PREY Trailer (E3 2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Prey !
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PREY Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 - Bethesda

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  • darthjesus3444

    Why no space bounty hunting?

  • TheTrueChuster

    Man, they took the "video" part in videogame too seriously...

  • LogicalMan6

    I miss the bounty hunter idea...

  • Legion X

    Its not the prey i wanted to see after so many years.

  • ideadomg

    I mean, it looks good, but it's not a Prey game.

  • Toothless .Fury

    It looks like Dead Space with first person

  • Bruno Brant

    I remember Indians. Aliens, abduction. A girlfriend, maybe.I have no idea what this is, but it isn't prey.

  • The Bat Trio

    this was weird to watch because my name's Morgan


    They ruined it. The old Prey 2 trailer and gameplay was so good. And stop naming new titles the same as older ones ! Its stupid and its damaging their image.

  • Jordan Nelson

    They fucked up... No space bounty hunter... I'm not buying this

  • Ethan Snyder

    Mmm that cappuccino looks good...

  • MoviesForLife

    Where's my Blade Runner bounty hunter game?

  • Lion Cross

    getting real sick of these titles having a non sequential names.....

  • Pinhead Larry

    CD Projekt Red >>>>>>>>>>>>> Bethesda

  • Jean Marceaux

    Where are the cool native Americans, spirit bows and living guns?I was looking forward for Prey 2, not this.

  • Bryan Cornejo

    god dammit i wanted to be space bounty hunter not some Isaac Clark rip off. FUCK

  • ravenous ryan

    oh how I loved 'Prey'...this appears to be nothing like it but still looks intriguing

  • George lugg

    Here I am 11 months into the future to tell you that although it isn't prey, it's a very fun game with an inventive story that I think is worth a buy. But no all of you won't give it a chance because it's different

  • Axl Luke

    Half Life 3 is that finally you?

  • thecanedfish G

    silly Dead Space your not Prey 2. go on move. it was a good joke

  • Mr. Tom T.

    I like the old Prey 2 trailer much more ^_^

  • suikodudeman

    Like so many folks here, I too was PO'ed when Prey 2 was canceled, especially after such an awesome trailer AND some cool looking gameplay footage. But no, Bethesda wanted to do a hostile takeover of the developer working on this (much like they did with Dishonored's developer). Now we get this. Well screw you Bethesda... you have my moolah for Fallout 4, Skyrim, and maybe Dishonored 2 (didn't really like the first one, but will give the new one a rental to see if it is much better), but I think I will not give my money to this game when we the fans wanted the previous iteration! This is Overstrike turning into Fuse ALL over again!

  • Helix

    Man thank god they went with this and not that idiotic bounty hunter "generic shooter" idea. man the idiots in the comments were so wrong about this game its hilarious.

  • Blood0cean

    bet u trailer is way better than game

  • 2strokedesign

    Holy shit, I just realized there is a mimic at 0:43

  • Excuritas

    It's amazing how true the trailer was to the actual gameplay :O

  • CaptainAltek

    Nice graphics,but I don't see "Prey"

  • Jhon Shephard

    is this coming or are they going to cancel again?

  • Kenny Bills

    Where's Blue Oyster Cult? It's not really Prey without it.

  • Ste Hip

    not gonna lie the bounty hunter version looked way more interesting

  • Maxine Caulfield

    so is this released on march 15th?

  • Third Street Saints

    So Gordon Freeman now Morgan Freeman? Oh wait..

  • David B

    Damn, was hoping this was going to be like Prey 2 was meant to be...

  • Oscar Gates

    A lot of people are complaining but I think it looks really cool.

  • Side Winder

    Half Life 3, is it you?

  • It Must Be RoofCake

    I'm certainly intrigued but this is not Prey.Should have called it something else, the name alone is going to kill it.

  • D'mitri Brook

    Just so you know, this is a completely different game. Just because it has the same title of another game doesn't mean you have to hate on it, jeez.

  • loadingmonkey

    The game looks good why is everyone hating?

  • PnD's Playhouse

    Looks cool. It somehow reminded me of how cool the next Half-Life will be.

  • TheDeadlyShadow

    It's just fps dead space

  • Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ

    I haven't played the original Prey, so I'm kinda sick of these comments, because I see nothing but hate. The trailer looks sick, and hopefully the game will be too.

  • Elder Kenji

    Just imagine, soon in-game graphics will be as good as the cinematics, yay!

  • Vidar Smestad

    Gone are the AWESOME bounty hunting in an alien city-game we were promised yrs ago. Left is yet another generic and repetive (most likely) shooter. Holy hell.... Thx Bethesda!

  • The FrostyPuffMan

    Prey - FPS game where Tommy is shooting aliensPrey 2 - US marshall now space bounty hunter in an open alien worldPrey reboot - Dishonored meets Bioshock meets Dead Space?

  • GeNoX

    "Abooo hooooo muh bounti huntr" -every crybaby here

  • The1BiscuitBoy

    This makes me think of XCOM. The XCOM when they were going to originally be first person.

  • Adrian Jerlikov

    SOMA all over it ! only with weapons :D

  • Abyan Devi

    is that venom symbiote?

  • Tyler Kemery

    Ok let's take a step back for a minute. Is this the cyberpunk space bounty Hunter prey 2 that we were promised? No. But does that mean we should judge this game for not being the game we were promised? I don't think so. It looks like it may have some potential and to be honest it looks more in line with what the original prey was all about so that's a win for people who were a fan of that game. All I'm saying is wait until we see some gameplay before immediately writing this off all together.

  • ItzKorEa

    Soooooo basically a rip off of alien?

  • SapiaNt0mata

    let's not release a new and fresh game(Prey 2), but release another horror shooter instead. and the title? omg...

  • JustPassing Pi

    why are people complaining about this? Prey 2 Impact was powerful but this one is no less superior than prey 2 trailer, plus the cancellation of prey 2 was back in 2012 and in 2013 they mentioned that the "project" will be rebooted. Honestly speaking this trailer is amazing and since they found finally a direction for the game so heck yeah, will be waiting for this game and if it became successful who knows , we might get our prey 2 back someday.

  • Yan Toha

    You're not gonna like what I have to say next . . .Prey 2 is cancelled

  • haterboy

    that Looks fucking awesome.

  • Bovine Sea Cow

    figures. more half informed troglodytes bitching in the comments.

  • Aryte ~ Alex H.

    I dont understand why people complain that the Trailer is way better then the gameplay, OF COURSE IT IS! ITS A TRAILER! A TRAILER MENT TO BE BEAUTIFUL TO ATRACT PEOPLE! Its like a trailer for a movie, the trailer is everytime better then the ending outcome, Pls dont hate this, you dont know how much work it is to create such a trailer.

  • Todd DeLong

    I wanted the prey they advertised in 2009, open world bounty hunter who got abducted on that plane. Now that shit look really cool. I'm not sure about this one, but it looks ok.

  • A Highly Visible Ninja

    I'm assuming the elements of this game are supposed to be inspired by the Michael Crichton book Prey? Because it has more to do with that than Human Head's Prey.

  • Kevin Herrera

    The downgrade is real.

  • GLaDOSCake122

    It's actually Half-Life 3. Taking place in the Combine Overworld. There's headcrabs. trolololo

  • trevor.

    Half life 3 confirmed babeh!

  • Kbaweshum Videos

    And I thought they were making the Prey I have been waiting for. Not a schizophrenic with pink eye.

  • Wackoy117 Pilar

    Reminds me of Half-Life

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