Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay - E3 2016

A glimpse of Ghost Recon Wildlands' gameplay, straight from Ubisoft's press conference at E3 2016.

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  • khaewen

    They hired actors to ACT like they were players. Ok... That doesn't work and it sounds stupid.

  • Ben Gove

    I hate the voice acting

  • netsuj yenrav

    i hope the fake commentary trend goes away soon.

  • Mike Williams

    So corny the way they talk to each other.

  • FashionablyFucked

    Same marketing technique The Division tried to pull.

  • The Hater

    Gonna be another disappointment like the Division

  • KyuiSuKim

    "Let's keep this stealthy"Promptly switches to full automatic gun with no suppressor and dumps round into the first guy he finds. :/

  • Handsome Jack

    Can't wait to see the real game... Random players Rambo'ing a huge outpost and getting destroyed!

  • Jane Huzrad

    Please don't tell me these are supposed to be 'real gamers' communicating.. No one talks like that...

  • Simon

    "let's keep it stealthy" => unloads 4 unsilenced bullets into a guy right after...

  • Patrick B.

    god! This was awkward!

  • SKYNET #2025

    Sadly Ghost Recon is the closest I can get to SOCOM on the Xbox.. I miss SOCOM

  • CaptainWaffle

    Cant wait for them to turn the graphics into sims 3

  • Hybrid Synapse

    47 would've extracted that guy and not had to kill anyone.

  • typingbacon

    The Division 2: Ghost Recon Wildlands

  • generalsoul1

    "Let's try and keep it stealthy." Proceeds to fire an unsilenced assault rifle at enemy..

  • Bryan Smith

    This looks like they just took The Division and stuck it in the desert. Ghost Recon is supposed to be an elite military unit. These guys just look like dudes with rifles. Voice acting is super artificial, too. This game looks stupid and dull as hell.

  • LimeTimeHD

    Damn, I had my eye on this game but this all looks so cringy. From the extremely cheesy dialog, terrible tactics, MS paint muzzle flashes, horrid visuals... I'll pass on another ubisoft game, as usual.1:10 "Alright lets try to keep it stealthy"1:22 Loud Fully automatic rifle fireCouldn't watch anymore, too painful.

  • OhPhilly

    Do you think there will be an option to turn off that circle jerk of a conversation that's going on? If its annoying now it would be super annoying to be playing.

  • Termutis

    They downgraded the graphics of the game before it even released.......

  • BerdyevCreations

    - Let's try to keep it stealthy- Shoots Assault rifle afterwards.Good one.

  • WhatIFindInteresting

    you know, because of all the ubisoft related videos lately.. and the downgrading of graphics, I think they have convinced me.. I don't believe the game will look like this when it comes out. fool me once, but fool me 5-6 times? everythign else looks great, but i don't appreciate the obvious downgrading. and no comment from the devs suggests dishonesty.

  • Cub & Stallion

    "Lets keep it stealthy" then shoots a non suppressed weapon

  • Fritz Franke

    Man this does not look fun at all. And these guys' acting skills or supporting this feeling.

  • Kev Jones


  • Silenkurii

    Let's keep it stealthy.. whips out the AK and fires.Sorry, can't get past 1m29s.. I'm done.

  • iTzDark740

    Voice acting sounds like they're reading directly off a script lol.

  • Mr Cupcake

    the fake commentary has worse acting than sharknado and zombeavers... thats saying alot ubisoft.

  • Sebastian

    These actors, acting players, playing the game with these insanely downgraded graphics is so cringy.

  • Hohl Christopher

    This looks like pure shite, I remember when ghost recon was hard and required patience, skill and stealth. Now, apparently you can just run and gun through a whole army.

  • Nimmer

    The stewmaker... a villain from "The Blacklist" had the same nickname and did the same exact thing....

  • Grammar Jew

    I hate the artificial sounding banter. Most of that stuff is blah... why not just freeball it? Right down a few talking points, dont swear to much or at all.This just sounds like it was recorded afterwords in a booth.

  • yung forty

    Ubisoft stop people don't talk to each other over the mic like this


    "that was a tough mission" yea so tough and scripted and super lame. ubi does it again , seriously ubi just stop with the fake game chatter.

  • xSarpedon

    Maybe these graphics will be a dlc this time

  • Con

    "Lets try to keep it stealthy" Fires a full clip un suppressed

  • baldy hardnut

    This looks like another game that ive seen before. Boring...

  • Cd Ad

    I thought dude at the beginning was El Chapo lol

  • Sparrowhawk

    "Golly, I sure do love playing real life videogames with my real life friend, saying real life things"

  • Kostas Gnaf

    BAD graphics BAD motion character! its like an upgraded version of Future Soldier

  • Ian MacPherson

    who else thinks this will be a smoking turd. ubisoft promises promises.

  • Dea pond

    oh my god...i guess i shouldnt be surprised...that downgrade

  • Tristan S

    That voice acting is so cringey

  • Death Squared

    Looks pretty weak and casual compared to the first gameplay.

  • LᴀᴢʏRᴇɪɴᴅᴇᴇʀ ♚

    This entire gameplay is so fckn scripted, lmao.

  • z HAZE

    i will never forget what ubisoft did to future soldier

  • Clark Hayes

    the funny thing is, they're not done downgrading it

  • Coyote Tactical Solutions

    This scripted stuff is comical... People fell for this in The Division teasers, dont think anyone falling for it again... Its so cheesy

  • VitorLars

    the division dlc looks good lolz

  • danilomcvi

    Is it me or the graphics looks arcade AF?

  • Taneli

    and the final game is not gonna look anything like this

  • TheLangeLange

    never buy an Ubisoft game

  • Gobboh

    "that was a tough mission" where?

  • avenged06x

    that helicopter landing tho...

  • Bentley_Brant

    worst voice acting. holy crap. this is undeniably noticeable

  • Goober tuber

    How can anyone think that those voice actors are worth putting in the demo, geez makes the game worse!

  • Alex Jones

    Wow very authentic dialogue

  • Tobias

    UI and everything else feels like MGSV

  • PantherBlast8086

    This looks like it's a WAYYYYY better version of Army of Two: the devil's cartel

  • Marvin Jansen

    The Division in Wildlands.

  • thekingzepp

    I'm pretty sure this is just dlc for MGSV lol. except for the dialogue

  • Hayden Lee

    The division + assassin's creed. Every Ubisoft game is the same.

  • idonthavealabel

    Can I play this single player offline?

  • Desolation00

    This looks and sounds awful. I don't know what Ubisoft are thinking with this but a major overhaul is needed.

  • TheArchie Complex

    I must say that I enjoyed that gameplay....Even though it was scripted AF!

  • David O'Connell

    Will this allow custom characters or is it set ones?

  • marin patje

    Please bring back kozak and the team. And i want a hk416

  • S K

    No team online is gonna have that kind of organization

  • S K

    This is like a rushed version of MGSV

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