THE ELDER SCROLLS Online All Cinematic Trailers Movie 2018 Edition PS4/Xbox One/PC

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00:00 - The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset - Official Cinematic Trailer
03:37 - The Elder Scrolls Online - The Alliances Cinematic Trailer
08:48 - The Elder Scrolls Online - The Siege Cinematic Trailer
13:33 - The Elder Scrolls Online - The Arrival Cinematic Trailer
21:13 - The Elder Scrolls Online – The Confrontation Cinematic Trailer
27:53 - The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer


  • Alex Anthony

    Why doesn't the nord pause the fight and eat all his food?

  • Alejandro Mtz.

    0:44 Clavicus Vile and Barbas?!

  • Mr_Gray

    I expect my nords to look like this in ES6

  • it's my AC. so please create another yourself

    Just imagining playing a game as like this cinematic trailer

  • Mellow MarshMellow

    Hmm guess the Orcs didnt get the filming schedule.

  • Abiachi

    I love how they show Clavicus Vile, Mephala and Nocturnal in the beggining. Many of players don't even know who they are

  • Nero Nyte

    They're in the wrong order..

  • Alexander Jones

    The High elves look way too lord of the ringsy, not the altmer I remember from skyrim. They shouldnt look like humans with pointy ears imo

  • Hazim Endzeit

    That rogue is a really cool character

  • okyii

    Incredibly talented people working on these trailers. Ofc the CGI is rendered beautifully, but man the guys working on sound are equally good. Genuinely impressed.

  • Arch Stanton

    OMG I'm in love with an elf chick

  • kent clark

    Breton could've used some health potions

  • Brenden Garcia

    Did she have the Azura star

  • khurram munir

    I like the Viking dude

  • Meme187 ridvan

    Please 20century Fox please make this as a movie thats what we all want... the elder scrolls movie could be the next blockbuster...

  • Boka Towl

    That warrior must have taken a few levels in energizer bunny. He don't quit.

  • Shanna Martin

    Well, you tried. Thanks for the time spent putting this together but yeah, they're in the wrong order.

  • Night Fang

    if the games graphic was like this i would buy crowns everyday

  • 57reaver

    26:39 I don't feel so good

  • Freakr X

    I can already see the three Daedric Princes in the trailer Clavicus Vile, Mephala, and Nocturnal.

  • Hitmonkey

    They really need to make an Elder Scrolls cinematic universe. If it's even close to being as cool as these it would easily become the most successful movie franchise of all time. Could even have spin-off TV shows based on the non-main quests from the games. Hell, make it animated if you need to, just make it.

  • Seccond Origin

    Boooh!! Why did the assassin guy have to die? He was by far the coolest and the most stylish :'( and then he gets stabbed by some blunt barbarian ... why zenimax whyyy

  • themelonlord

    Everytime I see the altmer heroine I just think of tauriel from LoTR

  • English Pride

    Pertaining to the last scene...BS how the coolest character always has to be corrupted. The dark side always knows who to choose in the 1st round draft. ;) Also, at 27:44, Jason Momoa, anyone?

  • Obi-WanKenobi

    Who are those three mighty warriors?? Btw... Hello There

  • Daryl Monje

    As the trailer suggest, it seems that no one killed Barbas and we all got the mask instead of the hammer.

  • Akasha Neufarth

    Somebody should make a movie (an hour movie), out of it.^^ Khajiit Gordon approves dis trailer.^^ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 :’).

  • Night Strike

    0:44 God damnit, Loki! Go home!

  • Steel Rexer

    A List of things I thought were funny:0:02 My face watching this trailer0:27 My dog's face when it sees me touching her chew toy0:42 A man out on a walk with his dog0:54 A Spider1:00 Me when I see a spider1:01 HAPPY SQUEALING INTENSIFIES1:06 BADASS1:10 "Can we talk about this?"1:12 "For Money"1:23 Fade to black. Screen reads Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Awakens in a cart of prisoners. "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Same as us, and that thief over there." GOD DAMMIT TODD HOWARD1:28 "I SEEEEE YOUUUU!"2:00 "Oh, shit, shit, SHIT!"2:03 "Fuck this shit, I'm out."2:04 NOPE!2:13 "HEY! HEY! LOOK OVER HERE! I'M DISTRACTING YOU!"2:19 "HEEEEERRREEEEE'S BBBBIIIIIRRRRDDDSSSSSYYYY!!!"2:20 "FUCK OFF!"2:22 "AND DON'T COME BACK!"2:39 "Sup. Imma eat you now."2:41 "Or not..."2:43 "WHAT THE-! Is that a cat-person?"3:46 Knock Knock bitches4:27 Sniff sniff "... Someone farted..."4:38 Is that a wolf?4:44 NOT A WOLF. NOT A WOLF!4:48 My dog when I try to take away its chew toy5:00 Fade to black. Screen reads Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Awakens in a cart of prisoners. "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Same as us, and that thief over there." GOD DAMMIT TODD HOW- oh wait, I already did this joke...5:43 "Yeah, I'm the dragonborn motherfu- SHHHHIIIIIIIITTT!"6:12 "Oh hey, an arro-"6:32 "Oh hey, an arro-"6:49 "SSSSHHHIIIIIIIIITTTT!"7:22 Employee of the month, ladies and gentlemer7:29 Eeesh. That's kind of brutal.7:36 Swaggers away7:50 "I'M SUPERMAN!"8:07 Smiles seductively "Hey."8:11 COCKBLOCK8:12 "Dammit!"8:13 "HHHHHEEEEERRRRREEE'S WOOOOOL-! SHIT, WAIT, NOOOO!"8:25 "Oh, hey. Am I interrupting something?"8:30 Draws knife9:37 Stares at screen seductively10:40 NOPE!11:03 When 'S&M Night' goes a bit too far12:00 "REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"12:04 "Well, shit."12:43 "Well, shit."12:47 "Huh... glad I'm not those guys..."13:12 Me after taking two steps up a flight of stairs13:21 "Hey."14:48 "Yoooo hoooo"15:25 SQUEALING INTENSIFIES15:32 SCREAMING INTENSIFIES15:36 "The fuck is that?" "No clue."16:20 "Bitch, please"18:09 "Fuck, No!"18:24 "Headshot"18:33 "Well... shit."20:04 "Imma just take this"23:11 "Nope"23:18 "Aw, you dick!"23:49 "Dude... this is... like... the best weed..."24:00 "What you lookin' at?"24:22 "Hey, can I have that bac- oh."24:50 Badassness intensifies24:58 Hide Your Helm = On25:22 "HEEEEEEERRRREEEE'S BAAALLLLLYYY!!!"25:32 "Oh, sweet, free shi- OH AURI-EL ITS COVERED IN BLOOD"25:36 Again, are we sure this guy isn't high or something? He's seeing other people and shadows are stroking his face.26:37 "Thanks mate."26:47 "Wait, wheres my face going?"27:40 Helmet screams27:47 "Where the fuck am I?"28:26 Argonian 1: "Should we...?" Argonian 2: "Run? Yes. Yes we should."28:31 Even the fucking horse?28:57 NOPE!29:36 Bear: Oh we're supposed to kill this guy? Well, I would want to let this robot do our job for us!30:32 "Hello there..."30:36 "Oh, what now?"30:45 "Ah. Shit."31:04 "GET. OFF. MY. LAWN."

  • Andres Morando

    They should really just make a series of the ENTIRE STORYLINE. Would be better then LOTR!

  • BASSstarlet

    26:32 The sadness in his face... :(

  • soggyunicorns

    i'd just overdose on skooma at some point

  • NorseVikingDude

    So.... you took the time to put all these together, but couldn't take the time to put them in the proper order?!?

  • 6mmMayhem

    Um,... it's not in the right order?! LOL!

  • Flower Power2

    there needs to be a movie kinda like avatar but with a khajiit tribe or something or perhaps argonians.

  • Messiah38

    One thing I hate about eso is everyone is clean, why I can’t be a dirty beggar .


    you could produce so epic movies

  • Darksh0t009

    Flop! They should spend more time on gameplay

  • huber max

    Bescheißerspiel und nix anderes. Totale Verarsche , dieses Spiel, x- Monturstile, am Schaden, Ausdauer und Magicka wird ständig rumgefummelt und gegen die ganzen Betrüger wird nie etwas unternommen, Hauptsache, die Kasse klingelt. Und diejenigen, die nicht betrügen werden nach Strich und Faden verarscht. Die Quests sind größtenteils der blanke Hohn, da wird man in einem Land von einer Ecke in die Andere geschickt, nur um mit einem zu sprechen und genauso andersrum. Selbiges gilt für Tränke, man sucht stunden lang diverse Blumen um ein paar Tränke herzustellen, dieses Spiel ist ein Zeit totschlagenspiel geworden, klar damit die ganzen Idioten so lange wie möglich monatlich zahlen. War mal ein schönes Spiel und was haben sie daraus gemacht ? Ein Scheißspiel wo man sich täglich nur noch ärgern kann.Rate jedem von diesem vermurkstem Spiel ab.

  • dharkbizkit

    i wish the chars would look like this ingame. eso felt last gen even when it came out in 2014. there are worlds between the char design and charackter creation between eso and black desert for example. other thing about elder scrolls is that alot of the design was set in a time were hardware limitations forced the devs to keep it simple. and since all the new game build on what was set over 20 years ago, we are stuck with it.

  • Arat Saya

    Как будто фильм посмотрел

  • Night Fang

    that nord was fkcing OP i feel bad for that breton... being controlledd by a dremora

  • Tim Lunegov

    If they put as much time into the game as they do in these trailers, the game might just be good

  • spbats

    History shows that it's incredibly expensive and ineffective to have an entire army in plate armor... but cool :D

  • Hayden D

    It would be amazing if they put cutscenes like this in elder scrolls 6

  • Elias Bilc

    INTRO"Tell me, what did you see?""I saw a nun"

  • Macabre 101

    What the hell is that green spell that she keeps using.

  • Jamie Martin

    Bit where the nord enters the chamber to fight mannimarco is best bit

  • G4mb7t

    Good what would ive given to see the fight between the nord and the daedra

  • GeneticAlgorithm11111001000

    Meanwhile, the actual gameplay...

  • Silvar

    Teldisvar? is that her name?Clavicus and BarbasCinematic: ''I am the herald of death who stalks with the hound''Game: ''wot m8!? no deal? you're no fun, what a bummer, well... time to go, com'here you mutt!''

  • mr dinkleman

    If only skyrim had graphics like this

  • Adolf Hipster

    For The Empire And The Emperor

  • jack hawk

    Who else thinks that women elf reminds them of Ermac from mortal kombat with her magic

  • Alihan Abdulvagapov

    Нормально. Особенно даэдра понравились и центурион двемерский, выглядят лучше чем в оригинале!

  • Gamer Family

    still waiting for the day when games look and play like this lol

  • TheDeathwalker86

    Single player game is what we want .

  • Redmane_0

    Too bad the game is no where near as good as the trailers.

  • Scott K

    They're in the wrong order numb nuts.

  • Pratik Adz

    Clavicus Vile ...I see u

  • WowKar

    And now! Time to Summerset, Murkmire and Elsweyr!!

  • Rino Silva

    Amazing... but wait. somebody can explain here 08:38 if they are enemies of friends with a enemy in common???

  • SS AJ

    11:08 como se atreven a hacerle eso a una preciosura como ella.

  • Shantéwokon

    It irks me that they are just thrown together in a haphazard order.

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