Skyrim - the 5 Types of Players

You know you're number 2 when...

Here I list "the 5 Types of Players" in Skyrim. I felt these personalities (which we've probably all been at least once) stand out the most, however in time I would love to keep this series going and eventually cover all play styles. Depending on which one you are, you may find out what you think is the most powerful build, or the most fun way to play.

I make a lot of other Skyrim Top 5 videos, like the Top 5 Hardest Decisions. There are more than enough tiny details and secrets in this game which could easily lead to secret decisions you didn't know about, or rare encounters you haven't seen before.

One of my faves is Top 5 Jailbreaks, if you haven't seen that:

And if anyone hasn't seen the teaser for TES6 yet, by all means:

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  • Margaret Comer

    1:sneaky archer2: sneaky archer with magic3: sneaky archer with dagger4: sneaky archer with a sword5: sneaky archer with heavy armor

  • Image 13137

    Bethasda: Details the world with roads to easily find your way to your destinationMe: Oh look a mountain!

  • Javier Lavanchy

    Graenolf comes up to me-So, what are you? A hoarder, a modder, an RPGer, a Rable-Rouser or a Explorer?-Yes.

  • Dj Techno

    The Indecisive: They literally never stick to one character, they just keep getting cool ideas and never follow through. Aka me

  • Surrealig

    I'm modder. I don't even have time to play cause i'm searching for mods

  • Matthew Jeffrey

    You either die a hoarder or live long enough to see yourself become the modder

  • the clone marine

    You either die an adventurer or live long enough to see yourself take an arrow to the knee.

  • That one commenter

    Where is the glitcher?That one guy who knows every glitch in the game and abuses them whenever he/she can

  • ultimate chimera

    The curious " I wonder what will happen if I summon 50000 cheese wheels and then summon 30 alduins"

  • Rainbow_Gezebun

    The achiever : Needs to complete every quest in the game ,discover every location , get all types of armor/swords ..............

  • Astroice

    OCD perfectionist : Explores every inch of every dungeon in fear of missing something. Needs to constantly look up wiki if they have the best possible outcome of the quests. Will reload/start new game rather then go on with a "mistake" has played the game 200 hours and never even been close to beating the game. (Send help!)

  • the clone marine

    The hero: always sits through the dialogue, takes on every question and completes it. Uses swords and axes, kills all bandits and vampires and werewolves, and always, ALWAYS, Picks the ethical options of dialogue.

  • Jókedvű Kismedve

    I learnt something new today. About breastfeeding.

  • James Stempeck

    The thief: The person who goes through every town and steals everything

  • TrueVariety

    "makes you pregnant with jealousy"

  • I'm done

    I was a vampire. I ate everyone in Riverwood then I discovered there's free human cattle in Castle vohilkar. 🤦‍♂️

  • Misha Rogerson

    "They don't even know the difference between mods and non-mods now" THAT'S me

  • TheRadiantDehd

    The 5 Types of Skyrim Players:ThiefThief with MagicThief with BattleaxeThief with BowImpatient Person

  • Sure Lock

    When you're not a modder but you've seen every MxR video

  • Mojojito

    The type of guy that non-stop is doing side quests,he goes to white run first time on level 23 or sth

  • XDead MoneyXGD

    I always keep a statue of dibella with me just incase my WiFi goes out :)

  • Garr Wheezington

    As a regular RPG player, I can confirm the heavy breathing. It's unstoppable, I'm sorry.

  • Fahri Nugraha

    Don't forget the person who are obsessed with the complex self-contradicting metaphysical lore of tes. To the point where his talk turned into that if Septimus Signus's dialogue.

  • Nina Harrison

    I'm such a hoarder, I see something and am like "oh I could sell this" but then when I'm selling stuff I can't bring myself to do it.

  • princess bubblegum

    I'm the player that even though ive been playing for 5 years I've never completed the game coz I always give up and start a new character

  • Chris Rodriguez

    That house completely overfilled with cheese has my ocd going off like crazy

  • C.A Game

    The Master Criminal/Greedy Bloodthirst : he will kill every single NPC that annoys him, will steal every item and gold that he needs (or just wants) from any character in his path, he doesn't care if he get caught, if there is a bounty on his head, if he is followed by guards to be arrested, he just kills them all and doesn't care about the bounty being biger because he will never let himself go to prison, and if he does, he just breaks out. And slaughters all the guards.I've played like this once.

  • ady gombos

    "The Modder"doesn't use SkyUIDon't make me laugh.

  • Sheorajek

    Can I buy Fifty Shades of Graenolf?

  • driphella

    The Alt-o-Holic: always restarting with a new character just a few hours after escaping Helgen.The Loremaster: A cousin of the RPGer, doesn't necessarily immerse themselves in the minutia of the character's moment-to-moment life, but gets a thrill out of fitting and configuring each new character to TESlore. They avoided Whiterun until after they'd gained Mehrune's Razor and poured over the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes enough to Mankar Camoran their way to being Dragonborn. They collect heartstones on Solstheim to try and find a way to bring back Arniel Gane. They KNOW the Ideal Masters are to Mannimarco what Akatosh is to Auriel. They ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND the meaning behind Heimskr's preaching, probably better than Heimskr himself.The Powergrinder: This person befriends Faendal immediately after leaving Helgen in order to get their Archery up to level 50 for free before even killing their first wolf. This person casts hundreds of Soul Traps on the same skeever corpse in order to grind Conjuration so he can summon Dremora Lords during his first quest. This person has spent more time shield-bashing mudcrabs and chain casting muffle on the streets of Whiterun than they have killing dragons.The Parkour Expert: Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.The True Believer: ALWAYS chooses the same sides regardless of any changes in character or playstyle. If they side with the Empire, then they ALWAYS side with Empire. If they spare Paarthurnax, then they ALWAYS spare Paarthurnax. They have spent more time discussing the implications and vagaries of the Thalmor Dossier on Ulfric Stormcloak than most college grads spent on their Bachelor's.

  • Alabull

    Why did you have to say "balls deep in mods"

  • Arthur, Protector of Waifus.

    I'm the "Modder".And the "RPGER".And the last one.

  • TeaTimeMFS

    Me: Names deadric blade “Yeetus Deletus” Never uses it. Spams infinite shouts with 5 talos amulets.Dragon time

  • khayria

    the kleptomaniac: breaks into every house to get those 3 gold in a chest, gives a beggar a coin just to steal it right back, takes everyones clothes while they're wearing them, ...

  • Bethany Is The Best Person On Earth

    I Actually Keep Everything From Quest And Put Them In A Chest For Memories

  • Thern Foster

    The chatterbox or friendly person: Talks to ANY NPC they come across, even tries to start conversations with giants, bandits, bears etc. Talks to the same people in each city even if they've already heard all their dialogue, haha that's me

  • Felicia Marie

    The squeaky voice reminded me if Sylvester the cat

  • Conner Brown

    The Edge Lord, I go into everything involving stealth and dark arts: Dagger/ stealth/ Vampire Lord/ Archer/ Thief.

  • Onceknown

    Wow, you did a big job stretching this to 10 minutes

  • takeimotion

    Have you thought of writing poetry? or prose?

  • lasanha V. W.

    mine is like: thief that quicksaves before doing anything and at level 10 has pickpocketing lvl 40

  • Anchester The jester

    84 assault 248 murders explain how I have more murder than assault

  • Gameplay For Free

    if you make a part 2 you should include the person who has 70 billion characters that haven't even gotten to whiterun

  • Haidenplayz 6

    Im the explorer i do quests and explore caves or if im doing a quest and i find one ill come back after said quest and explore it and my token of experience from caves is usually something unique like a cool sword or some armour or some claw or something like that and i like being an explorer best part of the vid was the hoarder part because all i saw was cheese lol love your vids keep it up

  • Kyle Simpson

    I think i have spent more time looking for mods and sorting out my load order than i have actually played the game😂

  • Abi Keys

    dont talk to me or my 10 statues of dibella ever again

  • Ross Hurst

    I'll admit I'm a bit of an rpger but not as hardcore as described in the video. First time through the game who wasn't a hoarder.

  • Seraph Creed

    The (would be) alchemistLiterally does nothing but hunt plants and similar things for potions he never gets around to making.

  • lady rAInicorn

    That cheese wheel room looked like the crabby patty room in spongebob lolol

  • TheOrcishOrc

    I'm the kind that gets really pumped to play and then I load my latest save, then I'm like "I dunno what to do"

  • P

    The vanilla player who conpleted the mainquest in 20-30 hours and never played Skyrim again (who probably is wandering what all the fuzz is about).The achievement collector: who only player Skyrim for the platform achievements.The YouTuber: who tries to show every little mistery/secret/meme for his/her viewer.

  • rmt3589

    5: Yes.4: Yes.3: I HAVE ASTHEMA, BE NICE! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ROLE-PLAYING EPICNESS!!!2: Once, testing a mod.1: Yes.


    Im a micks of all 5 player types (and yes i spelled mix like that on purpose)

  • David

    The power gamer. Sides with Ralof right away so he can spend several hours maxing out Destruction and Sneak before fighting his first enemy, then a few more hours maxing out 1-handed before opening the door to escape Helgen. Only steals anything he can either use as material to level up crafting skills or steals potions or better weapons, armor, and shields. Spends as much time as possible leveling Alchemy and Enchanting to increase his abilities in other skills as he levels those. The power gamer has Glass armor and weapons by the time he reaches Whiterun. When he receives an enchanted item from a Jarl for completing a quest or becoming thane, he runs to the arcane enchanter to check if he already knows that enchantment, and if not he's willing to destroy an item gifted to him by the Jarl in recognition of his service to increase his already overpowered character's arsenal.Not to be confused with the vicarious power gamer. This person uses console commands or batch files to max out every skill before the game even begins. Once they're in Helgen Keep they level up, they make every skill legendary, and use console commands or batch files to max out every skill again, wash, rinse, repeat until every perk is taken and every skill maxed. This player can't even choose their facial features at the beginning of the game because of the Daedric helmet covering their face. But they don't care, real life has sucked so hard for them, they just want the chance to live out being the best for once in their lives. This player knows every dragon shout, every spell, and every enchantment before the cart ride is over. They're using extremely overpowered weapons that don't even show up in the item inventory. What looks like a regular Imperial bow is, in fact, a Dwemer Centurion crossbow, and they're not using arrows, they're shooting Dwemer ballista missiles.

  • Justifier

    THEN there’s the Skyrim VR’s light machine gunner.Basically the person who can spin 1 hand around at the speed of light while constantly pressing down and letting go of a button while keeping the other completely still and aimed directly at the troll that they want to juggle in the air.

  • Octavius Quentin

    I'm a explore with mods and keep all I find player

  • 10 Legenda4L

    there's always that player that skips everything or doesn't pay attention

  • Noriel Sylvire

    I kinda always do each of those sometime.Except for exploring.Fast travel is good.

  • K-pop and anime Are my life

    I’d say I’m a modder And a RpgerAnd a explorer I love a good mod

  • Eva Browning

    The one who goes into god mode because they don't want to die or deal with inconveniences like carrying capacity, stamina or magicka. They're just in it for the fun.

  • Octavius Quentin

    You missed the masochistic player, who downloads as many mods as they can to make the game impossibly hard

  • - VORTEX

    The player who has only immersion & quality of life mods installed

  • Ta'Corra Brieno

    I like collecting the bugs in the jars cause i think they are really cool

  • Blue Gin

    Im the type of player who shouts at everything

  • Christopher Glace

    "The one who never finish the game"- That's me btw

  • Justin Lill

    First video of yours I have watched. You now have a new subscriber. Not only was the video great, but your narrating was great aswell and funny. Keep up the good videos

  • Koa Suarez

    There’s a 6th the commander the use console commands to add to there experience I know this because I am that person

  • The Bowz

    Or #6: The EXTREME hoarder. The kind of people that go to any means to get that artifact, and that includes glitches, like the one where you can get both the Rueful Axe and the Masque of Clavicus Vile. That is definitely me.

  • Plazma Star

    I didnt know what RPG meant until I watched this video and....I'm literally one 😂But I don't eat lol

  • Garcha Mayne

    There's the Stealth Archer. They always have a character they wanna play, like a pure mage, or a 2h warrior and they hit a certain point where they look back at themselves wondering how they got thier sneak and archery skills to 100 with everything else at 10

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