Fallout's Crippled Limbs Are An Absolute Nightmare - This Is Why

Fallout’s crippled limb system is an absolute nightmare for making machinima (and just in general), and this is why. As usual Fallout 4 and New Vegas are both heavily modded, however all of these nightmarish moments are still in Fallout 4 vanilla!

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Once again hugely inspired by HBomberGuy, he is a true hero of making commentaries. As before I did not use any of his jokes, just keeping to his comedy style, mixing in some genuine critiquing of Bethesda and the Fallout series in general (just for fun!).
Commentaries are a very new style of video for me, I will move away from Fallout 4 very soon, but will always come back to it as Fallout is my anchor it seems! One of the next videos will be a Fallout 4 Christmas machinima so I haven’t forgotten about modding you together a machnima!

I enjoy making these so much, and explaining why I sometimes find the Fallout series an absolute nightmare! This video is a collection of experiences I had around a specific mechanic I noticed while altering (and modding) Fallout 4 to become a platform for machinima and storytelling. I use mod manager to manage all my Fallout 4 mods, this is mainly because nexus mods is also an absolute nightmare too.
  • John Glenn

    dude i don't think I ever recall a time in Fallout 3, New Vegas, or Fallout 4 where I didn't have at least 40 stimpaks followed by 5 doctor's bags

  • it's ok to smirk

    How do you not remember getting the game manual?! Google didn't exist, but every game had a phone book sized game manual...ah, nostalgia.

  • Johnny Casey

    To be honest, you'll rarely get crippled in classic Fallout.

  • Bartosz Olszewski

    I'd rather drag myself for half an hour through the map than have the limbs auto heal

  • TheRedneckRoman16

    you'd think that a console command would let you cripple whatever limbs you want.

  • Elle Calladine

    At the beginning of Fallout 1 when you reach Shady Sands talk to someone at the gate (I think it's the girl), she'll tell you about the doctors skill for healing crippled limbs. If it ain't her, try their hospital. I only just started playing Fallout 1 and thanks to you, I took a more careful notice to remember that.

  • Tensai55

    Except there's fucking stimpaks everywhere!! The only time I ever ran out of stimpaks was during my first playthrough when I panicked and used them more often than I really needed.I don't recall my limbs every healing automatically tho. They definitely stuck around for awhile, but I usually used one of the stimpaks to cure it right away, so who knows. It's not stimpaks are hard to find in Fallout 4.

  • Richard Nixon

    Use survival mode your limbs don’t heal

  • Pavan Suthar

    But the cripples remain if you play it in SURVIVAL MODE. Thank me later.

  • Quanturos

    I think you hit on something really hard in this one, but barely missed the full truth. Fallout was originally using GURPS, but this system was replaced by SPECIAL later in development.Interplay actually licensed the system from Peter Jackson Games for Fallout, but pulled out of the deal when Peter Jackson marked the opening video as "unapproved" due to the violence, which makes sense as this was 1995 and something of that nature (assassinating a helpless person, then waving nonchalantly at the camera) wasn't often seen in games at the time.

  • Tam Murney

    It's no coincedence that crippled limbs showed up in the original Fallout. It was based on the G.U.R.P.S system until the devs lost the licence. It was then changed to ACELIPS which was rearranged into the SPECIAL system we all know and love.


    There's another game before Fallout which uses limbs as a game mechanic: Robinson's Requiem, a survival game released in 1994 in which you could amputate yourself and generally just die from almost anything including drowning if you go for a swim after eating or poisoning yourself by taking medicine in the wrong order.

  • Lotharea

    wow... your editing skills are amazing. I mean you really did keep a whole "feel" through the video and laced it with great editing and just right songs in just right moments. It did not feel soulless like almost all videos on YouTube! Thanks for this art of a vid :)

  • DevinNation

    "I'm going to play it like it's 1997, with no internet""Absolutely fails to have the gameplay booklet ready for his playthrough*

  • He Who Devours

    The doctor skill description tells you it can heal crippled limbs.

  • OtocinclusAffinis

    Originally Fallout was built to use GURPS mechanics, but later in development Steve Jackson pulled out from the project and interplay had to redo whole system. That’s how SPECIAL was born.


    One of the first NPCs in Fallout 1 tells you that the doctor skill can healed a crippled limb.

  • Ignatius Lines

    GURPS was the original system used for Fallout, I forgot what it stood for but it was supposed to be something similar to the SPECIAL system. They intended to use GURPS in a multitude of different games and the first location they thought of was a post apocalyptic game, as such Fallout was originally titled GURPS wasteland. So essentially the game you referred to that use the crippled limb system was essentially just an early version of Fallout

  • Furry Stalker

    In the 20th century. When we bought games, we had a manual. In said manual it explains the various core elements of the game.Like using the doctor skill to heal crippled limps.

  • Nico Morin

    I kinda regret doing my first playtrough of fallout 1 and 2 with a guide,it really ruined the experience

  • Random Bits

    Knights of Legend by Origin Systems, released in 1989 had the concept of disabling (i.e. crippling) specific limbs. As much as I love the original Fallout, it was not the first CRPG to think of this. If I recall, Wasteland, the game that inspired Fallout in the first place, had the concept of crippled characters, but i don't remember if limbs specifically could be targetted.


    [your head is crippled]

  • Grumpy Munchkins Comedy & Gaming

    2:20 - Now put your right foot in, your right foot out, right foot in and then you shake it all about! Do the Hokey Pokey!

  • Tylor Cardinal

    0:00-0:03 is where the slow dancing in the dark tik tok bs came from

  • Fox Cantrell

    The skill of editing is good, Especially able to dodge copyright of Corneria - Snes Starfox playing in the background throughout the entire thing ;P

  • Pax1 Fox

    You are the best YouTuber. I lol all the time in all you're videos

  • dasatoileee 152

    Oh shit I know gurps. Its a generic universal role play system.

  • ZenoxYT

    I remember playing and I was in Survival Mode and I had no stimpacks and I had a broken leg while in the middle of nowhere.I’m gonna die before I get to the nearest bed..

  • Craig Azimi

    Steve Jackson Games is the best smfh. If you don't play Munchkin you are missing out on life

  • teoteous

    I did NOT need flashbacks to the ending of 'Jurassic Bark' thank you very much.....

  • DAudIcI

    Yahoo! Search was around since 1995 tho...

  • DasIrrlicht

    Alternate titles:'How to professional cripple yourself.'' "M -M-Morty, my limbs are healing!""Oh geeez, isn't that good?""No Morty, now I need burp to set the house on flames again! Hold this grenade for me." '

  • shlambo surpemo

    The SPECIAL game mechanic was based from GURPS, so yeah you would be right about the crippled mechanic.

  • Kitteen Claws

    “This is best with an explosive. Easiest way to harm yourself”SOUNDS BAD OUT OF CONTEXT

  • PCNeetwork Live

    Fallout 3 take one shot "you are all crippled"


    Surely there's an animator mod for Fallout 4 that allows you to use those animations.also crible limms 2 hard :(

  • Michael Ciotta

    I usually just end up dying before my limbs get crippled, not that I've ever intentionally crippled my limbs to try and re-create a scene from Rick and Morty...

  • Zwenk Wiel

    GURPS was the basis for the SPECIAL system in fallout. Iirc they originally wanted to use the GURPS system but the license fell trough or something.

  • Gigadramon6

    It's probably not a coincidence that both Fallout and GURPS have limb crippling mechanics: Fallout was originally supposed to work on the GURPS system.

  • 47Mortuus

    Or just press 6 and click on yourself.Pointless Fallout 1 rant.

  • John Glenn

    the sun in shining in skyyythere aintacloudin sight....

  • Akanio Tevanos

    Reading manuals used to be one of my favorite loading screen pass times you know?

  • Preston Smith

    I’m pretty sure that a game by the name of Robinson’s Requiem did a broken limb system before Fallout.RR was made in 1994 and FO was made in 1997. That’s a 3 year gap right there.Also a MUCH easier way to cripple the limbs is open the console and type: player.modav (insert left or right)(insert attack or mobility)condition -100.

  • Mike Hunt

    Same thing with bullet drop and recoil in BF1...another game series simplified for the common idiot.

  • CallOfTheAnthem WeirdAnnyoingChaz

    UpisnotjumpWhy not start teaching people how to edit videos

  • elektrycznyklecznik

    Thanks for that. I laughed a lot.

  • Timhouse

    Fun fact that you mentioned gurps. Fallout was originally based on the GURPS system with a PC game built around those rules. It wasn't changed to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. until later.

  • Alpesh Abhijt Chowdhury

    You know there's a playidle command, right?

  • Noah Jones

    Ya know, I stubbed my toe so hard, I broke my akle.

  • Kitteen Claws

    Bethesda (I don’t even know) should make a “studio” mode.In the Fallout games

  • kopeik banana

    Cripled limbs never bothered me in Fallout 4 3 and new Vegas because i always had a dozen stimpacks and i usualy heald with water

  • acheron187

    Not having enough stimpacks is kind of a newbie issue, I almost never use them as I rely on beds and Sunset Saspirilla.

  • The Won

    Editing is so good. Subbed.

  • Steli Stelian

    Really Bob Ross,What do u have whit him i dont know expain.

  • N0 0n3

    You could get a mod where crippled limbs last until you use a stimpak

  • Tetsu the Skyvoice

    Wait, if you increase the game difficulty I think it stops healing itself. I might be wrong tho.

  • Random Chiroptera

    Given the extreme frequency of Stim Packs like fucking EVERYWHERE in FO4, I'd say concerns over broken limbs resulting in long limping walks were misconceived.They have 0 weight, and even playing on Very Hard difficulty, by level 20 I usually have almost 70 of them, and either such a good selection of perks or quality of protective equipment, that I rarely use them.

  • •Ketsu San•

    2:41sees “I need healing”*Genji has entered the chat*

  • NightShade 74

    Uno fo4 has survival mode that doesnt heal crippled limbs

  • Austin Tucker

    use console to cripple limbs? lol

  • Desmond Hume

    Have a like for Columbo reference.

  • SquishySpud

    Absolutely love your videos. Keep it up man.

  • Bryan Haley

    IIRC Fallout was either heavily inspired by GURPS or was originally meant to be a GURPS game before they changed GURPS to SPECIAL.Makes sense why something from GURPS would make its way into Fallout 1.

  • Wyatt W

    didnt Arcanum have a crippling system?

  • Shane Parish

    I feel like this was less about the limbs and more about how difficult it is to make a video

  • RoyRuby

    I'm pretty sure Survival mode removes the self healing limbs thing

  • VGM_

    I think they kept crippled limbs for survival mode

  • Mister Fuckface

    5:56 *seymore episode flashbacks in the style of vietnam flashbacks*oh godd

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    "I turned myself into a cripple morty ! Boom big reveal I'm a cripple!"

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