Fallout vs Skyrim

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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8...

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • Ayeloo TF2

    I swear that I heard a fart when he did a Fusrodah...

  • Tessa Jalloh

    ha, the food bit got me. so very true. 'health is low, better eat EVERYTHING'.

  • Slimer213

    That arrow should have went to his knee. Also, I think the dragonborn could have easily won with become ethereal

  • Arturo Soto

    Kinda disappointed with the lack of mini-nukes

  • Stereotypical Canadian

    Ya ok a guy with guns against some one who kills dragons and casts magic wins sure

  • Mr Nightshade

    Come, make this a fair fight and give both of them the best armor

  • Ben B

    His face when the dragon showed up

  • Razor Raph

    Elder Scrolls always gets the last laugh...

  • Mr.Blonde Gaming

    As much as I love Fallout, Dovahkiin would wreck Any wastelander.

  • Doggo_cate

    How could the dovahkiin lose to some bitch ass waste lander he has the soul of a damn dragon

  • Kylo Ren

    who's ready for Skyrim remastered!? Only a few days left now :)

  • Nitroxone

    What can a wastelander do against a dragon ? Nothing.

  • GerooltOfRoovia

    Video is well done, but come on here, the dragonborn would have destroyed that bitch from fallout.

  • Assassin1250

    The Dovahkiin would win 10 fold. The dragonborn (Lore wise) is far superior, hes just so much more powerful. He litterally defeated a dragon that was created to destroy the world. The Wanderer from fallout, the best hes done is.... fight a giant monster?

  • Fus Roh Dong

    It all comes down to do you like A. RPG Dragons, Magic, Shouts etc. or... B. Guns, Power Armor, Future bullshit, etc.or...C. Both Dragons and futuristic shit

  • Angelo James Mordini

    Fall out lost twice tbh. Fus ro dah would of killed him as well as the stab. But the eating sequence was funny

  • Ivan Ivanovsky Ivanovich

    This is cool n all but fallout would win because power armor seriously swords and dragon shouts cant do shit to it

  • Z KINGPIN 69 Z

    Skyrim is the real winner

  • Rokei

    i think you mean ''elder scrolls vs fallout''....

  • Robert Šafář

    if you give Dragonborn daedric armor and sword i think he win

  • Erikek ุ

    Think of it this way:A superhuman semi-god with powers vs a 200 year old man that doesn't really have any skills (apart from engineering).It's kinda like comparing Superman (A spuerhuman with powers) and Captain America (A reall old guy that doen't have anything special about him, apart from being able to punch people and throw a frisby). It's just stupid, I love both games just as much but Skyrim would obviously win.

  • Master chief 117

    So the fallout boy can use nukacolas but the dragonborn can't use healing magic nor potions

  • RockinitGaming

    you cant really make an accurate video comapring these two, why? becuase of the pure customisation allowed in each game, BUT, if they where both pitted against eachother, allowed to acces each others most powerful states Dovakiin would win

  • Foxbox 452

    How dare you?Skyrim is much better than Falout!

  • _Luna57gamer _

    so Skyrim Win cause to me that looked like Alduin correct me if im worng.

  • Matthew gaming

    THATS NOT EVEN A GUN IN FALLOUT, THEY JUST LIKE FALLOUT MORE THAN SKYRIM.(like srsly, when "fallout boy" got FUS-RO-DAH'D into the tree, the force of the shout should have made "fallout boy" hit the tree SO HARD, he should have died, and that's leaving out the GRENADE that the shout made it hit "fallout boy" and would have REALLY hurt "fallout boy" enough that the tree killed him, it DOES make sense)

  • NoMaD DaMoN

    makes no sense a dragon can't go to the later future

  • Jae Lim

    Hold on why would Dragonborn bring up a dragon? Wouldn't he know that guns would easily kill a dragon?

  • Mr_AT

    Power armor and Fatman...

  • Keem star

    Can y'all Skyrim Fans shut the fuck up for once everytime your game isn't 1st? Like seriously this is worse than the comment section on TracervsScout

  • Patrick Murphy

    I'd like to see that fallout ass fight a mother fuckin dragon

  • Sasaki

    The things that make the wanderer powerful are extroverted, like his guns and grenades/mines. The things that make Dovahkin powerful are introverted, mastery of magic, mastery of shouts. The simple answer to who would win is easy. Dovahkin could pick up any of those guns and it'd take him like 5 minutes to realize you point one end at people and they die good.

  • Orchal Drambor

    At the end they are in the Fallout world, how did the dragon come there?

  • HQDefault

    What I wanna know is, why did the dragonborn just run in and attack the guy without any provocation? Did he just think he was some extremely vibrant bandit?

  • zpardus

    Eh, in any matchup, the Fallout guy would just use a radiation-based weapon (children of atom rad weapons, nuka grenade, mine, launcher, shem drown sword, etc). Since radiation is unknown in elder scrolls, there is no way to get any resistance to it. Even the most powerful Skyrim character ever would have 0% resistance to radiation weapons.

  • Ángel

    he calls Odahviing when dying... just... AMAZING

  • Oliver Pearson

    This is a cool idea, but I think that in a real battle it would come down to enviroment, weapons and armour. Example: Dovahkiin is in the middle of a wasteland, Sole Survivor has a Fatman. Sole Survivor wins. But, if we flip the situation on its head: Dovahkiin swings at Sole Survivor with a Deadric Axe, Sole Surivivor only has 10mm pistol. Dovahkiin wins. You did a very good job with the enviroment, throwing them from Skyrim to the Commonwealth and having the charactors in the outfits from their promotional art, and not having Dovahkiin spam shouts and spells. Next time though I would say go with the weapons from the Promontional art, have Dovahkiin weald his banded iron sheild and steel sword etc

  • Mr. Darth

    Dovakhiin should've won because the Vault Dweller was only using Vault Armor or just a normal Vault Jumpsuit and the dovakhiin was wearing iron armor... Wait..... He summoned Durnevhiir right? So skyrim wins not fallout XD

  • Jan Reppo

    nah. vault boy can take dragon down

  • Ender Dude Games

    technically the line wanderer won cuz he killed dolahav but when he died he Fusrodah and the video never said anything about a dragon

  • patrik římal

    Dovahkiin is immortal!! :)

  • mrpotatohead1227

    Dragon AspectFrost BreathFire Breath Bend WillStorm CallCyclone Slow Time Call of Valor Marked for DeathAnd for shits and giggles,Dragonrend Any few of those woulda done it, but Fallout does have the mini nuke..

  • Lloyd Nix

    Common their just like brothers.1:35 Look that shit.He did kindve summon Odahviing at the end did he want him to complete the quest?

  • Will The Dee

    When he killed Dovahkiin anyone else hear the bad karma noise

  • Praxographist

    A Dragon really is no threat to any decently powerful Fallout character. Yeah go ahead you stupid thing, fly around as i fill your entrails with lead. My settlers are in for a feast.

  • Titouan CORRE

    The Fat Man on the Dragon !

  • CrazyAsianNinja

    2:26 no no no... the arrow is supposed to go in the KNEE. the KNEE.

  • Mooie124

    should have been dovakiin vs lone wanderer

  • Brendon Stover

    Dovakiin is a legend, Vault Boy is only a expert

  • MultiRv90

    Nice vid but Dragonborn should've won, no brainer. Sure, fallout guy can use nukes but the dragonborn can turn invincible using become ethereal. Also, resto pots! lol

  • SDgh5t fgfgr

    Skyrim should win, the dragon born just write: tgm: and thats it

  • Pássaro Azul

    0:42 why the Dovahkiin puts his hand up like "Don't shoot me! :(" when Lone Wanderer points him the rifle?

  • Sgt_Rubber_Ducky

    Honestly? I'd say this is left as a tie. Alduin can't be defeated without someone using a shout and the dragonborn absorbing his soul, and the dovahkiin is dead. However, the world of fallout has enough weapons to scare him off over and over again. Yeah, the dovahkiin lost, but Skyrim encompasses a lot more than that, and besides, the dovahkiin wouldn't be the only one fighting. Also however, though, the dragons wouldn't necessarily fight for the people. So, while nobody really would lose or win except for individual characters, the entire reality would be fucked if the worlds came together. I am a bit dissappointed that so many people liked fallout better, though...

  • am Habib

    skyrim sucks i like fall out 4

  • Skeeketoan

    At the end when dovahkiin called odahviing I started to think why not durnerviir <--- not sure if spelled correctly

  • Lina Y

    Skyrim lost I'm very sad because skyrim was cool but now they lost 😭😭😭😭

  • Marcos luiz lima

    can someone tell me if the name of that scrap launcher pls

  • xXDead MemeXx

    Bro dovahkiin should have won the guy literally went to heaven and killed a massive dragon that was basically a god and designed to destroy the world, then came back and have a group of man eating dragons(like the one he just killed)congratulate him for his determination. And depending on what you did in the game he went to a hellish landscape which is were lost souls dwell and fight another dragon, he also killed the emperor of Tamriel(which is basically the president of the United States for you fallout nerds out there) and also a bunch of other crazy shit he's done and he did it all WITHOUT a Fatman or pussy ass Power Armor, go suck on it fallout. Oh yea and the guy is a God. This is like the Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft thing all over again the endings are so alike, it just ends with a random explosion...come on man!

  • Gabe Robinson

    Did anyone else hear the karma lose sound effect at 2:44?

  • super clan man

    both of these people are low level from what they look like cuz Dovahkiin had only a iron helmet,iron sword,and a long bow so he wouldn't have the call dragon shout

  • Dion Peeters

    this is really fucking gay

  • Megaman4444

    Tis only a flesh wound.

  • TheSpeedGuardian

    What's that gun called?

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