PREY Trailer (E3 2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Prey !
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PREY Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 - Bethesda

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  • LogicalMan6

    I miss the bounty hunter idea...

  • darthjesus3444

    Why no space bounty hunting?

  • TheTrueChuster

    Man, they took the "video" part in videogame too seriously...

  • ideadomg

    I mean, it looks good, but it's not a Prey game.

  • Jordan Nelson

    They fucked up... No space bounty hunter... I'm not buying this

  • Legion X

    Its not the prey i wanted to see after so many years.

  • Toothless .Fury

    It looks like Dead Space with first person

  • Bruno Brant

    I remember Indians. Aliens, abduction. A girlfriend, maybe.I have no idea what this is, but it isn't prey.

  • The Bat Trio

    this was weird to watch because my name's Morgan


    They ruined it. The old Prey 2 trailer and gameplay was so good. And stop naming new titles the same as older ones ! Its stupid and its damaging their image.

  • Pinhead Larry

    CD Projekt Red >>>>>>>>>>>>> Bethesda

  • Ethan Snyder

    Mmm that cappuccino looks good...

  • Lion Cross

    getting real sick of these titles having a non sequential names.....

  • Jean Marceaux

    Where are the cool native Americans, spirit bows and living guns?I was looking forward for Prey 2, not this.

  • ravenous ryan

    oh how I loved 'Prey'...this appears to be nothing like it but still looks intriguing

  • Axl Luke

    Half Life 3 is that finally you?

  • George lugg

    Here I am 11 months into the future to tell you that although it isn't prey, it's a very fun game with an inventive story that I think is worth a buy. But no all of you won't give it a chance because it's different

  • CaptainAltek

    Nice graphics,but I don't see "Prey"

  • 2strokedesign

    Holy shit, I just realized there is a mimic at 0:43

  • Excuritas

    It's amazing how true the trailer was to the actual gameplay :O

  • TheDeadlyShadow

    It's just fps dead space

  • D'mitri Brook

    Just so you know, this is a completely different game. Just because it has the same title of another game doesn't mean you have to hate on it, jeez.

  • keg gp

    fuck you guys I like the game and I cant wait for more of this

  • Igor Peshkov

    So whrn dust settled. Prey 2017 >>>>>> Bounty Hunter bulshit for kids.

  • ItzKorEa

    Soooooo basically a rip off of alien?

  • Blood0cean

    bet u trailer is way better than game

  • Yan Toha

    You're not gonna like what I have to say next . . .Prey 2 is cancelled

  • A Highly Visible Ninja

    I'm assuming the elements of this game are supposed to be inspired by the Michael Crichton book Prey? Because it has more to do with that than Human Head's Prey.

  • GLaDOSCake122

    It's actually Half-Life 3. Taking place in the Combine Overworld. There's headcrabs. trolololo

  • Wackoy117 Pilar

    Reminds me of Half-Life

  • a guy

    I really hope it's a 16 not an 18

  • xXBlueEnderXx

    I thought this was Half Life 3 until the game title showed up but I first saw this trailer in a Upcoming 2016/17 video game compilation so I didn't know at first.

  • Déjà bonjour On e pa d animo

    Rise and shine Gordon Freeman, Rise and shine ...

  • Lorenzo Campolongo

    Man thank god they went with this and not that idiotic bounty hunter "generic shooter" idea. man the idiots in the comments were so wrong about this game its hilarious.

  • Revenor

    Haha, cool April fool's guys! When is the trailer of the actual dystopian star wars + cyberpunk game we saw 5 years ago gonna be uploaded?


    More like Half Life 3.

  • Alestorm

    What the heck... There was already a game named Prey, and it was about a native american who kicked aliens asses.And now someone makes PREY. Fuck them, seriously. This looks nothing like the real Prey.

  • Vigilant Mister

    2012- Open world cyberpunk rpg.2016- Dead space meets bioshock.

  • Fernandoenf2

    Prey is and always be about an space cherokee trying to save his grandpa and Indian girlfriend from an alien spacecraft

  • Millionaire SerB extreme version of prophunt?

  • cedric dellafaille

    WILL IT SUPPORT DX12? its a frking new game it would be a joke if it didnt

  • Popcorn

    where's my cyberpunk dystopian bounty hunting parkour neon city open world shooter?

  • Turki

    i love how everybody is dismissing this game as "not a prey game" and all they've seen is an e3 trailer

  • TaaviXD

    Everyone type in the chat "Alex is a stupid nigger".

  • PeskyRex

    So either PREY is getting a reboot or a remaster ? I'm so confused

  • Gaming With Balance

    I am so confused with the fanbase. People hate this reboot because it looks nothing like Prey 2 or 1. Yet, Prey 2 (which looks like an open world space bounty hunter sci-fi FPS game) looks nothing like Prey 1 (Native American shooting aliens) other than the fact that you are shooting aliens. So, I ask, why not give the reboot a chance?

  • tomimn2233

    watch. they gonna cancel this and change it into a farming simulator in space.

  • BlueShit199

    Don't worry guys, I bet this version will be cancelled as well.

  • S G M de Paz

    mmm title: Bio-Dead Space-Sock?

  • M B

    I actually really loved this game. I never played the first so I Guess I wasn't dissapointed like some other fans. I had no comparison.

  • Dan Y

    I hate leftism, but.... someone needs to write Bethesda and use the “They’re Racist!” CARD HARD!!!! And maybe they will give us what we want! A TRUE PREY 2 SEQUEL!!!! WITH THE REAL CHEROKEE INDIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abhinav Banerjee

    Is this game based on that movie 'LIFE', it has the same alien type and the music at 0:57 is the same from the movie.

  • Zkyrus

    It's like the movie "Alien: Resurrection" O_o

  • Michael Grey

    Warning: Trailer may be far better than actual gameplay. (mechanics, physics, detail, color, and ambiance may degrade 45% from trailer to actual gameplay). Hype fake ass shit trailer.

  • uwue eurk

    Juegazo yo lo compre hace una semana

  • AgenttPenn

    Guys just deal with it I have the game and it's amazing I know it's nothing like prey or prey 2 cuz I've played them before but the game is just as good

  • Satyajit Mishra

    What are the name of the games at the end of the video; 2:00?

  • ElDariATツ

    i show this trailer to my momshe say "this game is satanist,right?"

  • John doe

    The only Morgan I care about is...MORGAN FUCKING FREEMAN ! ! ! GIVE ME HALF LIFE 3 ! ! !

  • Kermit the Frog's Stepson

    Prey 2017 is a great game but Bethesda fucked up in cancelling Prey 2"It didn't meet our standards..."Bethesda talking about standards is like Hitler talking about religious freedom.

  • Kauhu Waffen

    Immigrants are the "VIRUS"??? "If we cant drive them BACK I HAVE TO KILL EVERYONE OF THEM" XD

  • Deniz Mustafa

    If remade P R E Y in cinematic (like this video) i will make a video whit the most lowest poly i can made!

  • soroceanu dean

    what game is this with black angel ? when they are showing trailers from other games ? ty

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