Skyrim 300+ mods - NLVA ENB - stability + recording test on gtx1070

Hello there random viewer. I recently got a new video card, as my last one couldn't handle all the mod goodness I was throwing at it.
I uploaded a little test just to see how (well) shadowplay works as I had an AMD card before.
I'm fairly content with the performance(up to 4k textures) and stability, as I've had builds where the game would crash a lot.

ENB I'm running is NLVA ENB along with NLVA and Vivid Weathers.

I'm using Dyndolod to get the extreme view distance, for download and instructions head here:

On request of various viewers I have now included a list/loadorder. All mods are installed and prioritised in the same order as listed:

- HD Enhanced Terrain:


- Noble Skyrim 2K version:

- aMidianBorn texturepacks: (Link to modder page, all his texturepacks can be found there)

- 4k Parallax Bridges:

- Skyrim Flora Overhaul:

- Forest Bark:

- Skysight - Bigger Trees:

- 4K Parallax Treebark:

- Realistic Water Two:

- Enhanced Landscapes:

- Vivid Landscapes - Rocking Stones and Mountains Two:

- Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin:

- Project Parallax Remastered:

- Vivid Weathers:

- Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics:

- Enhanced Lights and FX:

- Rustic Texture packs: (Link to modder page, all his texturepacks can be found there)

I also added a link to a txt file with the full graphics loadorder export here:!QVdnjYCT!S8PsSgrjNG_WVjszChyitKY_MSwB_ajE3On7g_2bRtg
  • Veyrah64

    This build is old, I may not be able to answer all questions regarding what mods are used.I will be uploading a new video of my current modded skyrim which I started from scratch. I should be able to pin point the mods for that one.

  • Agrofischcorporation

    could you give us a loadorder pleaaaaaase?????? This just looks so nice and my gpu is about as strong as a 1070

  • Frederick X.


  • Talon Oblivion

    I can't seem to get NLVA to look like this. I've been having very blue distant mountains and many textures flicker. Any suggestions? (It looks awesome btw!)

  • DeathIsLight

    Is that HDT Illustrious capes? -amazing setup by the way. inspiration to save some money for the 1070 via not eating for half the day :D

  • chickenbeforeegg

    What methods do you implement to promote stability in such a heavily modded environment? I have similar hardware to you but I often get crashes in game and while loading/fast travelling even with scaled down to 2k texture mods. Anything you could advise me doing before modding?

  • Fabulousidea

    Nice video and gameplay! What cpu do you have?

  • Saz Forever

    Hi, the Mega link you posted, the list seems to be in alphabetical order rather than load order. Is it possible to re-upload the load order version?

  • Joel Del Rosario

    Were you getting 60FPS all the time during the time of this video?

  • Tarique Barlas

    Best. Can you share your visual mods list please?

  • Richardinho 187

    PC config? FPS? nice vid man.

  • Resdyne

    What animation mods are you using?

  • BP

    What a beautiful setup.

  • nobody anybody

    are you install elfx weather or just the exterior

  • Perfect K

    So Realistic Water Two WORKS with Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics? Not sure if I screwed up but I dont think RW2 was working right with nlva.....hesitant to start playing again with both installed, Im doing a new fresh save game so I want mod list perfect first

  • vxvo

    What is your pc settings?

  • Daniel Pérez

    This you tell me, if you want. Which are your mods in the Tundra?, and why those trees looks so amazingThank you =)

  • Prod. Lil Seizure

    So I should be fine with gtx 1060 6gb version? Thanks)

  • ScarletStreak

    Stability is running around as many NPCs as possible. Or standing in the Whiterun market for example. Wandering in the tundra region isn't called a stability test.

  • car javi

    Looks like dyndolod and enhanced trees ? Anyother lod mods? or ugrids tweaks?

  • IhsanTheForgottenOne

    Are using elfx weathers ? with vivid

  • Resdyne

    Do you have 8 gigs of ram?

  • Juho Puolanen

    Hi! Do you care to share, what is your fps? i have 1070 and 6700k, and been trying to tweak this enb to stay above 60 fps.

  • KapengBarako

    dude I see no stutter, enb settings pls. I have a 1070 too.Also how are you getting no grass pop-ups?

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