Skyrim - Master Destruction Guide

The hardest spells to find in the game revealed!
  • Riften Guard

    Destruction magic's fine, just don't go burning down any buildings.

  • Chris Greenie

    Your voice is pretty good for narrating

  • Fajar Anuar

    I feel like I'm watching National Geographic: Skyrim's Path of Sorcery

  • Riesland

    (gets spells)(gets 100% reduced destruction cost armor pieces)(becomes god-tier)

  • Kenny

    Have you mastered the expert level destruction spells yet?

  • Bastion

    RIP M'aiq his sweetroll :^(

  • Volta Kid

    lightning storm equals Kamehameha in skyrim

  • Federal agent Holton

    The master level spells are stupid1.They do less DPS than if you use dual cast the expert spells2.the take to long to charge3.they make you a setting duck4.They can be interupted by an enemies power attack

  • Timothy Bilyeu

    it is official this guy is the Morgan Freeman of our generation

  • Thomas Carlsen

    Speech skill 1000. Would love to hear you scream "FUS RO DAH!!".

  • Jessica Schultz

    Thank you for this guide. It is very professional and well-made! ^^

  • Artyom From Aurum

    R.I.P M'aiq's sweetroll ),:

  • Rinnegan Ice

    your voice is so amazing ... please read some lore to us about deadric gods or something

  • Andy

    So You Can Cast A Few Spells Am I Supposed To Be Impressed

  • MickMaan

    I wish there were three master spells for each element. The AOE explosion, the beam and a cloak.The beam is far more useful than the others in most cases, casting it and destroying things from a distance. It'd be nice to be able to do that with fire and frost too.The AOE explosion is good for close encounters but if you get hit by a power attack or a bash it breaks the casting animation and you can be left surrounded by enemies.And lastly a cloak spell. Blizzard should be an advanced cloak spell that follows you and there should be fire and shock varients.I was really disappointed by the master level destruction spells, even the expert level in fact, and stick with the adept spells.

  • David Holloway

    I left this video wondering how to get to 100 destruction

  • KillJoy

    the feeling when you are rank 40 and you dont even have 150 magic ;_;

  • Ryaegos

    KAMEHAMEHAAA (Lightning storm)

  • Quadrivium

    But hey Maiq, at least you didn't take an arrow in the knee!

  • Connor Tremblay

    So basically pedestal + magic = explosion resulting in you becoming a super sayian

  • F1rstResponder

    R.I.P M'aiqs sweetroll.

  • Matthew Macrow

    gets lightning storm enchants all the gear with fortify destruction starts the civil war quest annd finishes each civil war quest in about 2 minutes

  • SoulCharizard

    Why didn't elder scrolls have light and dark magic?

  • Lazy Wizard

    "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the...GUT?" 5:06 LOL

  • CrisURace

    You have an epic voice! Great guide!

  • Galaxy Bomb

    Smooth Buttery voice.... subbed.. :D...

  • MrArjay123

    I haven't played the game since early 2012. Just got the game again yesterday. Not to far in yet. Cuz I also picked up mass effect 2 and dishonored loll. But I didn't even know there was this much to do in skyrim. I remember before I beat the main story and that was it. Had no idea the game kept on going with side quest for that long

  • ImNotVeryOrginal SoDontExpectMuch

    He sounds like a badass skyrim character when he reads the piems

  • Abuse for Views

    Damnit! Who stole my damn sweet roll?

  • Vanpyro Gaming

    Morgan Freeman of teh gaming world=Will

  • ImJustHereToReadComments :P

    I'd love to hear this guy repeat the line from taken. "I have a specific set of skills, a set of skills I will use to find you. And if you don't return my daughter, I will kill you."

  • Paul Gordon

    Wish I had that voice haha

  • Tim Wolber

    That's what you call a Golden Voice.

  • Imperial Dog

    These spells seem highly impractical  .

  • SealStorm193

    I don't need spells, I got Wuuthrad and the Shield of Ysgramor

  • Artemis Scout

    4:50 when Michael bay makes a movie

  • Perka N

    Your voice should be in every epic movie! Damn I love it!

  • LeMooky


  • TheUnamedHero

    I didn't think your voice could go deeper ;oD0:42 PhysX at work ? ;o)

  • PinoGamer21

    Nice guide & voice :O not this annoying method of cutting voice as if you speak without pauses.

  • Headless Jim

    Note: set it to Adept not legendary... it works better... just do it...

  • Sergio Chacon

    How could anybody discover this by themselves in game, it's way too vague.

  • Tyler Brown

    Wow. This was an incredible video. Great quality, thank you!


    1.)Invisible2.)cast firestorm in the center of an enemy3.)profit.

  • Bilal Bozdemir

    That's how you make an intro...Damn kids will never give up on their loud fancy stuff. -__-

  • Martin Mařík

    This video is awesome, the graphic, the sound. I think its a most quality video about skyrim what I have ever seen :-)good jobAnd now I go to look the others

  • Blackmark52

    Yeah they are powerful but too slow to cast and too debilitating to use. You're a sitting duck while they charge. Heaven forbid you take a hit because it just means that you have to restart the charge up. Particularly irksome mechanic with Fire Storm because it works best on enemies that are closest. Lighting storm could be good -- if it didn't immobilize and pretty much blind the caster to oncoming threats.

  • Gaming Central HD

    cool thanks for the guide. :)

  • RainbowUnicornz

    so the most powefull fire spell only does 200 damage? Guess I'll stick with my bow then

  • Al-Muthanna Athamneh

    dude i love your voice

  • Marcus Able

    Your voice is literally the hottest thing I've ever heard

  • SideQuestHero

    God, dat sexy voice, doe!

  • Taylor Bratland

    Am I the only one that thinks of Kamehameha?

  • Renzo Brand

    100% destruction magicka reduction lightning storm here I come

  • d e a t h d r e a m

    Seriously very informative video & a damn good one to boot. I'm a level 144 Dark elf with 755 hours played & never knew about this. 👍 You are awesome

  • MrC00kieM0nst3r

    I cant find faralda yet I have 100 destruction

  • A.O.T.L Tng

    My destruction is at 97... omg...

  • HeroMichael

    Lightning storm = Kamehameha

  • Caleb M. F

    Watching harry potter 😂 can't wait to be the most powerful mage in skyrim.

  • J.

    Maxout Alteration and gain mass paralysis. You will become the last son of krypton.

  • Grape

    Hi William, I love your voice. Keep up the good work!

  • PlaceboTree

    Will, your videos on Skyrim are the absolute best out there. Great narration, terrific visuals, and clear and helpful guidance. Keeps up the great work!

  • Caroline Devlin

    (I use Lightning Storm on 100 Imperial Soldiers) "Dragon Ball Z, eat your heart out!"

  • Rick

    M'aiq: Much spells could be dangerous, once time M'aiq had 2 two spells, and burnt his sweetrollI : NOOOOOOOOO

  • The Gaming Bay : Skeletor

    My character is Cole McGrath. Damn sonAlso, you have a great voice for narrating

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