Fallout vs Skyrim

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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8...

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • wrenthereaper

    Dude this video blew my mind!! That FusRoDa that blocked the grenade explosion was one of the coolest effects I've ever seen. Great work all around!!!

  • joe smith

    I thought this was gonna be really funny but it's actually cool as hell

  • Mass

    2:45 just a fleshwound!

  • Tessa Jalloh

    ha, the food bit got me. so very true. 'health is low, better eat EVERYTHING'.

  • Zolton Sucks

    Half the people that say skyrim is better have never even played oblivion or morowind

  • Skyrim Guard

    I'm going to ask you to stop that shouting, It's making people nervous.

  • DeltaWarrior

    Lol I think the ending was perfect. They both ended up fcked.

  • Lazy Engineer

    Skyrim would definitely win, sorry Fallout

  • zeratul7975

    Lol, the eating showdown to recover HP! 😂😂😂

  • Black Toof

    Bethesda, how much is this Dlc?

  • StimpyPvP

    Oh how I miss fallout T_T

  • Dren AaShuharu

    wheres dragonborn healing abilities ?? and all those shout ??

  • Cypraith

    Fallout kills the dragon with VATS and fatman, the end.

  • Vtel 'Zolam

    Wow Odahviing, I didn't know you got plastic surgery to look exactly like Alduin!

  • TrollersClaw Miner

    The dislikes is from Skyrim players xD

  • Devlynn Spangler

    My favorite game is skyrim

  • Selin Dikeç

    Vault dweller: " Omg. its a flying deathclaw"

  • Atomic Boy

    I think Fallout wins.but you can't win in a blue jumpsuit tho.

  • Maxi Musteri

    skyrim is coolll .fallout is not so coolll

  • Schneid Schneider

    It was a very cool and impressive video, but we all know the Dragonborn could have won that easily

  • Flavor Text

    2:45You can faintly hear the "Bad Karma" sound effect

  • Mireille Beyria

    Team fallout les gars!!

  • iFun Game

    #teamskyrim or #teamfallout ?

  • MrTLexify

    When you think the arrow at 2:26 should've gone in the knee :P

  • Danger EYE

    In the end Fallout may have win but against the dragon? You shouldn't have gone Turbo Fallout.

  • DJ Smartboy

    Hey man he could have used the fat man

  • Redwolfgang yang

    Do not mess with the dragon hahahaha 😂😂😂your so dead

  • Izaac Goudreau Reloaded


  • Nitro Snipe

    Skyrim wins I can't wate to git falloat 4 and play it on ps4 and you tob vidyos on it will skyrim and falloat 4

  • The Cronkadile

    Who else is still playing skyrim?

  • Gérnyi Gergő

    I love both games but it think skyrim won. #teamskyrim

  • Napert360ggTGpl

    No wooden sword with 30k dmg fire enchantDislike

  • FlaredCell

    The arrow shot out from the junk jet should have hit Dovahkin in the knee.

  • Marcus Kruger

    What's Fallout all about?! I've never played that game in my entire life!!!

  • HellsDumpling

    so much shit in this comment section :D2 solid franchises, and there is clearly only one winner. one hero.the modding community.


    Никто не победит, потому что они оба сохраняются)))

  • Alexei Abdrafikov

    Wait ,shouts don't regenerate that quickly

  • Ya Boi

    Am I the only one who expected the arrow that he shot at dragonborn would land in his knee?

  • Artem Paw

    Fallout 4 is win For skyrim game over

  • CinematicS Entertainment

    Restoration spell and fire breath send kisses KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Scarlo Capestany

    This was very awesome good job 👍

  • MrBigot Gotem

    Skyrim would win, but it’d be pretty unfair because Fallout is about a nuclear wasteland while Skyrim is about dragons, magic, blah blah blah.

  • Aloo the Vynz

    Marvelous Editting and funny vid

  • Joey Pousinho-Brown

    1:20 oooooofffffff roblox reference

  • WakYellow

    Why arrow not hit dovhakin in knee ?)

  • inabriated and soused blotto

    dragon will not hold out against the fat man

  • Joey Pousinho-Brown

    Did anyone else notice that the fallout guy was based from New vegas

  • Sckralchet

    i used to be an adventurer like you, then i took a nuka-cola in the knee

  • Tac ZeSlime

    Damn it Bethesda even in the parodies there are glitches

  • Zylfur

    Sponsored by Nuka Cola a.k.a Coca Cola.

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