Top 10 Most Unfortunate Bethesda Fails

Top 10 Bethesda Fails
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Like Mr. Howard once said, "Sometimes it doesn’t just work", so today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Bethesda Fails. For this list, we’re looking at some of the biggest mistakes Bethesda has made throughout the company’s history.

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List Entries and Rank:
10) “Rogue Warrior”
9) Severe Lag on PS3 for “Fallout 3” (2008) and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”
8) Todd Howard’s Voice Acting
7) Bethesdaland
6) “Fallout 3: The Pitt” on Xbox 360
5) Horse Armor DLC
4) Every...Single...Launch…
3, 2 & 1: ?

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  • Hugo Leclaire

    Funny how the horse dlc was UNNACCEPTABLE when it released but nowadays loot boxes and skins are perfectly ok lol.

  • Shiggy

    Comment section :Fallout 76

  • Sergeant Arch Dornan

    Bethesda Game Studios- Because bug testing is for losers.

  • MundisMaple

    We doing blizzard next? Because I found 10 things alone in their last conference.

  • cody muller

    New Vegas wasnt made by Bethesda, it was published by them and made by obsidian, but you still put Bethesda softworks on it

  • Rebelzize

    Horse armor was the most immersive and epic DLC ever!If you disagree you can get out.

  • Sacri ficer

    they need to drop the old terrible engine

  • afarensis

    Their biggest failure is releasing ES6 11+ years after Skyrim was released. They should've been working on it the moment Skyrim became popular

  • Purgatory

    Without the Horse Armor DLC inspiration Fortnite would be bankrupt.

  • Balraj. Singh Sandher

    Their fails not being able to fix bugs

  • PNW_PsilocybeJedi

    Number 1 was remastering Skyrim a game that was only 5 years old instead of its superior, Oblivion

  • Mike Arthur

    The PS3 lag is so painful to watch

  • Andrew Haase

    Top 10 Capcom fails. And I already have a few.*Neglecting the Megaman franchise*Resident Evil's Identity Crisis*Ignoring their older franchises like Power Stone and Darkstalkers*Holding the true ending to Asura's Wrath behind paid DLC*Megaman 8 and X4's Voice Acting

  • XD-385

    The good: At least the paid mods can be used without preventing you from unlocking achievements.The bad: Who thought it was a good idea to disable achievements when using mods in the first place?!

  • NightWolf Jr.

    #1EA: Good, good let the greed flow through you. Charge for everything and your journey will be complete.TODD: What is your bidding my master.EA: Charge for save slots.

  • baldy hardnut

    who remembers when you could get power armour so early in the fallout 3 DLC by going through some rocks and into the brotherhood base lol

  • Mohamed Rad

    "He's allergic to failure"😂😂

  • Yabathehut

    Was going to comment but then I took an arrow to the knee

  • ILikeGuns1992

    Fallout 76 is going to top the level of dissapointment from Fallout 4. Well, Fallout 4 was actually pretty damn good game compared to F 76 and that is saying something.

  • Färt Blu

    Aaaaaaaaqnd another noob list.Fallout 76?!Hunted?Btw that horse armour dlc crap gets old. That was at a time when dlc was a new thing. They just tested how it works. And yeah... nobody is selling cosmetic items nowadays... right?!

  • Purgatory

    Who's ready for TES 6?

  • Matthew B

    #1 Fallout 76 being online only.....

  • Hyprex

    I got the FO76 Trailer as an ad at the beginning

  • camilo andres martinez montero

    top 10 behesda fails, that is too easy should be top 50 for be hard.

  • RONNIE5579

    Milking skyrim for so long

  • Red Wolf0001

    The pitt dlc worked for my xbox 360 and my friends

  • Perceiving Falsehoods

    Honorable Mentions: The recent new client launch for Elder Scrolls Legends and also disabling Twitch drops for the game, both within a month's time!Still best digital card game there is though. You know what's hilarious? Bethesda recently sued the creators of the Westworld mobile game for ripping off their Fallout Shelter mobile game. In the lawsuit it states that they can tell the WW game is using their code because it has the SAME BUGS as Fallout Shelter! bahaha

  • Torriante Edwards

    Skyrim was the golden age of open world games. Even its fails were wins.Also T-Series sucks sub to pewds.

  • TheXpender

    What about Rage 2 getting leaked by Walmart?

  • Revan Star

    Bethesda Todd Howard: it just works CD PROJEKT RED Mike Pondsmith: Hold My Beer...!!

  • Purgatory

    2:28 "guess Microsoft is the place to play Bethesda games" , yeah Bethesda still is putting pressure on PlayStation for not doing cross platform. PlayStation gets Bethesda DLC later than Xbox.

  • freewilliam93

    Rogue Warrior was worth it for that rap at end credits.

  • King Lock15 mapper

    Ps3 can't handle Skyrim

  • Shauna Hughes

    Is it weird that I live in a village called Bethesda in Wales? 🤔 anyone else?

  • Doomguy

    Bethesda hates working with Sony and they’ve outright said it a couple times if Microsoft gave them a little nudge I wouldn’t doubt that they would be willing to go exclusive.

  • Geralt of Rivia

    See that mountainYou can CLIMB IT

  • DrSkroob

    I think their biggest failure was to release their DLC content for Oblivion as an downloadable encrypted file that was incompatible with 64 bit operating systems, and then not apologising or even refunding purchases when they did not even announce that the compressed file wasn't 64 bit compatible before you purchased it.

  • Bestialce2007

    I think you have the exact same thumbnail pic for another one of your videos. Something like "worst dlc" or something like that

  • Nero

    Not even a 10th of EA's evilness

  • Damien Leonard

    You forgot to mention that equipping the horse armor on shadowmere made it possible for it to die when it previously couldn’t

  • Jon Fesi

    I had not issues with Skyrim on PS3

  • 032090

    I know I should be mad about all the glitches in their games but they're all just so damn funny lol 6:54

  • hey hey ningen sucker

    The dumbing down of dialogue options in F4

  • The Marshall Channel

    The Creation Club is a wonderful idea, who agrees?

  • where am I

    Todd Howard voice acting was one of the best in the game

  • Jason Juarez

    We're is fall out 76 ?

  • Deshawn Edwards Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Boss fights.

  • Dark_Tail

    Bethesda really needs to get a new engine. I get it, having to teach all your employees a new engine can be difficult and time consuming. But look at how many buggy messes have been launched under their current one. I feel like they are holding themselves back at this point. They keep doing the same thing over and over again with the same engine. Only adding tweaks here and there... Bethesda, have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

  • Klinsk

    Top 10 Dirtiest Socks Sold On Ebay

  • zjapp

    Skyrim was unplayable on ps3

  • Jamie Piller

    "It doesn't just work"WTF does that even mean? It should be "it just doesn't work"

  • Val McPossum

    Did y'all do your HW? New Vegas is Obsidian's baby. Under Bethesda's umbrella. C'mon xD Leave Godd Howard and his majestic hair alone xD

  • Andu D.

    Man I Miss The Romanian Tutorials On Watchmojo :(

  • Rgoid

    Musical performances instead of games at E3?That’s a fail.

  • Emperor Calus

    Fallout 76. It was alright until the pvp was introduced. Now I'm getting stalked by level 26s with power armour.

  • T B

    It wouldn't be Bethesda if their games weren't super glitchy at launch ;3

  • The Infamous J-Rad

    #9 sounds like a PS3 issue, not Bethesda’s

  • Dan Anal

    I really like Fallout 76 from paying the B.E.T.A.

  • Spiffy Gonzales


  • mong morg

    >implying Redguard wasn't the best ES yet

  • ShadowAntix

    Wasn't the ps3 performance lacking though?

  • Rhada manthus

    Fallout 3 dlc The Pit worked fine for me day one.

  • Reinhard Ecker

    A company that made more things wrong that right but since it isn't EA or Ubisoft nobody seems to talk about it

  • Paddy 2890

    Doc Mitchel glitched out looks creepy as hell. Plus his calm voice somehow adds to that.

  • The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule

    Red Dead Redemption 2,Nuff said

  • Kacy Navarrette

    By allowing paid mods for skyrimShows fo4 gameplay

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