Skyrim: 5 Secret, Spooky and Uneasy Secrets and Easter Eggs Hidden within The Elder Scrolls 5

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim isn't always the first thing that comes to mind when we think "Spooky" or scary. However The Elder Scrolls 5 is filled with a plethora of small details that are capable of making even bravest of us a bit uneasy feeling. So today, we take a look at 5 hidden, spooky secrets and stories in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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  • Combat Medic Mercy

    Wow, that last one actually saddened me...

  • jan409

    or the book is empty because Calixto is a fraud.

  • Unwilling Spastic

    The only thing that gave me a legitimate scare in Skyrim was when a mannequin in my house in Solstheim that was wearing all of Miraak's stuff walked over to me from behind. I didn't notice that it was a mannequin at first when I turned around, I thought that somehow the son of a bitch came back to life to try to kill me again.

  • This Guy I

    Falion: "Arg, I'm such a minor character... I know! I'll just go to this pile of rocks every night and stand there for hours!"

  • RatchetTaco

    Scariest thing I saw was the "creation club" on my screen

  • Scott Caslow

    The fact that Ysgramor's soup spoon is actually a fork left me pretty uneasy...

  • Fanatical Trekkie

    I always get jump scared by the gargoyles. I can even already know that it is going to come alive, and it still scares me every time.

  • Tobacco Crow

    One of the creepier things I found were a series of books/journals(I forget which they were) you could find in caves throughout the Dawnguard DLC. They are, as said above, either the personal journals of or written from the perspective of a Khajiit, who starts a fur pelt business with his brother, only for the business to go almost completely out of business. Instead of letting the business die, the Khajiit gets desperate and kills his own brother and skins him for his pelt, only to sell it for a very high price. He then starts a serial killer spree, killing more Khajiit and I think branching off to other races too to secure pelts to sell to rich buyers. It was an interesting read to say the least.

  • Arian Sharafi

    if you do dawnguard and want to remove your vampirism. Fallion will take you to that circle at 12 am so thats what its for.

  • TranscendentLion

    Not a spooky thing intended by the game, but once while wandering the tundra of Winterhold, I came across a group of Stormcloak soldiers in a skirmish with some Imperials. When it was all over, I thought I'd have a chat with one of the Stormcloaks, but instead of 'talk', the option I got was 'search'. This soldier was standing up, dead.

  • Tarlo The Boar

    Who Else was Creeped out by The Falmer the First time they encountered them? I know I was!

  • Professor Oat

    Bern was definitely dead after 12 days

  • dayaktribesman

    I always think the blank destiny book means you write your own...

  • TheEpicNate315

    My network told me to be more festive, so there's a pumpkin in the thumbnail.

  • The Darkstalker

    "I expected better from you. I mean if you found something and you were stuck... Why not scream your lungs out so I can hear?"not to far away"GAWDDAMMIT!!! WHERE ARE YOU?! I'VE BEEN HERE TWELVE DAYS!!! HELP!!!"

  • Lenny Lynch

    Pretty sure the book is just a blank book to scare people...

  • Johnnythefirst

    Holy shit, never knew about that little Falion quest. Skyrim still has secrets after 6 years it seems.

  • Sheogorath The Daedra

    Do a video on the Riften watchtower. The one with like three dead Riften guard and splattered blood everywhere. I really wanna know what happened.

  • Madame Ghostie

    Looks like Hadrir forgot to use a detect life spell. :p

  • presto627

    Kids asking me to be their dad. That's scary.

  • zredfernhall

    Kind of a dissonant feeling between the triumphant theme of the Dragonborn in the background and the contents of the video. If you wanted to really deliver on the spooky feeling, you might want to have used a track like the theme for Blackreach, or some ambient music from dungeons; as-is, it just doesn’t fit the tone. Other than that little nitpick, I liked the video :)

  • cuddly sergal

    i've been thinking why can't we make counterfeit gold coins when there's gold ore in skyrim?

  • Pratim Gupta

    I think Morthal is under influence of a Daedra like Vaermina and Falion is trying to combat it.

  • Emma Cosgrove

    How about Mannequins randomly popping up behind you? It's only ever happened once on my playthrough but I freaked out so much, I turned the game off 😂 Another spooky but funny thing that's happened to me was actually in oblivion. In battlehorn castle, I left some poisoned apples in a display case thinking that they would be left alone, I came back to the castle a few days later, tried to interact with a guard only to find out he was dead & he'd managed to stay stood up in the middle of the room. On his body were the poisoned apples. That teaches him not to steal from me 😂😂

  • King of the Wastes

    Was pretty disturbed when i came across the dead orc bent over a log and naked next to blood in a position that implied she had been raped over the log. Killed the bandits whos camp she was essentially in first though

  • Adam Thompson

    Happy Halloween 🎃 your video and channel is surely EPIC :) great work again mate. Your skyrims saviour .

  • Zerkj0

    you can only last a week or so without water, so unless Bern got lucky and got some rain they probably died from dehydration

  • Chailles

    Some would argue the player characters are the only ones with truly free will.

  • Lord Zeus

    I always wondered what those secret words were for the "Dancing Flute".

  • Azazura Azura

    there was a living dwemer in morrowind who was immortal, and suffering from corpus. :)

  • garret lightfoot

    is anybody else having troubles with the blood on the ice Quest it seems glitchy sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't as in looking at evidence Etc

  • Sajjad Aly

    Man I am always waiting and excited to click your videos, especially facts about Skyrim, very well done research on unknowns of Skyrim... thanks so much

  • Parker 2005

    the last secret was so sad...

  • Sparks

    The Book of Fate is obviously fake as Calixto himself.Edit: Just realised how much I want to replay Skyrim after your videos... Welp, guess I’ll have to put another 300 hours into the game :P

  • hufdsnhf

    I really wish I could remember the name of the location... But the only place that's ever truly disturbed me in Skyrim was run by bandits. After killing the last one on that level I discovered a gate door and, as an adventurous Dragonborn, picked the lock. Inside, blood splattered the walls. The floor. Everywhere. Propped against each other in the center of the small room were three charred corpses. They were almost black. It made me nauseous. I backed out of the room, wishing I'd never entered.

  • Alan Polanco

    This is why I will never go underground

  • jack and daz are best

    S P O O K Y S C A R Y S K E L O T N

  • Hobo Hunter Rik

    The book is probably empty because while people are busy worrying about their upcoming death looking at the pages Calixo will come up and kill them

  • Jack Dormer

    This is why Nate is the best ! His content is gold , don't think I've ever clicked on a notification so fast

  • redskiez

    Holy smokes, I never knew that From-Deepest-Fathom would die if you reject her quest.

  • Forest Shepherd

    For Number 3 you missed the scary part. Try reading that book while crouched to the side without opening it, or examining it from your inventory. It does have words.

  • DerpSquad

    On the last one, Bern would've died from dehydration before Hydir, his business partner would've returned if he returned when he was gone. This is assuming Bern's accident happened soon after his partner left. That's means he would've been dead even when Hydir returned anyway.

  • Dashiell DiSanto

    I´ve heard Nate mention it in at least one other video, but Frostflow Lighthouse deserves a mention in any conversation about spooky stuff in skyrim. The way it was all set up for the dragonborn to uncover made it so saddening and also extremely unnerving. The clattering noise.... The noise that you keep hearing, as it gets stronger and stronger until you go down (up? I can´t entirely remember) the stairs and find that it was the sound of a Chaurus... ah jeez

  • Billuminati Cat Cipher

    Damn. Last one is just depressing

  • Bagel

    Actuallly, to escape Sild's cage, there's a satchel within your reach that has a key in it. It used to belong to his 'assistant.' The first time I fell down, the door just opened. I did have to followers with me, but I don't think the AI's that smart.

  • The Sqooq

    Bears are pretty spooky if you ask me.

  • John Marston

    Nate, your voice is so beautiful.

  • MLPfluttershy

    that last one always made me feel a bit sad

  • Aimwork in

    I swear I didnt know about calixto until 2 days ago..I always acused the mage and went on with my life :))

  • OG/Skywalker 115

    he goes there so he can cure vampires i did that quest

  • Epetra

    The guy in the cave could have easily died within a day from blood loss if the boulders destroyed his legs.

  • LovingOutdoors

    I’ve watched several of these vids. I have watched quite a bit of skyrim lore vids and “stuff you might not know” stuff. You legitimately do a great job of finding lore that I know nothing about. Good job!

  • Chef Boyardee114

    I didn't meet From-Deepest-Fathoms until my 30th play-through, and I thought she came from one of the mods I installed

  • CenturianEagle

    4:23 (calixtos book) how is it being blank too spooky for you? lol....wut? How could it be too spooky, it’s not like you yourself (in real life) were told you were going to die soon and/or had no destiny- no, instead all it was is your character in a video game allegedly (book may very well be a scam) being shown that they were going to die soon. At least, I think that’s how you interpreted it. So how is that too spooky for you? lol what the ... I dunno Man, it just seems ridiculous seeing as your character dies all the time in gameplay anyway, and also that you know that that is the extent of the book after having beaten the game and seeing that it didn’t get elaborated on further. But hey, I still love the channel and I’m super glad I subbed yesterday! Nice to see this type of channel for Skyrim, as there’s many for dark souls which I love personally as well, but Skyrim really needed this kind of exploration, thanks for all the work you put in!

  • Talha K

    Hey man I really love your videos but it would be really cool if you made a small number indicator before beginning separate stories in the video and maybe including time stamps in the description for each one. Just small quality of life changes that would make your already good channel even better. Hope you take it into consideration!

  • luis sosa

    When you started saying " tragedy of lost prospect mine" thought you were gonna say tragedy of Darth plageus the wise

  • Siimiminosi 362

    The book of destiny is obviously a scam. Cause it's most likely a regular blank book.

  • Spyro Dragon

    the creepiest location i've ever visited was Japhet's Folly, or more specifically, Japhet himself and his journal. only location that actually shook me.

  • Te Bell

    My god this is sad even though i just murder everyone in the game

  • Commissar Dale

    12 days? Naw, dehydration would’ve got him after day 3.


    I used to play Skyrim like you but then I took an arrow to the computer.


    i found that place with gold yet i had no idea about that

  • Zen Aska

    Nazeem is a terrible person, so I killed him. He had a necklace of water breathing and two pairs of the same clothes, also has keys to things that is not his. Due to the water breath necklace, I think he killed the person that is the skeleton under the bridge of dragons reach in white run. Edit: I also could not find the body after killing nazeem and hadn’t looked before that.

  • Michael Goodwin

    I killed a werewolf once. That was spooky

  • Chupolisous


  • Jon Paul Watts

    It really spooky that you’ve managed to talk about that one trap door so many times

  • Can I get subs without uploading?

    That one with the cave and friends actually made feel nauseous. 10/10 would watch again.

  • Tilly Thomas

    the last one actually made me sad :(

  • King Sheo

    With the Falion side quest for my first time I told the jarl what he's up to. She went to his house and walking in. Never leaving again. And her dialogue options didn't appear. Lol kinda funny

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