Fallout vs Skyrim

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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8...

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • Walk Down Meme Street

    Triggered fans of 2 different series by the same developer. Good job.

  • Lets AnimateIt

    It's fun than everybody says than Skyrim win because of the dragon, nobody remembers what is a FatMan?

  • Erikek ุ

    Think of it this way:A superhuman semi-god with powers vs a 200 year old man that doesn't really have any skills (apart from engineering).It's kinda like comparing Superman (A spuerhuman with powers) and Captain America (A reall old guy that doen't have anything special about him, apart from being able to punch people and throw a frisby). It's just stupid, I love both games just as much but Skyrim would obviously win.

  • DeQuillsta

    Bullshit. The wastelander is just some normal guy with a couple guns and bombs. The Dovahkiin is a warrior imbued with the power of DRAGONS with the ability to cast magic.

  • The Dragonborn

    seriously!? the dragonborn losing to a friggin normal dude with a few guns. that's bullshit

  • No Profile Pic

    I just got 50 rads from this vid

  • Dalton Denton

    I hate that all the Skyrim players are getting butt hurt over a fucking video... It doesn't matter who won. Just because he has the power of screaming (or what ever the fuck it's called) doesn't mean he is any better at fighting then somebody who doesn't.... (I know I will get hate)

  • That one guy

    It's kinda unfair considering the guy from fallout has guns and a chainsaw lol

  • Robert Šafář

    if you give Dragonborn daedric armor and sword i think he win

  • Phoenix Wright

    Noob adventurer, didn't even cast a lesser ward against the junk jet.

  • Super Ascended Sean Pazdera

    So which Fallout main character is this?

  • Geco is a Lizard

    Now I'm actually a fan of fallout but, I seriously wasn't expecting him to win tbh.

  • Matthew gaming

    THATS NOT EVEN A GUN IN FALLOUT, THEY JUST LIKE FALLOUT MORE THAN SKYRIM.(like srsly, when "fallout boy" got FUS-RO-DAH'D into the tree, the force of the shout should have made "fallout boy" hit the tree SO HARD, he should have died, and that's leaving out the GRENADE that the shout made it hit "fallout boy" and would have REALLY hurt "fallout boy" enough that the tree killed him, it DOES make sense)

  • DankMemeDalton

    I honestly thought this was going to be a review

  • Luis Verdin

    in the end. radiation would kill em both

  • Autism Gaming

    Why the fuck this 3 inch dick retarded lookin ass have all locations discovered but wearing vault clothing

  • mrpotatohead1227

    Dragon AspectFrost BreathFire Breath Bend WillStorm CallCyclone Slow Time Call of Valor Marked for DeathAnd for shits and giggles,Dragonrend Any few of those woulda done it, but Fallout does have the mini nuke..

  • Shadow Bladekiss

    For the Skyrim, he could have had the Ash Rune and Ash Shell, which turns anything into an hardened ash like a stone. Then there is Mass Paralysis which is like an explosive concussion grenade. Then there is Ebonyflesh, Dragonhide that gives him armor without any use of crafting, basically automatically giving him Ballistic Vests or a Fallout Power Suit. Then there is Bound Weapon spells, which gives Dovahkin magical weapons out of thin air. Then Conjuration spells which these spells lets Dovahkin cast Undeads, Spirtual Warriors, Dwemers, Gurdians, Ash Spawns, Lords, and etc. He could summon an army against Wastelander, pretty unique advantage. Not to mention, summoning Arvok, an undead which he can ride on and then curbstomp Wastelander as a Horseman. Then there is a Whirlwind Cloak which he can pushback anybody in range of him. Kinda like a Airblower. So far, the only wide range explosive Donvakin can use is Fire Storm, kinda similar to an rpg, C4, Landmine, etc. Heck, even Dovakin can heal all of his wounds with Close Wounds. Let alone Vampiric Drain. Another is his Invisibility cast. One side effect is that most of these spells he casts drains a mass amount of magic energy in him, so he'll have to use them wisely. As far as Bows, the most powerful bow would be the Dwarven of black something Bow, Zephyer(Rapid fire bow), or Daedric bow.

  • Ethan2awesome

    The fallout guy could've opened the console and put god mode on

  • Nick W

    Man I wish they could have just made peace.

  • Alex Pham

    easy the fallout can just take a fat man and blow that dargon up

  • Sundae

    Don't worry guys, the dragonborn will respawn at his last save point

  • Hairy Ketchup

    cool but how would a normal person beat the dragon born

  • Shaan Legacy

    It's funny how he was like "wait what? A flying Deathclaw...?"

  • Yiğido'nun Oyun Sektörü

    Dragon..? get the power armor and the fatman and that dragon joke will be solved by itself

  • Hollowed JOJO 弱いダイ

    lol where's the power armor? the shit that makes you tank a nuclear bomb if you are a few miles away.

  • Green Mushroom

    vallet guy would kill the Dragon with his power armor

  • Jeremy Foy

    2:13 took me a while to know that is was a Nuka-Cola Quntiam that he pulled out of nowhere

  • Your Fucking Nightmare

    One fatman to the dragon and it's dead, they suck anyway when I play skyrim

  • TimGamerX

    This is dope. Both games are almost alike. And i like both

  • SleepyDoopy Gaming

    i think it would be a draw. After he kills the dragonborn a dragon shows up then R.I.P

  • Ninjapony 450

    Here, the Dragonborn woulda won. If the Wastelander had power armor, that's a whole 'nother story.

  • Olav Årvik

    and the dragon vas in the start of skyrim

  • Zachary Davis

    These dragon born could destroy settlements.Here, let me mark them on your map.

  • The Glitch Figure

    Oh sweet a Pip boy? I'd give my left arm for one of those.

  • Youmuus To Lane

    You had a perfectly good chance to make that arrow hit his knee......Nothing will ever be the same.

  • Indian Curry

    guys have you thought about if the fallout boy is friend s with BHOS or the isutute he could call the vertibird or time travel to the home base

  • Titus Selvig

    all he needs it's a fast man and a single mini nuke

  • The one funny gamer

    I feel like skyrim would win for many reasons but that is just me Also the vault dweller should have already been dead many times in the video

  • Paul C

    Hey! He could call Valor and a Dremora Lord.. Then with his follower Serana (a Vampire lord, best follower) he could win him without any scratches... Well at least i think so

  • The champ

    Basically that fallout gut killed the dragon born who was supposed to kil the dragon so the fallout guy just let the world die.

  • Oliver Corfield

    Below are two replies by me. Like the first one if you think Skyrim should win, cough cough fuck yeah or if Desert Hobo should win like the second reply. #Skyrim all the fucking way.

  • Alex Grigorian

    I love borth series but ha Fallout won, medieval armor cant do anything against bullets sure he has magic but fallout has power armor if used would shit on Daedric since blades cant pierce what ever the fuck power armor is

  • Vrosh Abhisam

    Exellent made video but from wrong perspective, no way in hell wastelander stand a chance against a god beating being who can sprout thing outta nothing, stop time, call storms, become absolute invincible, create armies on the spot(Durnehviir's undead legion from soul cairn) bend will's of any(even immortal beings like dragons) no its not exaggerating but he can heal from any injury from mora's boon(aside from restoration skills) shake mountains with only whisper. i dont think even marvel superheroes stand a chance. ps. he's God.

  • The faggot at your window

    A rifle was left in the skyrim universe. that one little detail can change the fabric of history forever

  • mobile child

    this has to be fake I mean come on the Dragonborn got killed by grenade but yet the normal human but yeah with guns can survive getting stabbed The Sword and acting like he literally just got jabbed with a f**** toothpick

  • Jessica Rogers

    A stab in chest would kill someone According to Skyrim, Instant kill

  • AstralS3v3n

    With enchanted daedric armor and a power suit this would be a really interesting battle. I still think the dovakhinn would win because he can summon plenty of dragon and use different shouts. A soul tar could probably take out the (insert title) pretty easily

  • The Diabolical Traitor

    Do people not realize this video is for comedic purposes? I laughed my ass off at the eating scene, and plus if the Dragonborn was using Daedric armor of COURSE he'd win. This isn't Goku vs Superman folks. :P

  • Yirzey

    Dovahkiin should have won this, hear me out. Dovahkiin has magic that could fry him or freeze him to death. He has artifacts made by deadra prinses. He can turn in a vampire overlord or werewolf. He has a staff that can turn fat boy in to a fucking rabbit. Yes I know he has a mini-nuke BUT! The dragon born has multiple shouts. He can turn in to a ghost so he wouldnt be affected by a nuke + he can turn fat boy frozen solid or burned to death by 3 fucking words. That makes him op af. ( he killed lots of dragons,undeads, and priests even miraak. ) and with followers he still would have killed you because vampires werewolfs etc. And with armor he would win he can deflect everything with a shield a sword that shoots beams a bow taht burns you with suns power. And armor deadra armor and even dragon armor. I love both games btw our fallout boy issen't gonna survive what bassicly is a demi-god. He took down a beast so powerfull that destroyed worlds and creates a new one. ( this is dragonborns perspective but i think dovahkiin won)

  • NamSogDelta Gaming

    The Lone Wanderer would have won. But who says that the Dragonbourne would attack the Lone Wanderer?

  • Pear Ross

    Good video but dovahkiin would have actually won. He could have just used disarm shout and then the fallout 4 guy would be done.

  • The Doofus Called Jeremy Gerbil

    All these faggots saying skyrim won. I fuckin love skyrim but give me a few mini nukes and Big Boy and I'll show your fucking dragon a real projectile. If a dragon can die in 20 fucking arrows, a sniper should do the trick. Also let's not forget the DLC in fallout 4. I can make the most fucking over powered companion you've ever seen.


    2:26 missed a perfectly good meme

  • Cult member Eager Tuber

    Am pretty sure dragonborn would of won with dedrick sat,fast healing,amulet of talos, more shouts easy kill

  • Scrappy

    199,754 likes in dis video pls 300 more likes for dis guy he da best

  • Lord Tachank

    Skyrim should've won any day

  • Fabian Dudda

    I thought the arrow would hit the dragonborns knee

  • Carla Bessy

    I think that skyrim should have won

  • Kyle De Luna

    whiterun imfamy gained

  • _TheGodOFDeath_ Norsk Underholding


  • Robert Etchingham

    that grenade counter literally blew me away! lol jk, great fucking work bro

  • Hjalti Early-Beard

    should have brought that power armor

  • Dastin Oster

    Супер , класс , офигенно !!!

  • Vardon Pact

    Rigged Skyrim would have won

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