Skyrim Special Edition Level 100 Sneak FAST by LEVEL 1 (Fastest Starter Levelling Guide Remastered)!

Level 100 Sneak FAST At LEVEL 1 (Fastest Starter Levelling Guide in Skyrim Special Edition Remastered)!
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  • nameless face in the crowd

    Im going to guess one of the methods is torturing the greybeards with an iron dagger.

  • MrBizteck

    For my convience Method 1 0:20Method 2 4:00Method 3 6:00

  • PC Principal

    ;P many years back on xbox 360, I just put a rubber band on the analog stick, jacked off and fell asleep.Twas a teenager.

  • Souldude835

    I never farmed it off of Ralof. I always used to wait until I got to the Greybeards and then I would obliterate Arngeir's spine.

  • FADGhost70

    just press c ingame on pc Auto walk is already ingame

  • Jamie ack

    7:05 i believe on PC you can just press the C key and it will auto-run for you.

  • Crazy Chicken

    Eso... If you got the aetherium crown you can also have the lover stone (I think) So you got 15% + 20% + 10% Which is 45% Faster

  • Liam Clareus

    Can you make a video about how to get your followers back after they've disappeared. I can't find Lydia and have been looking for her for about an hour now

  • m4ti140

    There is an auto-move key on PC...

  • Nathaniel Christman

    Method 1. Limited arrows to use 100 ain't happening.

  • o

    My favorite method is the AFK.👍😊

  • vududu

    on pc you can press C and your character will run without stopping

  • Besim Smakiq

    last time I was this early, my wife hadn't left me

  • PopsiclesInMyCellar

    If you're doing the Graybeard method, be sure to do it on Borri as in the video. I tried some others and they detected me easily and started combat.

  • Josh

    player.advskill sneak 20000 seems more effective

  • Bumnapper Fannyfartle

    What you can also do is:1) Do the fortify restoration glitch2) Make a fortify enchanting potion that is around 20,000%-90,000%3) Drink the enchanting potion and enchant something with fortify sneak4) equip that item and sneak attack shadowmere or greybeard5) each hit or 2 will give you a level and it took me like 2 minutes to get to 100 in sneak after making the item

  • Blondeygames

    i think you should do a skyrim remastered playthrough no mods

  • xAngoryx

    That Links Below thing that pops up during your videos is very, very, very off putting and distracting. It's every video and it's huge.

  • NK Ozpectro

    I really appreciate you looking out for the people that have to go to work. :)

  • ryan thompson

    ESO my friend your the best m8 cant stop watching your videos

  • Goldenboy 867

    I've been doing this for years but thanks ESO you rock the squad

  • Ivan Doe

    Press C on keyboard and You char will walk forward automatically.

  • Kero

    Normal Skyrim players: Finally! After months of playing, I finally reached perfection! Level 330 and all stats maxed out! ESO: Hey guys I got to level 330 and maxed everything out before I even reached Riverwood!

  • YoYo

    My god have i missed these ;)

  • Get Exposed.

    Thanks so much I started a new game and I’m almost 100 sneak already in the first 20Minutes❤️

  • Your_boi_ludwig _Von_Beethoven

    you're really cranking these out

  • Mr. Mann

    you could get Ralof, and level up on him before you leave the first room( in the tutorial), just take the key from the imperials!

  • Zach Campbell

    Ok, so I actually have a tip for YOU ESO, I've been doing this for a long time, when I get to the grey beards for the first time, it's much easier hitting them because the hallway they sit on they get pushed towards windows and can't move, and the first window on the left hallway ANY of them who kneel there for some reason when you hit them they are bugged and stand up and automatically sit back down meaning they won't move an INCH, there has only been a couple times where they moved but I just waited for them to sit back down and the glitch would work again, also I duel wield, and use that one handed perk to increase duel wield speed, DO NOT USE THE SNEAK SKILL TO INCREASE DAMAGE, even on legendary they die too fast and you DO NOT YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT level faster that way, trust me, you also want to tap both the left and right weapon attacks at the same time because you can attack just as fast as hitting with one dagger, and it does more damage and DOUBLES your sneak skill because it's hitting "twice" I have made my sneak skill legendary 10 times in 30 minutes, also quick tip, when your skill is level 15, you must ALWAYS have a skill point in the sneak skill to be able to not be caught, and also don't strike more than 3 times when you only have one point otherwise you're caught, but 3 strikes with the double blade attack will bring you up to level 23 sneak, once you have 2 points in the sneak tree, they will no longer be able to catch you no matter how many times you strike in a row

  • Robert Ray

    Dude you're legendary I love all your videos they've been very helpful now I have this freekish Nord bad ass. Thanks bro👍👍

  • Sushi Cat

    I don't think on pc you need a script to keep moving forward, I think you can press c on your keyboard and they walk forward.

  • Elyas Brant

    Don't do this. 😂 I was level 18 when I left and now there's Bandit Cheifs and Outlaws & RESTLESS DRAGUARS that absolutely F me up. 😂😑

  • Mour 2166

    u don't start on level 1 you start on level 15

  • Jay Scoby

    Perfect. Took about 12-15 mins. Had to wait for Rolaf to keep healing. Thanks.

  • Rhys Morgan

    When are you gonna livestream?

  • okrajoe

    That was a sneaky trick!?!

  • EpicPotato

    Eso: you can get the well rested buff..."Me: but....I'm a werewolf.... And werewolfs can't get the well rested buff

  • Zore

    I use conjure dremora and just sneak attack it, it works perfectly

  • Maniacal Coyote

    On PC, you can press 'C' to keep moving forwards.

  • TheOnlineGamer812

    Thanks! I needed this is i started a thief character!

  • Nooblitz 74

    Thank you for the well rested skill didn't know that dood.

  • Commie Master

    We have captured a virus Virus name NOT A VIRUS SNEAK 100

  • Cale Smith

    dang these tricks worked really well thanks,I got sneak to level 100 in like 10 min. :)

  • Shawn DeChane

    I do this before opening the gate, 1-hand & sneak in bout 20 min. !!! After killing the imp.'s !!!

  • Toby

    Hey, dont forget about the crown AND ancient knowledge! :D

  • Josh Sansom

    Hey ESO are you redoing the 1-100 guides?

  • ManLikeBorys

    hey ESO I find your videos very entertaining and helpful keep doing what you're doing 😀

  • rhapsodefully

    I wonder : if the more damage you do the faster you level up, then putting the game in the easiest difficulty should be better, no? Because in legendary your damages are incredibly reduced...

  • Eric Miller

    As always very well done, thank you for the hard work you put into making all of your videos.

  • BusDriver19

    The first one is patched FYI, it doesn't lvl your sneak up anymore

  • Promethean Legacy

    I am proud to say that I discovered the first one all by myself

  • Michael McKenzie

    Keep making all your videos your awesome thx man do listen to the haters lol

  • Jarren

    I miss these videos so much ESO I been here since the beginning of your channel

  • dgeames

    THE SECOND METHOD IS SO OP, i was level 9 and i just kept getting sneak to legendary and im level 30 now

  • isabella josephine

    thank's this helped me with my thieves guild ❤❤❤.

  • Michael Cosby

    Honestly really useful Thanks man 💯💯💪🔥

  • Rob C

    Hey ESO can you please make a new Conjuration leveling guide? The old method of soul trapping a dead body doesnt seem to work anymore! Thanks!

  • Dan Shive

    "Or, if you're on PC, just use a console command."

  • Jifei Xu

    "Find an unsuspecting greybeard" and pulls out his knives.. ROFL

  • Inkbot

    For running into the pillar, you can also press the c key on pc to continuously move forward I believe. The again, I could be wrong

  • Carolyn Rafferty

    I recommend adept because you do normal damage it's like this

  • Olympus Gaming

    lol theres a button in game (Default C) which is auto walk

  • Captain Bunghole

    oh man I'm so glad I found your channel, I've been a long time Skyrim fan but learning all these new tricks is so refreshing and amazing I love this channel

  • Alan Robert

    I feel bad for using this, but i've never really done a stealthy char before, so mehGood job!

  • Mad Jim Jaspers

    "what are you doing?" "i'm on your side!" "hey, watch it"

  • WhosKD

    Ah, early again. Feels good man.


    Man, It's been so long since I played Skyrim, Excited to get it soon.

  • ruiz ace

    I'm hitting ralof but my sneak isn't increasing

  • GoldenFilms

    wow man this rly works my sneak is almost at 100 with killing greybeards

  • Tom Tommings

    This is wonderful. I had a character in mind that had lasted for centuries! Thank you

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