PREY Trailer (E3 2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Prey !
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PREY Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 - Bethesda

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  • LogicalMan6

    I miss the bounty hunter idea...

  • Popcorn

    where's my cyberpunk dystopian bounty hunting parkour neon city open world shooter?

  • BlueShit199

    Don't worry guys, I bet this version will be cancelled as well.

  • Legion X

    Its not the prey i wanted to see after so many years.

  • ideadomg

    I mean, it looks good, but it's not a Prey game.

  • TheTrueChuster

    Man, they took the "video" part in videogame too seriously...

  • PeskyRex

    So either PREY is getting a reboot or a remaster ? I'm so confused

  • Blood0cean

    bet u trailer is way better than game

  • Undefeated

    bethesda makes some shietty games with their outdated engine which they refuse to spend money on to update and make it better.

  • amohotepv

    This trailer is our official conformation that Prey 2 is dead

  • Dovahdrog19

    More like Half Life 3.

  • The Bat Trio

    this was weird to watch because my name's Morgan

  • GewoonJoon

    watch this with really good headphones in a dark room with lots of objects and you will soon want to step out

  • unholy child

    2012- Open world cyberpunk rpg.2016- Dead space meets bioshock.

  • DJ Isaac™

    Dead Space + Crysis + Alien = ?

  • LoadUp

    Main character called morgan with a friend called alex why is that familiar hmmmmmmm

  • haterboy

    that Looks fucking awesome.

  • furious flygon

    you see the new trailer compared to this this looks amazing now it looks like shit

  • Mad Max

    woah that last look in the mirror was trippy

  • TheGamingAffiliate

    Please don't allow this game to run like Dishonored 2 did....please!


    A year ago everyone was saying Doom looked like another generic shooter with little substance. It ended up being one of the top 5 best games of last year. Give prey a chance.

  • nihilityjoey

    A mix of dead space and metroid prime 2.

  • what is life

    this shit looks realit's a cinematic but holy fucking shit

  • Jim Fare

    Rise and shine Gordon Freeman, Rise and shine ...

  • A Highly Visible Ninja

    I'm assuming the elements of this game are supposed to be inspired by the Michael Crichton book Prey? Because it has more to do with that than Human Head's Prey.

  • Bowshot89 X

    oh im getting this looks just like the Thing monster only this one becomes Objects and The thing takes humans and absorbe them

  • Jean Marceaux

    Where are the cool native Americans, spirit bows and living guns?I was looking forward for Prey 2, not this.

  • idk, nature?

    This is what happens if Bioshock sequel and Half life 3 got a baby

  • Gaston Grebliunas

    vídeo: FULL HD 10K 3D 360°. 999 FpsGameplay: HD 10 fps :v

  • Alex Pena

    This looks really boring. Prey 2's setting had me all hyped and I can't get over it

  • Fenristripplex

    Original idea was better.

  • Axl Luke

    Half Life 3 is that finally you?

  • Yan Toha

    You're not gonna like what I have to say next . . .Prey 2 is cancelled

  • Pinhead Larry

    CD Projekt Red >>>>>>>>>>>>> Bethesda

  • Dr. Plague

    So instead of a fun bounty hunter game we get alien isolation 2.

  • GLaDOSCake122

    It's actually Half-Life 3. Taking place in the Combine Overworld. There's headcrabs. trolololo

  • Alestorm

    What the heck... There was already a game named Prey, and it was about a native american who kicked aliens asses.And now someone makes PREY. Fuck them, seriously. This looks nothing like the real Prey.

  • JonnyW

    lol is this half life?

  • Varun Sai

    Bethesda is a very good game developer. Only 10% or 15% of their games were not good

  • lemmings 189

    he has the head of bob lennon !

  • OhNoAFakeAccount.

    oh man all the dissapointments

  • Kevin Herrera

    The downgrade is real.

  • a guy

    I really hope it's a 16 not an 18

  • Turkish

    i love how everybody is dismissing this game as "not a prey game" and all they've seen is an e3 trailer

  • Cavador Arpeiro

    I bet with anyone that is one more game that has excellent gragics when shown in E3 conference and will be tottaly diferent when released for its consumers tottaly downgraded!!! I am tired about it!!!

  • Revenor

    Haha, cool April fool's guys! When is the trailer of the actual dystopian star wars + cyberpunk game we saw 5 years ago gonna be uploaded?

  • Avio

    So when do we meet Tommy?

  • whatsacone

    Why even use the same name? This is such a huge turn off... flaccid/10

  • Peter Stafford

    I have a theory that the first trailer and this trailer are connected! As in the first trailer when the target is captured he says "They're using you", and since this trailer has a repetitive theme it could be that someone/thing is using Morgan as a recyclible bounty hunter and here we see him break free of his loop! just a theory...

  • TheBrownBomber, no bounty hunting?

  • Wackoy117 Pilar

    Reminds me of Half-Life

  • Ahmet Tay

    IS THAT HALF:LIFE'S STARTING VOICE?WAS THAT A HEADCRAB?F*****************************************************ok, i'm calm.

  • Jonathon Kindred

    This game is not only a HUGE let down but looking more into the trailer just shows how unoriginal it is. For one it reminds me of Dishonored 2 Emily Caldwin powers. Head crabs at 1:12 . The shadow monster reeks of The Darkness (2007 game).  The original concept was an actual original idea, but this... this is just awful.

  • Kasper Mygenfordt

    this looks more like total recall then a video game

  • Synofix

    30 second adds, y u do dis to me

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