Who is the Strongest Enemy in Skyrim?

Most characters and enemies level with you, although only up to a point. Other enemies actually have and maintain their levels regardless of how powerful you are. So with all of these things in mind, who is the strongest you can find in this game?

I have compiled 3 different lists to answer this question. The first one is a list of the strongest non uniques non dragon leveled enemies you can find. This list is not literal, as a lot of vampires would be stronger than even the strongest bandits. So i tried to make it so that i could add as many cool different variations of enemies as i could find.

Because of this the first list is not authorative at all, but just a list I thought would be fun to create; and is merely a list of honorable mentions.

The second list is of the literal strongest enemies you will find in the game, unique or not. And this one is in fact literal. We will talk about difficulty for these enemies, their levels, their hp, their abilities, and everything else that is pertinent to answer the question.

The last list is for followers and we will answer which follower is the strongest in the game; and if you were to fight them, which one would pose the greater threat to you.

For those of you who don't understand how the leveling system works for enemies, is as follows: Enemies like draugrs for example who level with you will wait until you reach a threshold level. As soon as you reach that level, the game will start throwing newer and stronger versions of draugrs against you. Then as soon as you reach the next threshold, it will do so again. Until you reach the Draugr Death Overlord who is the last. This won't stop the game from sending you lesser draugrs, but merely makes it so that you can encounter stronger ones randomly.

Unique enemies that scale to your level on the other hand, usually have a level multiplier that follows your level. So whatever your level is, you would multiply that with an arbitrary number like 1.2 or 1.5 and the result would be the level of the enemy. That number of course changes depending on the enemy.

Followers will always be your level, regardless of anything; up until their designated max level. After that, then they stagnate.

Sorry about my poor grammar. Me just a gamer. Me don't know much else.

Love you all
  • AnonymMC

    Children are most powerful enemies. Cant kill them.

  • Ethan Montgomery

    We’re not gonna talk about the 7,000 steps where you first fought a frost troll

  • Lagoz

    The strongest person is a skooma seller.Because he's strong enough to sell it instead of drinking it.

  • Ty's Gaming Channel

    Miraak:(Sees me one shot Alduin)Miraak:(Chuckles)Im in danger

  • C.o.R (Lex)

    The strongest characters are the ones who manage to avoid making their 50th stealth archer character

  • Alfredo Alfredington

    C'mon. The toughest enemy in Skyrim is Todd Howard.

  • random stair

    You say anomalies take forever to beat?Not with my fork that absorbs 2,5 million health.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Toughest enemies in the game Chickens kill one and an entire town comes after you the guards go psycho lol

  • Logan Hoerster

    Strongest enemy: The Stormcloak guard who saw you steal a tomato

  • Microwaved Hamster

    No, the strongest enemy is the wounded frostbite spider in Bleak falls

  • AL Mig

    he is using curved swords..... CURVED SWORDS!!!!!!

  • Aye

    An elderly man who I encountered at level two in Riften. I stole 6 septims from the bastard and he pulled a Glass sword on me. At level two. What a boss

  • Aztec Gyshi

    Title: ‘Who is the strongest enemy in Skyrim?’Me: Not Alduin.

  • PiesForNarf


  • HeadshotKitana

    Karstaag: I'm the strongest boss in the gameMagic Anomaly: am I a joke to you

  • Maxel The Necromancer

    I can barely defeat bears, why am I even watching this?!

  • Dude

    Frost troll on your way up to high hrothgar

  • Hammerfall541

    The most dangerous enemy is the npc talking to you while your in combat.

  • TheAxDwarf

    What about M'aiq? When I was playing Skyrim one day; he told me that he was the most powerful being in all of Tamriel.

  • Sensei Big Dic

    Fun Fact, people that drink milk are the strongest in Skyrim, Nords are just scared to admit it, some secretly drink it, they just dont want you to find out about the power of calcium

  • Canal antigo

    "Who is the Strongest Enemy in Skyrim?" Me: Marked for death shout!

  • Dan 543

    Bruh just use marked for death on the ebony warrior and he will crumble like a cookie

  • C.S. Ecton

    Briar Heart foresworn and Hagravens are very deadly... Spriggan Earth Mothers are also very dangerous. And might I say; Beware of the Dwemer Centurions! Their mortalcide gas is the ultimate dealer of death.

  • Ikcatcher

    So you’re telling me that some glowy boi is tougher than the World Eater himself?

  • ArvelDreth

    "Daedric NPCs like Shegorah and Gwayveen." Jesus how do you mispronounce names this badly?

  • Fishbro

    I thought the strongest enemy wasThe one that shot an arrow to my knee

  • Agent 47

    7:49 Everyone : ShockMrRhexx : Schock

  • Elusiveplayz


  • The Blob

    Children are the strongest. They never die!

  • Aaron Banyard

    for some reason when I was level 50 I found, faced off and killed a legendary dragon

  • Justin Sousa

    Literally only level 43 and got my first piece of Daedric Armor at level 41

  • Kasus Pathos

    "Who is the strongest enemy in Skyrim?" The bugs of the game, dude.Greetings.

  • Luke Brown

    Captain Caius. He's literally invincible

  • Vince Jascha Orcullo

    11:20I literally just fought these two dragons earlier.

  • RashHD

    This is how I beat karstaag:I had lover stoneI had ONLY 48 in destructionI had no spell buffsI spammed fireballI used whirlwind sprint 95% of the timeI was level 60...I used hundreds of magika potions

  • ImChriss

    The nostalgia I watched this 3 years ago

  • Puddin

    The strongest has to be Haelga. She’ll literally drain you

  • Coconut Head

    "The Eebanegh Wahriehr..."

  • John Lungo

    "The Bandit Sheef." LMAO! "The Werewolf Barger" LOL!

  • mliaj_rahad

    I dont even have skyrim why am i watching this

  • From Dust To A Lifeform

    What about the exercise dolls in the college? Technically they're entities, and their health is ridiculous

  • João Tavares

    2019 and this video is still SO GOOD!

  • Andy Kolb

    Bugs are the strongest Enemies in Skyrim.

  • Flop Scratch

    Strongest enemy is the mudcrabDid you know that if you pickpocket a briarheart's briarheart, he dies. Also I'd like to see how tough some of them are when I Fus Ro Da them off a cliff

  • Subscribed to with not a single video

    The strongest enemy is my emotions after I accidentally kill my wife in game after going on a spree directly after becoming a werewolf

  • QuestionedRawr

    Naaslaarum and Vaslaarum were honestly the coolest thing that happened in the Dawnguard DLC since I love dragons s much

  • Darren Cohen

    The strongest enemy in Skyrim is any of the orphan kids. They harass you every time you go home and you can never defeat them. And they take your lunch money.

  • Daniel Wagner

    How have I played over 200 hours on this game on two platforms and not ran into half of these guys?

  • TheSpitfire

    How much Skooma do giants drink?yes

  • Nathan Phillips

    when i used to play this i realized that enemies levels scaled to mine to i kept my level low by not leveling up skills that i never used, I basically did one handed, archery, conjuration, and light armour and didnt level up the other combat skills for a long time since i didnt need them

  • epic dabs mlg

    I have a level 32 character with the highest damage I have ever gotten, he has an ebony mace and ebony sword each does 22 absorb health and 22 lightning damage they do 325ish damage each. YEET

  • DasCam

    When you say hilarious you sound like gru from despicable me

  • Henry Cooper Simon

    The part where the two dragons come out of the lake in Dawnguard is insane.

  • Tarscrime AOG

    That’s why it was so freaking hard to beat them when i did one of the magic quest at level 210

  • Rosita ibarra

    I'm level 38 and I fought a legendary dragon and my his health really low then died

  • Ittium Immortal

    when fighting the magic anomalies i just spawned as many summonables as i could through various powrs and sanguines staff

  • Darth Lttl

    The chicken in riverwood. He is not strong himself, but after I killed him, I instantly died. Just, slash, then poof.

  • Alberto Probst

    "God save us all!" LOL

  • Brock Buffalo

    Fine I’ll finally watch this video that’s been showing up in my recommended for years now

  • ab d

    im on 26 and an drugr death overlord came and died by my hands 😋

  • Nene x3

    None of them! I always tgm and change the damagemult to 200 instantly whenever i start a new game. I one shot everything with whatever weapon i use, and i never die. this might’ve been why i’ve gotten slightly bored. but after 73949372949372947273949373793948372839593727389494287384949372739483727289293884939927172994947272638494038237949494949 mods, and just as many times having finished the game, gone different paths, i’ve just exhausted it for awhile. i need a break - 🤓

  • Thiago Couto

    The hardest enemy is my father-in-law (Lord Harkon), I married the Serana.

  • EtheR

    on legendary dificulty is everyone strongest :D

  • Ethan Stankowski

    11:43 make sure you have spell breaker, and a bunch of healing potions on you and dragonrend (duh)It helps a lot

  • Hidden Secrets

    After all these years playing, i finally wanna find out. 😅

  • Deleted Channel

    Fools, the Strongest person In the game is....DAMN CHILDREN >:( I hate them


    I was a lvl 22 and was doing the main quest when i ran into the draug overlord gaurding the diamond claw and i had that ebony blade from whiterun and took 4 hits and it died ;_;

  • Trinitrotoluene Monomania

    I have a mod where every single enemy levels up with me regardless, like, ever... Actually kinda hard to sneak and lockpick eventually once you stop doing it.

  • BlueCassio

    Oh my god I’m genuinely terrified of these enemies. I just started playing and seeing enemies that look like that vampire thing is terrifying.

  • Tacobell1234567

    6:23 got me dying HIIIIIALOURIOUASSSLY

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