PREY Trailer (E3 2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Prey !
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PREY Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 - Bethesda

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  • Zkyrus

    It's like the movie "Alien: Resurrection" O_o

  • Michael Grey

    Warning: Trailer may be far better than actual gameplay. (mechanics, physics, detail, color, and ambiance may degrade 45% from trailer to actual gameplay). Hype fake ass shit trailer.

  • Joseph Fernández

    Next thing you know the game is out and does not have these graphics

  • D'mitri Brook

    Just so you know, this is a completely different game. Just because it has the same title of another game doesn't mean you have to hate on it, jeez.

  • Satyajit Mishra

    What are the name of the games at the end of the video; 2:00?

  • DemonEntertainment

    This looks far better than prey 2

  • George lugg

    Here I am 11 months into the future to tell you that although it isn't prey, it's a very fun game with an inventive story that I think is worth a buy. But no all of you won't give it a chance because it's different

  • Alan Jose'

    Juegazo yo lo compre hace una semana

  • ElDariATツ

    i show this trailer to my momshe say "this game is satanist,right?"

  • Axl Luke

    Half Life 3 is that finally you?

  • Igor Peshkov

    So whrn dust settled. Prey 2017 >>>>>> Bounty Hunter bulshit for kids.

  • John doe

    The only Morgan I care about is...MORGAN FUCKING FREEMAN ! ! ! GIVE ME HALF LIFE 3 ! ! !

  • Deniz Mustafa

    If remade P R E Y in cinematic (like this video) i will make a video whit the most lowest poly i can made!

  • Winry Mittens

    Cassian from Rogue One survived?

  • 2strokedesign

    Holy shit, I just realized there is a mimic at 0:43

  • Kauhu Waffen

    Immigrants are the "VIRUS"??? "If we cant drive them BACK I HAVE TO KILL EVERYONE OF THEM" XD

  • Excuritas

    It's amazing how true the trailer was to the actual gameplay :O

  • Turki

    i love how everybody is dismissing this game as "not a prey game" and all they've seen is an e3 trailer

  • soroceanu dean

    what game is this with black angel ? when they are showing trailers from other games ? ty

  • Hakuna Banana

    good morning Morgan, i came here to bargain..

  • PotatoDroid

    the difference of visuals in this trailer and the actual game is enormous

  • Major Tom

    >when people prefers some space bounty hunter instead of something more story based and similar to bioshock


    More like Half Life 3.

  • Millionaire SerB extreme version of prophunt?

  • Yan Toha

    You're not gonna like what I have to say next . . .Prey 2 is cancelled

  • amohotepv

    This trailer is our official conformation that Prey 2 is dead

  • A L E C - L J

    Is it like The Island (movie) meets Dead Space?

  • Hesed Cadam-us

    I expected the game that good but when it released itsnot like in the trailer. Downgraded?

  • Patrick Ryan

    I'm confused so what happened to Prey 2?

  • Kermit the Frog's Stepson

    Prey 2017 is a great game but Bethesda fucked up in cancelling Prey 2"It didn't meet our standards..."Bethesda talking about standards is like Hitler talking about religious freedom.

  • GewoonJoon

    watch this with really good headphones in a dark room with lots of objects and you will soon want to step out

  • Nazar Yaremus

    Man, why did Bethesda reboot Half-life?

  • A Cat In The Hat

    guess he drank too much coffe

  • Harz.exe

    Am I the only one who cares that his name is Morgan? This name reminds me Gordon Freeman in some way...

  • kingsley owen

    Morgan? really? as if it didn't already have enough in common with half life

  • cedric dellafaille

    WILL IT SUPPORT DX12? its a frking new game it would be a joke if it didnt

  • LoadUp

    Main character called morgan with a friend called alex why is that familiar hmmmmmmm

  • Nur Asyiqin

    This is the same with the Bioshock Infinite.What if its still in the timeline, but takes place in a the future?lmao don't kill me with your salty comments on how this is not Prey.

  • Boruto

    why does this looks familiar? Because it reminds me of half life ! A great game will this become

  • Phylosophar

    Dead Space + Crysis + Alien = ?

  • Vigilant Mister

    2012- Open world cyberpunk rpg.2016- Dead space meets bioshock.

  • Raees Roshan

    I hate CGI trailers for video games. I bought the game and it looks nothing like this. It actually looks pretty bad compared to other recent titles. This is practically misleading the players. Say NO to CGI cutscenes!

  • Space Wanderer

    I don't know about what this game is. But first 50 seconds of trailer definitely about me!

  • RandomGuy

    Not actually really gameplay graphics... Games looks awful compared to this trailer

  • Fernandoenf2

    Doesn't look a bad game but this is not Prey. Not at all.

  • nihilityjoey

    A mix of dead space and metroid prime 2.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Rise and shine Gordon Freeman, Rise and shine ...

  • Muh Shekels

    It took me around 30min to screw myself the ending of this game. I read the note on the beggining of the game and watch like 10 times the sequence of 1:20 to 1:23.

  • Denzo

    Sounds like half Life???

  • ThatCheeseGuy

    oh im getting this looks just like the Thing monster only this one becomes Objects and The thing takes humans and absorbe them


    A year ago everyone was saying Doom looked like another generic shooter with little substance. It ended up being one of the top 5 best games of last year. Give prey a chance.

  • Rick Magno

    Vim do futuro pra dizer que esse jogo será EXTREMAMENTE CAPADO, no quesito GRÁFICO, quando for lançado! -_-

  • Alex Pena

    This looks really boring. Prey 2's setting had me all hyped and I can't get over it

  • Leonardo Rey

    O jogo não tem os mesmos gráficos deste trailer. Já era de se esperar...The game does not have the same graphics as this trailer. It was to be expected ...

  • Fernandoenf2

    Prey is and always be about an space cherokee trying to save his grandpa and Indian girlfriend from an alien spacecraft

  • B-rizz

    is it just me? or does this seem like a way less cool idea then there original one. To me the Open world Space bounty hunter idea was a winning ticket idea that I definitely had planned to check out. But ya, horror Sci-fi Scary Aliens space station idea, is terrible, and is reserved for Riddley Scott, and Gabe Newell. What an unfortunate and cliche direction to go i think.

  • haterboy

    that Looks fucking awesome.

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