SKYRIM - 5 Dwemer Secrets (Elder Scrolls Lore & Facts)

Welcome to another episode of "Skyrim Secrets," a lore series that I started to honor the release of Skyrim Special Edition. Today I've got 5 facts about the Dwemer (although other subjects - such as Lorkhan, the Chimer and Dunmer, the Snow Elves and Falmer, etc. are also discussed).

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"Wheels of Lull" by Trainwiz:

Blackreach Railroad by Trainwiz:

Forgotten City by Nick James Pearce:



First Track - Nerevar Rising. All rights go to Bethesda Softworks and Jeremy Soule.

Second Track - Scott Buckeley:

Third Track - Laura Platt:

Fourth Track - Ominous Voice:

Fifth Track - Redtails:

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AlexeyRudikov - Vivec:

Zar1 - Dwemer:

Orange_Cake - Divines:

Mikeandike - Dwemer Statue:

Gwavasig - Praise Dwemer King:

Isugi - Almalexia:

Askhran - First Council:

theshadowfake - Dwemer Helmet:

Seb263 - Magic Duel:

zeushk - Volendrung:

Carwailia - Snow Elf in Blackreach:

King Arthur Pendragon - Daggerfall Ending Clips:

ArenSH - Nerevar:

RisingMonster - Nerevar Sketch:

Ielay - Almalexia Art:

RuslanLarin92 - Keening & Sunder:
  • QueenThoria

    this is much more interesting than real history!

  • Roshank Redemption

    I'm getting a lot of comments about what I said at 0:07, so let me clarify: the ALDMER are different from the ALTMER. My statement was "the Aldmer, ancestors of the high elves," but to be fair, I didn't do a great job pronouncing Aldmer, so it sounded like "Altmer." I apologize for that. The Altmer are, of course, not the ancestors of the high elves; Altmer is another (and more proper) term for the High Elves.Aldmer, on the other hand, are an ancient race of elves from which (nearly) all races of elves descended - one exception being, of course, the Dwemer. The Aldmer and Altmer are similar, and there are some lore masters who might tell you they are essentially the same thing, but I personally believe there's a distinction (if not culturally, then at least historically).Hope that clears things up!

  • WhatAmIDoing

    You should make a video that's like a few hours long that goes far more in depth in all major and a few minor things in elder scrolls history

  • Tristan Waldron

    I hope we get a lot more lore of these people in Elder Scrolls 6

  • pun's gaming

    may the sithis be with you brothers and sisters of dark brotherhood

  • Anime Sucks

    The dwemer were called dwarves from the giants because they looked short to them

  • Betito117

    So dwarves are elves in elder scrolls?

  • Zitrusboy ™

    The truth is that volendrung and spellbreaker arent really daedra artefacts, but dwemer artefacts right?

  • Kesseleth

    One more neat little factoid: Despite being referred to as the Dwarves, the Dwemer aren't actually distinctly shorter than most elves. They were called that by the races of giants, to whom everyone was short, and the name stuck.

  • Øystein A.

    Please make a game set before they got destroyed. I would love to play as one.

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    But what about the return of Numidium? When it comes back to destroy all of Tamriel, if not Nirn!?!? Also known as the Landfall?

  • Peter Rhea

    Could you imagine an Elder scrolls where the dwemer not only come back but you could play as them?

  • Irish Cream

    Akkulakan is better than anumidium

  • Jose C

    there is a theory that they exist in the alternite versión of mundus   i think its calle LYG were MEHURES DAGON was created

  • Hidden Desire

    Fact Correction: The snow elves were not forced to be blinded. To be able to survive in Blackreach, they had to ingest the local mushroom which similarly kept the dwemer alive down there. Unfortunately it had an adverse effect the body structure of the snow elves and blinded them, whereas Deep Elves, through generations, and grown used to them.

  • Raizenx28

    What if they got sent forward in time

  • Travis letchford

    Where do you get that dagger in skyrim

  • Ramsey Bolton


  • kevilin brites

    a good point for bethesda, a huge plot for the elder scrolls VI, someone build a third numidium or found a place where some dwemer are hidden

  • Tom Mitchell

    Robbie 🍆🍆 Rotten 💯❤🔥 makes 😩 me ☝ so wet 💦👇💦, ever since I saw 👀👀 him 😍 in those tight, 😋👅 purple 😃 suspenders 😰🍆 I knew he was my number one 😎💑 . That slicked 💦 hair 😄, that beautiful 😫 pointy 😥 chin 🤔 and don't 😣🙅get me started on that thick 😱🍆😭 bod 😍😘 in those tight 😨💋👅 clothes. He 😏😖 can feed 😜 me all 👄 the sweets 🍬🍬 he wants 💯😘, I'll never 🙅 get sick 😫😲 when thottie 😙😱😭 rotten 🍆👅💦is supplying 👌💦😏😋. I know 🙋🙌 he 😍 won't 🙅 go sportafloppy 🍆😫😂 when I ✋ show him what I got 💯💦😏. Send this 📨📨to all 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👧💪 the Robbie 😘😍 Rotten 😇 lovers ❤❤ you know 👏👏 and share the dirty 😰😙😜 rotten 🔥🍆 love 💋👅.

  • Bhusta Cap

    wait youre serious? ansorbed into its skin???.... cocaines a hell of a drug.

  • Egie Asemota

    Great video friend. The Dwemer are one of my top 3 favourite races in Skyrim. Their inclination towards technology, innovation and knowledge makes them way better than most other class of elves.

  • NeoVoodooTech

    My old buddy Ro! I remember when you had 5k subs! Congrats man so glad to see you almost at 100k.

  • christopher box

    some of this video is factually incorrect. when the atmorans came into skyrim they were living peacefully alongside the falmer in different territories. the nords started growing to great in numbers and out of fear the snow elves attacked the nords starting the war. the elves were losing badly and many of them sought refuge from the dwemer. the dwemers condition was the enslavement of the race and the blinding of the falmer using a toxin. not all snow elves did this. some were slaughtered some went into hiding. most of what you said about the falmer is correct though. im not sure if slavery was 100% a condition however

  • Irish Cream

    By the three, the spirits, and my lord. May Almsivi guide you

  • Shubham S.

    Gr8 video buddy !! But I am looking forward to ur next video in the daedra series , also i wud certainly enjoy a video about all the legendary weapons and the lore connected to them

  • QorinHalfhand.

    Kagrenac used the tools combined and alone.The 3 gods of the Chimer where succsessfull bcs they split the power and the tools between them.Thats atleast my theory.Either that or the activation of the heart required a massive sacrifice of life in order to fuel its power(or jumpstart it) and the 3 gods just tapted into it afterwards.

  • angry reacts only

    i just want to be a dwemer in es6 dat would be great

  • Kyle Rowland

    crazy to think the falmer overthrew the dwemer. they're the real story

  • Hidden Desire

    There was also to be another Numidian awakening in the lost Redguard DLC, also utilizing both Dwemer temporal magic and an elderscroll, we were to bring them back. If you look into the sky at night, the larger planetary body we witness covers the tear to the realm where the Dwemer reside.


    When on the timeline did they disappear

  • Yonatan BenHaim

    If The Elder Scrolls VI will involve a story surrounding the Dwemer, it would be spectacular, IMO.

  • Real 1 Mafia

    I think your the only LETS PLAY SKYRIM dude that doesn't have a FUCKING BRITISH ACCENT!!!! THX U BROTHER

  • Tadından Yenmeyen Oyun

    Whats the name of mod 5:17

  • lonewulfyamcha

    Elderscrolls 101, I'm here for the lecture.

  • ClassyFied

    whats the dwemer ruin at 8:12

  • Mr. Grief

    the deemed are on dundundun THE MOON!!!!!!!😵😵😵😵

  • Stevan Bajšev

    where are the you in 5:16

  • Nick Hutchison

    0:28 what? who's modded in the Numidium? where is this from?

  • underswap papyrus

    I'm more curious about why the dwemer dissappeared

  • Kebab Remover

    hell yeah thank you man :D

  • DesolationAngel101

    The Dwemer live with me, in my mom's basement.

  • Mad Lordnes

    Dwemer = Maya. Dwemer never return...Or ? May be that if. Hahaha... TES 6 Tamriel : Empire vs Akavir ? Dwemer, Falmer, and Maormer return ? YES !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ekel Farras

    2:21 a history of throwing volendrung mod

  • Skinny penis pete

    hopefully in a future title or tes 6 could make dwemer make a comeback

  • Adriaan Ellis

    <3 just cause I am early

  • Narcissus

    dude u sound like Rhexxx

  • Darryl Worrell

    I love your videos dude

  • Lord Dunamis

    Your videos are absolutely fantastic! Great content, and very interesting. You've earned another sub and I'm sure more to come!

  • Darius Cooper

    seriously people who make videos on TES lore realy shouldy play through ESO

  • NakedAvanger

    I really hope we eventually see them resurface in a future ES weather it be trough a portal or a huge event which would take trough all of tamriel

  • madscientistshusta

    you talk about c0da and confused everyone with landfall nonsense lol that would be hilarious lol.

  • raven776

    More videos like this!!

  • Cole Retherford

    I've been watching your channel for a little bit and there hasn't been a Pokemon episode in 5 months please make a Pokemon video please

  • Sinche Thedog

    Maybe they succeeded, and became part of or started the one society you meet in the quest of winterhold college. And that is why they understand so much and know so much of the past

  • jimmy stowers

    Do you know what be a cool idea if the dwemer come out of hiding and with there new power and technology try to destroy tamriel and it is up to you to save everyone

  • Biltre

    their plan didn't backfired they wanted to create a god to deny the "fake existence"/dream in which they were present and with tonal architecture and the Heart of lorkhan/the First stone they created a Tower the "Brass Tower" which is capable of altering reality near it or the Animinidium/Brass Tower case to deny it/destroy it as the dwemer wished and they became it's "skin" in a VERY figurative way.

  • Joshua Guhnaydo

    i love ur vids, but i wanna make a little bit correction. Atmoran(nords) come first from atmora not to conquer skyrim. they simply just wanna stay .Men and snow elves( falmer) was live in peace until the snow elves feels that nords reproducing so quick and they are afraid that nords will take over skyrim. they came invade sarthal (which is human settelment) and kill every man, woman and also child ,which we known as Night of Tears.but there another reason why snow elves invade sarthal. When Saarthal was originally built, the Atmorans found a source of great power located underneath its foundations, and attempted to keep it buried. The Snow Elves learned of this and coveted the object for themselves Only 3 nords who survive in Night of Tears (Ysgramor and his two sons, Yngol and Ylgar) manage to escape back to atmora. Ysgramor gather army ready to fight and avenge the victims of the elves. This army became known as the Five Hundred Companions. The snow elves suffer defeat many times agaisnt the Companion, force them to hide underground. The Snow elves seeks refuges to Dwemmer .The Dwarves(Dwemmer) agreed to grant the Snow Elves refuge, but at a high price. They were forced to eat toxic plants in order to live underground. This toxic fungus naturally came from Blackreach, and the Dwemer fed the toxic fungus to the Snow Elves.The toxins gradually destroyed their sight, and this loss happened over generations. The Dwemer then forced the blind Snow Elves into slavery. Not all of the Snow Elves agreed to such a price (like paladin Erebor in Dawnguard DLC for example). Splinter groups had formed to search for alternate solutions. These elves sought out other alliances, but, ultimately, most were slaughtered, vanished, or gave in and accepted the Dwemer's offers.Sorry for long post, ur video are great btw

  • Oskiic

    The reason why you cant find any dwemmer in skyrim is: theres a quest in winterhold. an old man was studying the dwemmer and came to an answer he said go find a warped crystal enz. when you come back he tries to effect it when he touches it with a blade he disappears and the quest ends if you look at your magicka you can conjure him but he doesnt say anything. thats what probably happand to the dwemmer

  • Leafshockeyftw

    You realize the aldmer and the alyieds are the same thing right?

  • Ryan Cabrera

    GAAAH. The pronunciations skill me. Actually play morrowind and listen to their voice lines. They do it for you.

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