the videos of yours they uploaded?

  • Roxas The Nobody

    watching this series is like playing skyrim while on drugs, without the high.

  • Eloi Duarte Villanueva

    "Silence! Prepare the royal anus" That part gets me every time.

  • Axel Cezar

    Jarl balling, balling, Jarl balling!

  • LEGO C-3PO

    "I'm giving birth to a holy child. You have to help me get rid of it before I find myself in a book""huh""Some GOD DAMN HOLY BOOK!" slaps

  • Michael Banionis

    Jarl Ballin' is here to destroy Poppin' Bottle Caps

  • Brutus Bongo

    the best episode of gamerpoop

  • Victor Vanderlinde

    Feels good to watch these again, lmfao

  • NodMan

    "We'll bang, ok?"

  • Faris Farhan

    So does mans1ay3r is now free from machinima?

  • Dhany Arrozie

    "I think mans1ay3r cant keep things under control" - Machinima"O RLY?" -mans1ay3r

  • Pepperoni Milkshake

    My New Year's Resolution is that you all know.... there's no PUSSIEEEE

  • FrozenLemur

    You make me want to play Skyrim AGAIN. Its not like ive already spent 1000+ hours there or anything. Thanks Mans1ay3r. Now draw me like a French girl <3

  • cyborg savage24

    prepare the royal ANUS

  • JC Holmanation

    This episode be ballin' ballin' Jarl ballin' Swag

  • mohanad

    2:08..spit the fire ma lord ooohhhwee lord

  • Cyrus the Acceptable

    It's great to see this on your channel instead of Machinima. I suppose that was a Network contract situation you had to deal with that prevented you putting it here.Hopefully there will be more Skyrim Poops. If I see you making actual content again I will become a patron.(Just my opinion: I don't consider you recording yourself playing Titanfall actual content-creation... but I can hope)

  • Saška Prpić

    I watched this milion times and i simply can't stop laughing. I'm happy that you're now free.


    Man, you should have more subscribers! :)

  • Thomas Myers

    I cant believe these are still being made

  • windows mizutaaa

    Deffinetly best gamerpoop yet.

  • Alexander DiMaria

    You should come you with an album!!

  • lekyon lekyon

    "what moar can a man ask for ?" new content ? , but always great to rewatch i guess

  • Red Wolf

    Jarl Ballin ballin ballin

  • Mandy Park

    I'll have you know there's no pusieeeee

  • Mulatto

    Ill never forget this vids

  • Momogi Loot Goblin Warrior

    I'm so glad these videos are in this awesome channel!

  • FangedBeauty

    If only there was an actual mans1ay3r-mod™ for skyrim, with all this glorious insane shit happening in-game <3I would play the unholy crap out of that.

  • Bill Clinton

    The thumbnail is how SJWs want Skyrim to be like.

  • Dukefazon

    I wonder if you're into that kind of music or this is just a parody.

  • Absolutely Trash

    Cock Blockula is one of my Favorite skits in this series 😂😂😂

  • Reigh Freuden

    Good to see this back. Brings back memories of the good old Oblivion days. Let's get to bashing butts.

  • Brandino480

    Gamer poop back on the channel where it belongs.

  • Jimmy Martin

    oh i can't believe i haven't seen these in a while love them so much

  • jw88

    "Wrong, it's Cock-Blockula!" I couldn't breathe for several minutes after that. lol

  • TakeAPill

    When new content comes out will it be done using the Skyrim graphics update?

  • cv .echeveste

    Jarl Balgruf bringin' the swag

  • MemeMan6669

    The Jarls going to destroy that

  • Christopher Estabrooks

    HAUGH! From the stormcloak soilder and the imperial soilder best reactions lol

  • Paulo Arkana

    the classic never dies

  • Athena

    "YeAHHH, Stay here until I cummmmmm"

  • Joey22guns Zero

    at the opening I was like "Yeahhhh'but a few seconds later,I was like "Nooooooo"

  • John Dayguy

    Oh man.I always enjoyed those

  • Nymphonomicon

    Gamerpoop: Skyrim Special Edition.

  • André Niemand

    And this is where Jarl Ballin' was Born. Thank you so much for this masterpiece!

  • Ghost Face

    THIS MADE MY DAY!seriously sum of the funniest shit ive ever seen😂😂😂😂😂😂😥😆😂😂😂now wheres the like button

  • The Chairman

    Mans1ay3r, I feel like you have a pretty nice hentai collection. Mind sharing?

  • TheKillian

    "BALLIN' BALLIN' BALLIN! SWAG! Ouhouuuuu!"Jarl Balgruf Best scene.

  • Jacob Thompson

    Are we going to see more content from you now??(:

  • Jamil Vints

    New Ringtone? I think yess!!

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