Skyrim - the 5 Types of Players

You know you're number 2 when...

Here I list "the 5 Types of Players" in Skyrim. I felt these personalities (which we've probably all been at least once) stand out the most, however in time I would love to keep this series going and eventually cover all play styles. Depending on which one you are, you may find out what you think is the most powerful build, or the most fun way to play.

I make a lot of other Skyrim Top 5 videos, like the Top 5 Hardest Decisions. There are more than enough tiny details and secrets in this game which could easily lead to secret decisions you didn't know about, or rare encounters you haven't seen before.

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  • Seraph Creed

    The (would be) alchemistLiterally does nothing but hunt plants and similar things for potions he never gets around to making.

  • Margaret Comer

    1:sneaky archer2: sneaky archer with magic3: sneaky archer with dagger4: sneaky archer with a sword5: sneaky archer with heavy armor

  • princess bubblegum

    I'm the player that even though ive been playing for 5 years I've never completed the game coz I always give up and start a new character

  • Effeffia Gonalick

    The would-be roleplayer. They start a new file with the intent to play as a cold, calculated, unfeeling killer, but then end up sparing people left and right because murder of the innocent feels bad even if they’re just digital creations.

  • Blue Phoenix Guy

    The guy who spends too much time on Loverslab and turns skyrim into a porno.

  • Jessie the book nerd

    This was the best poem I've ever heard

  • GamingDinos // Gameplay And More

    if you make a part 2 you should include the person who has 70 billion characters that haven't even gotten to whiterun

  • MysteryVlogBoy

    Me: (accidentally hits guard with shout.)Lydia: (kills innocent merchant.)Edit: WOW THANKS FOR 105 LIKES!

  • Kazuma - kun

    Another type of player is the OCD. Every quest must be completed, every trophy collected, perk attained, book read, house owned, shout mastered. And not only that, but all these things must be kept in specific places, with not a single glitch (no matter how difficult to avoid) having prevented even one of these things being gained or mucking up the primary save file in a permanent way. And I say "primary save file" because the game is so littered with bugs and glitches that these players tend to have tons of back up files from before quests and dialogues were started in order to avoid these bugs. And this type of player may even have a check-list of things that must be done, and another list of ways to avoid list breaking bugs.

  • Sokar Xanthus

    The librarian, he must colect evry book Skyrim has to ofer and put it on the shell in his house.

  • Mojojito

    The type of guy that non-stop is doing side quests,he goes to white run first time on level 23 or sth

  • András Fogarasi

    The powergamer:The guy who grinds until he's at level 22 just to buy a weapon with the banish enchantment on it just to disenchant it and use the newly gained enchantment for powerleveling enchantment to 100 and creating a set of armor capable of buffing bow damage and stealth to insane levels and making the game a laugh. Immidiately 4 hours after getting out of Helgen.

  • TXF

    Don't forget the Exploiter. Someone that's played the game so much(along with Oblivion and Fallout) that they know every bug, glitch, and exploit in the game engine. They can bypass anything by climbing an entire mountain on foot. They can glitch under the map to steal merchant chests full of items, then can walk through walls to ignore your silly doors.There's also the Collector. Similar to a Hoarder, but more specific. This player doesn't hoard EVERYTHING. They "collect" certain things. They might collect every book they find, or every dragon skull. They don't need every single item, but of those specific items, they want them all.And then you have the Decorator, that enjoys getting a home and just hand placing items to make it look nice. Keeping an eye out while questing for items they could steal that would just peachy on the shelf next to the bed.

  • Erock Snips

    I'm 100% the hoarder, I leave nothing that isn't nailed down, my horse has the spine of a champion

  • Bodybagism

    I play as an Emulator.Create a character that already exists in a book/movie/game that I like and re-enact whatever I think that character would do in any situation (e.g. Galadriel: Be a friendly, helpful, elf mage. Reptile from MK: Be an anti-social, person hating, cold-blooded, acid throwing argonian rogue etc)

  • Graenolf

    Gotta make a part two, this was too fun :') Comment the personality you think I missed and if it's good I'll feature it in the next edition.Edit: I don't know why my bit rate gets funky in places. Apologies. Think I need to replace my laptop..

  • Amusing Kiwi

    I am going to get on skyrim this weekend amd make it my goal to fill a house full of cheese...

  • khayria

    the kleptomaniac: breaks into every house to get those 3 gold in a chest, gives a beggar a coin just to steal it right back, takes everyones clothes while they're wearing them, ...

  • William King

    I was a HEAVY modder.....I did everything from one touch kills, to freezing time, to giant death lasers , and that was just the spells I had, lol. I played through an entire game as Deadpool(literally). I even made my own pocket dimension, to store all my loot, I went NUTS. I can't wait till Elder Scrolls 6 gets here, lol.

  • Fuck Microsoft

    I'm pretty sure literally everyone does one of these at least once

  • Vlad-Andrei David

    The kind of player that is a mix of everything

  • 1000 Subscribers With no videos

    What i did was "Running to every hold (Around the map)" it took me 10 hours since i visited some interesting places along the map.They call me the No life

  • Roan2106

    my skyrim just looks as close to real life as possible thats all I care about is how the game looks with mods

  • Bladin

    You forgot the console commands user lol xD

  • Matthew Jeffrey

    You either die a hoarder or live long enough to see yourself become the modder

  • MasterofGames1000

    I'm literally all of these combined.However, I think you missed my friends class,"The over-powered guy who literally one shooted Alduin with no mods because he spent all his time making upgrade potions and taking advantage of the game's poor discussions."(He cried so badly it was hysterical.)

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    I'm the guy that's a mix of everything. Not quite one thing or another and not to a big extreme usually. Just the right amount 👌

  • Anime Nerd

    Fifty shades of graenolf

  • Azmah852

    I’m the “preserver”I let no friendly/neutral npc die if they don’t have to. I will painstakingly go back through saves over and over again to save the life of the npc that I will never meet again (I’m looking at you Malborn). And oh boy high level dragon attacks in cities are a nightmare.

  • insanity unleashed

    The careful player: they never want to loose there stuff and save at any possible moment even when going into a cave you have already been in

  • Tropican Wars

    I always seem to become a Argonian Heavy armored mace and shield sneaky archer zombie summoner...none of them go well together but hey it works and its cool XD

  • Misfortune Follows

    Fuckin werevultures man.

  • Miniature Drawing

    Its funny because i just realized how much fun I had torturing those people in the chamber

  • Aid Ken

    10:36 , the mental breakdown every skyrim player has after they realize they've been playing for 7 years

  • Christopher White

    I'm the horder I can't let go of anything. And I will find a way to take it home

  • TheCynx

    i cant be the only one here that the original skyrim here right? right?

  • beatrice but not really

    The "i forgot where i was in this save i should probably start again" they've got so many different saves and never really get past level 25

  • sharktye

    Explorer and hoarder 👅

  • Alexis Oulds

    That one person who cant stay still for more then a minute, in a serious dialogue, spends entire time trying to look at everything or doing something other then paying attention.


    I’m a completionist player. If there is a cave, I have to explore it. If there is a black marker, I have to find it. If there is a quest, I have to complete it. If there is a book, I have to know that I read it. If there is an npc, I have to talk to them. If there is a skill, I have to own it. I think you get the point

  • Miss D .

    I'm the kind of player I like to call "Friendly Neighbourhood Skyriman"... I go around talking to and helping absolutely everyone...never picked sides in the war (though I guess I'll have to eventually)...thane in all of the cities and I've got friends that owe me favours everywhere.

  • - Conspiracal -

    4:42 look on the right

  • Kitty Kat 1

    Hi Graenolf! I live for your videos and you!😀 And hope you could feature one of these!😁Hunter: A person who (at every chance they get) will kill any animal be it an elk or dog and will even hunt hunters to be the only hunter out there! 😈Quester: Only does main quests and will get bored easily 😧Frugal: Saves money every chance they get and will gladly accept quests when you get the BILLS! 😅💰💱Parent: Helps all the children and beggars 😊Haggler: Robs and uses persuasion skill whenever having the opportunity 😶Sider: Sides with anyone who believes their current army is better and kills whoever hates them!😇2 Gamer: Constantly playing 2 different games. example: Playing Skyrim but on a different device playing sims or fallout! 😏Thank u! U are soooo funny and see u later 😌

  • johnaspaul

    You forgot the sexlab players, so called sexlabbers

  • Wolfie Gurrl

    Im a mix of the Hoarder and the Explorer and the slightest bits of the RPG and Rabble-Rouser XD

  • Dovahnugget 69

    I'm a bit of all skyrim is one of my favourite games played over 300 hours n platinumed on ps3 too much time on that game 😅

  • Christo Kelly

    My name is christo and I’m definitely not a cat boy

  • Dank Horse

    wow im surprised you didnt mention the Sneaky Archer

  • Thug Taters

    Pretty sure I'm under the modder category. Every like 20 minutes I find myself asking "WHaT THe FucK wAS THat"

  • nutellasharkdog

    I’m the one that creates thicc argonians and Khajiits and then acts all innocent and then massacres solitude and steals all their clothes and tries all them on even though I don’t need them and uses only 1 mod and it’s called Khajiit perks because im totally not a furry and seduces cave walls and then collects grilled leeks and stores them in a row of buckets on my children’s desk and marries someone just to assassinate them. What about you?

  • wolfey boom

    graenolf coalifys as all of them beacause he had to act like these

  • Akula Doctor

    You forgot hardcore combat guy. These guys play to beat the biggest, baddest, hardest enemies. To them combat is everything, and don't mind cheating away all the other aspects of the game. They use mods to gain new tactical moves, and abilities, and to make enemies even stronger, than ever.

  • phatbassanchor

    I am a master sneaky archer who is also a master dragon slayer, a curious explorer, a die-hard collector (sounds better than hoarder), a mad modder, a role player (who eats in moderation and breathes quietly), a master mage, a stealth attack master, a master archer, a master of commerce and I am first and foremost a master craftsman. I rarely use any armor or weapons that I did not craft myself. I collect many things like follower mods, player home mods, weapon and armor mods, game play improvement and "cheat" mods, quest mods and animation mods. I also collect other things like skulls, soul gems, ingredients, potions, poisons, ingots (especially gold and silver ingots), gold septims, gem stones, Dwemer artifacts, food items (raw and cooked), books, spell tomes, clothing, armor, weapons, adopted children, followers/lovers, spells, shouts, dragon souls, friendly NPC's and grand tallies of dead enemies. Craftsman is the only player type that I think you missed. Smithing is the best way for me to level up early and quickly. I roll the blacksmith skill over to legendary dozens of times. Smithing is my favorite source of levels and perk points. Smithing, Alchemy and Enchanting not only provide the bulk of my wealth in Skyrim but also provide me with weapons, armor and jewelry that make me an unstoppable force with whom the enemies of Skyrim must reckon! Thanks Graenolf for another great video! If you do a part two please include the Craftsman as a player type. Some folks can make it through entire game plays without crafting a single item. Me? I can't get past level 2 without crafting an entire arsenal of gear for my character and all my followers!

  • Garcha Mayne

    There's the Stealth Archer. They always have a character they wanna play, like a pure mage, or a 2h warrior and they hit a certain point where they look back at themselves wondering how they got thier sneak and archery skills to 100 with everything else at 10

  • Tenebris Vega

    the hoarder just walked with Sheagorath for too long, look at all that CHEESEEEEEEEEE

  • Courtney 101

    I loaded a old save and found that every one was dead I was like ohhh the one when a dragon killed me once too much

  • L D0ug L

    Partial roleplayer. Once my character became a master wizard in all the art forms. He grew bored in his overwhelming destruction in the arcane arts that he went up in the highest tower in the college of winterhold where he honed his skill with the sword. He used conjugation magic to summon and spar with a dremora lord. After many days of just brutal training up in that cold unforgiving tower, with a mad dremora that has suffered countless times by his blade. Blood was what covered the floor with the snow slowly taking it's red hue. Finally leaving the College not only as a wizard, but a warrior. (I'm sad now knowing that that play through is messed up now since the quest to take serana to the castle won't activate. I already have her by my side, but when I approach the gate. They act like I don't have her.)

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Sneaker, mage, archer. Battlemage. Heavy armor warrior. Light armor quick fighter. And then the guy that likes to have a balance of everything (me)

  • Xfier246

    1 one was so cheesy XDDDD kill me

  • N 177

    The hentai dudes, the youtube is full of them. And the powerplayer that takes micro managing to the extreme.

  • waluigi the prophet

    The Power Gamer:This player most likely plays Vanilla and tries to get the best everything and anything available in the game. Through collecting all passives, perks, and armors needed to make the calculated best enchantments in the game, the player truly takes the game to the max. The power gamer may also be other things, such as the Hoarder, collecting all unique items in the game, or the Completionist, like the Hoarder except with quest lines. You can be rest assured that the average power gamer is a sneak archer that hosts armor increasing sneak and bow damage by 160%.

  • 10 Legenda4L

    there's always that player that skips everything or doesn't pay attention

  • Chara The Curious

    What about the 6th, which I am, where you help everyone possible and try not to do much bad because you can't help everyone and not do bad irl.... HAHAHA WAHH; ~ ;

  • Nicolas Roman Segura

    ugh.... i'm the roleplayer U_U i'm not that into it to audiably munch when i eat or grunt when i get hit but i do eat a lot when i'm exploring and i do get in to taberns to drink and stuff i also sleep regularly and take baths and change into regular clothing when i do i just think it makes it more fun in a way, though sometimes i will turn my brain off and just level up and do quests beacuse i wanna finish the damn game

  • Austin Healey

    I'm a mix of all of them. That's the best way to play.

  • Lucy Walker

    The money stasher:hoards so much gold like me (I have 48,000)that they can actually buy things like armour and weapons

  • from the 46

    Bethesda has to be grateful that we've been playing this game for so long

  • lKayodal

    I am a modder, but not only!Every fucking time I play Skyrim, I just steal EVERY PIECE OF FOOD. I don’t care about everything else, BUT FOOD.

  • Jake

    Im the OCD player, if I see a body or an item I would pick it up and dispose it somewhere I would rarely go to, only in the end to keep going back to that same location to keep dumping bodies and items that are visual pollution to my eyes.

  • Dank Potatoes

    The completionist/ ingame god. The player who never settles on levelling a few select skills, and will not settle for less than 100 in all 18 skill types. This character has completed every quest, become the leader of every faction and can wipe the floor with every Dragon or Daedra that comes his way on Legendary Difficulty. This player has too much free time.

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