Fallout's Crippled Limbs Are An Absolute Nightmare - This Is Why

Fallout’s crippled limb system is an absolute nightmare for making machinima (and just in general), and this is why. As usual Fallout 4 and New Vegas are both heavily modded, however all of these nightmarish moments are still in Fallout 4 vanilla!

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Once again hugely inspired by HBomberGuy, he is a true hero of making commentaries. As before I did not use any of his jokes, just keeping to his comedy style, mixing in some genuine critiquing of Bethesda and the Fallout series in general (just for fun!).
Commentaries are a very new style of video for me, I will move away from Fallout 4 very soon, but will always come back to it as Fallout is my anchor it seems! One of the next videos will be a Fallout 4 Christmas machinima so I haven’t forgotten about modding you together a machnima!

I enjoy making these so much, and explaining why I sometimes find the Fallout series an absolute nightmare! This video is a collection of experiences I had around a specific mechanic I noticed while altering (and modding) Fallout 4 to become a platform for machinima and storytelling. I use mod manager to manage all my Fallout 4 mods, this is mainly because nexus mods is also an absolute nightmare too.
  • Tasty Treats

    How do you not remember getting the game manual?! Google didn't exist, but every game had a phone book sized game manual...ah, nostalgia.

  • John Glenn

    dude i don't think I ever recall a time in Fallout 3, New Vegas, or Fallout 4 where I didn't have at least 40 stimpaks followed by 5 doctor's bags

  • Pavan Suthar

    But the cripples remain if you play it in SURVIVAL MODE. Thank me later.

  • Bartosz Olszewski

    I'd rather drag myself for half an hour through the map than have the limbs auto heal

  • just a channel

    So they made it more casua...excuse me, more "accessible". Typical new Bethesda. Immersion? Actual mistakes that affect story? An actually good story? What's that? Anyways, pay for these mods!

  • TheRedneckRoman16

    you'd think that a console command would let you cripple whatever limbs you want.

  • Johnny Casey

    To be honest, you'll rarely get crippled in classic Fallout.

  • Tensai55

    Except there's fucking stimpaks everywhere!! The only time I ever ran out of stimpaks was during my first playthrough when I panicked and used them more often than I really needed.I don't recall my limbs every healing automatically tho. They definitely stuck around for awhile, but I usually used one of the stimpaks to cure it right away, so who knows. It's not stimpaks are hard to find in Fallout 4.

  • ScaryDeathGuy

    If you were truly playing Fallout like it was the late 90's you would RTFM if you can't figure out a game mechanic.They came with long mini-books in those days for a reason.

  • DevinNation

    "I'm going to play it like it's 1997, with no internet""Absolutely fails to have the gameplay booklet ready for his playthrough*


    Dude GURPS is legendaryEdit: Also Fallout 1 is absolutely one of my favorite games ever, and worth playing through again yearly.ALSO THE CHICKEN RUN IS IN THE MANUAL - THEY WARN YOU ABOUT THE CHICKEN RUN

  • Elle Calladine

    At the beginning of Fallout 1 when you reach Shady Sands talk to someone at the gate (I think it's the girl), she'll tell you about the doctors skill for healing crippled limbs. If it ain't her, try their hospital. I only just started playing Fallout 1 and thanks to you, I took a more careful notice to remember that.

  • logan wolf

    Could ask the same question of health in Skyrim: why bother have it if it just all heals back in a minute? (I know you have to have weapons sheathed, but still)And I absolutely do blame today's audience, and Bethesda and other companies for catering to them. I mean, that's capitalism, and these kinds of plebs outnumber us, so supply and demand. My beef isn't with capitalism, though. I think it's sad that so many "gamers" today will be turned away from games that have consequences for player actions, that video game companies are making the profitable decision to make every game pretty much hold the player's hands. It's annoying. I want to suffer if I do something stupid; it's the only way you learn, and get better!

  • Richard Nixon

    Use survival mode your limbs don’t heal

  • Grumpy Munchkins Comedy & Gaming

    2:20 - Now put your right foot in, your right foot out, right foot in and then you shake it all about! Do the Hokey Pokey!

  • Juanbigwiener

    The first time I played fallout 3 I got super annoyed because my screen would go all fuzzy and there would be a high pitched screeching and I couldn't figure out why. I though it was the area I was in that that doing this because if it's creepy atmosphere (it was a raider caml in a canyon) but when I returned to megaton it still want happening. Finally I have in a searched it on Google to learn that my head was crippled the whole time. How awful must've it been to play the game without Google to help you?

  • frealms

    Talks about gaming being about gathering information from what is presented, mad because he didn't read the skills descriptions and wondered around limping before going to the wiki. Legit <current year> gamer xD

  • Quanturos

    I think you hit on something really hard in this one, but barely missed the full truth. Fallout was originally using GURPS, but this system was replaced by SPECIAL later in development.Interplay actually licensed the system from Peter Jackson Games for Fallout, but pulled out of the deal when Peter Jackson marked the opening video as "unapproved" due to the violence, which makes sense as this was 1995 and something of that nature (assassinating a helpless person, then waving nonchalantly at the camera) wasn't often seen in games at the time.

  • He Who Devours

    The doctor skill description tells you it can heal crippled limbs.

  • TheKowHunter

    >Complains about limbs not healing.>Complains about limbs automatically healing.

  • Tam Murney

    It's no coincedence that crippled limbs showed up in the original Fallout. It was based on the G.U.R.P.S system until the devs lost the licence. It was then changed to ACELIPS which was rearranged into the SPECIAL system we all know and love.

  • Lotharea

    wow... your editing skills are amazing. I mean you really did keep a whole "feel" through the video and laced it with great editing and just right songs in just right moments. It did not feel soulless like almost all videos on YouTube! Thanks for this art of a vid :)

  • GIboy1990

    Fallout 4 disgusted me.

  • Random Bits

    Knights of Legend by Origin Systems, released in 1989 had the concept of disabling (i.e. crippling) specific limbs. As much as I love the original Fallout, it was not the first CRPG to think of this. If I recall, Wasteland, the game that inspired Fallout in the first place, had the concept of crippled characters, but i don't remember if limbs specifically could be targetted.

  • Desmond Hume

    Have a like for Columbo reference.

  • Nico Morin

    I kinda regret doing my first playtrough of fallout 1 and 2 with a guide,it really ruined the experience

  • Winchester Repeating Arms

    Fast travel. You don’t need to walk.

  • Griminem

    One time I was playing fallout:nv and drank all the vodka in my inventory(about 15) because It was full and I couldnt sprint or quick travel and later on a notification popped up right as I stole a NCR armour saying "You have vodka emboundment" and blurred my screen so I couldn't see the notification which said I had too many items, therefore I thought that the vodka poisoning was slowing me down...AND THEN I used alll my stimpaks thinking that it would heal my vodka poisoning which I thought was the thing that was slowing me down and GUESS WHAT? IT DIDNT WORK, what a fucking suprise.....At that moment I was at the Mohave Outpost, so there were no doctors nearby. The drunk me not realizing that my inventory was full, I had a 39 minute walk to Novac while getting shot by Jackal and Viper raiders.Once I arrived to Novac, I went to the doctor trying to get my vodka poisoning fixed and it did get fixed, BUT I WAS STILL FUCKING SLOW, AND THEN I REALIZED MY INVENTORY WAS FULL. Obsidian(still bethesda Fallout 4 (and 76 lmao) sucked, fuck you) PLEASE. *obsidian sorry

  • Taco Master

    if there was a mod that removed the lighting, there HAS to be a mod that makes crippled limbs permanent. (at least until you use a stimpak)

  • Haarakonttori

    We know it's you SovietWomble !!

  • pyromaniac000000

    Fallout new vegas was annoying when crippled, but in fallout 3, heres a tip for cripples: help Moira. One of her first chapter missions is to injure yourself. Just off the platform, break a leg and talk to moira. The bonus, is after advanced rad poisoning, your limbs will heal themselves automatically. Super useful.

  • DasIrrlicht

    Alternate titles:'How to professional cripple yourself.'' "M -M-Morty, my limbs are healing!""Oh geeez, isn't that good?""No Morty, now I need burp to set the house on flames again! Hold this grenade for me." '

  • ECLIPSE111

    I whould walk 5000000000000000 miles like that!!!!!

  • The Optimistic Nihilists

    I would have the crippled limbs reset after 1 minute, because then there is punishment, but not super annoying.

  • Craig Azimi

    Steve Jackson Games is the best smfh. If you don't play Munchkin you are missing out on life

  • The Keeper

    I remember playing and I was in Survival Mode and I had no stimpacks and I had a broken leg while in the middle of nowhere.I’m gonna die before I get to the nearest bed..

  • YoursTruly 2729

    4:52Who else broke down cryingJust me? Monsters...

  • dasatoileee 152

    Oh shit I know gurps. Its a generic universal role play system.

  • OtocinclusAffinis

    Originally Fallout was built to use GURPS mechanics, but later in development Steve Jackson pulled out from the project and interplay had to redo whole system. That’s how SPECIAL was born.

  • Pyrocynical Copycat #420

    J... just fast travel....

  • Noah Jones

    Ya know, I stubbed my toe so hard, I broke my akle.

  • Ford Pines

    I know for a fact that in the very beginning of the game it tells you that the doctor skill can be used to heal crippled limbs. You're getting pissy over your own incompetence.

  • righteousham

    Bethesda is all about removing consequence and any aspect of a game that might inconvenience the player.

  • The Won

    Editing is so good. Subbed.

  • Potato King YE

    Put on survival difficulty and use cheats, they dont autoheal in survival

  • John Glenn

    the sun in shining in skyyythere aintacloudin sight....

  • Ignatius Lines

    GURPS was the original system used for Fallout, I forgot what it stood for but it was supposed to be something similar to the SPECIAL system. They intended to use GURPS in a multitude of different games and the first location they thought of was a post apocalyptic game, as such Fallout was originally titled GURPS wasteland. So essentially the game you referred to that use the crippled limb system was essentially just an early version of Fallout

  • Unimornnbr1

    You have so many nightmares. Do you even sleep.

  • Siamzero1994

    Fun fact: Fallout 1's entire game system was based on the GURPS system, they just didn'T license it under it's name

  • Omega Kid

    Fallout 1 was based on the GURPS system.

  • David

    Fallout was originally based off of GURPS while it was in development.

  • 47Mortuus

    Or just press 6 and click on yourself.Pointless Fallout 1 rant.

  • glossyplane542

    I don’t think you understand that you can fast travel back to sanctuary hills and sleep and you’ll be done in 2 minutes

  • KTForce

    "blady hyuj"

  • St-_-ahp

    to bad michinima is irrelevant today and its not 2012 no more

  • Scissorbag

    He's so funny I wanna be his fluffer

  • Shane Parish

    I feel like this was less about the limbs and more about how difficult it is to make a video

  • Austin Tucker

    use console to cripple limbs? lol

  • Hate9.

    Wasn't Fallout based on GURPS?

  • JarlFrank

    Before Fallout, the survival RPG Robinson's Requiem had crippled limbs I think.

  • Frank Borr

    What’s the song name at 09:44?

  • Akanio Tevanos

    Reading manuals used to be one of my favorite loading screen pass times you know?

  • Darth Severus

    What's the opening song?

  • DAudIcI

    Yahoo! Search was around since 1995 tho...

  • Tristin Hamilton

    So in Fallout 4 they made it more casual.

  • no

    can't you just fast travel to a doctor?

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