Skyrim - the 5 Types of Players

You know you're number 2 when...

Here I list "the 5 Types of Players" in Skyrim. I felt these personalities (which we've probably all been at least once) stand out the most, however in time I would love to keep this series going and eventually cover all play styles. Depending on which one you are, you may find out what you think is the most powerful build, or the most fun way to play.

I make a lot of other Skyrim Top 5 videos, like the Top 5 Hardest Decisions. There are more than enough tiny details and secrets in this game which could easily lead to secret decisions you didn't know about, or rare encounters you haven't seen before.

One of my faves is Top 5 Jailbreaks, if you haven't seen that:

And if anyone hasn't seen the teaser for TES6 yet, by all means:

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  • Jessie the book nerd

    This was the best poem I've ever heard

  • Koirakasvo TM

    Where is the glitcher?That one guy who knows every glitch in the game and abuses them whenever he/she/it can

  • matt whodak

    A sub category of the modder who only uses adult mods.

  • Glace Christopher

    "The one who never finish the game"- That's me btw

  • Azmah852

    I’m the “preserver”I let no friendly/neutral npc die if they don’t have to. I will painstakingly go back through saves over and over again to save the life of the npc that I will never meet again (I’m looking at you Malborn). And oh boy high level dragon attacks in cities are a nightmare.

  • Seraph Creed

    The (would be) alchemistLiterally does nothing but hunt plants and similar things for potions he never gets around to making.

  • MasterofGames1000

    I'm literally all of these combined.However, I think you missed my friends class,"The over-powered guy who literally one shot Alduin with no mods because he spent all his time making upgrade potions and taking advantage of the game's poor discussions."(He cried so badly it was hysterical.)

  • Aid Ken

    10:31 , the mental breakdown every skyrim player has after they realize they've been playing for 7 years

  • Harald Selliseth

    The filthy casual. Skips dialogue. Does a little bit of the «easy» skills and stays away from alchemy and enchanting. Has no clue what is going on with any story/quest. Has under 2k hours (lol scrubs). Rushes through areas barely looting. Likes fallout 4 better than new vegas.

  • Ronin Kenway

    I'm the modder, but the modder will never be truly satisfied. Forever looking for the "final mod" to perfect the ever-growing list of downloads until they have nothing left.

  • Graenolf

    Gotta make a part two, this was too fun :') Comment the personality you think I missed and if it's good I'll feature it in the next edition.Edit: I don't know why my bit rate gets funky in places. Apologies. Think I need to replace my laptop..

  • Daniel Caston

    Surprised no one mentioned it but the challenger. Someone who sets challenges/installs enough difficulty mods so that even the simplest task is an adventure in itself

  • Astroice

    OCD perfectionist : Explores every inch of every dungeon in fear of missing something. Needs to constantly look up wiki if they have the best possible outcome of the quests. Will reload/start new game rather then go on with a "mistake" has played the game 200 hours and never even been close to beating the game. (Send help!)

  • beatrice but not really

    The "i forgot where i was in this save i should probably start again" they've got so many different saves and never really get past level 25

  • Alexis Oulds

    That one person who cant stay still for more then a minute, in a serious dialogue, spends entire time trying to look at everything or doing something other then paying attention.

  • Mojojito

    The type of guy that non-stop is doing side quests,he goes to white run first time on level 23 or sth

  • Chem367

    Don't call yourself a modder when you're not using SkyUI. It's basically the MOST IMPORTANT thing in all OF HISTORY.

  • Dj Techno

    The Indecisive: They literally never stick to one character, they just keep getting cool ideas and never follow through. Aka me

  • John Hollis

    the person who knows way too much about skyrim

  • Tenebris Vega

    the hoarder just walked with Sheagorath for too long, look at all that CHEESEEEEEEEEE

  • L D0ug L

    Partial roleplayer. Once my character became a master wizard in all the art forms. He grew bored in his overwhelming destruction in the arcane arts that he went up in the highest tower in the college of winterhold where he honed his skill with the sword. He used conjugation magic to summon and spar with a dremora lord. After many days of just brutal training up in that cold unforgiving tower, with a mad dremora that has suffered countless times by his blade. Blood was what covered the floor with the snow slowly taking it's red hue. Finally leaving the College not only as a wizard, but a warrior. (I'm sad now knowing that that play through is messed up now since the quest to take serana to the castle won't activate. I already have her by my side, but when I approach the gate. They act like I don't have her.)

  • johnaspaul

    You forgot the sexlab players, so called sexlabbers

  • Gangstayoda 1990

    By the nine divines, I'm all 5 HELP ME!!!!!! Parthunaax

  • dragon robin

    I'm that guy who never does the main quest but every thing elase first then if I fell like it I'll kill the world eater just to kill him

  • insanity unleashed

    The careful player: they never want to loose there stuff and save at any possible moment even when going into a cave you have already been in

  • Noob Galaxy

    Don’t click read more.Your so rude.

  • Spicecake

    I’m the one that creates thicc argonians and Khajiits and then acts all innocent and then massacres solitude and steals all their clothes and tries all them on even though I don’t need them and uses only 1 mod and it’s called Khajiit perks because im totally not a furry and seduces cave walls and then collects grilled leeks and stores them in a row of buckets on my children’s desk and marries someone just to assassinate them. What about you?

  • Sensei Barrera

    Miin Daal Dova!!! (Eye Return Dragons/or dragonkind, in Dova tongue) keep up the Great Work. Happy holidays. Namaste 🙏 you bring us much positive joys. I am a retired Army vet ,and my dear wife Patricia,whom had cancer,now in remission thanfully just simply have to say how your videos just highlight our days or nights. Priceless. Namaste sir.-Sensei Ray & Patricia

  • rareraspberry

    The "modder" doesn't use SkyUI? Such fail.

  • Matthew Jeffrey

    You either die a hoarder or live long enough to see yourself become the modder

  • Madeline Belle

    I am literally all of these combined. I'm only the Rabble-Rouser every now and then, for everyone's good ;)

  • Nicolas Roman Segura

    ugh.... i'm the roleplayer U_U i'm not that into it to audiably munch when i eat or grunt when i get hit but i do eat a lot when i'm exploring and i do get in to taberns to drink and stuff i also sleep regularly and take baths and change into regular clothing when i do i just think it makes it more fun in a way, though sometimes i will turn my brain off and just level up and do quests beacuse i wanna finish the damn game

  • duad the knife of dunnwall

    Who else is a assassin with a dagger/bow or it just me

  • End times are here

    I'm the guy that's a mix of everything. Not quite one thing or another and not to a big extreme usually. Just the right amount 👌

  • Christopher White

    I'm the horder I can't let go of anything. And I will find a way to take it home

  • Julius Klein

    Im not a hoarder. Also, anyone know a mod that stops my game from lagging when i open my storage? It only has every time of any value (jncluding stuff like buckets and cups) and anything else i didnt sell in it. And also several hunderd books. And weapons. And everything. I WANT MORE, I WANT ALL.

  • Sheorajek

    Can I buy Fifty Shades of Graenolf?

  • PM Pruett

    The looter who collect everything.even iron swords

  • Margaret Comer

    1:sneaky archer2: sneaky archer with magic3: sneaky archer with dagger4: sneaky archer with a sword5: sneaky archer with heavy armor

  • SageofStars

    If RPGers are hard to watch, why does Critical Role have a viewer count approaching 7 digits?

  • Xfier246

    1 one was so cheesy XDDDD kill me

  • drdino2002

    I have Sooo many mods I can't even force myself to play vanilla for an achievement

  • roma

    1:20 A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one


    I’m a completionist player. If there is a cave, I have to explore it. If there is a black marker, I have to find it. If there is a quest, I have to complete it. If there is a book, I have to know that I read it. If there is an npc, I have to talk to them. If there is a skill, I have to own it. I think you get the point

  • Shaunalea Archer

    Im a good 50/50 mix between RPGer and Explorer

  • Jay Sam

    I am a proud horder, exept I have everything in chests all organised perfectly... So mabye thats a sub type is the organiser the one who has everything organised... example a chest for sword chest for waraxe chest for bows chest for for arrows chest for dragon bones and scales chest for food chest for wine and that kind of stuff chest for ingredients chest for seperate ingredients for cooking chest for health potions chest for magica potions... ect. I think u got the point... I also dont pickup any unhelpful misc items and drop any weak (thats not enchanted) swords and armor when I have full inventory but thats very rare so im not that hard core with the horder/ organiser type... I think

  • Bluedemion720

    if you see an RPG'er ,run away

  • lolol op

    2:50 Was that belt having nilfgaardian symbols from the witcher 3

  • khayria

    the kleptomaniac: breaks into every house to get those 3 gold in a chest, gives a beggar a coin just to steal it right back, takes everyones clothes while they're wearing them, ...

  • Arthur, Protector of Waifus.

    I'm the "Modder".And the "RPGER".And the last one.

  • Epic Pizza Pets

    I’m both rabble rouser and explore

  • Andarus

    I'm a perverted Exploring Modding RPG'er.

  • leninja azulado

    I have an addiction to take all the dwemer metal i find.

  • princess bubblegum

    I'm the player that even though ive been playing for 5 years I've never completed the game coz I always give up and start a new character

  • Savage Warrior

    I know im a couple months late to this video but im def a hoarder 😂😂

  • Gabrielle Alyssa Rivera

    I’m not exactly a hoarder, but I do have a ton of potions which... I don’t... exactly use much Which is a waste but uh

  • Leshiy

    Rabble-Rouser(when bored) and Explorer(mostly)

  • bill&clara weaver

    Also plenty of cheese to make plenty of pizzas ps. I'm half explorer half killer werewolf.

  • McMan86

    I’m sort of a hoarder. I collect all of the dragon priest masks and daedric artifacts etc. I don’t waste time gathering all of the cheese I see lying around all over the world, though.

  • Skullabrin308

    1. Stealth Archer2. Stealth Archer3. Stealth Archer4. Stealth Archer5. Destruction magic high elf mage

  • jack mackay

    when you join the dark brotherhood after killing Alduin "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself turn into the bad guy". Usane Bolt 1945 colorized.

  • TheJedaiHero9000

    really enjoyed watching this vid.looking forward to part 2.

  • Gamer Raichu

    40 seconds in and I immediately love the commentary style and humor. The rest of the video did not disappoint.

  • LoloTheCatTheII

    I’m an explorer, but if my nerves are nuts I’ll fast travel.

  • Christo Kelly

    My name is christo and I’m definitely not a cat boy

  • Kacperk3389

    I'm modder. I don't even have time to play cause i'm searching for mods

  • 10 Legenda4L

    there's always that player that skips everything or doesn't pay attention

  • An American Immigrant

    I’m the guy who just tries to get every weapon in the game

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