Fallout vs Skyrim

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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8...

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • Angelo James Mordini

    Fall out lost twice tbh. Fus ro dah would of killed him as well as the stab. But the eating sequence was funny

  • Doggo_cate

    How could the dovahkiin lose to some bitch ass waste lander he has the soul of a damn dragon

  • Stereotypical Canadian

    Ya ok a guy with guns against some one who kills dragons and casts magic wins sure

  • Assassin1250

    The Dovahkiin would win 10 fold. The dragonborn (Lore wise) is far superior, hes just so much more powerful. He litterally defeated a dragon that was created to destroy the world. The Wanderer from fallout, the best hes done is.... fight a giant monster?

  • GerooltOfRoovia

    Video is well done, but come on here, the dragonborn would have destroyed that bitch from fallout.

  • Nitroxone

    What can a wastelander do against a dragon ? Nothing.

  • Erikek ุ

    Think of it this way:A superhuman semi-god with powers vs a 200 year old man that doesn't really have any skills (apart from engineering).It's kinda like comparing Superman (A spuerhuman with powers) and Captain America (A reall old guy that doen't have anything special about him, apart from being able to punch people and throw a frisby). It's just stupid, I love both games just as much but Skyrim would obviously win.

  • DeQuillsta

    Bullshit. The wastelander is just some normal guy with a couple guns and bombs. The Dovahkiin is a warrior imbued with the power of DRAGONS with the ability to cast magic.

  • Foxbox 452

    How dare you?Skyrim is much better than Falout!

  • Robert Šafář

    if you give Dragonborn daedric armor and sword i think he win

  • isaac hudson

    Dovahkiin would have just cast fast heal on left and fireball on right hand. Fallout would've died in seconds

  • Ivan Ivanovsky Ivanovich

    This is cool n all but fallout would win because power armor seriously swords and dragon shouts cant do shit to it

  • Geco is a Lizard

    Now I'm actually a fan of fallout but, I seriously wasn't expecting him to win tbh.

  • Matthew gaming

    THATS NOT EVEN A GUN IN FALLOUT, THEY JUST LIKE FALLOUT MORE THAN SKYRIM.(like srsly, when "fallout boy" got FUS-RO-DAH'D into the tree, the force of the shout should have made "fallout boy" hit the tree SO HARD, he should have died, and that's leaving out the GRENADE that the shout made it hit "fallout boy" and would have REALLY hurt "fallout boy" enough that the tree killed him, it DOES make sense)

  • Lets AnimateIt

    It's fun than everybody says than Skyrim win because of the dragon, nobody remembers what is a FatMan?

  • Leonard Clements

    what if doom guy kills the dragon and we get a second part? remember how Doom had several easter eggs to both game series' so why not?

  • Jae Lim

    Hold on why would Dragonborn bring up a dragon? Wouldn't he know that guns would easily kill a dragon?

  • Ángel

    he calls Odahviing when dying... just... AMAZING

  • Shadow Bladekiss

    For the Skyrim, he could have had the Ash Rune and Ash Shell, which turns anything into an hardened ash like a stone. Then there is Mass Paralysis which is like an explosive concussion grenade. Then there is Ebonyflesh, Dragonhide that gives him armor without any use of crafting, basically automatically giving him Ballistic Vests or a Fallout Power Suit. Then there is Bound Weapon spells, which gives Dovahkin magical weapons out of thin air. Then Conjuration spells which these spells lets Dovahkin cast Undeads, Spirtual Warriors, Dwemers, Gurdians, Ash Spawns, Lords, and etc. He could summon an army against Wastelander, pretty unique advantage. Not to mention, summoning Arvok, an undead which he can ride on and then curbstomp Wastelander as a Horseman. Then there is a Whirlwind Cloak which he can pushback anybody in range of him. Kinda like a Airblower. So far, the only wide range explosive Donvakin can use is Fire Storm, kinda similar to an rpg, C4, Landmine, etc. Heck, even Dovakin can heal all of his wounds with Close Wounds. Let alone Vampiric Drain. Another is his Invisibility cast. One side effect is that most of these spells he casts drains a mass amount of magic energy in him, so he'll have to use them wisely. As far as Bows, the most powerful bow would be the Dwarven of black something Bow, Zephyer(Rapid fire bow), or Daedric bow.

  • DeathIsLight

    my statistics homework is due in 20 minutes and i haven't started

  • Jan Reppo

    nah. vault boy can take dragon down

  • Sweet!

    He should of got 100 in sneak 😒

  • Dalton Denton

    I hate that all the Skyrim players are getting butt hurt over a fucking video... It doesn't matter who won. Just because he has the power of screaming (or what ever the fuck it's called) doesn't mean he is any better at fighting then somebody who doesn't.... (I know I will get hate)

  • Gabe Robinson

    Did anyone else hear the karma lose sound effect at 2:44?

  • Toxic Peach

    Why did people dislike? This is exactly how the fight would go down... I mean guns will always be more powerful than a sword or bows.

  • mrpotatohead1227

    Dragon AspectFrost BreathFire Breath Bend WillStorm CallCyclone Slow Time Call of Valor Marked for DeathAnd for shits and giggles,Dragonrend Any few of those woulda done it, but Fallout does have the mini nuke..

  • Lionel Reyes

    a mini nuke can solve the dragon problem

  • Joaquin Obispo

    i the end was like oops

  • John Davis

    Below are two replies by me. Like the first one if you think Skyrim should win, cough cough fuck yeah or if Desert Hobo should win like the second reply. #Skyrim all the fucking way.

  • Song Yang

    that dragon was uldwin and don't think im dum IV killed him well in Severn gard

  • Hassan Ali

    I used to be an adventurer like you then i took a mine to the knee...

  • Bob Thunder

    Bro you don't just pull out a tommy gun

  • Reaper Averox

    You do realise that the dovahkiin can use a shout to freeze some one or instantly kill them

  • Jake Truong

    I usually hate sky rim cuz it's just a game where you get swords

  • Grant _

    Dont you mean "Fallout vs The Elder Scrolls?" It's not just Skyrim, you know.

  • ace pilot gaming

    at lease one of them is being healthy.

  • TheChaosGaming 123

    If I was the dragon born I would of been fucked because I dont have the odahving shout yet

  • Jay Key

    Be like use fat man or Gatling laser prefer (the last minute)

  • The Helghan Empire

    Food! A last resort healing item in Bethesda game for when you've used all your real healing items and you are in deep shit!

  • Jessica Rogers

    A stab in chest would kill someone According to Skyrim, Instant kill

  • Pássaro Azul

    0:42 why the Dovahkiin puts his hand up like "Don't shoot me! :(" when Lone Wanderer points him the rifle?

  • The Wanderer

    this is comparing their skills and weapons, not who they are, kinda like death battle

  • Sean Lewis

    omg that is awesome! Love the vfx and camera angles. also the animation of the dragon was well done. AWESOME JOB!

  • The faggot at your window

    A rifle was left in the skyrim universe. that one little detail can change the fabric of history forever

  • Liam Smith

    Dragon born does not wear iron armor and this is fake you just grabbed stuff from skyrim and fallout 4

  • Random Guy

    That was great and very well made, the visuals and effects were beautiful, +1 likenow we need a Part 2 but with Power Armor vs DragonBone Armor!! make it happen guys

  • Joel Hernandez

    This is so unrealistic the dragonborn would most likely yell at other people in the comment section on others being noobs and how hers better because he's a warrior

  • The Diabolical Traitor

    Do people not realize this video is for comedic purposes? I laughed my ass off at the eating scene, and plus if the Dragonborn was using Daedric armor of COURSE he'd win. This isn't Goku vs Superman folks. :P

  • Jose Ramirez

    Both of them were at their weakest put then against each other with the strongest weapons and armor they have and thats a battle but I'm not really sure how would the nuke do against that unbreakable armor Skyrim lets you have

  • Megaman4444

    Tis only a flesh wound.

  • Ninjapony 450

    Here, the Dragonborn woulda won. If the Wastelander had power armor, that's a whole 'nother story.

  • Sgt_Rubber_Ducky

    Honestly? I'd say this is left as a tie. Alduin can't be defeated without someone using a shout and the dragonborn absorbing his soul, and the dovahkiin is dead. However, the world of fallout has enough weapons to scare him off over and over again. Yeah, the dovahkiin lost, but Skyrim encompasses a lot more than that, and besides, the dovahkiin wouldn't be the only one fighting. Also however, though, the dragons wouldn't necessarily fight for the people. So, while nobody really would lose or win except for individual characters, the entire reality would be fucked if the worlds came together. I am a bit dissappointed that so many people liked fallout better, though...

  • NamSogDelta Gaming

    The Lone Wanderer would have won. But who says that the Dragonbourne would attack the Lone Wanderer?

  • The wither Workshop

    seriously!? the dragonborn losing to a friggin normal dude with a few guns. that's bullshit

  • Dark Knight1401

    I've never played Fallout, and only started playing Skyrim a month ago, but just from watching this video and knowing what I do know about Skyrim, I think that the Dragonborn should have won. Most people in the comments seem to think so too. But in my case, my opinion is pretty biased so :P

  • Ryan

    well that made me unhappy

  • C0okie BitS

    Hes probably full with all those Drinks

  • LÖViZ

    1:10 - Cool and funny as hell XD

  • Daniel Leszczynski

    Skyrim is COOL! Fallout is ***.

  • Randy Parsons

    Love the bottle cap into the pocket.

  • Weren b

    falaut noob skyrim pro

  • Mara Jade

    Healing spells... there a thing...

  • Immersel

    Gatling lazer+Fawkes=GG

  • Eternal Anime

    wow that skyrim player must've really suck at skyrim and dont know how to kill god damn enemys

  • Mike Potter

    2:57 that's clearly Alduin.. not Odahviing

  • Victor's tales

    dude this is so awesome 1+ sub

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